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A Deep, Yet Very Uninteresting, Sci-Fi Tale

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A Deep, Yet Very Uninteresting, Sci-Fi Tale - 23/12/2011 6:06:06 AM   

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I heard soooo much about how amazing this film is, so I was very happy when I finally got the chance to watch it recently. The pseudo-philosophical hokum that comprises the story as a whole, I found to be very insightful, but unfortunately, the execution of the film itself I found to be very poor. A slightly undercooked plotline, interesting but underdeveloped characters, and an original theme that feels very unique but never fully realized. Rockwell's turn is superb, and he makes this a more-than-satisfactory movie, but unfortunately, that's all it is.

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Moon Review - 23/12/2011 11:14:07 PM   
the film man


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Boosted by Sam Rockwell's intense performance, Moon is a compelling work of science-fiction, and a promising debut from director Duncan Jones.

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Moon - 4/6/2013 5:59:03 AM   


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My personal review on the moon - 10/6/2013 4:50:18 AM   


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Moon. In short it’s a compelling work of science fiction film made on a low budget. This is sure to satisfy all ages with its interesting story line and unexpected twist. This film takes a unique approach for science fiction films and uses models instead of computer generated imagery.
Directed by Duncan Jones starring Sam Rockwell, Robin Chalk, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott
This film contains coarse language and is directed towards an older audience. However this film can still be enjoyed by younger viewers but parent’s guidance is advised.

Sam Bell is nearing the end of his three yearlong contract mining helium 3 onboard Lunar Industries lunar mining base on the earth’s moon. He is alone onboard this base with only a human like computer assistance named Gerty. He helps and takes care of Sam. Occasionally video messages are sent to and from his wife Tess or the company Lunar Industries.
Two weeks before the end of his contract and his return back to earth, he suddenly suffers from a strange hallucinations of a teenage girl while filling up his cup with hot boiling water. This distraction results in a minor injury. Gerty begins to notice something wrong with him. Sam however denies and pretends he is perfectly fine and prepares to sleep. But this distraction problem occur once again, this time causing much bigger impact. He wakes up to retrieve the helium 3 canisters the harvesters have collected. Gerty advices him to delay the task for later due to what has already happened yesterday. Sam ignores this and proceed. He drives his moon buggy and crashes into the one of the harvester, losing consciousness.
Sam now awakes finding himself in the base infirmary. Confused and blank with no memory of what has occurred. The story now starts to take a sudden twist that would surprise viewers later in the film.
Moon ends with a cliff hanger, which is not satisfying.

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Are we really who we think we are? - 10/6/2013 4:50:39 AM   


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MOON (2009)
Director: Duncan Jones
Running Time: 97 minutes
The outstanding film ‘Moon’ directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey allows you to experience life on the moon. The film explores the theme of dystopia through having to use resources from the moon to use as power on the earth. Jones also explores the real meaning of loneliness and isolation.
Sam Bell (Rockwell) is sent up to the moon to harvest helium 3 to power the Earth. Following the same routine for almost three years leaves Sam wanting the last two weeks of his contract to finish. But the three years of isolation with no one to talk to, except a robot with a very sophisticated programme called GERTY (voiced by Spacey), has Sam on the brink of going stir-crazy. He starts to hallucinate, seeing a woman in his kitchen and again when he is out in one of the moon buggies. When Sam wakes up in the infirmary he sees the new recruit, and he looks strangely familiar. What happens next is a whole new can of worms.
In my opinion, ‘Moon’ reveals the secret a little bit too early on in the film. It drags on in the beginning of the film and there is a bit of an information overload during the middle of the film. I personally think that the action needs to be spread a little more evenly through the whole film.
To sum it all up, this film is great for sci-fi and suspense film lovers. It has good effects for a low budget film. Personally, I didn't enjoy ‘Moon’ as it dragged on a bit at the beginning and the end but in the end it is up to you to decide.

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Moon Review - 10/6/2013 4:52:11 AM   


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Jason Cheung
Duncan Jones

Moon is a Sci-Fi movie that makes big Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbusters look like a school play. The film is directed by Duncan Jones and the main role was acted by Sam Rockwell. When the film first started, it created a very empty feeling inside the cinema. On the screen you can see briefly an actor and the camera will show somewhere else. Suspense builds up and you will be dying to find out what will happen.

Sam Rockwell is playing a role of an astronaut on a moon base looking after machines which is collecting a renewable energy to power the earth. But half way through the movie, there is a confusing twist near the end, it all makes sense. Duncan Jones made this movie very unpredictable. You might think something might happen to the moon base, it might get blown up. If you really want to see a good Sci-Fi movie; you got to watch Moon.

The main theme of Moon is talking about betrayal. A hard working man soon finds out that he has been lied to and might not make it back to earth alive. The film teaches viewers a lot of things. The most important thing that the film teaches is how important life is, every second of life counts. The second most obvious thing that Duncan Jones teaches is when you face a problem, don’t think about it in one direction; look at the problem in all angles. Could there be a better situation?

When you watch an action packed film, you expect the camera angles always catching the action such as explosions. The camera should always be moving. But when you watch a Sci-Fi movie, you want to look at something for a long amount of time and leave the not as entertaining things out. In the movie Moon, that is what the directors give you. Close up shots, long shots, and wide angle shots, you name it. Every frame forward gives you the instant idea what is going on. Lighting works very well with the camera angles.

In opinion, Moon is a very good Sci-Fi movie because, it gives good Sci-Fi ide

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IT’S TIME TO QUESTION OURSELVES - 10/6/2013 4:52:29 AM   


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Moon (2009)
Starring Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey and Dominique McElligott
Critic’s warning: Language
Moon, a science-fiction film that doesn’t fail to move and haunt the audience with the perfectly captured emotions, and mystery.
Sam Rockwell, acting as Sam Bell, operates a station single handedly, on the moon. An employee of Lunar, a company that fuels Earth with clean energy, he has signed a three year contract. During his time on the moon, he mines for Helium from lunar rocks that are converted to energy after sent back to Earth, Lunar, a company that extracts resources. The slow paced, serious film may seem boring to children and the language.
The film, directed by first time film-maker Duncan Jones, brought to the surface for under five million or less. Surprisingly, Jones worked with the pressure outstandingly. The film used models and was shot under a pressuring environment. Nevertheless, the film was amazing and was made brilliantly.
Sam is all alone on the moon except for his only companion, a computer named Gerty. Programmed to help Sam, Gerty shows emotion using a yellow face. Unfortunately the live cam is broken for a while already so Sam has to bear with sending cam messages to his family on Earth. Everything is normal until an accident happens and Sam finds a disastrous secret that would change his fate forever.
Moon, thematically defines the dystopian future that may be an alternative path for us. The film deals with the emotions and plot in a slow pace, yet doesn’t bore the audience at all. Music in the film was extremely important and was often emphasized as a part of putting the audience in the right mood.
Sam Rockwell does an amazing job in portraying Sam Bell; he clearly delivers the emotions that go through the character in such sense that does not go over the top while doing so. Rockwell’s intense performance has enhanced the movie and holds his moment to shine. There was not a single moment where Sam didn

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IS THIS IT? - 10/6/2013 4:52:34 AM   


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MOON 2009
Rating: 9/10
Starring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, this surely isn’t a movie to miss out on. This serious yet lean-back topic is sure to get your heads thinking as Sam explores the dark side of the moon for an energy source which contains helium.
This isn’t your ordinary sci-fi film with aliens battling each other for the greater good, as the scenery of the film brings it to the sci-fi doorstep. Watch out for the little ones as ‘Moon’ may include coarse language, sexual content and violence. In my opinion, this is a must-watch film as you can’t possibly not want to find out about the consequences that we face.
The film is set on the moon within the immediate future to become another sci-fi adventure. For an astonishing budget of 5 million dollars, this film has rocked the charts of the box office worldwide. As if that’s not enough, this film uses CGI (Computer Generated Images) to the absolute minimum.
It all starts off with 3 weeks to go to the end of Sam’s everlastingly long, lonely and exhausting 3 year haul to feed Helium 3 to earth. Along with all that, he can’t communicate with those at earth. He sets out to finish the job off and comes across a nasty surprise.
This may be the future we are looking into as we continue to waste current day materials. His key characteristics won’t be visible due to the long period he is staying at the moon for. The different experiences that everybody has will make Sam unique in every possible way. His human abilities will help him cope at the moon.
Despite the confusing consequences, Sam Rockwell is an extraordinary actor with the ability to portray the kings of all expressions. When it comes to the emotion and the messages portrayed, there is no other man than Sam to do it.
Along with Sam, many other actors have shown their incredible skills. Those include: Kevin Spacey (the mechanical voice of Gerty) and Dominique McElligott (Tess Bell – Sam Bell&

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Moon (2009) - Review - 10/6/2013 4:52:41 AM   


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When you hear the words “science-fiction,” your mind immediately thinks of blockbusters such as Star Trek and Alien. You know the scene: spaceships flying around, aliens battling humans in a fight to the death, and robots running around in frenzy. Science fiction lets us believe the unimaginable can happen. But thanks to Duncan Jones, we’ve been introduced to a new science fiction movie that is a little more realistic: Moon.

Released in 2009, this sci-fi flick tells the story of Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), who has been living on the Moon for three years. Living away from his wife Tess (Dominique McElligott) and daughter Eve (Kaya Scodelario), Sam has been mining helium-3 for a company called Lunar Industries, while having the company of his robot friend GERTY (Kevin Spacey). As he prepares for the trip home, Sam is happy to say goodbye to the Moon- until he has a rover crash and wakes up to find nothing is as it seems.
Not only will ‘Moon’ surprise and shock you at every turn, it will also bring tears to your eyes and warm your hearts. This comedic yet dramatic movie will have you feeling emotions you’ve never felt before. The character of Sam is played brilliantly by Sam Rockwell, who was able to portray a man full of anger and shock, while yet showcasing a sensitive and vulnerable side. Kevin Spacey was a well-made choice for

GERTY, while the rest of the cast could not have been more brilliantly picked out. The outstanding soundtrack from composer Clint Mansell set the mood and intensified the drama. We must also give credit to the cinematographers and the editors- without them, this movie wouldn’t have come to life. The haunting images of the crisp, white mining base and the view of Earth from the Moon are all thanks to them. This film does not go without faults though – the language is not perfect, so this isn’t suitable for younger viewers.
Overall, Moon is an amazing film for anyone of any

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The Moon - 10/6/2013 4:52:52 AM   


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‘Moon’ takes you to a fully jet packed Sci Fi adventure where the most extraordinary events take place. Starring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell as the main hero of the movie, this movie is full of moments of laughter and sadness. Set in the future world, where energy crisis is diminished by mining fuel from the Moon, Sam Bell is on his daily routine with his three year contract just about to finish. Inappropriate language and content of the scenes make it unsuitable for kids.

Sam Rockwell takes his role up to the most unique level which leaves the audience stunned. His role is full of flabbergasts and shocks which won’t fail to impress you. Gerty, the robot dubbed by Kevin Spacey is the only one there to communicate with Sam. Isolation and loneliness is making Sam uneasy day by day and it’s only 2 weeks before he returns to Earth. He starts seeing visions and hearing weird sounds. Something has gone wrong while replacing Sam; the new recruit seems familiar. Will his trip to Earth be postponed and will he be able to return back to Earth?

Co-actors include Dominique McElligot as Tess Bell, his wife who appears only on video messages, Robin Chalk another co-actor, Kaya Scodelario casting as his daughter Eve Bell and Kevin Spacey who dubs Gerty the robot in a perfect accent which no other actor may have successfully achieved.

It’s hard not to be fascinated by Sam’s amazing acting and the incredible themes which leave you questioning your identity and how you are different. Filled with characteristics of loneliness and isolation make you feel very sympathetic. Elements of dystopia make you cry whereas funny remarks and jokes make you laugh! It’s full of surprises and twists which will always leave you wondering. Let Sam Rockwell take you on a journey full of chills and thrills to see the secret of the Moon.

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Nothing is as it seems - 10/6/2013 4:53:10 AM   


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Caution: Mild nudity, repeated expletives, brief violence
Would you volunteer for a mission on the far side of the moon, all alone? Would you spend three years of solitude, with no one but a robot? Would you undertake this mission, knowing that at any moment, you might die?
Earth is running out of resources. In desperation, humans have turned to the sole remaining power source available, Helium-3. The catch is, this substance can only be harvested on the moon.
Astronaut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is sent on a supposedly-three-year-long mission to the moon, to help with the harvesting. However, sinister maneuvers by the company are required to sustain this operation, and the public is kept in the dark. Sam only discovers the reality after a crushing accident near one of the harvesters.
Shocked, Sam’s aim is now to discover all of the truth, before it is too late. A robot, GERTY (Kevin Spacey, voice), assists him in piecing together the strange puzzle. Halfway through, he discovers that something terribly wrong has happened on Earth, and that he has been tricked all along. Ultimately, though, Sam succeeds, evading the Lunar Industries’ attempt to ‘rescue’ him.
‘Moon’, while a science fiction film, is not a traditional all-out thriller. Rather, the plot is based on multiple dystopian themes, such as what constitutes a human being, isolation, and the manipulation of people. The main character is kept unaware of his true identity, and only by a freak accident does he come to realize the truth.
Rockwell gives an impressive account of himself in ‘Moon’. He manages to play a uniquely demanding role with confidence, his scenes ranging from bedroom sex to angry outpours of emotion. The setting is quite realistic, possibly as a result of minimal CGI usage. Instead of cutting-edge editing software, the scenes involving the barren lunar landscape are made using intricate models. Quite a change from the nowadays familiar surrealism!
‘Moon’ has a fairly satisfying ending, in spite of its lazing opening. My only criticism of the low-budget film is that some bits are quite confusing, and may require some mulling-over to get straight.

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The Dark Side of the 'Moon' - 10/6/2013 4:53:13 AM   


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If you’re looking for a movie that’s humorous, powerful, touching and mysterious, this is the movie for you. ‘Moon’ has a first-rate cast; from Sam Rockwell who plays Sam Bell, to Kevin Spacey who plays the voice of GERTY, a robot located on the moon base whose job is to help Sam.
Even with GERTY’s amusing antics and strange robotic voice, ‘Moon’ is unsuitable for young children, with the frequent swearing and occasional violence. But even if you’re not a science fiction fan, you will be pulled in by this movie.
Sam Rockwell plays the isolated man with relationship problems, stuck on the moon, harvesting Helium 3 for 3 years. His contract is nearly ending, with only 2 weeks left, when something weird happens. Poor, manipulated Sam Bell has knowledge kept from him, due to the company’s interest. Rockwell is forced to play a very unique role in this film, challenging the director, Duncan Jones, film makers and himself. With a small budget of $5 million, Jones created a chilling reality where the supposed energy crisis is solved, but with unconventional methods and a steep price.
The minor characters in the film are also essential to the plot. Kevin Spacey as GERTY brings a light-hearted, relaxed atmosphere in the film while Tess Bell (Dominique McElligott) brings out the softer, loving side of Sam.
It’s difficult not to let your mind dwell on this movie for too long. ‘Moon’ makes us all think about the mysteries in life no one has been able to answer fully: What makes us human? What is identity? Does what you’re supposed to be, make you who you are now? Will Earth become a dystopian world?
‘Moon’ is a surprisingly good reflection of humanity and their vulnerability. Set on the cold, brutal moon, this movie is shockingly poignant, sinister and yet still thoughtful, making the audience think of moral issues we may never have ever thought about before.
Rating: 8/10

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One Man Marvel". - 10/6/2013 4:53:23 AM   


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Do you like Science fiction movies? Then I would recommend this mysterious and dystopian movie that touches on the Isolation of the moon and the identity of clones. Its name… “Moon”. This show stars Sam Rockwell as the main character and Kevin Spacey who voices the robot Gerty. This film was directed and written by Duncan Jones with Nathan Parker writing as well. This film was released in 2009 and had only a five million dollar budget to work with, also with that the film used very little CGI equipment!
I quite like this film because it entraps you and keeps you watching because it’s one of those movies that keep you guessing and keep revealing new things every time you watch it. I wouldn’t recommend it to children under the age of 12 because the movie is very confusing and has many swear words that are not suitable for children.
Isolation, Identity and Dystopia are used in this film. When Sam is up there on the moon he is very isolated and he has no ways if contacting earth and then he realizes that many things in this moon base are wrong. He finds out that he is a Clone and that everything that he has been told was a lie. He believed he has a family when they aren’t even his they were the first Sam’s. Even though he was a clone he has a different identity than the first Sam. This future is very dystopian the very opposite of a Utopian future.
Sam Bell the clone thinks he has a daughter and a wife which are not really his; they are a memory implant that the company in charge of the space station implanted into the clones brains. The memory came from the actual Sam Bell that first went up to the space station.
Gerty is the robot that looks after Sam on the space station. He is a simple bulk like robot that moves around on cable lines. He is equipped with a single smiley face that makes Sam feel like there is someone else with him on that desolate rock out there.
Overall I quite like this movie as I said before I do n

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Moon 2009 - Review - 10/6/2013 4:53:51 AM   


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Moon - One Man Marvel

Powerful, dramatic and plot twisting; ‘Moon’ stars Sam Rockwell as a lonely, isolated worker on the moon. As soon as the opening credits finish, you are immediately thrown into a new, exciting future with plot twists and turns after every scene. Sam Rockwell takes on the challenging character of Sam Bell, the only isolated worker on a futuristic yet seemingly ‘homey’ base on the moon. If you’re a Sci-Fi fan, this is a must – watching this gives you the same thrill as watching any of the best thrillers. This thoughtful yet indie-budget-made marvel stands right up there with all the big Hollywood blockbusters. Sam Rockwell plays every scene with such concentration and ability; it makes you wonder why he hasn’t been in more films like this!

Coming near to the end of his three-year contract mining fuels on the moon, Sam Bell begins to long for his beloved wife and toddler. However, a twist in the plot delivers all kinds of interesting themes such as identity, love, isolation and dystopia. For those Sci-Fi addicts out there; you may want to re-watch the film, because after watching it for the second time understanding the complicated plot becomes a whole lot easier and interesting. Although slightly more complex than some other great movies the beautiful characterization of Sam’s attentive, sentimental robot Gerty keeps you engaged in suspense.
There are however a few criticisms of ‘Moon’, the first being that the lack of scene changes makes the film a little bland and stationary. In my opinion the writer, Duncan Jones, could have created some flashbacks to Earth even considering the low budget. The only other criticism is to do with the lack of different music. Throughout the whole film, the same music plays through scenes that don’t have speech. Although on a small budget, therefore not being able to pay for many musicians, mood changes by the music would have made the fi

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The Dark Side of the Moon - 11/6/2013 5:44:55 AM   


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Earth is at an energy crisis and it is looking like there is no way out of it. However Lunar, a company who declare that they have the key to solve this crisis, but what would it require? Yes, the name of the movie doesn’t give you a hard time trying to guess it, the Moon. The deal was a person would go up there for 3 years in the shadow of a robot, Gurty, and each day would be the same, yeah 3 years stuck in the same routine, same place, no friends, no human contact – that’s one pain in the back. This time Sam, Sam Bell was stuck with this. Sam was a loving father who cared about his daughter a lot, Eve was her name, Eve’s mother, and Sam’s wife is named Tess Bell.
The Character of Sam was adopted by Sam Rockwell, He was nominated best actor for his outstanding acting in this movie by the British Independent Film Awards in 2009, also in the Saturn Awards and few others. Other actors included Dominique McElligot who played Tess. His daughter, Eve played by Kaya Scodelario.
In my opinion this movie is a must watch, it make you think, a lot. However it’s a classic, you will get giggles throughout the movie not only giggles, there are also some big surprises, which change the movie dramatically.
In my personal opinion I think this movie is suitable for everyone.
During the movie you will learn some new things that you wouldn’t have expected beforehand. We learn quite a few things about identity and how everyone is different from each other. –by learn I don’t mean those boring history lessons you were forced to take, this is completely different without knowing you will know how important identity is. To portray this knowledge Sam Rockwell performs in another very different and unique role.
I don’t want to waste your time … so to conclude I would say this movie is a must watch and if I have to summarize the movie in one sentence I would say: this movie shows us the ugly consequences of present d

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RE: The Dark Side of the Moon - 14/6/2013 5:05:31 PM   


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Are you really alone?
MOON (R), 2009

This blockbuster, ‘Moon’, is yet another superb sci-fi movie after recent works such as ‘Star Trek’. Yes, at first you may think that it looks boring and unexciting, but as you watch along you’ll realise that it’s deep and filled with emotional moments.
Despite all the emotional moments, this movie is still covered with the repetitive expletives, making it a restricted movie for minors.
The effects and the scenes in the movie looked absolutely astonishing, considering the low budget used. The moon base and the vehicles looked realistic, because after all, they were real. CGIs were rarely used in ‘Moon’, possibly only in a few scenes. Other effects and ideas like using duplicates of Sam Rockwell (as Sam Bell) were simply mind-blowing.
At the start, Sam Bell (Rockwell) is close to reaching the three-year contract for his stay in the base on Moon, operated by Lunar Industries’ for mining helium-3 for energy use. Two weeks before his return to Earth, he suffers from various hallucinations, including the sudden appearance of a teenage girl. Another hallucination occurred while he was driving towards the harvester, leading him to crash his rover right into the harvester, causing him to lose conscious from a lack of oxygen.
Waking from the infirmary in base, he shows no signs of anything that happened. He ignores the commands to stay in base by both Lunar Industries and the friendly sentient robot, GERDY, and creates a fake problem by cutting wires in base. Using this opportunity, he drives a rover away from base, and “surprise surprise”, a shocking scene happens.
Surprisingly, the use of minor or supporting characters in this film is extremely rare. The appearance of all minor characters were limited to appearing in video messages, for example video messaging between him and his wife (Dominique McElliot), his daughter (Kaya Scodelario), and to the company’s base on Earth. The use of a sympathetic robot in the film also enhances the themes the film is trying to convey. Identity and isolation is hugely promoted in this film, reminding the audience that even clones have their own identity and feelings. They may look different on the outside, but inside we’re all different. Other themes of sci-fi were also conveyed, including the use of futuristic equipment, and dystopia, by controlling and using clones, and killing the clones when the three-year contract reaches its end.
Moon is a fairly interesting film, but can be quite confusing and boring at times. It serves you with some of the newer themes of science fiction, and makes the audience to think of the issues that we may have to meet in the near future. I personally found the movie not as satisfying, as it does not discover themes in depth, and ends with a huge cliff-hanger.

Rating: 7.5/10

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RE: Fucking disgrace - 5/7/2013 8:16:04 PM   
Will Frey


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An instant classic from the first time I caught it. The story is just so dense from start to finish, and Sam Rockwell knocks it off the rock ( get it?) with his, hmm, performances. If you haven't seen it, go check it out please. The director, Duncan Jones, is son of David Bowie, and it seems that the creativity has passed on from father to son. His sophmore attempt, Source Code, lacked in the vulnerability and delicacy that Moon did so well. A movie I'll mine the moon for any day.


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