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Indy 5

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Indy 5 - 22/6/2009 1:02:57 PM   
David Hirst


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Joined: 25/5/2008
I personally think that the idea of using Atlantis would be a great idea.(as used in the gem of game Indiana Jones and fate of Atlantis) Indy could be searching for the 3 keys to the gateway of Atlantis. Atlantis could hold the fountain of eternal life, or even could contain long lost technology from a ancient, far superior race. Or Atlantis could contain a mine that has minerals that could sustain human life on other planets, and within Atlantis there could be a portal to another world. The beauty of using Atlantis is that it provides you with a whole new world to explore, and also Atlantis in itself is a maguffin. ( Have I emphasized Atlantis enough? )

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Indiana Jones and the attack of the unconvicing CGI - 23/6/2009 12:43:45 AM   


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Joined: 30/5/2007
I think that they should let George Lucas direct it and finally put the nail in the Indy coffin. The film could be all CGI so there is absolutely no trace of the original trilogy's excitement and originality. That man is so selfish and self obsessed he has that much money he doesnt give a fuck what the fans want and just continues to make his own wank fest ruining trilogy upon trilogy. The scary thought is that when George the Hut finally pops his clogs he will probably have his team at ILM bring him back digitally to ruin future film franchises.
They could use the similar crap de-aging CGI that they used on Arnie in T4 to make Ford look younger. It could be set in space and the macguffin could be that they are looking for a plot.

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Post #: 152
I'll believe it when I see it... - 23/6/2009 8:28:19 AM   


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Joined: 1/10/2005
Last time we heard something about a new Indy movie being "a go", we had to wait almost 20 years...
I hope this is true, but I also hope that if the do get on with it, they'll dump the lousy CGI!!!
IT DOES NOT LOOK REAL, CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? "Raiders" looked 1000 times better and it's over 25 years older that "Kingdom"

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Post #: 153
Hmmm, not sure? - 23/6/2009 11:12:59 AM   


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Joined: 13/11/2007
If they're going to do it please do it without Lucas, the man is a Phantom Menace! I did like some of the ideas used in Indy 4 - Indy's age, the 50's setting, Area 51, the Russians, the b-movie atomic theme, but the film just didn't know when to stop with the ridiculous slapstick and bloody CGI which was obviously Lucas' contribution to the film! Spielberg and Ford need to take more creative control and make it darker and more gounded in reality like the first three movies!

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Post #: 154
indy and the cross of nazareth ...or something like that - 23/6/2009 12:29:26 PM   


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Joined: 17/10/2006
The 2 best indfy films are raiders and last crusade because they deal with biblical artefacts / legends so they need to carry on this theme. kingdom was bad because it dealt with aliens which should be left to the x files and the like indy is not sc-fi!!!

a possible plot could revolve around some baddies getting hold of a fragment of the true cross from jesus's crucifiction and it having some of his blood on it which could be used to create a new 'son of god' using the DNA (if around then?) under the control of the russians or terrorists or who ever and use the kid to take over the world.

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Post #: 155
FLASHMAN - 23/6/2009 2:01:45 PM   
Frank Comiskey


Posts: 144
Joined: 16/1/2008
Give the endless period of chronic mastication, the next caper would surely have to be set in the 60's, and that has to incorporate the Space Race and The Chinese.

That said, EVERYBODY wants the return of The Nazis, and I'd like to see an adventure partly-set in Athens, with Indy chasing for the powers of the Greek Gods.

Did anybody see those illustrations from the potentially great sequence at the Peruvian graves that was never filmed? Pity. The film needed it.

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Er.....Lucas has ruined my childhood... - 23/6/2009 5:15:29 PM   


Posts: 30
Joined: 27/10/2007
Not content with ruining one perfectly good trilogy...And is there ANYONE out there who really thinks the Star Wars prequels are fit to clean the crap of the shoes of the original trilogy) Mr Lucas (and Mr Speilberg - Im suprised at you!) are ruining an absolute ICON of the 80s. Crystal Skull was mediocre at best. Worthly only of 2 stars if you took the rose tinted spectacles off. I mean come on - do we really want the memory ruined still further. Please empire, I beg of you if you have any influence on Mr Speilberg at all, tell him to let this one go. Lets face it - Its just a cash cow and that these film makers are resorting to this is beyond upsetting. I doubt another installment will do anything to the franchise other than line Mr Speilberg and Mr Lucas' pockets and make some studio execs very very happy.....

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Post #: 157
Indiana Jones and the Mysterious Isle - 24/6/2009 6:45:43 AM   


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Joined: 24/6/2009
Mutt and Indy set off in search of a mysterious island that was believed to exist between Russia/Japan and the west coast of North America. They find a lost civilisation made up of both Inuit and Russian explorers. The only way off, they discover, is to go further back in time. Indy stays on the island but gives Mutt his fedora as a keepsake. Mutt returns. Many years later, Mutt finds the Cross of Coronado in a cave. His find is stolen by a young scout, but he eventually gets the Cross back from him--but not without giving him a fedora. "You lost today, kid. But it doesn't mean you have to like it," he says. (June 24, 2009)

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Post #: 158
Indiana Jones: And The Devils Of The Catacombs - 4/8/2009 10:47:09 PM   
Duane Barry

Posts: 24
Joined: 15/10/2007
Indy is approaching retirement & feeling old. Hes settiling in & adjusting to Marion & Mutt. He promises no more adventures. Marion is getting dressed to go out with an old female friend when there is a knock on the door (Or newfangled doorbell). Indy answers & it's an asian man who indy dosnt recoqnise at first untill a womans voice speaks appearing in shilloutte from the shadows, it's Wille Scott. Indy is shocked & before he has time to respond he realises the man is a grown-up shortround. indy tries to keep her outside away from the impulsive/jealous Marion (Who has him round her thumb & is a bit possive).

Willie just bursts in like a whirlwind, brushing past Indy & down the corridor towards the kitchen. indy excuses himself & checks in on Marion to make sure she is still in her dressing room - she's gone - PANIC - he tries the bathroom - shes there in an under slip doing something with her hair. Indy goes back to the kitchen & willie wants to use the bathroom - PANIC - indy sees Marion's feet dissapear up the stairs, Willie brushes past & get's to the bathroom & closes the door - There is a fresh smell of perfume - ?

Indy is with shorty & excuses himself upstairs - this leads to a repeat of the mirror gag from the ship in raiders. Indy tries to talk to Marion who is busy on the other side of the mirror - but he remembers & pulls his face out of the way as she flips the Mirror down to talk to him. He looks pleased with himself - but its a double sided mirror & she pushes it through 360 degrees to see the other side & smacks indy in the jaw. Cut to exterior we hear a loud "Owwwwww"

We also hear an approaching Harley Moterbike. Indy peers out thru the net curtains - It's Mutt pulling in off the street on his bike. Indy get's downstairs - Mutt is in the kitchen with shorty, willie is coming out of the bathroom & Marion is coming down the stairs They all meet at the foot of the stairs.

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(Cont'd): Indiana Jones And The Devils Of The Catacombs - 4/8/2009 10:52:13 PM   
Duane Barry

Posts: 24
Joined: 15/10/2007
Indy is saved by a knock at the door - It's Marions friend & he bundles her out the door.

Willie & shorty have some kind of quest or small mcguffin willie wants appraised - she is broke & needs cash. But there is more she is not saying. She asks about Marion's old school friend suspiciously. Cut to marion on her dinner date & the friend is inquiring about what Marion knows about "The Chinese Boy".

Shorty is in trouble, Willie is trying to bail him out, marions French friend is shady & putting pressure on shorty. Indy has some item they need.

Locations: Princton, Alaska, Mexico City, Paris Catacombs, Hati

A dig in the Alaskan snow (An excuse for some blood in the snow) - Mexican Favellas or 50's/60's Equivilant & a human sacrifice, a tetrodotoxin zombi, leads to Paris & a Parisian black magic cult in the catacombs using fear to con people of money, Ends up in Papa Doc Duvallias Hati (Right period?), Hatian melitias/paris cult/Zombies.

Shorty, Willie have a possible betrayal against Indy in their play book & redemption before judgement. Marions friend is either dubious friend or out & out foe. Shorty is afraid of Zombification after Indy's tur in the Temple of Doom.


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Post #: 160
Tagging along - 5/8/2009 9:03:43 AM   
Joris van Os


Posts: 4
Joined: 5/8/2009
The nature of the McGuffin, in my opinion, is beside the point. It's the involvement of the hero. In any installment after Raiders, Indy got involved only accidentally. In Temple of Doom, he falls from the sky; in the Last Crusade he was looking for his father, not the Grail; and in Kingdom it was another family affair. The Skull itself was a distant second. In other words: he tags along. I'll take any McGuffin, or McMuffin for all I care, as long as it's Indy himself who initiates the adventure. It could be something that has eluded him for his entire life, that comes into play again. Basically Indy has retired when some lead to this object shows up. This rekindles an old obsession, reminiscent of that of his father for The Grail. He climbs out the window while Marion is asleep and goes on his last great adventure.

I'll take opening credits and a 5% cut, Mr Lucas...

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Post #: 161
indiana Jones and the appalling treatment of Frank Dara... - 21/9/2009 10:43:16 AM   


Posts: 7
Joined: 1/10/2008
Now David Koepp's drivelsome Crystal Skull script has been filmed so averagely, perhaps the next Indy movie could be a simple remake of 4, using the rejected Darabont script that everyone except George "revenge attack on my phantom childhood" Lucas thought was the best script since Raiders.

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Post #: 162
- 30/4/2010 5:00:02 PM   


Posts: 4
Joined: 13/4/2006
Think they should go with the lost city of Atlantis, although i cant see them beating Raiders.

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Post #: 163
indy 5 - 27/6/2010 1:00:14 AM   


Posts: 53
Joined: 27/6/2010
Me thinks the premise behind indy 4 was pretty good...look, indy can't stay young forever but the concept of indy adventures can evolve in the same way that bond long as they can entertain and they use the iconic williams soundtrack, then let shia grow into the role....for chris' sakes, harison was an unknown until star wars.

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