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Justice League Movie Set For 2009

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Justice League Movie Set For 2009 - 27/2/2008 7:25:20 AM   
Empire Admin


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Post #: 1
What??!! - 27/2/2008 7:25:20 AM   


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The last I heard there was a synopsis where Batman had been expelled from JLA and Supes had been killed by doomesday. If this is going ahead then I will do my best to make sure people don't see it. This is stepping on alot of people's toes (mainly Mr Nolan as he's part way through a trilogy) and doesn't deserve to see the light of day for another five or six years at least

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Post #: 2
Brandon Routh should run a mile... - 27/2/2008 8:24:55 AM   


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Maybe Brandon Routh wouldn't want to do it anyway? I'm sorry, but if ever a film was going to rubbish it's this one. Have the lacklustre efforts of character overloaded comic films (Fantastic 4, Spider Man 3, Batman & Robin) taught you nothing?

Routh should look at other projects anyway. Christopher Reeve suffered badly from type casting after Superman. This was a shame because he had the potential to be a great actor (see his turn in Remains of the Day). Routh also has this potential and shouldn't waste appearing in the trash that is going to be The Justice League movie.

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Post #: 3
It's simply not going to be any good. - 27/2/2008 8:47:20 AM   

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From: T to tha mutha-friggin' Q Homeboy!!!
The casting's way off, the idea stinks of desperation and the sheer volume of characters means it'd take one hell of a director to ensure it wasn't a complete muddy mess or, worse yet, a huge campy stinker a la Batman and Robin.
And frankly I don't think George Miller is that director. Mark me down as 'meh'....

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Post #: 4
? - 27/2/2008 9:01:39 AM   
David Dvd 1988

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From: Some dump in Gotham City
The sooner theres an offical date Mr Hewitt the better and i don't care who the hell is in it but i would like to see brandon routh don the red cape again cause he was great in superman returns!

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Post #: 5
Hmmm? - 27/2/2008 9:14:17 AM   

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From: harlow
Think a lot of this will come down to box office attraction Some of these "alternative" comic book story lines are too obscure for the mainstream public to take on board. Unless your a true fan (bordering on geek, I'm afraid to say) how many of us will be attracted to part money to see lesser known characters such as Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter (?). The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, although not a bad film, suffered, I feel, due to lack of public knowledge. JL would need a hell of a good script/money and director to make it worthwhile seeing (such as Hellboy). If they make this film and it fails badly, what then for the big characters in further films, studios might be dissuaded from continuing their solo adventures. Lesser known superheroes will, for financial reasons, will have to stand or fall on their own merits rather than be artificially propped up by the big names.

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Post #: 6
Not got a lot of potential. - 27/2/2008 9:15:07 AM   


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Rather than aiming at a wide audience that have read the comics, its probably going to focus on entertaining children like fantastic four which is going t make this film very dissaointing for therest of us.
Aother thing thats on my mind is that I hope Christian Bale keeps away from this or it will destroy the batman we know from him.

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Post #: 7
JLA thumbs up or down - 27/2/2008 9:24:55 AM   


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When i first heard about the idea of a JLA film i was looking forward to it, but now it is going to be a teen film not so bother about it now.

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Post #: 8
- 27/2/2008 9:49:54 AM   


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*hopes this never happens* We all know it'll be awful & I'm sorry but I can't see another actor playing Batman after Mr Bale gave such a definitive performance

Although... Adrian Brody as the Flash would be interesting to watch.....

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 9
Oh good. - 27/2/2008 9:55:36 AM   


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From: Southend
AVP, Freddie vs Jason. Unknown cast, franchise blend.
I simply can't wait for this.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 10
Fuck Bale - 27/2/2008 9:56:02 AM   

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Give Miller a chance.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 11
Simple - 27/2/2008 10:11:39 AM   


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Joined: 19/12/2005
Dont introduce the characters back storys...Just puuuuuuurrrrre action baby! Think how great it is when all those little flyingships are shotting round the death star...Its like that but with superman and fricken batman...what am I talking about? hmmmm more coffee....

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 12
RE: Fuck Bale - 27/2/2008 10:17:26 AM   


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From: Shropshire
Should have been done as CG animation, not Live action imo.

It's going for the FF4 family $/, pure and simple.

(in reply to nada)
Post #: 13
- 27/2/2008 10:20:56 AM   


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Well, i think it's in good hands with George Miller. Each one of those characters could easily have their own film and that would be entertaining enough. (obviously some already do) My concern is that it's too many characters for the one movie. I never liked the comics.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 14
JLA sounds like a mess... - 27/2/2008 10:22:00 AM   

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I love George Miller's work on the Mad Max films but unless Warner Bros are planning to cancel the sequels to Dark Knight (which according to Goyer meant to be 3 parts) and Superman Returns - this sounds like Star Trek/McDonald's syndrome (i.e. too many actors playing Batman and Superman).

I agree that they should cast Routh as Superman still and still make a sequel to Superman Returns (otherwise the only image kids have left is what a terrible father he is and doesn't even pay for child support!.).

Warner Bros. should of focused on a Teen Titans film first - if they wanted to compete with FF and X-Men.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 15
Fuck Bale - 27/2/2008 10:23:26 AM   

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Give Miller a chance.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 16
- 27/2/2008 10:27:31 AM   


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From: Only The Shadow knows
Apparently Batman and Superman are not going to feature in the movie anymore. I read on Latino Review and Batman on Film that apparently Batman has already been expelled from the League and Superman has been killed by Doomsday in the films' continuity. If so...thank God. I hate the idea of these two being in the film if it has no relation to their current solo movies (especially because Bale and Routh are both excellent in the roles and apparently neither would be in this film's cast).
I just wish this film would shut down for now and take the Marvel approach (ie Avengers) by introducing each character in their own film and then tie them into a big team up. Actually, I don't give a shit about this movie enough to want that. All I really want is for Batman and Superman to not be in it, continue their own adventures and maybe team up in the future. The dream would be something produced by Bryan Singer and Chris Nolan featuring Bale and Routh in the roles. Please take note Warner Brothers!!!!!!

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Post #: 17
FLASHMAN - 27/2/2008 10:40:46 AM   
Frank Comiskey


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This is surely overkill; too many characters and too many super powers; for every Batman Begins there is always an Electra or a Daredevil or a Superman 3.............these kind of films are the hardest in the world to write, and even if it's good, it will be so overboard that any further efforts will seem small or pale by comparison.

I hope the final script draft - er - ............won't fly...................

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 18
- 27/2/2008 10:43:14 AM   
Brighton Benson


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Joined: 31/7/2006
Vinny Chase for Aquaman!!!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 19
- 27/2/2008 11:13:19 AM   


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Honestly, I'm disgusted by the JLA movie plans. This works fine in a comic book capcaity, even on a cartoon scale, but not a movie , sorry. The most tragic part is that we're not going to see more Brandon Routh Superman. I thought Superman Returns was excellent, it re-established his universe perfectly, and left things poised for an action packed super sequel. The movie going public deserve better than this.

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Post #: 20
RE: - 27/2/2008 11:28:28 AM   
daryl c

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From: Drogheda, Ireland
Can anyone reccomend what Justice League comics to read?? i know very little about the characters apart from Batman + Superman


Well of course you can't reach him. He's off saving the rain forest, or recycling his sandals or some shit.

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Post #: 21
RE: RE: - 27/2/2008 11:41:10 AM   

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From: Your sweet fanny
Its been apparently been confirmed that Batman and Superman WILL feature in the movie.

My interest in this is minimal if they don't get the casting of  the big two right. The other heroes haven't had any features so the actors playing them will have the luxury of starting with a blank slate. But if they get the Superman/Batman casting wrong, they will recieve the ire of a whole community(

Obviously the script, production values and blah, blah, blah has to be on target, but I'm really just looking at the main casting. Get Routh or Welling(or as Tech_Noir posted on another thread, Jim Caviezal) and Wentworth Miller for Batman.


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Post #: 22
This will be a mess - 27/2/2008 11:49:48 AM   


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With so many headline superheroes some will be undoubtedly reduced to nothing but cameoes (I'm thinking the Green Arrow, Aquaman - he'll have one set piece bonanza and that'll be it) - and maybe The Flash - likewise treatment.
Also they're only as good as the villain/s facing against them. Will Lex Luthor team up with the Joker et al.

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Post #: 23
I say this now . . . - 27/2/2008 11:58:10 AM   


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but i withold the right to change my mind once i see some kind of stunning trailer.
If it aint got Routh and Bale as Supes' and Batman, whats the point? Both actors did such and amasing job and really surpassed my expectations in thier last portrayl(s) of these epic charecters, that seeing other actors play the roles in such a momentous film as this, would feel like cheating on my wife With someone much uglier. And less talented.

PLEASE dont make me cheat on my wife WB! I simply couldn't live withmyself.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 24
dont kill me - 27/2/2008 12:09:56 PM   

Posts: 13
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From: Liverpool
bale is overrated in batman, i really liked his performance but someone has still a chance to play batman much much darker than he is now, probably wont happen in JLA, and superman should be played by tom welling, if the guy playing batman is 6ft 5 you dont want superman to be smaller.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 25
RE: JLA comics to read - 27/2/2008 12:33:33 PM   

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Joined: 17/1/2008
In answer to Daryl C query about which JLA comics to read - any JLA comics/graphic novel collections by Grant Morrison is a safe bet (he also wrote an excellent run on X-Men too). Grant Morrison is one of the few writers to rival Alan Moore.

< Message edited by Makman -- 27/2/2008 12:35:13 PM >

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Post #: 26
RE: dont kill me - 27/2/2008 12:35:49 PM   

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Joined: 1/10/2005
Don't know too much about the JL but if Superman is in it who do they fight? Even in his own movies one of the main problems is none of his enemys (except Zod) are an equal match to him. What can he go up against that he'd need help?


I am but an egg.

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Post #: 27
Noooooooooo!!! - 27/2/2008 12:37:28 PM   


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Why god why didn't they let it die!??!! Man of steel is never going to happen now... :(

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 28
- 27/2/2008 12:48:59 PM   
Richard C90210


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I agree - Brandon Routh was brilliant in Superman Returns and should be given another shot to play the big man. Having said that, I'd MUCH rather see Man of Steel go ahead than Justice League. Too many heroes spoil the broth.

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Post #: 29
RE: Nooooooo!!! - 27/2/2008 12:50:57 PM   

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Yep, kids everywhere now see Superman as a true heartless bastard - who got Lois Lane pregnant, went travelling and doesn't even pay for child support !!! Good going Warner Bros - I can now see why comic book creator John Byrne was peeved off with Singer's story.

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