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if i close my eyes, maybe it's not really happening

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if i close my eyes, maybe it's not really happening - 27/2/2008 12:55:37 PM   


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If this does ANYTHING, to bring back the camp and hence RUIN the hard work done by Bale et al in making Batman the dark, gritty and terrifyingly fantastic franchise it currently is, i will be more than a little displeased.

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RE: if i close my eyes, maybe it's not really happening - 27/2/2008 1:10:21 PM   
Bowl of Wrong

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From: and made of parts unknown

So it's back on then? Between this news and last night's earthquake, it would seem our days on this planet are drawing to a close. Say goodbye to your loved ones.


"Luckily, the amount of heroin I use is harmless: I inject about once a month on a purely recreational basis. Fine. But what about other people less stable, less educated, less middle-class than me? Builders, or blacks, for example. If you're one of those, my advice is to leave well alone."

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Why??!!!! - 27/2/2008 1:44:13 PM   


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This is a terrible terrible idea that stinks to high heaven of WB trying to make a quick buck rather than making a quality film. It's got franchise killer written all over it. Why don't they go the whole hog and get Joel Schumacher to direct!

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Post #: 33
jeffamania - 27/2/2008 2:14:30 PM   


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if they can get either Bale or Routh on board, it would be doesnt work as well without those two. Warner are taking a massive gamble and could end up killing not just 1, but 3 franchises for another generation

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Routh and Bale should be in this!! - 27/2/2008 2:42:28 PM   


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This movie will only become huge if they cast both Routh and Bale as Superman Batman. I dont see why they cant do it since Warner Bros did distribute both films of said superheroes. Of course it would be nice to see Tom Welling to play Superman since we wont ever see him don the cape in Smallville. But again Warner wouldnt allow that to happen at all. I will go and watch this movie when it gets released so Warner and DC and Miller wana make it worth my while or my faith in DC Comics may go down a notch.

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Post #: 35
Justice League: Superhero-Lite - 27/2/2008 2:50:06 PM   


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The rumours on the web are that Superman and Batman are written out of the enterprise altogether! had something about this recently-as well as a few other movie sites. It was implied that the script had something mentioned about them in the film to explain their "no show".
I can remember the stories suggesting Supes had died at the hands of Doomsday. This might all be hogwash, as to leave out the two biggest character draws (quite important if you want to put bums on seats), could kill the film before it opens. Perhaps its to keep the film and story under wraps or to allow for a big "we all thought you were dead" entrance!
Guess we just have to wait and see..........

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Post #: 36
- 27/2/2008 4:29:37 PM   


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Joined: 19/1/2008
Tom Welling or Brandon Routh as Superman and Ryan Renolds as Flash could have made this movie amazing...but Adam Brody...spare me please... When It comes out though, I'll probably go see it just for kicks...

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Post #: 37
casting - 27/2/2008 4:38:14 PM   


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Joined: 12/9/2006
So I'm ok with everyone but Batman and Superman. I don't think Armie Hammer is right for Bruce Wayne. He's too pretty and not dark enough. I really do hope they cast Brandon Routh, I think he would be great. He had such a bad story for Superman Returns. He needs a chance to really be Superman, and fight superpowered villains, not just spoiled winey rich guys.

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Post #: 38
- 27/2/2008 6:23:04 PM   

Posts: 736
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Post #: 39
Brandon Routh as Superman - 27/2/2008 6:25:16 PM   


Posts: 1
Joined: 27/2/2008
I agree that Brandon Routh should be Superman in this movie... If you just go back and watch Superman Returns (bad story aside and all), his acting was great, just watch his facial expressions! He should totally get another movie or at least be cast in this one.

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Post #: 40
RE: Brandon Routh as Superman - 27/2/2008 6:58:49 PM   


Posts: 23
Joined: 12/12/2005
Reportedly, Warners are now looking for new writers for the next Singer/Routh Superman movie, and no doubt they will want Nolan and Bale to make a third Batman, so this whole JLA thing is just crazy. Why don't they take note of what Marvel is doing? With a couple of exceptions (Punisher, Elektra) all of their films have been moderate to huge successes. They have used their major characters as well as their B- and C-listers, and are building to an Avengers movie with actors already established in the roles. Warners have no clue.

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Post #: 41
The Movie sounds cool But Just two Flaws - 27/2/2008 7:53:06 PM   
Darth Revan


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Joined: 27/2/2008
Bale as Batman and Routh or Tom Welling From Smallville should be Batman and superman. I feel Common is the perfect choice for Green latern. I hope WB looks at the comments and know what the people want. because it will suck without them

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Post #: 42
The Movie sounds cool But Just two Flaws - 27/2/2008 7:53:58 PM   
Darth Revan


Posts: 2
Joined: 27/2/2008
Bale as Batman and Routh or Tom Welling From Smallville should be Batman and superman. I feel Common is the perfect choice for Green latern. I hope WB looks at the comments and know what the people want. because it will suck without them

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Post #: 43
- 27/2/2008 9:54:15 PM   

Posts: 361
Joined: 20/12/2005
Nobody wants a bloody Justice League-film without the original Supes and Batman actors. Would be the same as a Wolverine movie without Hugh Jackman.

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Post #: 44
- 27/2/2008 10:57:34 PM   
Deacon Frost


Posts: 101
Joined: 20/1/2008
From: West Midlands
Sorry, this whole project is simply not going to work. As matter of fact, I wish it would just f*** off. This has greed written all over it. Bale wont touch this. Routh, who did such an admirable job as the big guy, deserves another shot at stepping into those red boots...but not in this, no way. How are Warners going to market a film in which one key figure is already played by another actor elsewhere? If batman/superman do not feature, then what is the point of a JLA film? I would sooner Warners focus their attentions on the already established franchise of Batman and boosting Singers effort with another installment than this. Any film which happily casts that mook ot of the OC as The Flash, deserves what it gets. The franchises of Batman/Superman, deserve better though.

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Post #: 45
RE: - 28/2/2008 12:27:39 AM   

Posts: 5021
Joined: 13/10/2005
Said it before, will say it again...
This is a TERRIBLE, ABYSMAL, ATROCIOUS idea for WB honcho's to go with while a version of Batman, a re-booted, superior, brilliant new version of Batman, is still on the screens.

If you had worked so hard to re-boot a major franchise, with a respectable cast, a hge budget, a new gritty approach, why oh WHY would you then seek to start the character AGAIN with an unknown actor, with several other unknown actors is a teeny bopper version of Superheroes?? Its a shocking decision from WB.

I can only imagine Bale and Nolan being HUGELY pissed off at the fact that WB invested in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, to then seek to release a different version of the character in a superhero free-for all, which will just alienate audiences and potentially harm box-office for the last Batman movie in Nolans trilogy.

All this will do if it bombs or is awful (and it really, really will be) is make people think next time a Nolan Batman movie rolls round in 3 years, i.e 'The last Batman movie (JLA) was awful, so I'm not going to see this one'.

Batman Begins wasn't a HUGE Box Office hit, although critically and publicly highly praised, because of Batman and Robin. Batman and Robin harmed it's Box Office as people were a little wary of the character after Clooney. And thats what THIS movie will do to Nolans franchise if it bombs.

WB bosses are total idiots if they go through with this.


"It's all.... part of the plan...."

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Post #: 46
- 28/2/2008 10:19:11 AM   

Posts: 13
Joined: 12/11/2007
From: Liverpool
What if they make the superman movie which ends with his death to doomsday, and bale could make a small cameo as batman and would not have to be a main character. That would tie-in everything without upsetting anyone.

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Post #: 47
RE: - 28/2/2008 2:57:07 PM   

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Superman fans might be a bit miffed


I am but an egg.

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Post #: 48
DEATH OF THE GENRE!! - 28/2/2008 4:14:18 PM   


Posts: 19
Joined: 28/6/2007
In Bale you have the man who was made for the batman. sophisticated enough for Bruce mean enough for the bat, Arnie Hammer!! This is gonna suck, Routh was also good as superman so how can you change the big 2 from the league when the actors have already established the roles as their own?
Death of the genre! thank god watchmen & dark knight have already been made.

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Post #: 49
Its all in the plot - 28/2/2008 5:13:03 PM   


Posts: 5
Joined: 3/10/2005
Can't say i'm too keen on the idea of the movie. And less keen on the cast so far. I suspect is will have a lot of money thrown at it and end up as an also ran.
But if the story is good and the action not overdone then it could work.

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Post #: 50
RE: Its all in the plot - 28/2/2008 7:56:45 PM   

Posts: 444
Joined: 16/1/2008
From: Hyperspace
To me, it is an all over mystery why DC alowes it to happen.


"All suspects are to be considered guilty, period. Or else they wouldn't be suspects would they?" -TROOPS

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Post #: 51
RE: Its all in the plot - 29/2/2008 12:35:46 AM   

Posts: 5021
Joined: 13/10/2005
People saying that it's fine because it's a DIFFERENT Batman, and Bale wouldn't be in it anyway (which I agree with, Bale would steer well clear of this) are also missing the point when people object to the timing of the movie.

Nolan is crafting a trilogy. A trilogy of Batman movies, which are going for a realistic approach. So to suddenly wedge in a lighter, younger, more day-glo Batman in the middle of the second and third films, and then expect audiences to A. not be confused by a new Batman and B. be even MORE confused if Bale and Nolan finish THEIR trilogy in 3 years time, then they are fools.

All this movie will do if it bombs is kill Box Office of the third Nolan movie, and kill the hard-worked re-booting of Batman on the big screen.
Its like having a Star Wars movie, with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo suddenly played with different actors between Empire and Jedi!

Or a releasing a Bourne movie in-between Supremacy and Ultimatum featuring a different Bourne and different actor, and then expecting audiences to forget that one when Ultimatum rolls around and pick up the OTHER version of Bourne again while forgetting the last wedged in movie.

Two versions of the same character existing while the previous 'trilogy' is still unfinished is utter commercial sucide.


"It's all.... part of the plan...."

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Post #: 52
Can't Wait! - 29/2/2008 8:05:21 AM   


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Joined: 12/11/2007
Regardless of what everyone is complaining about, I can't wait to see how the film turns out. It may not be a hit for everyone, but there will be plenty of people who will enjoy it. As long as the cast can act, and the story line is ok, I'm in!

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Post #: 53
ferrell - 29/2/2008 7:43:08 PM   


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Joined: 15/12/2007

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Post #: 54
Not so much ! - 2/3/2008 10:01:25 AM   


Posts: 2
Joined: 1/3/2008
From: France
Well, it's sweet, but I'll be more excited if Marvel was doing a "Avengers" movie. With all the goods sotry that happen actually in the Marvel U, that would be quite a ride I guess (And No, I'm not Joe Quesada incognito !)

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