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Batman Begins

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Batman Begins - 30/9/2005 5:01:30 PM   
Empire Admin


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It's what you do that defines you - 4/1/2006 10:39:22 PM   
Eastern Cowboy


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Christopher Nolan truly knows how to make psychological themes, in Memento he showed us a terrifying side of short-term-memory-loss, in Insomnia Pacino couldn't sleep and here Bale's got dillusions and inner demons, which at the end fully forms our man Batman. And Bale's supported with great actors as Gary Oldman as the only straight cop in town, Morgan Freeman as his version of 007's Q, Michael Caine brilliant as his personal butler Alfred and Katie Holmes as his childhood-love that's fighting Gotham's corrupt system. And this is just some of them; there's also Rutger Hauer, Liam Neeson, Ken Watanabe, Tom Wilkinson and Cillian Murphy - and that's some cast!

Millionaire down-and-out Bruce Wayne has been floating around in the East getting to know the horrible side of society, crime. Soon he gets trained by The League of Shadows, and returns to his hometown Gotham, in full strength to fight crime and take the law in his own hands. The city being overflown with corruption and crime, he becomes the city dark knight and forms his alter-ego: Batman!

Christian Bale makes a superb outing as Batman, making alliences with Oldman and Freeman the movie goes over-the-top spectuclar at times and really takes knockout on the earlier Batman franchises. Though Burton's coupling has got atmosphere, striking cartoon-features, fine acting and are all over the place great movies; Batman Begins truly breaths a totally new and compelling breath into the DC comics. Before you know it you've got the whole Gotham universe totally into your mind, and Batman's suddenly cooler than both Wolverine and Spider-Man!

The perfect "prolouge" makes it even cooler and slicker than it already is, with Wayne making fist-fights in Eastern prisons and being highyl trained with ninjas this makes immidetaly a interesting story. And as soon Bale's got the Batsuit it's all a quessential superhero-movie. Nolan couldn't have done a better job, a perfect Batman-movie!

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Resussitated - 22/1/2006 10:22:05 PM   


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As an avid Batman fan,Begins answers all the questions and provides the Batman film all cinemagoers want to see. Fresh, equipped and dark, justice is carried out on screen as much as the Dark Knight goes through in Gotham City. Bale's the perfect choice and is supported by a talented cast superbly, Only Sin City is the only other comic book/graphic novel that is well and truly reflected on screen. And even that doesn't surpass Begins. Role on Paul Bettany as The Joker in the sequel!

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Brilliant - 29/1/2006 7:37:45 PM   


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Left the cinema feeling like i had seen something had been a long time since I'd felt that.

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- 21/2/2006 7:25:21 PM   


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From: Manchester,UK
excellent.cannot wait for the sequel!

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better than the others - 23/2/2006 8:32:37 PM   


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Batman begins is a film that you really can't be sure about until you have watched it all through. Then you think, Wow, That was very good. I think the film brings the character back to life as it went through a 90's comic book phase. Christopher Nolan picked the best actors. The film doesn't really focus on the special effects or ground-breaking action scenes, but more on finding the character and letting the audience go through what he went through. With a brilliant storyline that fits all the missing pieces in the puzzle, Batman begins is one to watch again and again.

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The Bat is BACK!!!!!! - 8/3/2006 4:51:48 PM   


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After Joel Schumacher destroyed the Batman series with Batman & Robin (1997), with it's extremely camp take on the Dark Knight that made the 60's T.V. Show look like Citizen Kane, Warner Bros. and DC Comics called upon English writer/director Christopher Nolan (the mastermind behind Following, Memento and Insomnia) and a mostly British cast to save the franchise. Whereas Tim Burton's Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) went for fantasy, Nolan's Batman Begins goes for realism and near enough achieves it.

Even though this is still a superhero movie it also achieves its goal of playing like human drama. The all-star cast boasts an extremely engaging Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Gary Oldman, in his best performance since Leon, as Lt. Jim Gordon, Katie Holmes, showing off her wonderful talent, as District Attorney Rachel Dawes, the always fantastic Michael Caine as Bruce's butler Alfred, a wonderfully creepy Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Morgan Freeman, brilliant as usual even though he is playing one of the smaller parts, as Lucius Fox and the always amazing Liam Neeson as Bruce's trainer Henri Ducard, redeeming himself after being forced into the background in Ridley Scott's action - driven Kingdom of Heaven.

One more thing that should get a mention is that fantastic score by movie music giants Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard that fits the films mood perfectly.

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Geez..No George Clooney? Darn! - 8/3/2006 11:17:06 PM   

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From: The View Askewniverse
With superb performances all round from a heavily British cast, particularly Bale in the lead and the ever entertaining Cillian Murphy as his foe, this is by far the best Batman movie so far. Christopher Nolan out darkens Burton in the way of both style and action proving himself to be in the leagues of Sam Raimi in the superhero genre.
The only two faults I can find is that it does exactly what it says on the tin and nothing more, it quite literally tells you how Batman Begins. The only other problem is the lack of a decent villian which is essential for a truelygreat superhero movie. Cillian Murphy is very much underused as the fantastic character 'The Scarecrow.'
But other than that this is a two and a half hours of pure, thankfully anti-camp, entertainment.

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- 11/3/2006 5:12:54 PM   

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From: Birmingham
Really dull and overated, is'nt as fun as the Tim Burton movies and the batmobile is shit.

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Batman survey - 12/3/2006 9:29:43 PM   
The Cheshire Cat


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Hi guys i am a student and my dissertation subject is on Batman. I have posted a survey which asks 12 simple questions on all the batman films to date. If you do the survey i will be really greatfull and hopefully get a good mark with the information that i will gather from you.

Batman Survey

(1a) Have you seen all the batman films from Tim Burtons 1989 Batman to Christopher Nolanís 2005 Batman Begins?


(1b) If No which films have you seen?

*Batman Returns
*Batman & Robin
*Batman Forever
*Batman Begins

(1c) If you have seen all the films why did you decide to see Batman Begins with the disaster of Batman & Robin and Batman & Forever?

*Good Reviews
*You wanted to give it a second chance
*Or was it because of the director and actors starring in it.

(2a) The films that you have seen from the series which one is your favourite?

*Batman Returns
*Batman & Robin
*Batman Forever
*Batman Begins

(2b) In ten words or less could you describe why it is your favourite?

(2c) Which film do you believe is the worst?

*Batman Returns
*Batman & Robin
*Batman Forever
*Batman Begins

(2b) In ten words or less could you describe why you think it is the worst film in the series?

(3) In Batman Begins they returned to the darkness that is associated with Batman why do you think they did that?

(4a) Who do you think is the best villain in the series so far?

*The Joker
*The Peguin
*The Riddler
*Mr Frezze
*Raís Al Ghul

(4b) In ten words or less why do think that person is the best villain?

(4c) In ten words or less why do you think that person is the worst villain?

(5) Do you believe with the success of Batman Begins that the Batman franchise will rise again and be one of the most successful comic book heroís once again?


End of Quiz
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RE: Most Over rated Batman Film without doubt - 13/3/2006 4:18:44 PM   

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From: Birmingham
You are absoultly right everone else on the planet has gone mad Batman Begins is shit.
Micheal Keaton is a legend.


Now, about this pickle we find ourselves in...
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RE: Batman Begins - 13/3/2006 4:51:52 PM   

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From: Johnny Depp Pants
FAB FAB FAB - I though it was the best yet


"So tell me James, do you still sleep with a gun under your pillow?"

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RE: Batman Begins - 14/3/2006 10:46:48 PM   


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From: London
People here knows nothing about Batman from Frank Miller. Definetely!
It's actually a copy of the first film but with different characters and a different style, I would even say dull, and not dark, sometimes ridiculous, like the small jokes they have to insert and a stupid romance that never ever happened in a batman graphic novel! Liam Neeson, great actor usually, but what a ridiculous part! "Excuse me, i got a city to destroy". Boooooo!!!! Clicheeeeee! And that is a really huge Christian Bale fan speaking. The only good parts is when he was shirtless... it's that shallow! Katie Holmes?? *puke* I am amazed that Christian Bale actually convinced me that this was going to be a serious film... and even more amazed and disappointed that he is going to do a second one! What happened to Patrick Bateman?? And when are they getting Batman Year One and film it exactly like it is, that's a fucking storyboard ready right under their bloody noses!

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RE: Batman Begins - 15/3/2006 9:23:12 AM   

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Bale has been the best Batman since Keaton. They made this film darker and they went back to the original roots. Neeson was perfect as Ra's - no one could have played it better that's for certain.
I liked the new Alfred too. Just the right amount of cockney in a butler, of course, and you can't really go wrong with Caine in anything he does.
The romance was a different matter, though. Katie Holmes was surely not the right person to play this part. She was practically wooden in character, and I sure as hell hope she won't be "starring" in the next one of the brand new and improved franchise.
They practically resurrected Batman from the grave after the abismal sequels thus far as soon as Batman Returns concluded. Good comments all round (apart from Holmes - weirdo)


You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

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RE: Batman Begins - 20/3/2006 11:21:54 AM   

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From: The Moulin Rouge!
BATMAN BEGINS (2005) Director Christopher Nolan
Just when the movie world thought that a particular comic book / film franchise was over and done with, pre summer 2005 brought alot of mixed feelings from the movie going public in relation to the long awaited Batman movie. Originally hyped as BATMAN : INTIMIDATION GAME, hence all the mixed and purposely built miss-leading stories in the press, director Christopher Nolan revived the Dark Knight in what I believe to be the best BATMAN movie to date. BATMAN BEGINS.

This movie tackles and portrays Bruce Wayne / BATMAN from an angle previously unseen from other Batman movies. Alot of BATMAN fans would argue the fact that that Tim Burtons BATMAN in 1989 would be the all time classic, which is fair enough. To me back then as a child in my mid teens all I and any other kid would want to see was The BATMAN kick THE JOKER's ass fair and square, but nevertheless at that time you don't realise or notice how incorrect the film was to the comic books. Firstly Burtons BATMAN was mainly focused on THE JOKER and may as well have been called JOKER. We got little insight into the origin of BATMAN in that movie and main emphasis was on the JOKER's character. Secondly the little focus built around the origin of BATMAN was incorrect. The death of Bruce Waynes parents was not originally executioned by Jack Napier / Joker in the comic books and in all thats right in the world of Gotham City and The Dark Knight, BATMAN BEGINS corrects all of that and Nolan gives us his most loyal vision / intereratation of The BATMAN, exactly the way it should be.

With no set time scale we see BATMAN BEGINS delve into the origin of BATMAN, hence the title of the movie itself. Christian Bale I think was a fine choice to explore and play the role of Bruce Wayne.


Bale brought the realism of Waynes own personal torment from the pages of Bob Kanes creation back in 1939 to a more contemorary audience with great success. The reason I believe that this was a success all round, is simply because Christopher Nolan and David S Goyer with the help of Alan Moores Dark Knight format, brought to life a character that we know as not only BATMAN fans but also as something that we can all relate to on a personal level as individuals. There without doubt will be an element of Bruce Waynes, turmoil, grief, self hate, anger, guilt, acts of revenge and misery that we can all relate too at one point in our lives. The dialogue involved quotes that personally rang true to me, and I must admit accompanied with the underscore composed by Hans Zimmer, some of the dialogue sent a shiver down my spine or set a lump in my throat...


"Why do we fall Bruce? So that we learn to pick ourselves up!"
The direction of Christopher Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS was episodic, it gave a mixture of past and present with great remenissence of  Wayne's character, it gave no impression of a timeline though occasionally it did give references to The Great Deppression, so it is possible that it was set twenty to thirty years after. What was also appealing was the setting of Gotham City, one point it looked slightly futuristic, then rightfully Gothic and then dark and gritty as it should be.Nolan also wasn't afraid to mix the status transactions with this movie either. For example, billionaire Thomas Wayne helped build the metro system in the city, which is used by differant classes of people, I found it fitting that he was using it also on the way for a family night out at the theatre.

As soon as the story starts, we know where we're heading with the characters, but what we don't know is how believable it's gonna be and in all honesty all that rests with the actors. Alot of which shall I add involves alot of British actors... Micheal Caine played a great role as loyal butler and close friend Alfred Pennyworth.


Garry Oldman gave us a taster as a young Sgt Jim Gordon. Tom Wilkinson as gang lord Falcone', Liam Neeson as Ducard both portrayed with great villainy. Not to mention the great Cillian Murphy who came across disturbing in the discretest way possible as Doctor Jonathan Crane A.K.A The Scarecrow.


But of cousre there was Morgan Freeman, Ken Wantanbe, Rutger Hauer, Katie Holmes and last but not least the main man himself...
Christian Bale.

Throughout Bale's journey as Bruce Wayne, we see moments of remenissence, sentimentality, a playboy image, charm and wit. Most of which could easily fall into the characteristics of James Bond, to which I'm suprised he wasn't chosen for that role too. Bale would have been perfect. 


Bale also brings diverse levels throughout BEGINS, sometimes we witness the pain and heart felt anguish that is Wayne, then to break the mood we have the guardian bond between him and Micheal Caine and also Bale and Morgan Freeman. Possibly enhaced to substitute that of a father figure. The mix of mood throughout is even more appealing. The sense of gadgetry was a little Bondesque, but on this level Christopher Nolan gave each aspect a hint of realism.


It's approximately about 45 minutes before we see any hint of BATMAN in this movie, we see the completely amateur skills of the Dark Knight masked in a balaclava, but when all is complete he looks like this.

But even as BATMAN first comes to light on the big screen, we have a very minimal point of view of what the masked crusader looks like. As well as the underscore, Nolan's direction draws us the audience in to the reality and the fear that the criminals of the underworld face. To start, we only see what they see. Which is darkness surrounding the huge cargo containers, we witness their mis co-ordination of gun fire, quick glimpses of BATMAN, but not entirely. This from a fans point of view is what we want, we need to experience the gradual formation of BATMAN as if it were happening now. No one knows who he is or what he looks like and I believe the cargo scene with Falcone' in the car was Nolans way to give us a discreet revelation of what the rest of the rest of the criminal underworld / society were going to succomb to.

To me, the whole movie didn't seem too cartoony, it wasn't WEST, KEATON, KILMER or CLOONEY. They were too unreal for my liking, too cartoony, which to a degree you want, but you've got to make it real as well... And to me, in my opinion, thats what Nolan did.


He made it real, he gave his own analysis of the BATMAN, his own interperatation of how things have been and are going to be in Gotham. He's paved the way for a chain of potentially successful movies. He's delved into differant society's in Gotham, from the upperclass businessman to the low and unworthy, from the evil's of gangland cruelty to the sadistic murderers and rapists of ARKHAM. He even slotted in a hint of romance, and even more so it still does appeal to kids, theres ahint of that in the movie, when he hands a contraption to a young boy on a balcony, because the youngster said, his friends would never believe him, and despite him thinking at the start of the movie he wasn't a good person, Wayne as BATMAN naturally hands over the object to the kid, which proves a point, as scary as he looks to the evil of society, he has the honest and good intentions of a respectful hero.


There is alot to play with here if used correctly and in a similar manner as BEGINS, The SCARECROW could make a return, which I believe is another character to delve into and plus there is the hint of THE JOKER at the end of BATMAN BEGINS when Gary Oldman gives his fantastic speech... which left the entire movie on a positive high and a feel good feeling inside the soul. FANTASTIC!

FAVE SCENE: When BATMAN goes into ARKHAM to save Rachel Dawes and fights THE SCARECROW. The whole sequence to the drum beat underscore, is just dark and gritty and sends a thrill through the veins. Pure heroic and pure Nolan genius!

FAVE QUOTE: "It's not who we are deep down, it's what we do that defines us..."

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RE: Batman Begins - 20/3/2006 12:06:58 PM   


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From: West Midlands
i like this film it was more gritty than other batman films and gave something fresh to the franchise


"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always give what you've always had"
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RE: RE: - 20/3/2006 2:59:40 PM   


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How boring was this film,and that murphy bloke as scarecrow was just crap.
Blade is the ultimate superhero.
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RE: RE: - 20/3/2006 6:07:46 PM   
jor el180

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Batman Begins was great. How did so many people find it boring?! After sitting through the previous 3 Batman films, Begins was excellent! Nolan made it so that it was real, similar to Burton's version. The acting was just right, and katie holmes was fine (would people leave her alone), and Cilian Murphy provided a decent and non-eccentric scarecrow, but with the same amount of malice and wit- perfect. It was dark, beautiful and damed well dramatic too! it certainly stunned me when i saw it.

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RE: RE: - 22/3/2006 2:00:44 PM   


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I like Begins, but prefer Burton's 89 vision despite its flaws & oddness. Begins; in going for a more realistic tone, makes it harder to actually make Batman comfortable inside it. Hence the lengthy intro/set up and thereafter the brief & veiled glimpses of Batman in action.
Burton's gothic Gotham was created to accommodate Batman & the Joker. Even he had to conceal a great deal of the action in shadow, steam and long shots. Lets face it, actual characters decked out like this are going to look silly in the cold light of day of the real world.
As the review said, itís hard to imagine the Penguin in this life-like grittier incarnation of Gotham. I look forward to the next film & how the Joker will be handled.


heads up

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Batman Begins - 28/3/2006 5:13:28 PM   


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From: Boston
Batman certainly begins here. With a brilliant plot and outstanding performances, no-one will ever be afraid of batman being a camp movie again.

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The Joker! - 3/4/2006 12:32:34 PM   


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It was such a relief to read some of these honest thoughts about Batman. It was shockingly bad. Ok, it was no Batman and Robin but in some areas it might as well be – “go to stealth mode” = Turn the headlights off!!! What where did that huge tank go? Maybe it’s leaping across rooftop to rooftop again. Anyway, I’m not here to gripe about that crap. Now we’ve finally got a Batman back who is going to be The Joker? Well I was watching Stir of Echos last night and thought, why not Kevin Bacon?? He has a really unusual face, can certainly act the utility belts of most people and would bring a real freshness to the role!

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- 4/4/2006 12:32:13 PM   

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i thought this was the most faithful portrayal of batman but second best to batman:the animated series. Whos gonna be the next joker. No ones gonna ever top jack nicholson, but i watched batman:dead end and the joker from it is played pretty damn well by someone called andrew koenig. he had the same craziness in his voice as mark (luke skywalker) hamill had voicing the joker in the animated series. Any other ideas on the next joker anyone?

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RE: Batman Begins - 16/4/2006 11:25:36 PM   


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God I'm amazed my input still kicks around on this site.

Well after much refelction and soul searching and a couple of viewings, BB is still overrated and only got any kind of acclaim cos its better than Batman and Robin.
Over egged under thought and  just far too long kinda like the new King Kong movie.

Where are the classic lines?

Where does he get those wonderful toys?
remember Bob you.... are my numberrrrrr onnnnnnnn  na
Love that Joker

It's funny but not funny cos it's not meant to be.

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Batman Begins - 19/4/2006 2:47:40 AM   

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I was too young to see Tim Burton's 'Batman' at the cinema in 1989, but I did see 'Batman Returns', 'Batman Forever' and 'Batman And Robin' all in the Regal Cinema, Redruth, in the main screen at that! Screen 3. So, here I am, back in Cornwall, heading to the Regal Cinema, Redruth, and I'm going to watch 'Batman Begins' in the main screen. Screen 3. I've had a lot of mixed emotions in this cinema screen, I loved 'Batman Returns' grandiose Gothic overload and circus freak mania. I was was a huge Jim Carrey fan and fooled myself into loving 'Batman Forever'. And I was bored and sickened by 'Batman & Robin', my friend Carl fell asleep. Each film has been viewed with a different friend, and now I find myself thirteen years on and I'm going on my own. Anyway, enough bullshit nostalgia, what about the film?
Since Joel Schumacer's gaudy death knell for the Bat-franchise Christopher Nolan was a wise and bold choice, coming off of cult hit 'Memento' and solid-thriller 'Insomnia' here was a guy who could make big, smart, exciting movies. In Batman he has stripped the films of their neo-Gothic Gotham, or their neon-Gotham and set his Batman into a very real world, but one with a few more nutjobs running the streets. But, unlike the previous Batman films this film is very much about Batman/Bruce Wayne (in that order!).
We meet Christian Bale's Wayne as a child falling into a deep dark well where he encounters a lot of bats, this scars him for life (if you hadn't guessed). Next we know he's waking up in some strange prison with Liam Neeson's ominously charismatic Ducard inviting him to come and train up to join Ra's Al Guhl (Ken Watanabe from 'The Last Samurai) and his ninjas. What follows is the obligatory training montage, but it's pulled off with a certain panache and clever use of flashbacks that it doesn't feel quite as dire as it should. Oddly for a film charting Batman's genesis this section almost seems a little rushed. But what does stand out is a sequence where t

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best batman - 30/4/2006 1:24:44 PM   


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thank god for the lack of camp neon suits

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- 1/5/2006 4:47:30 PM   


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good film, but i thought it was let down by the cheesy Liam Neeson

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dark - 16/5/2006 12:32:30 PM   

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From: UK
amazing batman loved it. want more want sequel. love christian bale love katie holmes loved the bat!!!!! my name is micheall caine he is lovely beautiful film!

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batman begins - 18/5/2006 2:33:28 PM   
debra day


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From: warrington
christian slater did this film proud and he,s also good looking i also liked michael keaten as batman i think it,s the best batman up to now , no doubt they are making more i hope it,s great

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Batman Begins - 6/6/2006 5:05:09 AM   

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The darker the better, Returning to the roots of what Batman is all about terrific idea and Christopher Nolan what an exectuion. Christian Bale is the best Batman yet and his support crewe aint bad either Liam Neeson does a good double act as Batmans mentor and villan Raz Al Ghul and Cillian Murphy is absolutely chilling as the creepy scarecrow. The real stars of the film though are the gadgets the batmobile in particular these inventions are amazing and they make the wimpy bruce wayne into the ultra dark and cool batman and make him beilievable as a super hero - Batman is one of the only super heroes who has no super powers did you know that? Anyway excellent film well shot, well acted and well made superbly entertaining

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Perfection! - 4/7/2006 8:58:20 AM   

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From: Scotland
I love everything about this movie, from the screenplay, to casting/acting, cinematography, score, direction. I never wanted it to end! :)

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