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My Cinema Diary 2006

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My Cinema Diary 2006 - 28/12/2005 9:28:31 AM   


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From: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
Same rules as gossiping, one post each & see plenty of films ...that's pretty much it.

NB:- A link to the 2005 Diary can be found below...

Bumfluffs Cinema Diary 2006

6th Match Point 8/10
7th Brokeback Mountain 9/10
13th Jarhead 7/10
20th Underworld : Evolution 6/10
28th Munich 10/10
31st Fun with Dick & Jane 5/10

7th Walk the Line 8/10
16th Final Destination 3 7/10
20th Good Night, and Good Luck 6/10
22nd Aeon Flux 3/10
24th Lucky Number Slevin 8/10

1st Capote 9/10
2nd The Fog 4/10
7th The Matador 7/10
9th Syriana 9/10
11th The Proposition 7/10
14th The Hills Have Eyes 7/10
25th V for Vendetta 5/10
28th The Inside Man 9/10
29th Hostel 8/10

4th Basic Instinct 2  4/10
5th Firewall 7/10
26th Silent Hill 7/10
30th Slither 6/10

3rd 16 Blocks 7/10
8th Mission Impossible 3 8/10
14th When a Stranger Calls 5/10
20th The DaVinci Code 6/10
23rd Brick 8/10
27th Curious George 5/10
31st X:Men : The Last Stand 7/10

4th United 93 9/10
4th Poseidon 8/10
18th Hard Candy 6/10
26th The Lake House 7/10

8th Over the Hedge 7/10
9th Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Mans Chest 8/10
16th Superman Returns 10/10
29th Garfield 2 6/10

1st Cars 8/10
6th Miami Vice 6/10
17th Lady in the Water 8/10
21st Snakes on a Plane 8/10
31st A Scanner Darkly 6/10

1st The Wicker Man 5/10
5th The Sentinel 5/10
9th Right at Your Door 9/10
19th The Black Dahlia 8/10
29th The Night Listener 7/10
30th Hoodwinked 6/10

6th World Trade Centre 8/10
29th The Departed 9/10
31st Saw III 7/10

14th The Prestige 9/10
19th Borat 6/10
21st Breaking and Entering 6/10
24th Casino Royale 9/10
30th Pans Labyrinth 8/10

2nd Flushed Away 7/10
3rd Stranger Than Fiction 8/10
10th The Holiday 7/10
22nd Eragon 5/10
29th A Night at the Museum 7/10
31st Deja Vu 8/10

Total Cinema Visits In 2006: 64
Total Cinema Visits In 2005: 71
Total Cinema Visits 2004: 76
Total Cinema Visits 2003: 63
Total Cinema Visits In 2002: 57
(Movie of the Month)
Top 10 Films of 2006:-

1. Superman Returns

2. Casino Royale
3. Munich
4. The Departed
5. The Prestige
6. United 93
7. The Inside Man
8. Brokeback Mountain
9. Right at Your Door

10. Capote

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 2/1/2006 6:00:54 PM   
Buddy Ackerman

Posts: 206
Joined: 2/10/2005
All those above me, you just got lucky. You hear that, JV? Lucky, I tells ya!

Buddy's Cinema Diary 2006

All those in red are ones I actually shelled out cash for... 

Buddy's January Cinema Visits 
 Brokeback Mountain (9/10)
 Where The Truth Lies (8/10)
 The Libertine (5/10)
 The Producers (2005) (7/10)
 Alien (70mm Print) (10/10)
 Match Point (8/10)
 Underworld: Evolution (6/10)
 Lower City (5/10)
 Godzilla (1954) (8/10)
 Fun With Dick & Jane (7/10)
 Jarhead (8/10)
 Memoirs of a Geisha (6/10)
 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (7/10)
 King Kong (2005) (9/10)
 Creature From The Black Lagoon (3-D) (7/10)
 Rumour Has It (5/10)
 Factotum (7/10)
Total Visits: 17
Compared to 7 in January 2005
And film of the month is...
Brokeback Mountain (9/10) which just about managed to justify the awards being thrown at it, although I'm still kicking myself for having not yet managed Munich.

Buddy's February Cinema Visits 
 King Kong (1933) (10/10)
 Walk The Line (7/10)
 Final Destination 3 (6/10)
 Munich (9/10)
 Zathura (7/10)
 A Cock and Bull Story (7/10)
 Derailed (6/10)
 Good Night and Good Luck (8/10)
 Lucky Number Slevin (6/10)
Total Visits: 9
Compared to 16 in February 2005
And film of the month is...
Munich (9/10) another superb and challenging film from Spielberg - dark, relentless and serious on its subject matter it might sadly remain one of his curiousities in years to come, but it's award nominations are easily justified.

Buddy's March Cinema Visits 
 Lawrence of Arabia (70mm) (10/10)
 The Matador (7/10)
 Syriana (7/10)
 Capote (7/10)
 The Road To Guantánamo (8/10)
 The Hills Have Eyes (6/10)
 The Pink Panther (2006) (6/10)
 V For Vendetta (9/10)
 Inside Man (7/10)
 Grizzly Man (8/10)
 The Proposition (7/10)
Total Visits: 11
Compared to 12 in March 2005
And film of the month is...
V For Vendetta (9/10), a brilliant adaptation which takes liberties with the plot of the original story (especially the last third) but creates its own animal from it whilst managing to remain faithful to the spirit, tone and characters of the graphic novel. The domino montage is one of the best pieces of cinema so far this year and Hugo Weaving's performance behind the mask is excellent.

Buddy's April Cinema Visits 
 Basic Instinct 2 (2/10)
 Hostel (6/10)
 Ice Age: The Meltdown (5/10)
 Scary Movie 4 (6/10)
 Transamerica (7/10)
 The New World (5/10)
 American Dreamz (5/10)
 Silent Hill (5/10)
 The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (8/10)
Total Visits: 9
Compared to 14 in April 2005
And film of the month is...
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (8/10), which was a much stronger, much more assured film than the similar The Proposition with a first half filled with subtle energy and nicely-handled timeline fiddling. But, this and Transamerica aside, it's been a very, very average month.

Buddy's May Cinema Visits 
 16 Blocks (6/10)
 Slither (7/10)
 Pierrepoint (6/10)
 Junebug (8/10)
 Vertigo (9/10)
 The Squid and the Whale (7/10)
 Mission: Impossible III (6/10)
 Confetti (5/10)
 The Da Vinci Code (4/10)
 Brick (8/10)
 The King (6/10)
 X-Men: The Last Stand (6/10)
Total Visits: 12
Compared to 8 in May 2005
And film of the month is...
Brick (8/10), perhaps not quite the next Donnie Darko but a very well done indie film with some superb performances and a very slick and assured style of it's own. Other than that the first three big hitters of the summer have all disappointed, with Da Vinci Code turning out to be just quite dull really, and M:I:III and X3 having enough good moments to make them fun but pretty dreadful scripts and anything resembling a character moment in each seemed misjudged.

Buddy's June Cinema Visits 
 Poseidon (7/10)
 The Benchwarmers (5/10)
 Down in the Valley (6/10)
 RV: Runaway Vacation (7/10)
 United 93 (10/10)
 The Omen (4/10)
 Hard Candy (8/10)
 The Wild (5/10)
 Thank You For Smoking (7/10)
 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (5/10)
 Over The Hedge (6/10)
 Aquamarine (5/10)
Total Visits: 12
Compared to 7 in June 2005
And film of the month is...
United 93 (10/10), the first film I've given full marks to since The Incredibles way back in November 2004, although the similarities between the two end there. A stunning film in its harrowing depiction, managing to fully convey the terror, confusion, fear and, above all else, tragedy of the day without ever resorting to exploitation or cheap dramatic tactics. Too soon? Just timed perfectly - 9/11 has become a buzzword, a slogan, a catchphrase over the past five years. Being as the anniversary is coming up we need to be reminded that, despite everything that's happened since and despite all the 'God Bless America' bumper stickers that the day spawned, a very terrible event happened that morning, and it affected real people. One hell of a film.

And, at the half-way point of the year, I'm beating my cinema visits this time last year by six, and I haven't seen a single film more than once. Which hasn't been deliberate but it's going to be hard to top next year.

Buddy's July Cinema Visits 
 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (7/10)
 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (8/10)
 Superman Returns (8/10)
 Stormbreaker (7/10)
 The Break-Up (5/10)
 Superman Returns: IMAX 3D (9/10)
Total Visits: 6
Compared to 4 in July 2005
And film of the month is...
Superman Returns (8/10), which suffers from the same problems as Pirates in being too long and not having enough plain fun moments but beats it by having more meat to it and some genuinely stunning moments, along with a brilliant turn by Brandon Routh. And seeing it in IMAX 3D was a great experience.

Buddy's August Cinema Visits 
 Miami Vice (6/10)
 Cars (8/10)
 Nacho Libre (7/10)
 Little Fish (6/10)
 Lady in the Water (7/10)
 Snakes on a Plane (7/10)
 Harsh Times (7/10)
 The Princess Bride (10/10)
 Monster House (9/10)
 A Scanner Darkly (7/10)
 Severance (6/10)
 Volver (7/10)
 You, Me and Dupree (5/10)
Total Visits: 13
Compared to 8 in August 2005
And film of the month is...
Monster House (9/10), which is a film I really didn't have any expectations for - and, to be honest, the marketing left me cold. But the sheer brilliance of the storytelling, the genuine characters and the amount of seriously scary and horrible things they managed to get away with in a PG impressed me completely and utterly. Best animated film of the year - and I really, really liked Cars.

Buddy's September Cinema Visits 
 The Sentinel (5/10)
 Crank (9/10)
 Adrift (7/10)
 The Wicker Man (4/10)
 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (70mm Screening) (9/10)
 Right at Your Door (7/10)
 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (7/10)
 Little Miss Sunshine (9/10) - neck and neck with number of films seen in 2005
 The Black Dahlia (7/10)
 The Queen (7/10)
 DOA: Dead or Alive (3/10)
 The Notorious Bettie Page (6/10)
 Children of Men (9/10)
 The Night Listener (6/10)
 Hoodwinked! (6/10)
 Clerks II (9/10) - neck and neck with number of cinema visits in 2005
 The Black Dahlia (7/10)
 Little Miss Sunishine (9/10)
Total Visits: 18
Compared to 6 in September 2005
And film of the month is...
Little Miss Sunshine (9/10), and it was a hell of a tough choice between that and Children of Men (and Clerks II, for that matter). Whilst Children of Men was incredible, especially in terms of the direction and technical feats achieved, Little Miss Sunshine just grabbed me right from its first second - both heartbreaking and hilarious. Both are amongst the best films of the year but Little Miss Sunshine just about wins as my personal favourite out of the two.

Buddy's October Cinema Visits 
 The Devil Wears Prada (7/10)
 Little Miss Sunshine (9/10)
 Clerks II (9/10) - hit my target cinema visits for 2006
 Top Gun (7/10)
 Tideland (6/10)
 The Departed (9/10)
 Click (6/10)
 The History Boys (6/10)
 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (4/10)
 Open Season (4/10)
 World Trade Center (6/10)
 The Grudge 2 (5/10)
 The Last Kiss (7/10)
 Marie Antoinette (6/10)
 Gremlins (10/10)
Total Visits: 15
Compared to 7 in October 2005
And film of the month is...
The Departed (9/10), a fantastic remake that does justice to the original and makes the story its own (without ever betraying Infrenal Affairs) - proves that sometimes Americanized remakes can be worthwhile. Great directing, music and acting, especially from Jack Nicholson and Mark Whalberg.

Buddy's November Cinema Visits 
 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Khazakhstan (8/10)
 Little Children (7/10)
 Casino Royale (8/10)
 The Prestige (8/10)
 Saw III (4/10)
 Breaking and Entering (5/10)
 The Goonies (8/10)
Total Visits: 7
Compared to 12 in November 2005
And film of the month is...
Casino Royale (8/10), which is good because I've been as excited as hell since Daniel Craig was named Bond and the fact the naysayers are now seeing how good he is as an actor and as the character is brilliant. A great Bond film at least on a par with GoldenEye (but probably my favoruite out of the two) and an exciting reboot to the series (I can't wait for the next one and I've never left a Bond film feeling that). And the title music and credits may have split people but for me they are only beaten by Superman Return's credits in terms are greatness this year - and that onyl won because of the iconic theme.

Buddy's December Cinema Visits 
 Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D (8/10)
 Happy Feet (7/10)
 Casino Royale (8/10)
 Pan's Labyrinth (8/10)
 Eragon (2/10)
 Flushed Away (7/10)
Total Visits: 6
Compared to 4 in December 2005
And film of the month is...
Pan's Labyrinth (8/10), which was fantastically moody, dark and haunting. The two plots complimented each other perfectly and were engrossing for their own reasons (I was worried the non-fantasy plot would be lacklusture in comparison but the characters worked just as well) and there's some amazing set and creature designs.

Total Cinema Visits In 2006: 135
Target Cinema Visits For 2006: 110
Total Films Seen In 2006: 130

Buddy's Top Thirty Favourites of 2007
  1. United 93
  2. Little Miss Sunshine
  3. Munich
  4. Children of Men
  5. V For Vendetta
  6. Clerks II
  7. Casino Royale
  8. Monster House
  9. Grizzly Man
  10. The Departed
  11. Crank
  12. Match Point
  13. Pan's Labyrinth
  14. The Prestige
  15. Good Night, and Good Luck
  16. Superman Returns
  17. Cars
  18. Jarhead
  19. Brokeback Mountain
  20. Borat
  21. Slither
  22. Hard Candy
  23. Stormbreaker
  24. Brick
  25. Where the Truth Lies
  26. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest
  27. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  28. The Queen
  29. Junebug
  30. Poseidon
And the Worst
  1. Basic Instinct 2
  2. Eragon
  3. Open Season
  4. The Wicker Man
  5. You, Me and Dupree
  6. DOA: Dead or Alive
  7. The Wild
  8. American Dreamz
  9. Rumor Has It
  10. The Break-Up

Smilie Code: 
 - I enjoyed it more than I thought I would 
 - I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would 
 - Pretty
much as I expected, whether good or bad

Disclaimer - all ratings are based on my initial feelings after seeing the film. Ratings, like mortgages, may go up or down. 

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"If you were in my toilet bowl, I wouldn't bother flushing it. My bathmat means more to me than you!"
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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 2/1/2006 6:04:44 PM   

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From: Harrow
Dr. Olorin Bats the 1975th's cinema trips in 2006:


Munich - 5/5.


Walk The Line - 3/5.


V For Vendetta - 5/5.


Mission: Impossible III - 4/5.
X-Men: The Last Stand - 4/5.


United 93 - 4/5.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - 4/5.

Superman Returns - 4/5.


Cars - 4/5.
Miami Vice - 3/5.


World Trade Center - 4/5.


The Prestige - 5/5.
Casino Royale - 4/5.

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CG, stop motion, acting, animation, animatronics, whatever, it's 24 lies a second...

Critiquing words for dummies: Pretentious, overrated, sentimental, indulgent, populist.

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Sahara's Adventures In Darkened Rooms - 2/1/2006 6:32:18 PM   
Sahara Desert

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From: Death's Door
Sahara's Cinema Diary 2006

Seen Once At The Cinema
Red Seen Twice At The Cinema
Green Seen Three Times At The Cinema
Purple Seen Four Times At The Cinema
Grey Planned Visit

Highly Recommended
 Popcorn Pleasure
 Why Did I Bother?

UGC Southampton (you can screw this 'Cineworld' shite)
HLS: Harbour Lights Southampton
Odeon Southampton
VUE Portsmouth

Total Number Of Visits To The Cinema In 2004
Total Number Of Different Films Seen At The Cinema In 2004 88
Total Number Of Visits To The Cinema In 2005 218

Total Number Of Different Films Seen At The Cinema In 2005 200
Total Number Of Films Seen At Home In 2005
Total Number Of Previously Unseen Films Seen At Home In 2005 78

Total Number Of Different Films Seen At Home In 2005 123

Total Number Of Visits To The Cinema In 2006 6
Total Number Of Different Films Seen At The Cinema In 2006 6
Total Number Of Films Seen At Home In 2006 8

Total Number Of Previously Unseen Films Seen At Home In 2006 0
Total Number Of Different Films Seen At Home In 2006 8

Film Of The Year 2004: Spider-Man 2
Film Of The Year 2005: In My Father's Den
Film Of The Year 2006: Current Contenders


Brokeback Mountain

Films I'm Looking Forward To Inspired By One Or More Of The Following:
Hype, Trailers, Articles And/Or Source Material
Ghost Rider
Ice Age II: The Meltdown
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Super Ex-Girlfriend
Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny
The Da Vinci Code
The Matador
V For Vendetta

Brokeback Mountain (HLS)
Where The Truth Lies (HLS)
Jarhead (VUEP)
The Libertine (HLS)

Just Friends (UGCS)
Memoirs Of A Geisha (UGCS)
Munich (OS)
Lower City (HLS)
Match Point (HLS)
Fun With Dick & Jane (UGCS)
Rumour Has It (UGCS)
Factotum - Sunday 29th (HLS)
Everything Is Illuminated - Monday 30th (HLS)
Film Of The Month

Walk The Line - Saturday 4th (HLS)
Goodnight, And Good Luck - Sunday 5th (HLS)
A Cock And Bull Story - Saturday 10th (HLS)
Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month


Film Of The Month

Home Films
- TV

Catch Me If You Can - TV
The House Of Flying Daggers - DVD

Reign Of Fire - TV

Con-Air - TV
Pleasantville - TV
Johnny English - TV
Ocean's 11 - DVD

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Smug Animals


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2006 - 2/1/2006 8:07:47 PM   


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King Kong - 8/10
The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe - 7/10


V for Vendetta - 9/10

Ice Age 2 - 9/10

Mission: Impossible III - 7/10
X-Men: The Last Stand - 8/10


Over the Hedge - 7/10
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - 8/10

Superman Returns - 8/10
Cars - 9/10

Nacho Libre - 6/10

Talladega Nights - 7/10

The Prestige - 8/10
Borat - 7/10

Happy Feet - 6/10
Casino Royale - 8/10
Flushed Away - 8/10


To See : In 2007.....
Top 10 of 2006 :

1) V for Vendetta
2) Cars
3) Ice Age 2
4) The Prestige
5) X-Men: The Last Stand
6) Superman Returns
7) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
8) Casino Royale
9) Flushed Away
10) King Kong

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 2/1/2006 9:21:55 PM   

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From: The Sands, Las Vegas 1950's
My spot!


Match Point - I am a fan of Woody Allen so I was expecting to enjoy this film, and I did, but it certainly wasn't what I expected.  I am just so used to his character studies that I was a little thrown when he included in this one a rather odd murder mystery plot.  I am really not sure about the acting in it either, was it wooden or is that actally how British upper class twits are perceived?  I think this film was a little weak for Allen and I long for the return of the quick wit and beauty that was so apparent in his earlier films.  Having said that, his observations never fail to hit the mark.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped - Absolutely nothing like I imagined it would be given the romantic connotations of the title.  Having said that, there is something quite beautiful about the scenes in which the lead character, Thomas Seyr, is alone in his flat trying to play the piano like he once did before the death of his concert pianist mother.  I found this film at times quite tense to watch and I really didn't have clue where they were going to take it in terms of plot, which can only be a good thing.  The performance by Romain Duris as Tom was magnificant and is the main reason why I enjoyed this film so much.  In brief, a really really lovely film with some very stark moments and a simply wonderful score.

A Cock and Bull Story - Ultimately disappointing, Rob Brydon's impressions were the sparse highlights in what was a very slow film that had an odd documentary feel to it. 

Brokeback Mountain - Beautiful scenery, great performaces by the two leads, and a simple love story with complex undertones told through actions rather than words.  Lovely but not perfect.


Walk the Line - Absolutely loved this film.  This kind of love will win out against drugs, booze and fame story is one that we have all heard before but the fantastic performances from Witherspoon and Phoenix and the enoyablility of Cash's music lift it to another level and make it a delight for the eyes and ears. (even better on second viewing, and third ahem)

Vertigo (1958) special screening - always a pleasure to watch a Hitchcock film, but this much loved outing still doesn't quite hit the mark for me as much as some of his other films.  Fantastic performances by both James Stewart and Kim Novak though.

Rumour Has It - Suprisingly enjoyable.  Shirley Maclaine has most of the best lines in what is a slightly above average rom com.

Munich - Very involving performance from Eric Bana but overall the film lacked something, just not sure what...  (plus, I have no idea how much of what was portrayed is true).

Good Night and Good Luck - Unfortunately I was very tired when I went to see this film so my attention wasn't very focused and ultimately I have come away with a somewhat blurred view. I think it is more the kind of film I would watch on TV than see on the big screen, interesting though.


Syriana - Like with Goodnight and Good Luck and Munich I found this film interesting but it didn't tell enough to leave me satisfied when the credits rolled.

March of the Penguins - A charmingly simple documentary film charting the lifes journey of the penguins as they battle to survive the elements in the most climatically harsh place to live in the world.  Beautifully filmed it is involving but not imposing, the real life characters are endearing beyond words and their journey is one that was worth capturing and laying forth on the big screen.

Grizzly Man -  This documentary charters the life and death of Timothy Treadwell whilst he studied the Grizzly Bears in Alaska.  I don't quite understand what he actually did to protect the bears and certainly it isn't made very apparent throughout the course of the film.  What it comes down to is that he interferred with wild animals in their habitat, and like everyone says in the documentary, his death was his fate, and he knew it was coming and even welcomed it.  I cannot ignore the passion this man had but regardless of that he really didn't seem to have much respect for the bears surroundings and the fact that wild animals and humans, for the most part, don't and shouldn't interact.  This is an interesting yet unbelievable piece of filmaking with some very eccentric characters discussing a very 'on the edge' character.  Most bizarre.

Future Shorts


Three Burials - The character motivations were very weak, a couple of lack lustre scenes were not enough to create the substance and back story required to sustain or even ignite any feeling towards the characters involved in the story.  Which is a shame as it was a pretty good directorial debut for Tommy Lee Jones although the cinematography wasn't as good as it clearly could or should have been.  So, a decidedly average film with a lot of potential had the script been a little more thorough and the location used to its full potential.

Transamerica - A subtle road trip that displays so much about life and human emotions.  The characters were all incredibly endearing and the performances seemed effortless.  Touching and funny, with moments of tension and confusion, this is a truly lovely film.

Pierrepoint - good central performance from Spall in what is a very interesting story.  Simply and clearly told, it isn't deep enough to be thought provoking but it is affecting enough to stay with you a little while afterwards.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown - Lightweight and fun, just as expected.  Although, the musical numbers grated a little and the female mammoth wasn't a welcome addition but other than it was enjoyable enough.

Future Shorts - Before Dawn, The Bridge, Antonio's Breakfast, Smile Around the Face, Mini Cine Tupi, Fallen, Ah Pook Is Here, Electrodomestica

Slither - Easy watching but with more than an edge of oddness.  The characters were unoriginal but didn't annoy, the effects were fondly reminiscent of Tremors and my overall feeling is one of much needed satisfaction.  Sometimes you just need a break from arthouse, foreign and blockbuster films.


C.R.A.Z.Y - This is easily one of the most enjoyable films I have seen this year, both deeply touching without being sentimental and laugh out loud funny without making light of teenage angst and parental strife.  Both Zac (Marc-Andre Grondin) and his father (Michael Cotés) give stand out performances whilst the rest of the cast, no matter how minor the role, are also given a great sense of depth.  Beautifully written, vibrant in both music and visuals and compassionately directed. CRAZY is one film I would highly recommend.

The Proposition - A slightly unusual story of justice and vengeance set in Australia.  Guy Pearce gives yet another solid performance as does Ray Winstone but sadly the somewhat graphic violence used has overshadowed my enjoyment.

The Squid and the Whale -  didn't like this film nearly as much as I thought I would.  Sure it has an open ending, which echoes what I can only imagine is the endless turmoil of divorce and it is unflinching in its portrayal of a family going through changes both as a whole and individually, but I just didn't think there was anything too startling about the way it was played out.  It was a nice film but nothing much more than that in my opinion, great to see Laura Linney and Jeff Daniels get some decent air time though.

La Grande Illusion (1937) special screening - a liberal take on the First World War with some surprisingly witty moments. 

La Regle Du Jeu (1939) special screening - On the surface this is a farce, a tragi-comedy.  Peel back a layer and you can uncover a very sophisticated social commentary of the middle classes, told with wit through the actions of some very desperate characters.

Brick - I really enjoyed this film, certainly the best modern take on the old noir films that I have ever seen.  The dialogue is a little difficult to grasp in places but it really doesn't matter because the style of the film and the strength of the characters are more than enough to pull it through with great success.   It is a good versus evil tale but with one hell of a grey area in between.  Don't puzzle over the intricate details too much or strain to hear every word and you will find this a highly enjoyable and atmospheric murder mystery.

The Child - this film seemed decent enough but I struggled to stay awake, whether it was tiredness or lack of interaction with film I can't be sure.


Future Shorts - Le Signaleur, Little Hands, A Love Supreme, The Open Doors, Tragic Story with a Happy Ending, Ext 21, The Driving Test, Lucky, You Gonna Want Me, Le Gateau.

Down in the Valley

Thank You For Smoking


United 93 - really wish I hadn't seen this.  I wasn't intending to but let myself be talked in to it.  I really don't see the need to have made this film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - highly enoyable and left me very eager to see the third installment.

Cave of the Yellow Dog - plesasant enough but incredibly slow paced and a little lacklustre in story for my liking.


Nacho Libre - a fantastically bizzarre idea for a film but Jack Black's persona wasn't quite enough to pull this film thorugh and the pacing was a little slow for my tastes.
Heading South - Upon reading the blurb in my local cinema's programme my interest was picqued and the inclusion of Charlotte Rampling was certainly a plus. However, I agree with Empire's comments that this film fails to hit the mark.

Volver - This was a nice film, pleasantly paced and neatly wrapped up in the end.  There is touches of comedy but mostly this is a film of deeper and more painful emotions, all of which are displayed perfectly well by the cast.  It didn't live up to the hype and wouldn't stand up to repeat viewings but it was good enough.


Snakes on a Plane - Took itself slightly more seriously than I expected (apart from the opening few deaths) but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  Overall, very enjoyable.

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The World is a fine place, and worth fighting for... I agree with the second part.

100 Golden Oldies Recommended by you!
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RE: Sahara's Adventures In Darkened Rooms - 2/1/2006 10:01:49 PM   


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Films seen by Dougal in the cinema in 2006:

Just Friends
March of the Penguins
Brokeback Mountain
Where The Truth Lies
King Kong (2005)
Breakfast on Pluto
Memoirs of a Geisha
Alien (1979)
Underworld: Evolution
Match Point
Godzilla (1954)
Fun with Dick and Jane
Lower City
Walk the Line
Everything is Illuminated
Factotum (A Man Who Performs Many Jobs)
Me, You, Them (2000)
The Creature from the Black Lagoon (in 3D) (1954)
Rumour Has It....
Good Night, and Good Luck
King Kong (1933)
A Cock and Bull Story
Date Movie

Hello all - back again

Total number of films seen in the cinema: 28

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RE: Sahara's Adventures In Darkened Rooms - 2/1/2006 11:40:44 PM   

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From: Swansea, South Wales
6th -- Match point - Some may consider the "twist" to be an act of cinematic masterwork, but I saw it as a turning point, it made a boring, uninvolving film, into a confusing, farfetched pointless one, if that was your goal Mr Allen, I salute you! And don't get me started on the slow-mo ring rebound thing, just like a tennis match, of course! (4/10)
15th -- Brokeback mountain
Finnaly the year is kicking off! Excellent film, superb directing by Lee, and the actors were amazing also, expecially Heath Ledger. The subject matter may be very off putting to some, but give it a chance, its a fantastic film that should be seen by everyone. (9/10)
16th -- Jarhead
Really this is two films, the first half a good training, messin about movie. The second half a boring, tedious and utterly pointless mess. The directing and cinematography is excellent, as is most of the acting, but all that gloss cant hide the boredom. Never has a tagline been so apt... "Welcome to the SUCK" (5/10)
17th -- Sympathy for lady vengeance
This suffers from the classic "too much style, not enough substance". It really doesnt kick off until over an hour but when it does its fantastic. When compared to OldBoy its very dire, but on it's own its passable entertainment. Dissapointed (6/10)
19th -- Munich
Fantastically gripping. Very violent, but that only adds to the intensity of the film. Its emotionally involving and will have you on the edge of your seat, well, at least the first 2 hours will, after that you'll be very bored, the only problem is that Spielberg doesn't know how to end it. Acting is superb, but the story can be a tad confusing at times. (7/10)
26th -- Memoirs of a Geisha
Brilliant direction and a Stunning pallet almost make up for the tedium towards the end of the film, but up until the snow dance the film is very good. Its just a shame that it goes down a very steep hill after that,even if it is a very good looking hill. (7/10)
26th -- March of the Penguins
An Amazing documentary. Beautifully shot and with an army of brilliant performances . The narration is perfect, and the film carries a suprisingly significant emotional punch. And dont get me started on that BASTARD BIRD! (8/10)  
27th -- Underwolrld : Evolution
As a fan of the original film I was extremely dissapointed with this. A very confusing story, that seemed to go nowhere through the entire film. Just a constant flow of boring action scenes that were full of gratuatous violence, its not all bad though, the suit was good. (4/10)
30th -- A cock and Bull story
A very entertaining film, but only funny in the clearly improvised scenes. Some scenes will remain the funniest of the year, "I dont speak like this, yes I do", and the womb scene being highlights. Maybe it would have found a better audience on TV though. (7/10)

6th -- Walk the line
Boy, this biopic formula is getting old. This film has a very repetetive narrative structure - "5 mins perormance, 5 mins drama, 5 mins performance..." etc. The acting though was excellent, particularly by Reese Witherspoon, and although overlong, the story didnt once grind to a halt. (6/10)
12th -- Final Destination 3
A very entertaining film, especially if you like seeing people getting decapatated, burnt to a crisp etc. The roller coaster opening is exciting, even if the cgi is really bad! But you do find yourselves saying "skip to the death" at the 'lets look at random pictures and find out whos going to die next' scenes! (5/10) 
15th -- Chicken Little
A good premise is spoilt by  manic, fast, over the top action. It gets very confused, is it a scifi adventure or a family drama? Disney really need Pixar. (5/10)
27th -- Date Movie
One of the worst films I have ever seen. Making comedies out of comedies just doesn't work, especially when the exact same jokes are used. The best bit was the mr and mrs smith parody, which in fact looks like it was directly cut from the mr and mrs smith script. Truly awful (1/10)
FILM OF THE MONTH : WALK THE LINE (in a very dissapointing month)

1st -- Lucky Number Slevin
I found this to be very frustrating at the start, mostly due to the "lets keep the story twisting and leave everything until the end". But after the initial frustration i found the film to be hugley enjoyable, plus theres a handfull of very good performances in there. (7/10)
5th -- Syriana
Some interesting topics and good performances were let down by a jumbled structure that doesnt fit together until the last 10 minutes, which in fact, is excellent. There are a few scenes that stand out, but for the majority of the running time, i was bored. (5/10)
10th -- The Hills Have Eyes
One of the best Horror films I have seen in a long time. The slow build up is perfectly balanced by the super intense first encounter with the mutants. Very gory and definatley not for the faint hearted. (8/10)
15th -- The Inside Man
A dull, very very dull film. Ininvolving and completley turgig. They even threw in a blatant tasteless reference to 9/11. (3/10)

17th -- Hostel
I really enjoyed this, in a sick kind of way. It is suprisingly slow burning, but it does make good viewing. The second best horror I've seen this month! (6/10)
19th -- V for Vendetta
Absolutley flawless, exceptional viewing. It balances politics and action perfectly. I can't see anything else coming out this year beating it. (9/10)
27th -- Mirrormask
Classic case of too much style over subsatnce, there is a story in there, even though its not a very thick one. The visuals looked good, but nothing spectacular, and seeing as though they are the things that is keeping this film afloat, that is not a very good sign. (6/10)

1st - Ice Age : The Meltdown
Very dissapointing. I love the first film and was highly anticipating this. But there was no story, the animation was boring and the jokes were stale. And the Queen Latifah possom thing is just annoying. But Scrat again steals the show, how about "Ice Age 3;He gets the nut". (5/10)
16th - Capote
My cinema finnaly started showing this over the weekend. I thought it was a very, very good film. The performace at the center is clearly the highpoint. Compelling and highly thought provoking. (8/10)
19th - Scary Movie 4
There were a few funny moments in an otherwise boring film. The Million Dollar Baby spoof and the Oprah bits were funny but apart from that all I got was every character repeatadley falling over / being hit over the head etc. (4/10)
24th - Silent Hill
As a massive fan of the games I was hoping this would be very good, unfortunatley, it was just good. The first hour is fantastic but after that it all goes rather wrong until the end. Sean Bean once again adds more evidence to his "worst actor alive" file, giving us the worst accent of the year. One more thing, take a pillow, the offcial runtime for this film is forever. (7/10)
28th - Slither
I have been looking forward to seeing this film for ages, and i am not dissapointed! It was very funny, but also really gory to make up for it! Alot of fun, but nowhere near as good as Shaun of the dead. (7/10)
7th - Mission Impossible 3
Pretty much what I was expecting, a "wham bam thank ya mam" movie of the highest degree. The acting was good throughout, and apart from being over long, and having a handful of cheesy moments / lines (Humpty Dumpty???) was very very enjoyable. The best in the Franchise. (7/10)
19th - The Da Vinci Code
Dire, very very dire. The acting is atrocious, Tom Hanks looked bored throughout. This could be due to the fact i have read the book, but i was itching for the film to end. Rushed out too make money, and thats what it did, suprise, suprise! (3/10)
28th -- X-Men the last stand
Ultimatley, i was dissapointed with this film. I am a huge fan of parts 1 and 2, and i feel that Bryan Singers absence is extremeley apparant. There is no emotion at all, despite the fact that a number of the characters die, and its chock a block of cheesy moments and plot holes. Still as its on film its ok. (5/10)

5th -- United 93
An excellent film, engrossing from start to finish, its the most horrific film I have seen in a long time, particularly the final 15 minutes. It feels like a documentry, and it looks amazing. Be warned, it is a harrowing experience and will get under your skin. Don't Be suprised if the tissues come out. (9/10) 
8th -- Poseidon
An ok film i thought, cetainly could have been a lot better, could have been alot worse aswell though. I actually felt for some of the characters, particularly the young boy, features lots of cool new ways to die! If thats a compliment! (6/10)



1. United 93 9/10
2. V for Vendetta 9/10
3. Brokeback mountain 9/10
4. Capote
5. The Hills have eyes 8/10
6. March of the penhuins 8/10
7. Mission Impossible 3 7/10
8. Slither 7/10
9. Munich 7/10
10. Silent Hill 7/10


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RE: Sahara's Adventures In Darkened Rooms - 2/1/2006 11:55:50 PM   
Harry Lime

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1. Chicago (2002) - 3/5
2. Sullivans Travels (1941) - 5/5
3. Gandhi (1982) - 3/5
4. Catch Me If You Can (2002) - 4/5
5. The Tattooed Stranger (1950) - 2/5*
6. Meet Me In St. Louis (1944) - 4/5
7. The Brighton Strangler (1945) - 1/5*
8. Alien (1979) - 5/5
9. Crash (2005) - 5/5*
10. X-Men (2000) - 3/5
11. The Island (2005) - 2/5*
12. Pather Panchali (1955) - 5/5
13. Aparajito (1957) - 5/5
14. Apur Sansar (1959) - 5/5
15. Man On The Moon (1999) - 4/5
16. Escape From New York (1981) - 3/5
17. Oceans Eleven (2001) - 4/5
18. Diaros de Motocicleta (2004)  - 5/5
19. Jarhead (2005) - 4/5*
20. A Bout De Souffle (1959) - 5/5
21. Lethal Weapon (1984) - 4/5
22. Lola Rennt (1998) - 4/5
23. What's Up Tiger Lily? (1966) - 2/5*
24. Roma, Cittá Aperta (1945) - 5/5
25. Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain (2001) - 4/5
26. A Farewell To Arms (1932) - 3/5*
27. Stazione Termini (1953) - 3/5*
28. Ghosts On The Loose (1943) - 1/5*
29. The Constant Gardener (2005) - 5/5*

1. Mighty Aphrodite (1995) - 3/5
2. Way Down East (1920) - 4/5
3. Sleepy Hollow (1999) - 3/5
4. Boudu Sauvé Des Eaux (1932) - 4/5
5. Rocco e i suoi fratelli (1960) - 5/5
6. Nothing Sacred (1937) - 4/5
7. Gangs Of New York (2002) - 4/5
8. You Only Live Once (1937) - 3/5*
9. Bend It Like Beckham (2002) - 3/5
10. Pride And Prejudice (2005) - 3/5*
11. Brokeback Mountain (2005) - 4/5*
12. Out Of The Past (1948) - 5/5
13. Fata Morgana (1971) - 3/5*
14. Gentleman's Agreement (1947) - 3/5
15. Munich (2005) - 4/5*
16. Mean Girls (2004) - 3/5
17. Snatch (2000) - 3/5
18. Cross Of Iron (1977) - 4/5
19. The Corpse Bride (2005) - 3/5*
20. Elizabethtown (2005) - 1/5*
21. The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara (2003) - 4/5*
22. Affliction (1997) - 4/5 
23. Cidade de Deus (2002) - 4/5
24. The Lucky Texan (1934) - 2/5*
25. Great Guy (1936) - 3/5*
26. Call It Murder (1934) - 2/5*
27. Il Gattopardo (1963) - 5/5
28. Capturing The Friedmans (2003) - 4/5*
29. Pépé Le Moko (1937) - 4/5
30. Les Enfants Du Paradis (1945) - 5/5*
31. The Weather Man (2005) - 3/5*
32. Of Human Bondage (1934) - 2/5*
33. Ostre Sledované Vlaky (1967) - 4/5*
34. Walk The Line (2005) - 3/5*
35. The Ape Man (1943) - 2/5*
36. Mesa Of Lost Women (1953) - 1/5*
37. Carnival Of Souls (1962) - 4/5*
38. Wallace And Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) - 3/5*

1. Red Eye (2005) - 3/5*
2. The Big Heat (1952) - 4/5
3. The Constant Gardener (2005) - 5/5
4. Syriana (2005) - 4/5*
5. Capote (2005) - 3/5*
6. Goodnight And Good Luck (2005) - 5/5*
7. Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) - 1/5*
8. Fa yeung nin wa (2000) - 5/5*
9. Scarface: The Shame Of A Nation (1932) - 4/5
10. The March Of The Penguins (2005) - 4/5*
11. Crash (2004) - 5/5
12. The Constant Gardener (2005) - 5/5
13. Walk The Line (2005) - 3/5
14. The Hole (2001) - 2/5*










* First viewing


Harry's Top Ten Of 2006 (Films released in UK between 1/1/2006 and 31/12/2006 only)

1. Munich
2. Good Night And Good Luck
3. Brokeback Mountain
4. Walk The Line
5. Syriana
6. Jarhead
7. Capote
8. The Weather Man

Films seen in 2006: 80

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 12:26:07 AM   
Gimli The Dwarf

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DVD/VHS (rented)
DVD/VHS (owned)
* = First Viewing

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 1:49:28 AM   

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From: East-ish
Rating System:
I adored this film
Hugely enjoyable (maybe not to everyone's taste but I liked it)
Average/doesn't live up to expectations but still good fun
Little to recommend it
Wild horses couldn't drag me back to see this again

Films I want to see:
The Proposition
Favela Rising
The Squid And The Whale
Cockles and Muscles
Unknown White Male
Paradise Now
The Balland Of Jack And Rose
Shooting Dogs
Inside Man
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
American Dreamz
The King
Once In A Lifetime
The Devil & Daniel Johnston
Thank You For Smoking
Hard Candy
Little Fish
Warrior King
The Science Of Sleep
A Scanner Darkly
Terkel In Trouble
Sisters In Law



3rd - Just Like Heaven 
7th - Brokeback Mountain
12th - Rize
19th - Breakfast On Pluto
20th - Memoirs of a Geisha

2nd - Pretty in Pink 
3rd - Jack & Sarah 
4th - The Machinist 
5th - A Very Long Engagement 
9th - Saved!
9th - Save the Last Dance 
10th - Clueless
10th - Napoleon Dynamite
13th - Anchorman
20th - The Parole Officer
26th - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Film of the month: Brokeback Mountain

17th - Hidden (Caché)
17th - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
18th - Good Night, And Good Luck
18th - Walk The Line
19th - Zathura
19th - Munich

8th - Vera Drake
16th - Bram Stoker's Dracula
17th - Mulan
22nd - Big Fish
27th - Hamlet (Zeffirelli)
27th - Steel Magnolias

Film of the Month: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

15th - Capote

2nd - The Pianist

Film of the month: Capote

4th - V For Vendetta
5th - The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
12th - Pierrepoint
15th - TransAmerica

3rd - Monster
3rd - Connie and Carla
8th - Shark Attack 3
8th - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
9th - Bubba Ho-Tep
9th - Melinda and Melinda
11th - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
15th - X-Men
17th - Pooh's Heffalump Movie

Film of the month: Shark Attack 3

19th - The Da Vinci Code
25th - X-Men 3: The Last Stand

10th - Closer
20th - Evil Dead II
20th - The Virgin Suicides

Film of the month: Evil Dead II

6th - United 93 - the motion sickness made me leave midway, so it gets a   I may rethink the rating when it's available on DVD though.
15th - Brick
25th - The Lakehouse
26th - Fearless

5th - Close Encounters of the Third Kind  
7th - Touching the Void
9th - Frankenfish
11th - Brief Encounter
12th - Man On Fire
16th - LOTR: FOTR EE
24th - Sky High
25th - The Aristocrats
29th - 12 Angry Men

Film of the month: 12 Angry Men

8th - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
16th - Neil Young: Heart Of Gold

2nd - Goodfellas
2nd - Kinsey
23rd - Saved!

Film of the month: Kinsey

7th - Superman Returns
8th - Cars
8th - Miami Vice
11th - Lady In The Water
11th - Nacho Libre
19th & 26th - Snakes On A Plane

6th - Brokeback Mountain
11th - The Princess Bride
13th - High Fidelity
21st - The Door In The Floor
30th - Serenity

Film of the month: Snakes on a Plane

16th - DOA: Dead or Alive

17th - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
24th - Grizzly Man
24th - Clerks
25th - Confetti
25th - Kung Fu Hustle

Film of the month: Confetti

18th - The Departed
24th - The Devil Wears Prada 

14th - Breakfast at Tiffany's
16th - The Descent
16th - Poseidon
25th - The Great Dictator
28th - Shaun of the Dead
29th - The Princess Bride
29th - Team America: World Police

Film of the month: The Princess Bride

9th - The Host
12th - The Prestige 
16th - Starter For Ten
16th - Casino Royale
27th - Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny

3rd - Slither

5th - Volcano
6th - The Truth About Cats and Dogs
12th - The 39 Steps
17th - To Kill A Mockingbird
19th - The Transporter

Film of the month: The Prestige

9th - Flushed Away
10th - Happy Feet
15th - Eragon
27th - Night at the Museum

11th - Ray
15th - Wizard of Oz
17th - Singin' In The Rain
20th - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
24th - The Tigger Movie
27th - Home Alone
30th - Das Experiment

Film of the month:

Number of films seen in total: 115
Number of films seen at the cinema: 43
Number of films seen on dvd: 72

Number of 5 star films: 17
Number of 4 star films: 55
Number of 3 star films: 34
Number of 2 star films: 5
Number of 1 star films: 3

(nb. I know that my breakdown of star marks adds up to 114 films, I can't figure out where that extra one got to!)

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 6:59:51 AM   


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My cinema visits this year:

Howl's moving castle - Not going to be my favourite Miyazaki, but still very good.

Bringing up Baby - Not really my kind of comedy, but it was good fun nevertheless.

Bin-Jip (3-iron) - Wow, this was great. It made me smile. When it didn't horrify me. And that beautiful song! My favourite Kim Ki-Duk so far.

Munich - It was OK. Too long.

Caché - Suspenseful and thought provoking. It was good, I think. Haven't really fully digested it yet.

Nanny McPhee - Unoriginal but sweet.

Not once to the cinema!

Match Point - Allen pulls it off again

Ice Age 2 - Good fun. The Fire King dance number was great.

Slipp Jimmy fri - Funniest movie yet this year! Norwegian animation about an elephant with a speed addiction

Superman Begins - Very good!

Miami Vice - Very enjoyable. Good use of music. And boobies!

C.R.A.Z.Y - Great little movie. The score is amazing.

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 7:37:39 AM   

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From: A Chinese pipe
Brokeback Mountain 8/10
Jarhead 7/10
Munich 8/10
Lucky Number Slevin 7/10
The Matador 8/10
The Hills Have Eyes 6/10
V For Vendetta 6/10

Hostel 7/10
The Ringer 4/10
Slither 8/10
Mission: Impossible III 7/10
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada 8/10
Good Night and Good Luck 9/10
Capote 7/10
A Cock & Bull Story 4/10
X-Men: The Last Stand 7/10 


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 6/10
Superman Returns 10/10
Little Miss Sunshine 8/10
Cars 5/10
Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan 8/10
Casino Royale 9/10
Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny 8/10

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 8:27:38 AM   

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I'll take this space. Here's hoping I get to the cinema more in 2006 than I did in 2005 - I really should pluck up the courage and go on my own. Oh and I'm only listing films I go to the cinema to see.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 4/5
The Libertine 4/5

Corpse Bride 5/5
Mrs Hemderson Presents 4/5



Serenity 5/5
Keeping Mum 4/5
Brokeback Mountain 4/5
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe 4/5


Walk The Line 4/5
New World 5/5
Munich 4/5

Good Night and Good Luck 3/5
Ice Age The Meltdown 4/5
Jaws 5/5
Didn't get to the cinema this month.

Didn't get to go again this month.

Nor this month.

I need to get me some new friends.


Superman Returns 5/5 

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 10:23:10 AM   
kakiharas tongue


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I'm including any first time viewings (DVD, TV or cinema). 
My target is 183 new films (a film every other day) and the count so far is 74 in 135 days.
5 - Perfect
4 - Excellent
3 - Good
2 - sub-par
1 - Terrible
0 - Despicable

January - 26/31
Me and You and Everyone We Know - 5
Russian Ark - 4.5
Dogville - 4.5
Manderlay - 4
Gone With The Wind - 4
The Ice Storm - 4
Hustle & Flow - 4
King of Masks - 4
Dumplings - 4

North Country - 4
The Wicker Man - 4
Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl - 3.5
Sympathy For Lady Vengeance - 3.5

Heat - 3.5
Aguirre, The Wrath Of God - 3.5
Woyzeck - 3.5
Murderball - 3.5
This Sporting Life - 3.5
Enron - The Smartest Guys In The Room - 3
The Constant Gardner - 3
Grizzly Man - 3
Broken Flowers - 2.5
The Machinist - 2.5
Memoirs of a Geisha - 2.5
Death In Venice - 2
Dolls - ??

February - 12/28
Blue Velvet - 4.5
Sunset Blvd. - 4

Kundun - 4
Fulltime Killer - 3.5
The Assassination of Richard Nixon - 3.5
The Piano - 3

Rebecca - 3
His Big White Self - 2.5

Nosferatu The Vampyre - 2.5
The Wedding Crashers - 2.5
The League of Gentlemen Apocalypse - 2
Take The Money and Run - 2

March - 23/31
Walk The Line - 5
Wallace and Gromit In The Curse of ther Were-Rabbit - 4.5
Carrie - 4.5
Good Night And Good Luck -4.5
A History of Violence - 4

Hostel - 4
Amadeus - 4
Corpse Bride - 4
American Grafitti - 3.5
Jarhead - 3.5
Whale Rider - 3.5
Cobra Verde - 3.5
One Day In September - 3.5
Capote - 3.5
The Road to Guantanamo - 3
Inside Deep Throat - 3
The Ten Commandments - 3

Serenity - 3
Munich - 3
The Third Man - 2.5
March of the Penguins - 2.5
The American Friend - 2
A Taste of Honey - 2

April - 8/30
Nine Lives - 4.5
DiG! - 4
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, 4
Ricky O - 3.5
King Kong - 3.5
The Manchurian Candidate (1962) - 3.5
The Exorcism of Emily Rose - 2.5
Lord of War - 2

May - 5/15
Timecode - 4
The Interpreter - 3
Factotum - 3
Naked Lunch - 2.5
Confetti - 2.5

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 10:31:08 AM   

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Naria ***
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire ****
Lost In Translation **
Chicago *****
Mary Poppins ****
102 Dalmations ***
Catch Me If You Can
51st State ****

Con Air ****
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days ***
Kal Ho Naa Ho ****

Kung Ku Hustle *****
Aladdin *****

Neal 'n' Nikki *
Pinocchio ****
My Big Fat Greek Wedding ***
The Bone Collector ***
Memoirs Of a Geisha ****

Men In Black

Jurassic Park ****
King Kong ****
Ocean's 11 ****

Princess Mononoke ***** 
Spirited Away *****
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs *****
Howl's Moving Castle ****

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' ***
Super Size Me ***
Just Married **
Ocean's Twelve ***
The Evil Dead ***
Moulin Rouge ****
Big Fish ****
The Pianist *****
Collateral Damage ***
The Sweetest Thing ***
Dosti **
Sleepers *****
Don't Say A Word ***
The Firm ***

American Beauty ****
X Men ****
Brokeback Mountain ***
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Wererabbit ****
The Corpse Bride ****

Phonebooth ***
My Best Friend's Wedding ***
Mission Impossible III ****
Poseidon ***

One Hour Photo
Back To The Future *****
Back To The Future II *****
Back To The Future III *****
My Neighbour Totoro  *****
Laputa: Castle in the Sky ****
Donnie Darko ***
Dodgeball ***
Sympathy For Mr Vengenance ***

Cinderella ****
Hero ***
Aladdin ****
The Da Vinci Code ***
Thank You For Smoking ***
The Bachelor ***
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl  ****
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
28 Days Later
Alien Autopsy
X Men ****
Fanaa **
United 93 ***
Cheaper By The Dozen 2 ***
Starsky & Hutch ***
Lord Of the Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring Extended Edition *****
Open Water ***
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason ***

Lord Of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition *****
Underworld 2: Evolution **
Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro ***
ATL **
Gangster **
Stormbreaker ***
Series Of Unforunate Events ***
House Of Flying Daggers ***
One Fine Day ***
36 China Town **
Munich ***
Ichi The Killer **
The Nightmare Before Christmas ****
The Royal Tenenbaums ***
The 40 Year Old Virgin ***
Snakes On A Plane ***
Severance ***
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang *****
The Big
Lebowski ***
Blow ***
V For Vendetta ****
Kidulthood ***

Some Like It Hot *****
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift ***
Bruce Almighty ****
Carlito's Way ***
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ****
The 6th Sense ****
Lord Of the Rings: The Return Of The King Extended Edition *****
Kiki's Delivery Service ****
Capote ***
Aladdin *****

Mistress Of Spices **
The Shawshank Redemption *****
Click ****
Ice Age 2 ****
Grave Of The Fireflies ****

Dracula: Dead And Loving It ***


School Of Rock ****
Zoolander ****
Happy Feet ****
Little Man
Intolerable Cruelty ***
Tom Dick And Harry ***
Superman Returns ****

Big Screen
Small Screen


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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 10:44:35 AM   
Peter Griffin

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Griffs Pleasure Dome 2006

The Chronicles of Narnia 2/5
March of the Penguins 4/5
Memoirs of a Geisha 3/5
Just Like Heaven 1/5
Brokeback Mountain 4/5
Jarhead 4/5
Underworld:Evolution 2/5
A Cock & Bull Story 4/5
Pride & Prejudice 2/5
Munich 5/5
Broken Flowers 3/5
Zathura: A Space Adventure 3/5
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 3/5
Walk the Line 4/5
Goodnight & Goodluck 2/5
Seven Swords 1/5
Syriana 3/5
The Matador 3/5
The Weather Man 3/5
V for Vendetta 3/5
Capote 5/5
Hostel 1/5
The Proposition 5/5
The New World 4/5
The Hills Have Eyes 3/5
Inside Man 4/5
Silent Hill 2/5
Slither 3/5
16 Blocks 3/5
Mission:Impossible 3 4/5
The Da Vinci Code 2/5
Brick 5/5
X-Men 3 2/5
United 93 5/5
Hard Candy 3/5
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 4/5
Superman Returns 3/5
Tideland 3/5
Cars 4/5
Monster House 3/5
Nacho Libre 2/5
A Scanner Darkly 4/5
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 2/5
Little Miss Sunshine 4/5
Clerks 2 4/5
Children of Men 5/5
The Departed 4/5
Borat 4/5
The Prestige 5/5
Casino Royale 4/5
Nightmare Before Xmas 3D 5/5
Pan's Labyrinth 5/5
Tenacious D : In the Pick of Destiny 3/5
Flags Of Our Fathers 3/5

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 11:16:16 AM   

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2005 Diary to beat  - 67 cinema visits (god bless the UGC card), 31 films viewed for the first time (DVD video)

This year, Cinema Red, First view TV/DVD Green, 2nd view TV DVD Blue


The producers (7/10)
King Kong (7/10 Down graded on second visit)
Match Point (4/10)
Just Friends (7/10)
Brokeback Mountain (9/10)
Jarhead (8/10) 
Fun with Dick and Jane (5/10)
Solaris (2004) (7/10)
A Cock and Bull Story (9/10)
Munich (9/10)
Memoirs of a Geisha (5/10) 


Walk the Line (8/10)
Munich (again no change)
2 fast 2 furious (1/10)
Almost Famous (untitled) 9/10
Phone Booth (7/10) 
Good night and good luck (8/10)
Capote (7/10)
Swingers (8/10)


Lucky Number Slevin (5/10)

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 11:48:37 AM   

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From: Somwhere they won't find me
Rating System
      Thank you God!!
    Comme Ce Comme Ca
     Not bad, about what I expected
     And the fuss was...?
Pay good money, get good sleep
  Why God....WHY?!


14th - Match Point
17th - Breakfast on Pluto
22nd - Brokeback Mountain
24th - Memoirs of a Geisha
31st - Munich

6th - Grizzly Man
7th - The New World

14th - Walk the Line
21st - Cache (Hidden)
27th - Capote

3rd - Proof

7th - Good Night, And Good Luck

12th - The Matador

17th - Good Night, And Good Luck
20th - Tsotsie

21st - Syriana

28th - Inside Man

10th - Transamerica

11th - Shooting Dogs

11th - Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
12th - V for Vendetta

15th -
The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada
17th - Junebug
19th - Donnie Darko: Director's Cut

20th - The Squid and the Whale

27th - C.R.A.Z.Y

16th - Confetti
22nd - U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha  
23rd - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

5th - Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
7th - United 93
8th - The Da Vinci Code

21st - X-Men: The Last Stand

30th - Thank You For Smoking

7th - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
28th – Superman Returns

– Cars

7th – Miami Vice

– The Break Up

– Before the Music Dies


18th - Little Miss Sunshine

25th - The Last Kiss

26th - The Queen

The Wind The Shakes The Barley )  

– Children of Men

– The Devil Wears Prada 

– World Trade Centre

– The Devil Wears Prada

– The Last Kiss

– Marie Antoinette


7th -
The Page Turner
10th - Starter for Ten
15th - The Prestige
16th - Little Children
19th - Breaking and Entering
20th - Casino Royale
22nd - The Departed
26th - Casino Royale


10th - Happy Feet
10th - The Holiday
11th - The Holiday
19th - Stranger than Fiction
21st - Happy Feet
24th - Casino Royale

Best Films of 2006 So Far  
  1. Munich
  2. Capote
  3. Volver
  4. Casino Royale
  5. Good Night, And Good Luck
  6. Donnie Darko: Director's Cut
  7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  8. Superman Returns
  9. Brokeback Mountain
  10. Grizzly Man
  11. Cache (Hidden)
Total Cinema Visits in 2005: 48
Total Cinema Visits in 2006 (so far): 65
Number of top rated films: -

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 1:19:02 PM   

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From: Skull Island
Emily 1212's cinema diary


Brokeback Mountain - 8/10 - Beautiful and poignant, but I didn't love it as much as I though I would.  Good start to 2006 though.


Munich - 9/10 - Loved it.  Excellently shot and performed.  Kudos to all involved.  Absolutely riveting.
Serentiy - 8/10 - Good popcorn entertainment.
The Corpse Bride - 7/10 - Nowhere as good as Nightmare before Christmas but enjoyable.


Walk The Line - 9/10 -Excellent film and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Night Watch - 8/10 - An innovative and fresh film from contemporary Russian Cinema.

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 3/1/2006 11:04:20 PM   
Jose Chungs Doomsday


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Screw this I'm outta here!

Jose Chungs Space: if the iotola cant have it, no one can!

I try to go once a week, though that really depends on whats showing!

Cinema: Movie House Cinema, Dublin road, Belfast

The Producers 3/10 (gf's choice)
Just Friends 5/10
Underworld: Evolution: 7/10
Fun with Dick & Jane 5/10
Jarhead 8/10
Munich 8/10
Rumour Has It 2/10 (gf's choice)

Walk the line 7/10 (gf's choice)
Zathura 7/10
Big  Mommas House 2 3/10
Lucky Number Slevin 8/10
The Fog 1/10
Date Movie 2/10 (for the eye candy)











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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 4/1/2006 12:51:37 PM   

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From: Belfast

14th Brokeback Mountain (5/5) 

Total Cinema Visits In 2006: 1
Total Cinema Visits In 2005: 9

Top 10 Films of 2006:-




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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 6/1/2006 10:30:03 PM   

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From: Konoha
Here be the cinema diary of Fullmetal_Alchemist

Bold=in cinema
italics=at home

Brokeback Mountain - 5/5
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Shanbara wo iku mono - 5/5
Die Hard - 4/5
Jarhead -4/5
Blade - 4/5
Downfall - 5/5
From Dusk Til Dawn - 5/5
American Pie 3 - 3/5
V for Vendetta - 4/5
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - 4/5
The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - 4/5
The Exorcism of Emily Rose -  5/5
King Kong - 5/5
Scary Movie 4 - 3/5
Serenity - 4/5
Silent Hill - 4/5
Dead by Dawn horror all-nighter - 4/5
Kung-fu Hustle - 4/5
The Matrix - 5/5
The Matrix Reloaded - 3/5
The Matrix Revolutions - 3/5
The Da Vinci Code - 3/5
Myuu to Hadou no Yuusha - Rukario - 4/5
X Men:The Last Stand - 4/5
Bram Stoker's Dracula - 3/5
Ghostbusters - 4/5
Ghostbusters 2 - 4/5
United 93 - 5/5
Ju On:The Grudge - 4/5
Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl - 4/5
Ju On:The Grudge 2 - 2.5/5
Snakes on a Plane - 4/5
The Break Up - 3/5
Naruto Daikatsugeki! Yukihime Ninpôchô! - 3/5
Naruto Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki dattebayo - 3/5
You, Me and Dupree - 4/5
Evil Dead - 4/5
Evil Dead 2 - 4/5
Pulse - 2/5

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 6/1/2006 11:00:18 PM   

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From: No Direction Home
Kong (cinema) 3/5* felt the action scenes were overlong, too much actual story was left unexplained, and in places the CGI was cringeworthy. It's a good enough story but not a patch on the original
Running Scared (cinema) 3.5/5* - despite my fears it would be a horrid Tarintino/Richie sixth form wannabe movie, the story is clever enough to make it a very interesting watch. the last half hour was novel if more than slightly superflous, but there are enough twists and turns to keep you watching.

Underworld: Evolution (cinema)*: 2.5/5 Though not a classic by any means, its not as bad as empire's 1* review.  its watchable in a no brainer sort of way, although i thought it had better ideas that it was executed really
A Cock and Bull Story: (cinema) * 4.5/5 - aka this generation of british comedy takes the piss out of itself. It is of course really really funny. not as clever as it might think it is at times (although at times its right in the head) but it is really funny. an underused supported cast are fantastic (Dylan Moran in particular) and there are moments of genuine laugh out loudness, such as the incident with the chesnut, and the womb. and of course Brydon's alan partridge steals the show.
none :(
Inside Man* - Interesting take on the Heist movie. Not a classic, but a good way to spend a few hours 3.5/5
16 Blocks* - Sub-24 Bruce Willis movie with, a decidely sub-24 twist. Willis is however very good, and the movie keeps the attention long enough to be good and enjoyable 3/5
Mission:Impossible 3* - Fan-fucking-Tastic. Theese are the moments i go to the cinema for. Edge of the seat, rollercoaster of emotions. film of the year so far for me. great performances from Cruise, Hoffman and Simon Pegg, who puts John Cleese's Q buffoning to shame. in fact this is what Die Another Day really should have been. 5/5
Brick* - intersting Noir, set in a modern day high-school, it proves to be a very good idea, and gimmick for the film. despite its Darko-isms and posturing to want to be a film talked about on the internet (oooh what is whispered at the end zzzz) i actually really enjoyed it. Score one for the low budget movie. 4/5
June - None
Pirates of the Carribian : Dead Mans Chest - Not as good as the first one, but still a fun, if slightly overlong pirate romp. Think it was a bit unnessciary bringing all the cast together again, but still this is me nitpicking. Good fun 4/5
Superman Returns - Singer has obviously been watching Nolan, as Reurns is paced very similarly to Batman Begins. Its not as good as Begins though, and seems to have been shot on half the budget, but its still a good enjoyable way to while a way a few hours. 4/5
Superman Returns - Saw it again, but this time in IMAX 3D. Its the future kids. So Pretty.
Over The Hedge - Predictable, and largely siilar to Chicken Run, but laughs to be had 3/5
Pirates of the Carribian Dead Mans Chest - watched again. enjoyed it more this time. still not as good as the first 4/5
Snakes on a Plane - Its been watched! and it was bloody brilliant. Laugh out loud funny, silly, and sometimes jumpy, it had something Pirates and Supes seemed to forget- fun. (as well as Snakes on a Plane obviously!) 4.5/5
The General - Got a chance to see Buster Keaton's masterful 1927 film, which stands as the best film of the silent era for me. Funny, with good romance, and brilliant action. He never topped it 5/5
Crank - Insane, and very very fun action-ier. Great popcorn movie with no thought required but plenty of laughs and thrills. 4/5
The Sentinel - Dissapointing thriller that never gets out of its first hour, and the entire polygraph thing is too flimsy. Redemption is found too easily as well. a wasted oppurtunity 2,5/5
DOA: Dead or Alive - Knowingly awful and trashy, and the end half hour was terrible, but there are some good moments to be had 2/5
An Inconvieninet Truth - Well presented and well laid out, and will become the film that is shown when global warming is disccused. Flawed but very good. 4/5
Children of Men - Scarily realistic dystopian drama, with some wonderful performances, making this this years Constant Gardner. Well shot and well thought out. 4.5/5
The Departed - The ending seems a bit thrown in for shock value, but there are some great performances and some peerless direction throughout. 4/5

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 7/1/2006 6:52:58 AM   


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 Fabolouso!      Goody!       alright!        Disappointing!         A waste of my whatever hours!!
At Home
Dawn of the Dead (1978)         3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994)          
Poltergeist (1982)                  Halloween (1978)  and      
Dawn of the Dead (2004)         Rosemary's Baby (1968)                  
Carrie (1976)                         Dressed to Kill (1980)                
 'IT' (1990)                            Roommates (1995)                 
Birth (2004)                           Bronx Tale (1993)
GodFather Part II (1974)          Night of The Living (1968)         
Goodbye Mr.Chips (1939)       The Devil's Backbone (2001)   
Psycho (1998)                        The Longest Yard (2005)             
Poltergeist II (1986)                 Crash (2005)                              
Red Eye(2005)                        Gentleman Prefer Blondes (1953)        
Poltergeist III (1988)                 Pretty Woman(1990)     
Fools Rush In (1997)              Blast From the Past (1999)          
The PawnBroker (1964)  and                 



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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 7/1/2006 3:54:24 PM   

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BullRing's All-New Cinema Diary.
Total Visits Of 2005: 110
Estimated No. to beat for 2006: 70 (Work has taken over!)

Brokeback Mountain - 3.0
Match Point - 1.0
Running Scared - 3.0
Jarhead - 4.0
Shopgirl - 4.0
The New World - 4.0
Fun With Dick & Jane - 3.0
Memoirs Of A Geisha - 3.0

Munich - 4.0
North Country - 2.0
Rumour Has It..... - 3.0
Walk The Line - 3.0
Derailed - 3.0 (complete guilty pleasure!)
Aeon Flux - 2.0
Good Night, And Good Luck. - 3.0
Lucky  Number Slevin - 3.0

Capote - 4.0
Syriana - 4.0
The Matador - 3.0
The World's Fastest Indian - 4.0
The Hills Have Eyes - 3.0
The Proposition - 3.0

V For Vendatta - 4.0
Inside Man - 3.0
Tsoti - 3.0
16 Blocks - 3.0

Slither - 3.0
Mission: Impossible - 3.0


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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 7/1/2006 9:36:31 PM   

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From: Ireland

Bobby Milk's Cinema & Movie Diary

Lawrence of Arabia (TV) - 4/5
King Kong (2005) - 5/5 (one of the most enjoyable experiences at the cinema. So mush so I went to see it again)
Cinderella Man (DVD) - 3/5

Movie of the Month

Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Month
Movie of the Year

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 7/1/2006 10:52:39 PM   


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From: leamington spa
i'm new here, what better way to be acquainted than with a cinema diary!

6/1 - tzameti 13 (gela babluani) - 7/10
9/1 - the beat that my heart skipped (jacques audiard - rep screening) - 8/10
13/1 - a history of violence (david cronenberg - rep screening) - 9/10
20/1 - brokeback mountain (ang lee) - 9/10
26/2 - capote (bennett miller) - 7/10
1/3 - the new world (terrence malick) - 9/10
1/3 - familia rodante (pablo trapero - rep screening) - 8/10
8/3 - walk the line (james mangold) - 5/10
17/3 - v for vendetta (james mcteigue) - 5/10
24/3 - three colours blue (krzysztof kieslowski - rep screening) - 6/10
24/3 - three colours white (kryzystof kieslowski - rep screening) - 7/10
29/3 - inside man (spike lee) - 7/10
5/5 - the squid and the whale (noah baumbach) - 6/10
10/5 - the three burials of melquiades estrada (tommy lee jones) - 10/10
11/5 - la regle de jeu (jean renoir - rep screening) - 9/10
17/5 - l'enfant (the dardennes) - 9/10
26/5 - x-men 3: the last stand (brett ratner) - 8/10
7/6 - the omen (john moore) - 3/10
22/6 - hard candy (david slade) - 5/10
4/7 - rebecca (alfred hitchcock - rep screening) - 7/10
6/7 - pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest (gore verbinski) - 7/10

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 8/1/2006 12:07:33 AM   


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07/01   The Chronicles of Narnia  4/5
09/01   The Constant Gardener  4/5
27/01   Munich  4/5


01/02   Jarhead  4/5
27/02   Walk The Line  4/5


09/03   Good night, and good luck  4/5
16/03   The New World   4/5 
24/03   Brokeback Mountain   4/5


03/04   Ice Age: The Meltdown   3/5
07/04   V For Vendetta   5/5
30/04   Inside Man   3/5


12/05   Hoodwinked  4/5
12/05   Mission Impossible 3  3/5
27/05   X-Men The Last Stand  3/5




05/07   Cars  4/5
12/07   United 93  5/5
14/07   Superman Returns  4/5
19/07   Over The Hedge  3/5
26/07   Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest  4/5


15/08   Miami Vice  4/5


11/09   Snakes on a Plane  4/5
14/09   Lady in the Water  2/5


29/10   Thank You For Smoking  3/5


16/11   Borat  4/5
23/11   Casino Royale  4/5
25/11   Pan's Labyrinth  4/5


17/12   Deja Vu  3/5
30/12   Brick  4/5

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RE: My Cinema Diary 2006 - 8/1/2006 12:02:06 PM   
john davidson

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King Kong 8/10
Chronicles of Narnia 7/10


"I ain't got time to bleed"

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