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Diamond Mr Nolen absolutly diamond.

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Diamond Mr Nolen absolutly diamond. - 13/7/2006 2:46:43 PM   


Posts: 14
Joined: 12/7/2006
I had been watching out for this film for years after that last batman installment commended the killing strock for the batman franchise. And so understanderbly i was nervouse about the introduction of a new batman. However Nolan attempt at the film had everything that batman needed for a comeback. Characture, excellent script and a opening for future installments. Too bad we have to waite. If only i had a time machine.

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Post #: 31
Batman - 6/8/2006 12:12:42 PM   


Posts: 118
Joined: 20/5/2006
From: england
i'm glad it didn't succumb to the low level of the last film. very dark and moody, goodaction sequences but it's quite talky

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Post #: 32
Ah yes but...... - 24/8/2006 3:31:11 PM   


Posts: 1
Joined: 24/8/2006
I saw this film last night on DVD and if there had never been a Batman film before I would have been all for it. However I'm sorry but no film can ignore those gone before it which is my one problem with the film. It seems to completely ignore what has already been said and I found this annoying, especially the Joker card at the end (good luck trying to replace 'ol Jack!!!). If they were going for a pre-qual then it should have been done properly without treading on the toes of those before it. Moan over with i just want to add that i thought Freeman and Caine were excellent, but afraid I still prefer keaton as Batman! For me the better bruce Wayne and the "bat-voice" didn't sound so put on!!

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Post #: 33
A Super-hero classic! - 18/10/2006 1:56:44 PM   
George Vader

Posts: 45
Joined: 2/1/2006
From: Clevedon
Fantastic Four and Batman Begins are both movies about super-heros and were both released this year, that is were the similarities end.

For me, Batman Begins is even better than Spider-man, that's how far the bar has been raised by Director Philip Nolan (Memento). Christian Bale is Batman/Bruce Wayne the tortured billionaire, Michael Caine IS Alfred,then you add a stellar 'supporting' cast of Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Ritger Hauer and Cilllian Murphy, an absorbing intelligent story, wonderfull sets, and a few crash bang moments and you have a bona-fide classic super-hero flick for the noughties.

If this is to be the first of a Nolan directed franchise then his locking horns with The Joker will be one hell of a ride.

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Post #: 34
Batman Begins - 14/12/2006 7:47:51 PM   
solid snake


Posts: 209
Joined: 18/10/2006
Very good adapatation of Batman. Dont like the Batman films much but this one was an absoloutte classic.

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Post #: 35
batman truely begins - 13/1/2007 5:10:06 PM   

Posts: 177
Joined: 7/12/2006
great special effects, brutal fight scenes. this movie has it all. definately the best batman movie 5 stars!

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Post #: 36
Batman Begins - 19/1/2007 1:58:11 PM   

Posts: 191
Joined: 18/5/2006
Christopher Nolan's resurrection of a once reviled series is testament to his skill as a film-maker and the rich material at the disposal of anyone capable of doing it justice. Where previous installments were loud, lewd and just downright stupid, Batman's latest outing is restrained, introspective and as realistic as any film about a guy dressed up like a bat can be.

Lit by a palette of earthy tones and brooding night-time vistas, this is perhaps the reigned-in version of Tim Burton's more extovert Gotham. Yet while the first two (excellent) installments blended the uber gothic madness of Burton's imagination with a healthy mix of self-parody, Batman Begins has no time for such frivolities. And indeed this stripped-down, minimalist incarnation is all the better for it. Everything here is very, very serious. Even the Batmobile, that manifestation of Bruce Wayne's tormented and sadistic persona, has been given a hefty dose of the reality juice. Yet not even that falls victim - a standout car chase tops anything conjured in the four previous entries to the anthology.

What then of the bat's role? Frankly it's fascinating. Wayne's evolution from vulnerable, vengeful Ivy League drop-out to lethal crime-fighting machine is measured and never once feels forced. The origins of his legendary gadgets and suit are all reasonably explained giving the audience an instant connection to the character, something that was missing from the big name villain showpieces of yesteryear. Christian Bale turns in his usual intense performance layering Bruce with almost unspeakable levels of rage and anger. He's the best Dark Knight yet.

An equally impressive supporting cast churn out effortless performances, only Katie Holmes's annoying presence grates. But the real winner here is the character itself. Previously a euphemsim for ludicrous Hollywood excess, Batman can now, in one fell swoop, count itself as arguably the leading superhero franchise out there.

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Post #: 37
Batman Begins - 11/3/2007 8:11:48 PM   


Posts: 48
Joined: 4/3/2007
From: Hoveton, Norfolk
Quite simply, the greatest comic book movie ever made.

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Post #: 38
The Greatest comic book movie of all time? - 12/3/2007 11:10:06 PM   


Posts: 42
Joined: 11/9/2006
From: Portsmouth
This was a film I had high hopes for in 2005 and it didnt meet expectations, it smashed right through them and has easily become, arguably, the best comic book movie of all time.
Batman Begins with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in a marvelously dark and troubled performance as the Dark Knight reconceptualised by Christopher Nolan's brilliant direction.
The supporting cast also adds to the strength of this film by giving it qualtity and substance with great performances as usual by Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and, of course, Michael Caine. However a surprising strength is the performance by Cillian Murphy as Crane/Scarecrow which is just mystifying and believably insane.
However the main point I want to make is the believability of the movie as the filmakers aim to make Batman as believable as possible. They succeed in this and so I cannot wait till the Dark Knight in 2008.

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Post #: 39
Is he the Bat, or just a frail mouse with fake wings?? - 3/4/2007 12:01:10 AM   


Posts: 18
Joined: 4/10/2006
I have to say, i was more than a little sceptical when I heard they were making another Batman movie. The first was obviously a very good film, Tim Burton's warped view on life giving it a sublimly dark and brooding aspect that worked right the way through to Batman Forever, which wasn't at all that bad a movie. But after the gross disapppointment of Schumacher's Batman and Robin, I found myself asking "Is Batman truly dead in cinema? And Robin has to be gay, right?!" But along comes Christopher Nolan, and with him a far grittier, darker, and lets face it, depressing view of Gotham and its caped crusader, all of which makes this movie the automatic superior of all previous Batman flicks. Gone is all the cheesy, pun filled rubbish of the sixties Batman, traces of which were still evident in Batman and Robin, and replacing it is a quite realistic vision of modern economic depression, much like the America of 1938, and the aftermath of the Wall Stret Crash from which the original comic was based. No, unlike the last depressing attempt at bringing the Dark Knight to the big screen, this film hit every mark with a brutality and savagery that is the trade mark of any realistic film.

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Post #: 40
The Best Batman Ever - 13/4/2007 7:34:46 PM   
Alien Hunter


Posts: 29
Joined: 11/3/2007
For so long I heard that this movie was going to be made and when finally came out I looked at it and thought WOW! A dark film for the dark knight. An absolute classic. They really humanize him because after all underneath the cape and cowl he is only human. Being a huge fan of the comic I was pleased with Batman Begins and hope the sequel is just as good if not better.

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Post #: 41
- 18/4/2007 10:09:29 PM   

Posts: 428
Joined: 17/1/2007
From: USA
Excellent movie. Forget the comic book label--this movie has everything--action, acting (with the exception of the dull as dishwater Katie Holmes who should have her SAG card revoked for this role) , writing, direction, set design, and emotion. Bale is the best Batman so far--especially if you like Frank Miller's take on the bat. Wonderful film. Brilliant!!!

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Post #: 42
batman rocks - 25/4/2007 3:10:52 PM   

Posts: 132
Joined: 23/4/2007
From: A place in my head
i thnk the five star rating pretty much says it all

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Post #: 43
batman rocks - 25/4/2007 3:10:55 PM   

Posts: 132
Joined: 23/4/2007
From: A place in my head
i thnk the five star rating pretty much says it all

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Post #: 44
- 25/4/2007 8:51:34 PM   


Posts: 311
Joined: 13/3/2007
What Chris Nolan gives to Gotham is what Polanski did to Los Angeles in Chinatown, a true classic that doesn't draw to far from comics but does give a real sense of gritty realism which works fantastically with the film's more downbeat mood.

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Post #: 45
Batman Begins - 28/5/2007 8:17:45 PM   
Mr Wayne

Posts: 14
Joined: 7/9/2006
From: Vught
This is a dream come true for any batman-fan. Chris Nolan really nailed it by going beyond the comic-book panel and making a very realistic movie about the Dark Knight. This is how it should be done, for Batman might be the most realistic and complex comicbook-character of all. The cast is also great, especially Christian Bale, who I think is one of the best actors the world has ever known. I just can't think of anyone better for Batman, even though he's not really as dark, or tall as Bruce Wayne in the comic books.
There was one thing I didn't like though. The fight scenes were edited way too fast. I couldn't see what the hell was going on. For example, the grand finale when Batman takes on Rha's is still a bit disappointing, because there are so many different shots and camera-angles. Just let us enjoy the fight! I know Christian Bale can pull it off! All i'm saying is, it could be a little bit better.
Still, this movie is superb. Should be nothing compared to The Dark Knight though. I can't wait.

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Post #: 46
Scarecrow comes back - 2/6/2007 10:57:37 PM   

Posts: 10
Joined: 2/6/2007
From: Sunderland
I do hope that Cillian Murphy makes it back for The Dark Knight. He's an amazing villiain with those Nordic eyes. He'll be great: and the man can act and isn't dumb, Christian Bale is a smart person: that's what makes him a realistic BatMan. PsychoKitten xxxx

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Post #: 47
The Best Comic Book Movie Since X-Men II - 24/6/2007 8:49:09 PM   


Posts: 148
Joined: 13/6/2007
Director Christopher Nolan creates the best Batman film ever in this dark rather noir like outing of Batman. Great acting, breathtaking car-chases and the creepiest villian yet are all the main factors. Bale is great as Batman and of course Bruce Wayne showing great emotion in the conflicts of wether to avenge his parents death or not. Holmes, Freeman and Neeson are all great support too. Although top prizes to Cillian Murpy for playing the creepy Scarecrow. The plot is fine moving along nicely in the 140 minutes running time with a nice little twist towards the end of the film. The effects are great as well with the high-speed car chase as one of the best ever with the Batmobile vaulting over rooftops and speeding along highways. Definetly the best comic book outing since X-Men II lets hope that Nolan directs The Dark Knight to this effect

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Post #: 48
Perfect. - 31/7/2007 3:50:48 PM   


Posts: 8
Joined: 31/7/2007
It took them 5 films but Batman is finally given the cinematic treatment he deserves. Christian Bale is definetly the best Bruce Wayne/Batman that I ever could have hoped for. Everything works. Can't wait for The Dark Knight, possibly the only film that can top this one. Thank you Christopher Nolan!!

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Post #: 49
- 5/8/2007 6:53:54 PM   
Big Alex


Posts: 50
Joined: 2/8/2007
Batman certainly begins here. Scrap all the other Bat- begininngs this one rocks, giving a real flow and captivating thrill ride of an epic that's been around sice the '30's

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Post #: 50
- 5/8/2007 8:33:21 PM   
Fade to Black 411


Posts: 11
Joined: 27/7/2007
From: Bantry
a classic

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Post #: 51
BATMAN RULES - 6/8/2007 10:35:29 PM   

Posts: 274
Joined: 7/1/2007
From: Cork
Masterfully directed by Nolan, and Bale is a perfect fit for this new, gritty Batman. Great calls on Oldman and Freeman.Nolan creates a new, more realistic Gotham, moves away from the Gothic feel of Burton's Gotham, and captures the feel for this [intended to be dark] superhero. Roll on Dark Knight!!!

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Post #: 52
BATMAN RULES - 6/8/2007 10:35:29 PM   

Posts: 274
Joined: 7/1/2007
From: Cork
Masterfully directed by Nolan, and Bale is a perfect fit for this new, gritty Batman. Great calls on Oldman and Freeman.Nolan creates a new, more realistic Gotham, moves away from the Gothic feel of Burton's Gotham, and captures the feel for this [intended to be dark] superhero. Roll on Dark Knight!!!

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Post #: 53
- 15/10/2007 6:35:57 PM   

Posts: 142
Joined: 29/11/2006
Blows Burton's overrated originals out of the water. Shame the fight scenes are a bit poor (too many close-ups and shaky cam), otherwise this would be flawless.

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Post #: 54
- 21/10/2007 5:11:30 PM   


Posts: 498
Joined: 21/10/2007
wasnt a fan or batman until now. Carnt wait 4 the next 1

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Post #: 55
- 26/11/2007 11:23:31 AM   


Posts: 21
Joined: 28/12/2005

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Post #: 56
- 10/12/2007 12:09:00 PM   


Posts: 21
Joined: 13/10/2005
It's OK. Not as much fun as Burton's. You just wonder if we really needed the remake.

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Post #: 57
Bring On The Bat - 28/12/2007 12:45:26 AM   


Posts: 3
Joined: 19/2/2007
Considering my personal opinions on cinema to be decidedly narrow minded and the films I consider worthy on an even slimmer offering, Nolan's Batman Begins is a cinematic masterpiece. As a huge fan of comics I am normally very picky about films which try to match the brilliance of the franchise but here there really is no need to pick. The film itself is superbly shot and the fight scenes a spectacle to behold. Bale portrays brilliantly the dark knight at his most awesome darkest and though in scripting the writers have wavered slightly from the solid based facts, a minor irrelevance that would normally anger us comic book fans, but here is brushed aside in favour of a captivating plot and equally stunning set. Minor quibbles come in with the over friendly nature of Bruce Wayne and the near slapstick humour of an always watchable Michael Caine but this aside Batman Begins enters the realm of its series in first place with Burton's good attempts being made to look dowdy in comparison. Batman didn't just begin, he was aready in flight.

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Post #: 58
Best Batman film for more than a decade - 1/1/2008 10:05:49 PM   


Posts: 85
Joined: 6/4/2007
I love the first to films although they felt very stiff(if you get what I mean) and it was nice to see a batman who could actually move in his leather suit. Very good, I very much liked the introduction yet felt that Gotham felt very grand and modern? it's meant to be the city of crime

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Post #: 59
RE: Batman Begins - 7/1/2008 8:46:32 PM   
Mason Verger

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From: Bombing the storage depots at Daiquiri

< Message edited by Mason Verger -- 7/1/2008 8:47:37 PM >


Mind like parachute - only function when open.

Be excellent to each other.

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