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RE: Terminator Salvation question...

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RE: Terminator Salvation question... - 27/11/2009 1:52:38 PM   


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From: elsewhere
I know a lot of people don't like T3, but it might hold certain keys to how the story develops:

It is mentioned that Connor and Brewster's children will be important (Brewster is pregnant in TS). It is also mentioned the T3 Arnie had killed John Connor then been been re-programmed to protect him in the past.

It seems probable that Connor will drive events towards becoming what he was always told they would be, make himself public enemy number 1 to Skynet, then when it is desperate, on the back foot, and its one most important goal to kill him, thinking killing him will by itself end the rsistence, he will ultimately decide to allow this to happen, the computer enemy will have fulfilled its primary (maybe by then sole) function and then become useless.

I have a feeling it will probably end up being that simple, because the likelihood is that if too much time travel gubbins is involved it'll just be a hell of a mess, since the (as unliked by some as T3) Sarah Connor Chronicles had the screen time available to build this sort of thing up, whereas it could get farcical in a movie time frame and end up like Carry on Terminating.

Returning to topic, it's pretty clear that whatever positives I previously took from TS, having Bale in the Marcus role would have made the film better balanced, since it's Marcus's story more than Connor's and the bigger star in the more minor role (presumably expanded from what it would originally have been) leads to expectations of big moments from Connor the film was probably never intended to contain.

That said, Bale was probably thinking of the career move aspect of it all and Connor would undoubtedly have more to do in any sequels, and you can hardly blame him for wanting the hero part, even if the original plan would have made the film stronger. And as I said, I think it's a good 'set up' movie anyway, and whatever it means to the 'franchise' as a whole will only become clear when it's all done and dusted, and there's a context for it that doesn't currently exist.

Skynet does seem to have a bit of cold knack for psychological manipulation according to TS, so it might be an initially slightly humorous and then quite nightmarish move if the second film has Skynet producing a bunch of Terminators using the outer shell template of Marcus, so that visually at least, the hero of the first film beceomes the villain in the second (in a reversal of the T2 situation) and whenever they are attacked by terminators, they are (visually) killing Marcus, over and over again...And this could also be used as a 'distraction technique' to allow Ts built to different templates to do the infiltration proper and create an 'anyone could be a machine' paranoia (if they, for example rescue a colleague who turns out to be not what they appear...).

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RE: Terminator Salvation question... - 27/11/2009 9:24:01 PM   
hampstead bandit


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saw T4 (salvation) in the cinema - very disappointing

got it on DVD to watch again, as I was disappointed in T3 in the cinema, but actually really got to like the film on subsequent viewings at home

unfortunately this did not happen with Salvation

I only enjoyed the first 1/3rd of T-4 on the second viewing at home, its a real mess...

Bale is rubbish and the biggest problem is no sense of menace / jeopardy - the resistance seem completely over equipped, flying around in A-10 tankbuster jets and gunship helicopters and the leaders in a submarine..and leaving their air strip floodlight at night (surely Skynet has satellites?)

even the battle at the end in the Skynet complex with an "old friend" is lame - a re-run of T2's steel works battle

such a shame....

any news if McG is going to make another 2 films to follow T4?

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RE: - 7/12/2009 7:50:43 AM   


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RE: Terminator Salvation - 3/2/2010 3:33:04 AM   


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This was an ok movie, but it really differed from the other films. It just seemed so different. It was nice to finally see the war. But once complaint I have about this is of course, no Arny! We just got a crummy CGI facial arny, which just isn't the same. Arnold's portrayal of the T-800 Model 101 has always been a signature ploy of the terminator series, but it seems there going in a new direction, but as far as it seems, it may be for the worse. I guess we will see once they make more films. I'd give it a 7/10. It was good, but could of been better. it just didn't feel the same to me


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RE: Terminator Salvation - 3/2/2010 3:33:41 AM   


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Sorry for double post, but i'd also like to add whoever played Kyle Reese was horrible in my opinion

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'' Was that the boogey man?''
'' As a matter of fact... that was.''

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RE: Worthy continuation of the Terminator series - 26/4/2010 6:13:42 PM   
hampstead bandit


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I finally watched this on Blu Ray today and... it was very good indeed, which took me completely by suprise.

its true!!

I did not enjoy this in the cinema, but on subsequent home viewings, especially on HD Blu-Ray, have grown to love this film

strangely, exactly the same thing happened to me with Terminator 3
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RE: Missed Opportunity - 3/10/2010 1:49:41 PM   

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watched this again the other night, it's good but could have been way better, I also watched Predators the other night too, same verdict on that. What's annoying about these remakes and sequels is the endless nods to the previous movies, I know they're following on and obviously must relate to the story of the past movies and what made them great, but have we got to have the characters in the new ones even saying the same lines as in the originals especially one liners





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RE: Missed Opportunity - 24/8/2011 6:13:23 PM   
The REAL Bozz

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This was okay, I give it credit for having some scope and trying somthing different. On the other hand was it too much to ask to keep the look of the future war the same as that est in T 1 and T2? Overly picky I know, but it's my review. Bale makes J.C. a really unlikeable guy, but that's probs just becuase his unlikeablilty as a person was seething through his acting. Sam Worthington is a bit meh but then on the other hand you got that dude from Star Trek doing a really good Kyle and the Moon -best name ever-Bloodgood putting in a solid show. It looks incredible but manages to be flat at the same time. It doesn't get your heart pounding like the first 2. I'm gonna give it a generous 3. Points for effort.


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Terminator Salvation Review - 13/12/2011 11:11:41 PM   
the film man


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With storytelling as robotic as the film's iconic villains, Terminator Salvation offers plenty of great effects but lacks the heart of the original films.

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T4 is utter garbage from start to finish - 2/1/2012 9:00:49 PM   


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Where to start...

Okay - why did they begin and continue the story when Kyle Reece is still a teenager? I found myself frustrated at the fact that it didn't show exactly HOW John Connor sends him back in time, which would've been such a great sequence or moment to watch, akin to the first "Vader Breath" at the end of Star Wars Episode 3.

Howcome, at this point, Humanity is supposed to be practically wiped out, and yet there are none of the thousands if not MILLIONS of Human skulls littering the battlefields that we get a glimpse of in T2?

Also, where are the laser weapons?...

I also couldn't help but notice that every main character in this film was "good-looking". The original older John Connor from the "future" sequences in T2 was beaten up and had a big, NASTY scar down his face (not something like a bad oven burn, that could be treated with a sterile mat!)

Most of the actors, including Arnie, weren't "ugly" as such, but they weren't typical chiselled good-looking actors either. And for their average looks - they felt more REAL!

Then there's the shit, cop-out line about the T4 terminator being from way back in the 70s, just to explain away how Skynet managed to avoid the laws of time and, regardless of having it's existence entirely wiped from the timeline - it still managed to produce a race of machines to take over the planet.

If he was from the early 70s, and in the future - skynet had the capabilities to travel through time, why not send a messenger back, or a terminator back from the future, to kill Sarah Connor when she was at school - or better yet - go back to a hundred years in the past and wipe her entire branch on the family tree...

In all, it (like T3), was a movie made purely to milk two classic movies, and made to make millions of dollars and to bleed the fans whilst shovelling more of the pristine Hollywood glossy emotionless and boring shit down our throats until we sickened into enjo

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