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- 19/12/2008 2:37:15 PM   


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Empire reviews are always dodgy as hell (most of the time anyway). Vampire films and "12A" just don't go - anything under a 15 should be banned. i really can't wait to not see this film...

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RE: Has Empire Sold Out? - 19/12/2008 3:49:36 PM   


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ORIGINAL: Stewie_Griffin


ORIGINAL: namixchik

But LOVE these forums, as I know there are people out there that are keeping it real.

Yes, seven posts over twelve months, I can see you can't keep away from the place. What happens if you come across a member who likes Twilight? Would they have "sold out" too?

I don't think that's really fair!
I seldom post here either- but I read the boards all the time.

Personally, I have no interest in this movie at all- but I'm always curious to read other people's opinions.

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Post #: 62
RE: Has Empire Sold Out? - 19/12/2008 4:43:13 PM   

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From: York

ORIGINAL: Stewie_Griffin


ORIGINAL: namixchik

But LOVE these forums, as I know there are people out there that are keeping it real.

Yes, seven posts over twelve months, I can see you can't keep away from the place. What happens if you come across a member who likes Twilight? Would they have "sold out" too?

To be fair, I don't think the number of posts has any relevence to someone's opinion. Just because someone has only posted seven times doesn't mean they are ignorant of these forums.

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Post #: 63
RE: Has Empire Sold Out? - 19/12/2008 5:58:04 PM   


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ORIGINAL: Stewie_Griffin

Why has the magazine sold out? Because it has delivered it's own opinion on Twilight? They liked the movie, stop being so precious about it.

Giving it a great review when virtually ALL other critics say it's absolute garbage is one thing, but having a front page feature on the website on practically a daily basis does cross some kind of line IMO. I'm mean, let's not be naive about it, they know it's guaranteed hits from the Twilight fanbase. So I suppose I can't blame them from a commercial point of view.

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RE: - 19/12/2008 6:08:15 PM   

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From: Dublin: Ireland


ORIGINAL: lifeofriley87

Empire reviews are always dodgy as hell (most of the time anyway). Vampire films and "12A" just don't go - anything under a 15 should be banned. i really can't wait to not see this film...

well, why don't you bugger off and not use the forums?


You're killing Independent George!!!!

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Post #: 65
Good but nothing special - 19/12/2008 6:47:56 PM   


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i haven't read the book but thought i'd see the film because of all the fuss round it.was quite surprised.edward was the best character and kirsten stewart was excellant as bella but the film wasnt all together dat intresting an the rest of the charcters werent developed at all.enjoyed the romantic bits the best(although some lines were to cheesy) an also the fight near the gunna read the book but wouldnt recommend the film to people who havent read it.

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RE: Good but nothing special - 19/12/2008 7:11:54 PM   

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From: Scotland, UK.
Came Back about an hour ago.

Very, Very Surprising.

I didn't necessarily have high expectations for the film, after the majority of reviews were negative. But I have to say I believe the Empire review is spot on. Of course, it's got a fair bit of cheesyness, but Its acceptable for a teen vampire romance. Chances are, if you're below the age of 16, male or female, it will deliver greatly. Performances from the leads are fantastic, and while it delivers a few unintentional laughs, it's still highly enjoyable.



Journalism Student and Film Festival Programmer

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Twilight - 19/12/2008 9:45:15 PM   


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From: South yorkshire,Rotherham
This film was highly anticipated from the start of the franchise of books by Stephanie Meyer.One thing i have got to say,the film cannot live up to expectations from the novel and probably never will do.However i was surprised when i went to the release of twilight,the acting in the first four scenes were awkward as bringing a novel to screen is hard.Mainly because the novel goes into extreme detail with the chapters.But as the film goes on it gets better including the acting.Patterson did do a excellent portrayal of Edward and came to life on the screen,so did Stewart.In my opinion twilight is a unique story and film,it bites you until you end up giving in to temptation.Twilight is a romance with a hint of humor,it's audience is aimed at teens and makes sure it has that romantic cheesiness as most teen films have.



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RE: Twilight - 20/12/2008 1:37:09 AM   

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From: Manchesterford
I saw the first screening of this at lunchtime today and it's a 2* film at best IMO.

I started reading the book but gave up very early on due to the abysmal grammar/writing style (all short sentences but none of the storytelling flare of Stephen King who has a similar style). Anyway, the film just feels flat, it has several montages that really do look like pop promos and i would say that its look is the best thing about it, because beyond that it has very little substance.

The acting is passable and Edward is attractive in a walking corpse kind of way but too many scenarios are just shown without any reasoning, e.g. he's a vampire, wants to kill her but she loves him all consumingly (or whatever she said) anyway and shows no fear (Brad Pitt also had an ethereal attractiveness in IWTV - in fact, it's the only time i've ever found him remotely attractive. Odd! ) .

Also, the film has very little blood for a vampire story and some truly cheap special effects (admittedly due to the budget), e.g. there is a wonderful 'reveal' scene where it appears Edward has been rubbing too much baby oil on himself, and therefore glistens in the sunlight. Oh and if the vampire speeding effects are familiar, it's because they were used in Queen of the Damned to similar shoddy effect.

Overall the film feels like cross between Buffy and IWTV but hits none of the heights of either. It's a straight to DVD effort and indeed, I would probably recommend you wait until it comes out on that format as it's really nothing to rush out for. Plus, you'll be able to miss all the screaming Twilighters/teenage girls (admittedly target audience), who will be in abundance throughout Xmas/New Year (there was some in the screening I saw).

Do yourself a favour and go and watch Buffy and IWTV instead!


The secret to becoming a star is knowing how to behave like one.

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Post #: 69
RE: Twilight - 20/12/2008 10:25:16 AM   

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I wait for the back lash....

But I actually quite liked Twilight. At the beginning it was slow starting and throughout there are corny lines and many slow mo's, but putting that aside the story is very sweet and I thought it a 'coolness' factor by the end.



"Robert Ford would only lay on the floor and look at the ceiling, the light going out of his eyes before he could find the right words"

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Post #: 70
- 20/12/2008 3:30:58 PM   


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Joined: 16/10/2006
Well I'm not a teenager and I'm not female, nor have I read the books.. but I still found Twilight to be an entertaining movie. It all gets a bit rushed after the half way point and some effects are naff or cheesy... but if you're a male being 'dragged' to the cinema to watch this then, in my opinion, you're in for a suprising treat. Plus it has awesome music

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Post #: 71
High School Vampires - 20/12/2008 5:53:12 PM   

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Twilight is aimed purely at adolescent girls , and panders a little too much to its fanbase. Proceedings centre on the insular Bella (Stewart), who moves to a small Washington town to live with her father,after her mother goes on the road with her baseball-playing other half. Soon, she's made friends with the local youngsters, but quickly catches the eye of Edward Cullen; a pale sort who's later revealed to be a vampire. Edward is a 'vegetarian' sucker, meaning he only chows down on animals. Before long, the two begin a romance that attracts the attention of the entire school, risking Edward's cover as a regular high school student being blown, and putting both of their families in danger.
it's Romeo and Juliet crossed with The OC, with a sprinkling of Interview with the Vampire, Hardwick's direction is certainly lacking at points, as the ropey effects and incessantly emo soundtrack sometimes serve merely to distract; but it is only a tween romance, and has nothing to offer anyone over the age of 16 . There should have been a warning on the poster --- only suitable for adolecent girls .

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Post #: 72
No Potter... - 20/12/2008 9:31:41 PM   


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Perfectly enjoyable, if a tad slow and sentimental, romp. The performances were mostly good except for slightly stilted dialogue at times and some odd "sniffing" acting. Robert Pattinson looks set for superstardom judging from some of the sounds some of the girls around were making. Unfortunately, some of the effects weren't great, it was lacking in some vampuric elements and there was a tad too much melodrama over action. Still, I imagine fans of the book will lap it up.

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Post #: 73
Excellent but not a classic - 20/12/2008 11:36:22 PM   


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Joined: 9/2/2008
Excellent movie, not a classic though. It mostly kept true to the book and shed some interesting light on Edwards' point of view. I really enjoyed watching it and the music was fantastic.

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Post #: 74
- 21/12/2008 9:10:18 AM   


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My thoughts are that a film about vampires that was actually pretty good up until the point where it introduces the vampires should have probably left the vampires out.

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Post #: 75
RE: - 21/12/2008 9:50:59 AM   

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From: Star Trekkin', across the universe

My girlfriend loves the books. In fact, she's obssessed. She pestered me into reading Twilight a few weeks ago so I relented but I found the novel extremely 'girly'. I couldn't relate to Bella one bit and found her quite annoying and in need of a slap most of the time. Edward was every girls fantasy, so being a male I couldn't really warm to him either. However, there were certain scenes in the book I did like and so I was dissapointed to see these same scenes rushed or just botched in the movie. Firstly, when Edward takes Bella to meet the Cullens. I loved this scene in the book but thought it was over too quickly in the movie. The Cullens are great characters in my opinion (the girl playing Alice is spot on particularly) but we didn't get enough of them and the dynamic between the characters. Also the climactic scenes from the baseball game onwards I felt were rushed and lacked any form of tension. In the books this covers a fair few chapters and you really get the feeling of panic and fear from the characters. James is built up as a formidable adversary even against 7 vampires. It turns into a big game of cat and mouse. Where as in the movie he just comes across as a villain of the week from Buffy. No menace at all.

So overall I thought it was a somewhat faithful adaptation of the book. So if you love the books you'll love it simply because it's a chance to see the characters up there on the big screen. But for anyone else they're going to wonder what all the fuss is about as it just doesn't have the broader appeal to reach out to none fans and stand out as a good film in it's own right. So 4 stars if you're a fan and 2 stars for the rest of us.

(in reply to Old_Pyrate)
Post #: 76
Twiglight would bea more apt Title !!!!! - 21/12/2008 10:22:46 AM   


Posts: 82
Joined: 5/10/2005
Oh Well, I read the review, saw the Film, read the review again, to make sure, and still think the Film was pretty awful. Perhaps I'm of the wrong age and gender then !!!!!.....

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Post #: 77
Twiglight would bea more apt Title !!!!! - 21/12/2008 10:22:48 AM   


Posts: 82
Joined: 5/10/2005
Oh Well, I read the review, saw the Film, read the review again, to make sure, and still think the Film was pretty awful. Perhaps I'm of the wrong age and gender then !!!!!.....

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Post #: 78
Twiglight would bea more apt Title !!!!! - 21/12/2008 10:23:32 AM   


Posts: 82
Joined: 5/10/2005
Oh Well, I read the review, saw the Film, read the review again, to make sure, and still think the Film was pretty awful. Perhaps I'm of the wrong age and gender then !!!!!.....

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Post #: 79
Breathtaking! - 22/12/2008 1:10:27 AM   
captain jack harknes

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From: South Wales
Being unfamiliar with the books I was unsure of what to expect. I was gripped from the beginning by this atmospheric and incredibly beautiful love story. Its completely understandable how Bella could fall in love with a vampire as I too lost my heart to Edward Cullen very early on. I went back the next day to watch again and noticed some of the subtleties early on in the film that I'd previously missed and found the film even more enrapturing. Robert Pattinson is perfectly cast and the passion between him and Bella jumps out of the screen at you - their chemistry is electric! I'm already looking forward to the sequel and am loathe to spoil it by reading the 2nd book in advance. My film of 2008.

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Post #: 80
RE: Breathtaking! - 22/12/2008 2:38:57 PM   

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Am I right in thinking that this looks like a average episode of Buffy or an episode of Smallville?


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Post #: 81
RE: Breathtaking! - 22/12/2008 4:47:33 PM   


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No, it's much worse than that. 

(in reply to BatFan)
Post #: 82
- 23/12/2008 12:57:36 AM   

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From: Middle Earth
I have read all these books and they are good favourites of mine. The film was very good on a whole but there were some aspects which irritated me an example being Edward/Pattinson in the biology class when he sees Bella, his acting was all wrong at that moment. When Pattinson wasn't doing his freaky eye thing he was passable for edward. Still really enjoyed the film though - it's just hard to live up to any books.

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Very Good Vampire-Teen-Romance. - 23/12/2008 4:42:43 PM   
joanna likes films


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From: Bexhill
My sister has the books and read every one before we went to see it today, while I have never read them which can be a refreshing thing. Simple plot: a young teen moving in with her dad while her mom and her new husband goes elsewhere. While staying, she meets some new friends and becomes obssesed with a handsome man that may not be all he seems. It's very good, I'm glad I have seen it and enjoyed every moment. Kirsten Stewart seemed perfect for Bella, you can feel her uncomfortable moments and the deep passion she has for Edward. Robert Pattinson is a very handsome young man, he played Edward in a sexy and dark way. I can understand why like my sister and many other girls fall madly in love with him because he's like the perfect guy you can date apart from him being a vampire! I would like to read the books one day, can't wait for the sequel and neither can my sister! It's highly recomomended for young teens and older people to see this, it's worth every second of your time.

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RE: - 25/12/2008 12:32:52 AM   
white mage


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From: Hollow Bastion
I went to see this with my friends and they were sighing every few mintures over Robert Pattison. I didn't see the attraction. The pace was slow and it didn't really hold my attention. This reminded me of Buffy season 2 and dampened the reputation of vampires just when they were getting their mojo back thanks to 30 Days of Night.


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Fantastic - review by a [male] Twilight fan. - 25/12/2008 12:17:26 PM   


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As a film experience I enjoyed Twilight very much. What needs to be remembered with the books, and the movie, is that the key demographic was not meant to be teenage girls, who swoon for the lead male. Stephenie Meyer wrote the books for adults intentionally, it just so happens that women relate to Bella's, the protagonist/narrator, character. Although it is clearly a huge franchise, I do not know many people who have read the books, so I bought them after seeing their popularity continue to rise. With the film adaptation, I was worried that, like Harry Potter, much of the essence would be lost in the transition to the big screen. The fundamental part of the story is that it's a romance (the reason that many guys avoid Twilight), therefore the chemistry needs to be there. It was, fortunately. This may well be aided by the off-screen romance that is apparently brewing between the leads, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I felt the casting for the characters was spot on, Pattinson wasn't the obvious choice, having not done a great deal of acting in the past, however he does the role justice and clearly has won over the hearts of the world's female population. I haven't met one girl who's seen the film who doesn't find him attractive. For me the female vampires were gorgeous, fitting the bill nicely. The biggest attribute this film has and successfully uses to it's advantage, is the relatively unknown cast. Even Kristen Stewart, the more widely-known cast member, doesn't appear in the spotlight that much, aside from the minor roles she has played in the past (Into the Wild, Jumper) and her lead roles which are few. This is their big break. Pattinson and Stewart are already leaping into superstardom, and deservedly so. A great performance. What struck me is some of the movies more sinister moments. Let's just say that there is a particularly graphic destruction of a vampire at the end, which caught me off guard.
Admittedly it's not for everyone. Many of my friends

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Post #: 86
Mockery of the book. - 25/12/2008 4:37:16 PM   


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Joined: 11/5/2008
some people who did"nt read the book might enjoy this but people who have would hate it,like me.the graphics were awful.i thought robert pattinson was terrible as Edward.

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Post #: 87
RE: Mockery of the book. - 26/12/2008 2:14:18 AM   
shawshank prisoner

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From: Norwich
Maybe all those Twilight lovers should come and vote for it along with their other favourite films of the eyar in my awesome poll.

Don't worry you don't have to gon and find it...

..I have a link

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Post #: 88
RE: Mockery of the book. - 27/12/2008 5:50:31 PM   

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Joined: 11/11/2008
From: Bedfordshire, England
Never read the books
Wasn't too fussed with the film hype
Christmas eve me and a friend go see it.
Fantastic, didn't find dear Robert attractive until his and Bella's first conversation, so guess that made the film more enjoyable.
But I didn't get bored, a laughed (probably at bits I shouldn't have) but nevertheless I came home and watched it again, still like it.
Going to cinema AGAIN on Monday
and ordered all 4 books yesterday.
Basically Stephanie Meyer is going to love that people who see the film are more than likely to go run and buy the book or books.
Canny wait for the next installment.


"I Used To Think The Past Was Dead And Gone, But I Was Wrong, So Wrong. In My Time I've Melted Into Too Many Forms."

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Post #: 89
- 28/12/2008 1:07:46 PM   


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It was appalling.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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