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Iron Man

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Iron Man - 25/4/2008 10:45:57 AM  1 votes
Empire Admin


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Post your comments on this article
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RE: Iron Man - 25/4/2008 11:09:13 AM   

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From: Dublin, Co. Ireland
Just wondering: who wrote the review? It doesn't seem to say it on the review page.

I would've hope for something approaching a better 4 stars, but it seems a very solid 3, so still enjoyable fare to look forward to.


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RE: Iron Man - 25/4/2008 11:13:39 AM   


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I'll be seeing this regardless, but at least from the tone of the interview, it's not the Spider-Man 3 kind of 3-stars.

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RE: Iron Man - 25/4/2008 7:27:44 PM   

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The problem, I humbly think, is that in the movie environment of hype and influenced/excitable newspapers, mags etc where everything is 4 or 5 stars (especially if Paul Ross has seen it) is that, to many, 3 Stars does not mean "good" - it means shite.

If a friend of mine returned from the cinema and said a Iron Man was "good", then I would certainly consider seeing it too.  Also a 5 Star film, Schlinder's List for example, is often an excellent piece of film-making, but not always what's needed when unwinding at the end of a stressful week at work.  Iron Man looks like popcorn munching fun - with the added bonus of being described by Empire as "good".

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RE: Iron Man - 25/4/2008 9:53:49 PM   


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Why the hell is Empire seemingly read by a large contingent of complete first-class ignorant pillocks? "Ooh, it only got 3 stars; that's a sign of weakness, that is. I knew it would be because Empire are sooooo predictable". The only thing predictable about any review these days are the stupid comments that follow it. For crying out loud... learn to read and actually understand the bloody review (for those of you struggling, that's the large section of writing above the stars, not just the stars alone). Of course they've been hyping it for months! Favreau gets $150 million to play with and he hires Downey Jr. to lead? Even if it came out as a two star review, those facts are important and news worthy to anyone interested in cinema as an industry, as well as an art form.

Empire have always been consistent and reliable in their approach. It's about time they started getting some respect around here for that. Instead they get bollocked no matter what they do. And about different ratings for DVDs? Big screen versus small screen can make a huge difference to some stories. It's not hard to work out. Usually reading the review reveals just such a conclusion (I know, I know, reading takes so long and the stars are so pretty and easy to find...).

Disable reader reviews until release? Heck, just disable the readers, then I can enjoy the site in peace.

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RE: Iron Man - 25/4/2008 10:29:17 PM   

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Good points Najemikon. I got sick of reading the replies just after Rambo was reviewed. People were slating the reviewer (on a personal level, too) about his review weeks before the film was even released. Empire can't win with some people whatever they do. If Indy gets 5 stars people will complain it's because Lucas/Spielberg are involved, if it gets less than 5 stars, people will bring up AOTC's again (and again) saying Empire don't want another AOTC's on their hands.

If people think Iron Man is a 5 star film I have no problem reading what they have to say regarding the film in the reviews section (which I read frequently to get a broad opinion on a film), but for people to get so upset that a film they've been looking forward to gets less than 4 stars it just seems pointless. If I've been wanting to see Iron Man (which I have) I'll go and see it and make my own mind up. Just because Empire gave it 3 stars it doesn't mean I won't think it's brilliant, the same as if Barry2-D2 only gave it 1star in the reviews section


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RE: Iron Man - 25/4/2008 11:41:36 PM   

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From: Norwich
I am still quite looking forward to the film as just because it is "good" rather than "excellent" still means it is good.  Also considering there have been a few films reviewed as excellent in the near past which I have watched and considered massively mediocre the star rating doesn't really mean that much to me.


Nothing to see here.

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RE: Iron Man - 25/4/2008 11:53:58 PM   

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From: Like the truth...out there
Personally I wish Empire would do away with 'stars' entirely and let the reviews speak for themselves.  I know from reviewing on Amazon that trying to give  a rating out of five that reflects the full complexity of your response to something is impossible and can result in you giving an inaccurate impression of your overall opinion. 


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RE: Iron Man - 26/4/2008 8:40:54 AM   

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Ha ha ha!!!  This thread is so funny and sums up what I've thought about a lot of movie fans for a long long time, they can't make their own minds up about anything!  How about this, if you want to see the movie (I know I do!) go see it and judge for yourselves.  The only worry is that this review will shape the way people think about this film even after they've seen it, because they wont want to give it too high a praise for fear of looking stupid because it only got 3 stars (WHO CARES!!!!! IT'S SOMEONE ELSES OPINION NOT YOURS!). 

For a group of people that tend to consider themselves intelligent and imaginative it's amazing how like sheep movie fans can become about a film, I think I rarely hear an honest appraisal of a film from someone claiming to be a 'true movie' fan, it's all shaped by what they've read rather than what they experienced during the movie.  I've actually heard people reviewing films that they haven't even seen, saying how wonderful Gone with the Wind is or how terrible Norbit is, yet in reality they no nothing of either.

I'm going to see Iron Man and I can't wait - With the exception of Hulk and Ghost Rider Marvel have yet to let me down - Yes I did enjoy the Fantastic Four films, Daredevil original release and Spider-man 3!

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RE: Iron Man - 26/4/2008 11:04:22 AM   

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This is dissapointing. It looked so good from all the build up and trailers but looks like its fallen a little flat and is just an average comic book movie. BUT.. I should like it as i like the character and comic book movies!

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RE: Iron Man - 1/5/2008 11:11:43 AM   


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having checked the print last night 3 stars is about right. the first half is really good and Downey Jr is brilliant. but then it sort of slows down and lags in the middle and the ending just isn't action packed enough. but still it is what it is, throw away popcorn entertainment and it does that well enough. and being a projectionist this is the one thing that i hate when filmmakers do it, there is a scene right after the credits, lucky though the credits ain't that long.


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RE: Iron Man - 2/5/2008 10:03:49 PM   

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From: The Eighth Dimension c/o Buckaroo Banzai
I went to see Iron Man earlier today, I had been looking forward to it, everything about the first film independently produced by Marvel Studios, seemed to say that this adaptation would be handled with great care, the unorthodox, yet amazingly spot on casting, the choice of the very promising John Favreau to handle the direction, the inclusion of comic book artist Adi Granov's beautiful Iron Man suit design, everything was looking good. Now that I've seen it, I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the 2 hour and change running time. There are several reasons for this, the pacing of the film, it never loses momentum, there's enough charm and visual delight to keep the throttle going max. The effects are wonderful, from the clunky, cumbersome prototype suit made in the caves of Afghanistan, to the shiny, majestic, state-of-the-art suit he builds later on the film, to the pristine looking flight sequences and Stark's amusing interaction with his equipment in the workshop. Obviously brilliant effects are not enough to hold a film like this together, there has to be some character building as well, and fortunately Iron Man has another ace up it's sleeve. Badboy No.1 Robert Downey Jr. is the film's greates asset, he's on steamroller charm the entire film, slick, suave, intelligent and capable, read this Hollywood, this is how you cast comic book films. From the first moment we are introduced to conscience-free billionaire armsdealer to the moment Stark becomes Iron Man, Downey Jr. never puts a foot wrong. The rest of the cast is appealing as well, Gwyneth Paltrow, is sweet and genuine as Pepper Potts, Terence Howard is good as Colonel Rhodes, and Jeff Bridges is just superb as Obadiah Stane, a very interesting character, fleshed out by one of the finest actors around. I liked the film very much, my only complaint was the ending which felt somewhat rushed, but overall I was very entertained and I'm looking forward to the sequel. 


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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 12:58:35 PM   

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When I first read the review I was like "Figures...another mediocre comic-based film and Empire has given it the  exact amount of stars it deserves." But when I actually saw the film I was shocked. 3 stars for such an awsome film. Why??? It had heart ponding action, laugh out loud comedy, Jaw dropping Fx and fantastic performances (was Downey playing Stark in the film or has Stark been playing Downey in real life!?) I mean come on. They did all the right things, ticked all the right boxes and I demand a recount. It surely deserves 4.5 stars.

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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 5:22:26 PM   
Celluloid Seduction

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From: splashing about the Med.
Fantastic Superhero Movie... RDJ shows he's still got what it takes in an unpredictable role for him.

The only illogical aspect of the film is Gwyneth Paltrow being able to run around the reactor room in THOSE heels...impossible!!!

Definately a 4 Star Movie....Empire gets it wrong again...and it's these kinds of lacklustre reviews that backup my decision to stop buying the magazine...sorry guys!

If you want to read my review goto

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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 5:47:22 PM   
Frank Castle

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From: Parts Unknown
Gotta say i loved this movie! just what i want from a summer blockbuster. Downey jnr is tony stark now, The best casting for ages in a superhero flick.
But does anyone else think for a guy who's gonna turn into war machine at some point in this francise, why did they pick a guy with a girls voice??
Loved the sam j cameo after the credits, but i thought somebody from the hulk movie was gonna turn up? Maybe it was edited out for the dvd??


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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 5:49:11 PM   

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From: Just 3 doors away from Heaven
I am really surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie, it definetely feels like a prologue to better things though. I feel Empire's review is far too harsh, it really is a very strong introduction to the character and that's all it sets out to do. Robert Downey Jr is fantastic and the supporting cast are good but are given little to do.
I definetely look forward to future installments.



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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 6:26:06 PM   

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From: Your sweet fanny
I just caught Iron Man and I have never been so impressed with a superhero flick(yes, that includes Batman Begins).

I think it has more to do with Downey's performance, as Stark fits him like a second skin. Any lesser actor would look stupid doing some of Stark's scenes, but Downey played it straight and earnest giving Iron Man a realistic and sympathetic edge. I cannot emphasize enough how cool some of the scenes are and Downey makes them even cooler without the wince inducing factor that these films can have.

The rest of the cast is great, especially Jeff Bridges. The script isn't that great and this film needs an iconic score, but Favrau made a grown-up film and found a believable hero in Iron Man.

The weekend still has a few hours left. Go watch! 

4 out of 5 (It should be 3, but Downey delivers a $100-million budget performance)


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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 6:54:41 PM   

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From: Sheffield
Just seen it , 4 stars all the way , right amount of action , right amount of humour . Tell your friends to stay till after the credits OMG .....there were people who stayed after with us cos they knew and they were screaming and clapping .
A certain person as The Heff. was hilarious too .

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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 7:32:56 PM   

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From: The CIC, next to the old man.

ORIGINAL: Frank Castle

Gotta say i loved this movie! just what i want from a summer blockbuster. Downey jnr is tony stark now, The best casting for ages in a superhero flick.
But does anyone else think for a guy who's gonna turn into war machine at some point in this francise, why did they pick a guy with a girls voice??
Loved the sam j cameo after the credits, but i thought somebody from the hulk movie was gonna turn up? Maybe it was edited out for the dvd??

Its the other way around, Downey Jr is appearing as Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk.


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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 8:05:12 PM   

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From: Punishment Park
Have to agree with Empire here. And it should be remembered that three stars is hardly an awful score. I'm sure if you are a huge comic book fan you can add another star.

This is the first superhero movie I can think of where I sort of got disappointed when the hero puts on his suit. Robert Downey Jr is amazing in this and its fantastic that he now has all this attention. Paltrow, Howard and Bridges are having a lot of fun and I certainly got my moneys worth.

But I never got that feeling that the best superhero movies have. When Superman takes off for the first time, when Batman stands underneath the signal, when Nightcrawler attacks the White House in X Men 2. Iron Man doesn't reach an iconic level here.

And as I said the films best tool was Downey. I find it telling where most directors would end the film with a shot of Iron Man flying through the air (like most of these films), this one showcases Downeys ability at comedy and pitch perfect timing.

So I agree with the 3 star rating. Its a solid, well made film with some superb acting. But it never soars as a superhero film.

I will however recommend folk go and check it out and look forward to an eventual sequel.


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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 9:29:38 PM   
Manchurian candidate

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From: A Clear-Thinking Oasis

And as I said the films best tool was Downey.



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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 9:33:00 PM   

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From: Your sweet fanny
I have never read the comic book, but I will push this film. As a Summer Bockbuster, it doesn't just soar. It flies.

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RE: Iron Man - 3/5/2008 9:41:14 PM   

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From: the Shadow Gallery
While it would be churlish to assume 3 stars equals a bad film (when it's actually means 'good'), I'm afraid when Iron Man shares that score with franchise ruining tripe like Spider-man 3, X-men 3 and Daredevil, and is overshadowed in mark by the five stars for Singer's achingly bland failed love-letter Superman Returns; one begins to think Empire (or Dan Jolin as their represented opinion) has rather jumped the shark with this review.

Not only has Jolin seemingly reviewed a different cut of the movie (or else he appears to have stepped out of the screening room for refreshments at the part where Raza realises that Stark isn't making much progress in the way of anything particularly rocket-y and threatens to torture Yinsin), but he complains about an origin movie for a superhero for whom an origin story is most necessary! How else are we to understand the motivations behind a man who essentially has it all - a character we would realistically despise were we not so entranced by his wit and charisma? A character who makes millions selling death around the world becomes a changed man when he realises how his weapons are used by evil men to subjugate the powerless. Who realises the only way to stop it is to become a weapon himself.

The action scenes are brief, but anything but flippant - each made me and the audience breathless with the sheer gravitas of Iron Man's power, how easily (almost contemptuously) he bats away the terrorist scum in his path to making things right. If anything the action needed to be toned down due to a lack of real threat after the creation of the mkII suit - to the point where Stane's removal of the 2nd gen chest reactor/repulsor obligated Stark to use a much powered-down suit and his wits to defeat Iron Monger.

I'm not even going to get into the superb acting beyond mentioning even the usually insipid Paltrow glowed as Pepper Potts and her awkward but loving relationship with Stark was entirely and painfully believable.

Iron Man equates to an extremely solid four, and with so many pitch-perfect attributes it scrapes in a 5th star for me, sitting alongside the very top examples of the superhero movie (X-2, Batman Begins) and is a superb start to what looks like the most exciting summer for movies in decades.


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RE: Iron Man - 4/5/2008 9:18:15 AM   


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From: Ireland
Maybe my reading comprehension's off but I'm not certain why people are criticising Empire for complaining about it being an origins movie. I was under the impression that the criticism was not that it was an origins movie, but that it hit the same problems associated with the majority of origin movies (Marvel charachters especially).

And I agree with that assessment.

Due to the fantastic casting, I'll definetly be looking forward to the deserved sequel, but the plot that extends beyond Stark's arc and the creation of the suit is quite poor.

I give it 4 out of 6, which probably translates into 3 stars. If the film had ended shortly after the completion of Stark's suit, I'd probably mark it higher, but the last act is really really poor.

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RE: Iron Man - 4/5/2008 9:35:02 AM   

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Really good!  I was going to give it 4 Stars, but my wife enjoyed it so much (who normally endures superhero movies for my sake) that I'm going to give it 5 Stars.

Last 20 mins are a bit flat, but by then the bar has been raised so high that you forgive the film this

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RE: Iron Man - 4/5/2008 9:47:55 AM   

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My experience was also aided by the fact that the 3 Star review lowered my expectations so that I was pleasantly surprised.  So thanks Empire, you made my night.

Also the trailers for Incredible Hulk & Indy 4 failed to excite (both look a bit pants)

(in reply to Ryan_D_Bell)
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RE: Iron Man - 4/5/2008 10:48:31 AM   

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Definitely a nice surprise. A smarter, better written film than Batman Begins, very confident stuff from Favreau. I love how the script seems to hit head on most of the pedantic niggles someone could have with the setup, and the frequent jabs at superhero convention are the perfect choice for Stark's character, particularly how they navigated the Pepper Potts relationship. In a some ways it makes the rest of the genre look a little silly in comparison, despite being a very playful film.

Although it doesn't have alot of time for him, Bridge's menacing villain is efficiently setup in a way that doesn't feel too artificial, and the character's a great counterpoint to Stark's naive change of heart. RDJ charisma is a massive part of the films success, and they cleverly play to his strengths, yet it never feels like he's propping up the rest of the film. The CGI was pretty perfect and his first hero scene had more impact that I was expecting, a character that operates internationally rather than just in his home town seemed fresh to me. The terrorists might have been a little 2D but the direction always offers just enough to prevent it from descending into cliche, without getting bogged down. And any film with Paul Bettany as the butler is alright in my book 4/5

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RE: Iron Man - 4/5/2008 11:26:32 AM   

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The first film of the year that I was actually excited about and it didn't disappoint, solid blockbuster - Comical, Looks great, big characters, big action.  This could have been rubbish, it's a man in a robotic suit, but it's so much more.  Here we get a great character portrayed by the perfect actor for the role, Robert Downey Jnr. is one of the best actors working today and when I heard he was doing this I was shocked but excited, again he didn't disappoint.  This film is helped by the fact that Tony Stark is a great character, it's Tony Stark that makes this one of the better Superhero movies, it's not the epic story of Clark Kent and Lois Lane but as superhero alter-ego's go Tony Stark is one of the best


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RE: Iron Man - 4/5/2008 12:21:15 PM   

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From: Your sweet fanny
Some more of my unashamed love-fest for this film.

Iron Man rules at the North American box-office. For the full story click HERE.


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RE: Iron Man - 4/5/2008 12:36:12 PM   

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From: Bristol

And any film with Paul Bettany as the butler is alright in my book 4/5

Exactly. I thought Paul Bettany's JARVIS was one of the best things in it.

A great blockbuster.


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