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Hilarious - 15/9/2008 7:56:20 AM   


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Joined: 26/9/2006
Funniest film I've seen in years

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Post #: 31
RE: watch while drunk - 15/9/2008 12:17:44 PM   

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From: Norwich
Very good film. Was very funny and thought James Franco was very good aswell. The ear bit grossed me out abit. Also red was a great character.



When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth

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Post #: 32
Pineapple Express - 15/9/2008 12:21:51 PM   

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Seth Rogen continues his winning streak with this Cheech and Chong-inspired action/comedy. It's not an entirely coherent film, but a hugely satisfying comedythat offers up plentyof laughs, and some surprisingly visceral violence. Sidekick Franco offers a performance here that is easily the best mainstream stuff he's done and shows an unexpected comedic vigour . He's seemingly more at home in this type of role than any of Spidernan flicks. But this is Rogen's film, and his abrasive, sharp dialogue always feels fresh; it's another highly amusing turn from the newly-crowned comedy prince. Support is offered by a scene-stealing Danny McBride as Saul's supplier, who has some of the best lines in the movie: "You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos, motherf**ker" providing a particular pick from a stellar bunch of requotable gems. Sure, there's a subplot involving Dale's barely-legal girlfriend, that appears at first to be an integral part of proceedings but doesn't go anywhere, and certain sections may move a little too slowly for some. But overall, this is another predictably hilarious comedy from the Apatow crew- Great fun!

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Post #: 33
Very Disappointing - 15/9/2008 7:31:24 PM   

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Joined: 17/3/2008
From: Stoke-on-Trent
I loved Seth Rogen in 'Knocked Up' but this was very disappointing.

That said, if you're the sort of person who liked 'Hot Fuzz' better than 'Shaun of the Dead', you may well appreciate this film.

Give me 'Knocked Up' (and Shaun of the Dead') any day of the week!

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Post #: 34
Don't waste your time! - 16/9/2008 12:01:44 PM   


Posts: 12
Joined: 16/9/2008
This is the "their" worst movie by far, even if you were 10 I don't think you'd laugh at this. Its full of lazy writing, messy sub plots, and girlfriend who is 100% unnecessary to the entire film.

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Post #: 35
Pineapple Express - 18/9/2008 7:28:08 PM   

Posts: 28
Joined: 30/9/2005
Very dissapointing. After hearing that egotistical numpty Mark Kermode rant about it's crapness on his radio show, I was ready to yet again disagree with him based on Empire's usually informed review. You have let me down Empire. Unless you smoke a lot of weed you will not find it terrbly funny. I also found the levels of violence sitting uneasily with the tone of the movie.

Please don't say that I might actually have to start agreeing with the "good doctor" (ahem.)

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Post #: 36
- 22/9/2008 11:53:28 AM   


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Joined: 1/1/2006
loved it.

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Post #: 37
Only if you want to waste 111 mins of your life... - 22/9/2008 5:39:53 PM   


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Joined: 3/6/2006
...and I didn't. I think I managed about 90 minutes and then did something I never normally do and left the cinema. I was ready to be entertained or even just mildly amused on a Sunday afternoon and although it's not eye-poppingly dreadful it's just so unfunny and...boring. Very disappointing.

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Post #: 38
4 stars???? - 22/9/2008 10:55:16 PM   


Posts: 7
Joined: 10/1/2006
From: Dublin
how in the name of all thats holy did this tripe get 4 stars??????? one of the worst i have seen in a long time. A mess of a movie. i hardly heard any laughs from a packed cinema.

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Post #: 39
RE: 4 stars???? - 24/9/2008 1:28:27 PM   

Posts: 91
Joined: 27/11/2005
From: London
seriously ive seen it twice its so damn good, any film that has thre line "its like gods vagina" in it has to be classic


Can you make me a birdhouse or something?

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Post #: 40
RE: 4 stars???? - 24/9/2008 11:27:14 PM   

Posts: 51
Joined: 12/7/2007
From: Dublin
Can't believe all the negative reviews this is getting. The pacing was slow off the bat and took a while to get into but I laughed myself silly for about an hour. True, the girlfriend plotline is unnecessary but that's all made redundant by the excellent chemistry between the leads, Danny McBride's Red, brilliant one liners and James Franco's unexpectedly great performance. He shouldn't be allowed do anymore permanatly scowling roles anymore - this is definitely his niche.

Most of the audience I was with was howling and I loved the diner scene in the end. And sorry Yozzer66, Knocked Up isn't a patch on this. The only thing it was missing was a Paul Rudd cameo.


"Death is the road to awe..."

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Post #: 41
RE: watch while drunk - 25/9/2008 3:32:13 PM   

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Joined: 22/5/2006
From: London
When i came out of the cinema after watching this i thought it was utter crap. i was really annoyed because I love Rogen/Apatow/Goldberg comedy stylings and this just didn't measure up. I think my biggest problem was that it didn't quite know what film it was trying to be. Was it an action movie, a comedy, a stoner movie, a buddy movie? Obviously it was trying to be all of these things but that, for me, just meant that it was totally unfocussed and didn't gel these elements at all well. It made me realise how good Hot Fuzz was. That was a film that perfectly combined the elements of a comedy, buddy movie with a great action. But what really made the difference between Hot Fuzz and Pineapple Express was how well put together the script for Hot Fuzz was. It was so tightly plotted and the laughs were never at the expense of the plot which is what Pineapple Express fell into the trap of doing, for example the paranoia segment in the woods with Rogen and Franco. How did that help develop the story? it was totally irrelevent and not that funny. The whole film seemed to be the three leads just having a laugh onscreen, which perhaps on second or third viewings, once i've lowered my expectations, will be more entertaining, but really thought they could have done better than this!


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Post #: 42
RE: watch while drunk - 25/9/2008 6:18:46 PM   

Posts: 17996
Joined: 3/1/2006
From: Norwich
It seemed to be very lazily plotted and stumbled along in a rather poor manner. The acting never really caught my attention and the characters themselves were far more annoying than funny. Maybe it will be a funnier film on DVD but on the big screen it just came across as being tripe. And low grade animal feed tripe at that.


Nothing to see here.

(in reply to bobbydee)
Post #: 43
wake up - apatow is mainstream crap disguised - 27/9/2008 12:10:34 PM   


Posts: 24
Joined: 27/9/2008
can someone explain how this film is by the four star code 'excellent'? this means by their reckoning it is only twenty percent the lesser of citizen kane???? not even children could find this amusing. the fat oaf who stars in this crap is only popular cos lots of other fat slobs like to imagine they too are 'sexy' and could control a woman relationship with a professional blond (knocked up) or more disturbingly, a loltia like schoolgirl. utterly hideous film that but by empire standards is excellent. the films tone is set by the seat squirming opening scene of dick in mouth hashish gag which is so unfunny it needs to be seen to believed and to realise the amount of human effort put into filming it. THIS IS BALLS!!!! oh and i dontaccept different reviewers opinions line. that is why we have a thing called editors

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 44
Pineapple Express - 27/9/2008 4:42:44 PM   

Posts: 8
Joined: 27/9/2008
From: Sunderland, UK
I really liked this movie and thought it was absolutely hilarious in places. I thought the casting was superb, Franco really suprised me, and Rogen was likeable as always, the scene where he's grooving in the car to 'Electric Avenue'.. so funny. In terms of laughs, it was on par with Knocked Up for me, and significantly better than Superbad, great soundtrack too. Definitely don't think you have to be a pothead to appreciate this film, my best friend is completely straight edge and she loved it.
Best film i've seen of the 'Stoner' genre, head and shoulders above Dude, Where's My Car? and Harold and Kumar etc, but admittedly i've never seen any Cheech and Chong.
I would have to agree with one of the previous reviews and say that the whole girlfriend element of the storyline was a bit pointless, and i didn't think the opening scene with Bill Hader was too funny either. But all in all i'd give it a good 4 out of 5 stars too, i think Empire's review was spot on. If you're looking for a good laugh and a film where you don't have to use your brain at all then this is perfect.


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Post #: 45
CRAP - 4 Stars?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 29/9/2008 12:17:35 PM   
Gold Digger


Posts: 141
Joined: 3/10/2005
From: Outside London
That's it I have had enough of Seth Rogan and the crap that comes out of his mouth. God he is iritating! 40 Year Old Virgin was great but everything else from Knocked Up via Super Bad and goodness knows what else this guy has made is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 46
RE: CRAP - 4 Stars?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/10/2008 10:05:21 AM   

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From: North Devon
Saw this last night. Basically its a slightly more funnier version of 'Dude, Where's My Car?' which should really hit home on just how little enjoyed this film. I also don't find Seth Rogen anywhere near as funny as the other Apatow big lad, Jonah Hill, who I think would have rocked Rogen's role in this film. It started off mildly amusing - "how ya doing Sporty Spice?" - but then fell completely by the wayside when the heavy weed came out and basically spilled out into a stoner movie. Empire describes it as silly, I saw it as completely fucking stupid. James Franco's character was an idiot beyond cinema terms and the only thing that brightened the movie up after that was the very sexy Amber Heard whose 20-odd minute spell has convinced me to rent '....Mandy Lane'

Kindly fuck off back to the board Apatow boys and bring us back another 'Superbad' because if you carry on in this vein you'll be doing a Seann William Scott movie next!


"It is the Shawshank Redemption! Just with more tunneling through shit and less fucking redemption."

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Post #: 47
- 14/11/2008 1:18:58 PM   


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Joined: 21/4/2008
really funny comedy. it was a good time.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 48
RE: - 14/1/2009 9:01:19 AM   

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Joined: 6/6/2007
Going into it thinking it was gonna be crap but I was quite surprised, not laugh out loud funny all the way but consistently amusing. Breath of fresh air for an American comedy not to ruin itself  with cheesiness. Not too bad at all.





(in reply to ARmy2510)
Post #: 49
RE: RE: - 16/1/2009 12:02:26 PM   

Posts: 177
Joined: 3/10/2005
This was hilarious. Third favourite comedy of all time. Its essentially a buddy comedy over a smokin' dope comedy, thats why i loved it so much. James Franco is sooooo funny.


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Post #: 50
legendary - 17/1/2009 11:00:04 PM   
tango fett


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"you just got killed by a danwoe lanos!"

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Post #: 51
Didn't Find It Funny. - 18/1/2009 9:30:32 AM   
joanna likes films


Posts: 972
Joined: 27/10/2007
From: Bexhill
I rented this out because it sounded good and my sister fancies James Franco. I put it on last night and I grew bored within fifteen minutes, none of the jokes were funny and Seth Rogen is really annoying. It didn't actully know what kind of genre this really is, a comdey or a action film? Nah, I'm probably a tiny percent of people who didn't find this film funny or uplifting. Terrible and crap, my sister liked it but I wasn't impressed.

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Post #: 52
RE: watch while drunk - 22/1/2009 1:40:57 PM   


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Joined: 13/10/2008
This film was so good, i don't care what anyone says. The funniest thing ever

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Post #: 53
All hail Seth Rogen!! - 25/1/2009 12:37:04 PM   
supertramp montana

Posts: 11
Joined: 20/1/2009
From: UK
If you like Seth Rogen and his style of comedy then you should like this. It took me a couple of views to fully appriciate it but it's extremly fuuny. Lots of great one liners and silly gags. One of the greatest stoner movies in my opinion.

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Post #: 54
Pineapple express or Weed express??????????? - 28/1/2009 12:59:12 PM   


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Joined: 28/1/2009
When i first decided to pop this DVDizzle in my dvdizzle player i grew excited and expected a lot more of a fruit based adventure. only to find myself disapointed by the amount of drugs and the small amount of adult nudity. more nudity and maybe more of a fruit based adventure would have improved this for me like Seth Rogens previous fil "Creeping around the fruit tree".

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Post #: 55
Pineapple expressly unfunny - 7/2/2009 8:02:30 PM   


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Joined: 29/7/2006
I can usually sit through any movie even if its a pile of crap, this film lasted 45 minutes before I hit the eject button. It was just utter twaddle. I can only assume that when watching you had to be stoned. I am a fan of Seth Rogen, but sorry a shit film is a shit film

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 56
Really refreshing - 17/2/2009 8:38:15 PM   

Posts: 44
Joined: 30/12/2007
From: Dublin
In a current dark period where comedies are usually comprised of farts and Carmen Electra cameos, it’s relieving to know that great American comedies like Pineapple Express are still being made.

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Post #: 57
Rogen's worst movie... - 14/4/2009 4:06:44 AM   
The Yorkshire Rapper


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From: Hamilton, New Zealand
I put this on after watching 'Zack & Miri' expecting more Seth Rogen genius. How wrong I was. Terrible really from start to finish. Laughs were few and far between and the plot was shit. Maybe you have to be stoned to find it funny, dunno. I gave it an extra star because the two lead performances were actually good and I still rate Rogen but I'd never watch this one again...

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 58
Not bad but not brilliant either - 21/4/2009 3:26:41 PM   


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You really have to be in the right frame of mind to watch this. It is totally stupid, trouble is there aren't enough laughs to make it really good. James Franco is great as is Danny McBride but it's no Superbad!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 59
"You Just Got Killed By A Daewoo Lanos Muthafucka!... - 3/5/2009 11:32:52 PM   

Posts: 88
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From: Aberdeen, Scotland
I was'nt really looking forward to seeing this after the hugley overrated "Superbad" but I have to say that this film Rocks. Seth Rogan has alot of charm and makes for a very likable dude and James Franco makes the film something great. I loved it.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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