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RE: Santa Brought Me...

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RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2009 11:12:29 AM   

Posts: 7603
Joined: 2/9/2006
From: The cupboard under the stairs
Lets see. I've been very spoilt this year:


Ed Wood
Star Wars OT (inc. original versions)
The Wrestler
Eden Lake
The IT Croud Version 3.0


Transformers 2
Star Trek 09
Blu-ray player for the bedroom



Fallout 3 GOTY
Uncharted 2
Dual Shock 3


Assassins Creed 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Lego Rock Band
John Lennon Rickenbacker for Rock Band
Wireless headset
Quick Charge Kit
Brutal Legend (the wife says she got me it, but has gone missing!)


Ministry of Sound Electronic 80's


Tomtom sat nav
Pop Up Pirate
Luke Frywalker, Yam Solo, Boba Fett & Bumble Spud potato heads to add to the collection

£20 HMV voucher


Ghostbusters Venkman T-shirt
Assassins Creed II T-shirt
Darth Vader In Kanye West style glasses t-shirt
Batman jama bottoms
Mr T pants & socks
Star wars pants
Spiderman pants

Among other things, which I'm too tired to list!

So in conclusion, I'm very spoiled. Yet you should see what the wife and kids got!

EDIT - Just remembered, the wife adopted me Seamus from Monkey World. I love the cheeky little scamp!

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Post #: 121
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2009 11:36:27 AM   

Posts: 4881
Joined: 29/6/2007
From: Bedfordshire
some beer, some food, gloves, new rear light for my bike, ticket to see Lee Mack live and a bit of money.

think thats it - trouble is I buy everything I want myself!

edit:....and some socks. everyone gets socks

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Post #: 122
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2009 11:51:29 AM   

Posts: 3726
Joined: 31/8/2006
spare a thought this yuletide for the deprived, if the tables were turned would you survive...


"Snake? Snaaaake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!?"

R.I.P. Punchy

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Post #: 123
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2009 11:52:28 AM   

Posts: 13
Joined: 22/9/2009
From: Engalnd
A new xbox 360 Elite with a few games
The New Michael Mcintyre dvd
Twighlitght (the book) thanks grandma
... and I'm getting more when the rest of the familly are coming around.

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Post #: 124
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2009 12:17:48 PM   

Posts: 5222
Joined: 15/4/2007
From: Port Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Got additional stuff last night and this morning:

The Simpsons Season 12 (Limited Edition packaging)

The Unforgettable Fire: Super Deluxe Edition

Plus some more clothes and sweets, and deodorant.

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Post #: 125
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2009 12:37:43 PM   
Super Hans

Posts: 2408
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: Watford
Hope everyone is having a great christmas! I've been a lucky boy, lots of nice stuff:

New 'man bag'
Forza 3
Peep Show series 6
Progidy - Invaders Must Die
Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit Vol 1&2
Saturday Night Peter - Peter Kay
A Short History Of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson
Tons of toiletries
Back To The Future mug
Simpsons 20 question-type game
Desk Calendar

Not seeing the in-laws until Tuesday so I think they have a little something there for me too, so it'll be like a second xmas day!


"Its staring at you in the face Mark, there's only one more sex to try..."

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Post #: 126
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2009 10:16:45 PM   

Posts: 36
Joined: 26/12/2009
Scrubs Season 1-7
Little Black Book of Movies
Subscription to Empire
Family Guy Season 8

A few other things aswell, too tired to think of them all but this year I mainly got money towards my car.


Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

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Post #: 127
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 27/12/2009 12:17:02 AM   

Posts: 17787
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: North Devon
New DC shoes (if you don't know what kind of make DC are, you are a chav...)
Assorted clothes
New England cricket shirt
The Wisden Cricketers Almanack 2009
Cricket Grounds From The Air
England's Ashes Test Collection


"It is the Shawshank Redemption! Just with more tunneling through shit and less fucking redemption."

If you can quote the rules, then you can obey them.

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Post #: 128
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 28/12/2009 1:10:56 PM   

Posts: 20064
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: Springfield
I got
2 pairs of cufflinks (1 piano, 1 beer mug),
a black skinny tie with little space invaders on,
a blue cashmere jumper,
a Thundercats t-shirt,
Star Trek on DVD,
a book called "Grammar and I",
a book on German Expressionist Cinema,
a book of film posters of the 1940s which is awesome,
two bottles of wine,
a set of four mini bottles of wine,
some marzipanstollen,
some cheese,
and several boxes of chocolates at work.

Not a bad haul for me, that.


That deep-browed Homer ruled as his demesne.

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Post #: 129
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 29/12/2009 9:27:17 PM   


Posts: 3316
Joined: 2/9/2008
From: London
Fallout3 operation anchorage/the pitt add on pack
a cockney rhyming slang dictionary
a proper (bought and slightly customised my my bro) TwoFace double liberty head coin
a nice shirt an tie
chrimbo socks
a book of art by skateboarders
Inglorious Basterds
and these...which if your as much of a fan of Fallout3 as i am you should be very jealous of... 15 of em, hand made by my bro

an also have a pressie from my buddy when i next see him

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Post #: 130
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 31/12/2009 11:15:26 AM   


Posts: 9088
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: Surrey
From Brother

Cap and Scarf

Mum and Dad

Spiderman Monopoly
Liverpool Calender for my desk at work
Stopwatch (for filming purposes not for sport )
Superman mug


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Post #: 131
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 31/12/2009 4:28:39 PM   
Harley Quinn

Posts: 5798
Joined: 23/1/2008
From: Arkham
I got:

New converse
perfume a new coat (Off little HQ!)
The Batman Vault
Marvel Scene it
Air scenter
Digital Camera
Gary Grant Boxset
A cigarette holder and Cigarette case
Book on 50's fashion
A martini glass
Chocolate and sweeties
Neon Coloured socks
Calvin klein top
A fitted cardigan

got other things as well but can't recall what.

Also got a baby niece Christmas Eve who already has me wrapped around her little finger.


"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."

Owner of the Naughty Milkmaid.

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Post #: 132
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 31/12/2009 5:56:00 PM   
Sugarman Treacle

Posts: 7169
Joined: 1/12/2008
Let's see, I got:

Book with Chocolate recipes
Chocolaterie Duc D'O Chocolate box
Essential Film Themes (3 cds with film themes in a tin box)
Lasse Åberg (a swedish artist/actor who is famous here for his Mickey Mouse paintings) mug

Not very much, but I'm still very grateful.


I'm turning turning turning turning turning around, and all that I can see is just a yellow lemmon-tree...

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Post #: 133
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 1/1/2010 7:45:14 PM   

Posts: 13528
Joined: 30/9/2005
Chocolates or something.


he's ruining my buestiful threat!

"She must have known about all this before she let that grinning loon put his space-cock anywhere near her?"

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Post #: 134
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 5/1/2010 8:21:46 PM   
Sugarman Treacle

Posts: 7169
Joined: 1/12/2008


ORIGINAL: Kilo_T_Mortal

Chocolates or something.

Chocolate is always nice. It doesn't last forever though...


I'm turning turning turning turning turning around, and all that I can see is just a yellow lemmon-tree...

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Post #: 135
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 6/1/2010 3:08:49 PM   

Posts: 12444
Joined: 6/1/2006
From: A magical forest
Is it sad that one of my favourite presents was a Herzog/Kinski boxset?

I also got:
Spirited Away
Walking Boots
A book on cinematic storytelling
The Complete Jonathan Creek
Battlestar Galactica Final Season
Student Cookbook
The Spire by William Golding
Oceanborn by Nightwish

I benefit from having a massive family!



ORIGINAL: Rawlinson

Swords is right about everything.



Swords smells like bum.

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Post #: 136
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 11:00:38 AM   

Posts: 18273
Joined: 10/3/2006
From: Punishment Park
So yeah, Jesus, true spirit of Christmas etc...

How did we all do?

I got

Scott Pilgrim - Blu Ray
Inception Blu Ray (briefcase)
The Expendables Blu Ray
Predator Blu Ray
Metropolis Blu Ray
Doctor Who: Series 5
The Pacific Blu Ray
A Team Blu Ray
Kick Ass Blu Ray
B Button Blu Ray
Dark Skies - The Complete Series DVD
Space: Above and Beyond Complete Series

New Watch
Travel Bag
Bowmore Whisky
Glenfiddich Whisky
Jonnie Walker 12 Year Black Label

And this...

It's a big Predator statue made up of metal parts. It is amazing.

Hope everyone has had a great morning so far!

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It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.

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Post #: 137
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 11:20:56 AM   

Posts: 5222
Joined: 15/4/2007
From: Port Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Toy Story 3 DVD
Russell Howard's Good News: Best of Series 1 DVD
Metropolis: Remastered and Restructured DVD
The Simpsons Season 13 DVD
Deep Purple - Come Taste the Band: 35th Anniversary Edition CD
Stereophonics - Word Gets Around: Super Deluxe Edition CD
Diesel Aftershave
Penguin T-shirt
New top and jeans
Lynx Bodyspray and Shower Gel
The Simpsons 2011 Fun Calender


ORIGINAL: Rgirvan44

It's a big Predator statue made up of metal parts. It is amazing.

I have a life-size Predator mask, it's awesome !

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Post #: 138
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 12:31:48 PM   


Posts: 4401
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: My House
Inception Blu Ray Briefcase
Jack Daniel's
A multitool
Desktop Bowling Set
Ted Baker smellies

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Post #: 139
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 12:57:18 PM   
Jackie Boy


Posts: 1134
Joined: 2/1/2006
A Lge bottle of JD
A pair of Ray Bans
501 Must See Movies
Led Zep/Shadows Taller Than Our Souls
Stephen King's Under The Dome
Bruuuuuuce/The Promise
Dylan's bootleg series Volumes 1-3


"If you're not against me,don't cross this line! If yes,do."

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Post #: 140
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 1:00:43 PM   

Posts: 7445
Joined: 24/7/2006
Antichrist and M (Blu Ray)
Skeletons (DVD)
Bioshock 2 (PS3)
The Kraken Wakes and The Chrysalids (Books)
Eve Arnold's People (Book)
Angelology (Book) ?
a scent by Issey Miyake

Fluffy Socks (Black and Lilac)
Magic Gloves ?
Green &  Blacks Chocolate Selection
Cash £££

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Yes, always.

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Post #: 141
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 3:09:05 PM   
Epiphany Demon

Posts: 6128
Joined: 14/11/2007
iPhone 4
Inception briefcase
Books and sweeties and magazines
Some bongos (Wagner's face going on)

And my brothers got films and PS3 and DS games, so I will share them. Great haul!



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Post #: 142
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 3:32:27 PM   

Posts: 2523
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: London
Flights to Rome, a fantastic book of Guy Bourdin photographs, three Sergei Paradjanov films, the complete Tales of the Unexpected and a bottle of Ardbeg* so far. I'll have a few more to come next week.

*the Ardbeg may have been a present to myself.


Even the French know better than to fuck with me

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Post #: 143
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 4:10:56 PM   


Posts: 1765
Joined: 19/5/2008
From: Salford
Right - lets see if I can mind them all:

Al Murrays latest DVD
A-Team on Blu-Ray
Socks and Smelly-stuff, the mother standard-fare
A Toni and Guy Razor to get my beard down to a proper man-stubble
A Donald Duck Stuffed Toy
A new watch
A Moustache Mug
A Selection Box - Mother again
Simon Peggs autobiography
A Simples Life
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
A Man Utd Bath Duck (who will have to share the bath with me and Elvis-duck)
A Man Utd Calendar
Animal Slippers
A new set of pyjamas

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Post #: 144
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 9:19:23 PM   

Posts: 12059
Joined: 30/9/2005
Slipper boots
A Batman T-Shirt (black with a silver bat logo)
Mock the Week: Too Hot for TV 3
Thermal vest
Signed, framed photo of Roger Federer
Framed painting (print) of a Flying Scotsman
Selection Box

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Post #: 145
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 10:03:39 PM   

Posts: 8999
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: Albuquerque
New laptop - totally and utterly unexpected.
How to Train Your Dragon
Four Lions
Family Guy Season 9
Stig alarm clock
make up
new can earphones
socks etc


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Post #: 146
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 10:17:13 PM   

Posts: 4531
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: Magic Beans
A freakin banjo. The fact I knew it was coming is neither here nor there; it's awesome. I've never owned a musical instrument before and I love it. If your idea of Christmas bliss is to hear some ham fisted goon stumbling through 'Oh My Darling Clementine' 437 times then you should have been at Beers.

Aside from the banjo related sweetness I was given a 2003 Chateau Suduiraut (Sauternes) which we cracked open last night with a slab of roquefort while watching The Bishop's Wife. Truly sublime. Not only one of the best dessert wines I've ever had but just one of the best wines I've ever had. It was perfectly balanced with none of the cloying sweetness you sometimes get and a perfect level of acidity to clean it all up. A beautiful wine.

I got a great cook book on salads called.....Salades by Damien Pignolet. It focuses on salad as the main meal as opposed to an accompaniment and has some incredible ideas in it. Random example - Green and butter been salad with smoked ham and wholegrain mustard dressing. Going to be a lot of fun.

I also got a big box with three different marmalades (brandy, blood orange and ginger) a bunch of Moroccan spices, including a tub of some seriously firey Harissa, a bottle of hot sauce for ribs (Bone Sucking Sauce) and a selection of great dark chocolate - cardamon and cinnamon, pink peppercorn, nutmeg and rose with blackpepper and sea salt.

Finishing off the kitchen element of Christmas I got a new potato ricer and a new stove top coffee pot, both sorely needed.

Throw in a handful of books and a couple of shirts from Thomas Pink and it was a great day. My mother in law sent me a pair of Cary Grant cuff links. Is it even possible to fail when wearing Cary Grant cuff links?

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Post #: 147
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 25/12/2010 10:39:33 PM   

Posts: 9187
Joined: 30/9/2005
From: its grom up nirth
I got very little. However I got to see my two boys unbelievably happy with their goodies.


"Can you imagine the satisfaction of slamming that camping cunt Scott with a missile while sitting in Costa?" - Chief

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Post #: 148
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2010 9:27:49 AM   

Posts: 5616
Joined: 20/1/2008
From: 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2
We spent most of our money on the kids this year, but I did get a nice pair of gloves, a black polo neck for all my 'environmental radicalism' activities, a dig for victory mug, a kaleidoscope, Le Fanu's Uncle Silas and my husband gave me the horn. Actually this horn...


Body Hair Beautiful: An Armpits for August Special

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Post #: 149
RE: Santa Brought Me... - 26/12/2010 10:00:23 AM   

Posts: 4881
Joined: 29/6/2007
From: Bedfordshire



some beer, some food, gloves, new rear light for my bike, ticket to see Lee Mack live and a bit of money.

think thats it - trouble is I buy everything I want myself!

edit:....and some socks. everyone gets socks

pretty much the same again this year. except I got some boxers instead of socks - and I didn't get a ticket to anything

some bench smellies
lots of beer..........crate of bud, some czech beers and some ales.
cutlery set
set of glasses

the 'haul' seems to get crappier each year! I didn't think it possible. Not that i'm ungrateful mind you, I put an equal amount of effort and coinage into getting other peoples presents.

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