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RE: This ain't the Rambo I know and love!

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RE: This ain't the Rambo I know and love! - 3/10/2009 10:56:31 AM   

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From: ZONE 2
RAMBO IV is exactly what an action movie is meant to be and what so many of the genre is lacking these days.


"When you have to shoot, shoot don't talk."

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RE: Rambo - 3/10/2009 11:40:59 AM   
Ross Shapland


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I know the film wasn't that good script wise. But because of this it is an absolute testament to what made manly 80's films so great even if they weren't. Films try to be too clever recently and end up confusing the viewer. This was simple, easy to watch and one of the best uses of CGI I have ever seen, and I'm really fickle.

Loved it.

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RE: Rambo - 7/10/2009 10:16:51 AM   


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From: elsewhere
I credit this film with more depth than most seem to, perhaps because I heard and saw interviews in which Sly laid bare his motivations for what he was doing before I finally got round to seeing it:

To make it worth making another Rambo film, he needed a 'tone' that was different to the others. He went with approaching the film as if it were directed by Rambo himself, expressing a jaded view of the world and everything he had ever been trained to stand for. Notably the carnage at the end deliberately harks back to the 'big speech' at the end of the first film: every time he closes his eyes he sees his buddies being torn to shreds. So at the end of Rambo, when he's 'blowing away the mothers with the big gun' Rambo is, in effect, seeing his own personal nightmare over and over again, bodies being torn to shreds, and he's the one pulling the trigger. Rambo believes himself to be a monster, and that's the weight he carries with him every day.

That put a hell of a spin on watching the world weariness of Rambo in the film.

Additionally, the opening brutality of the film gets across the apparent 'need' for something/somebody like Rambo to do something to stop such horrific treatment of human beings that never seems to end.

Rambo, for me, isn't about the gung-ho aspects, it's an effective apology for the weaker parts 2 and 3, filtered through a plot that is simplistic on the surface, but motivated by a desire to ask 'what the hell kind of a world is this where we can let things like this go on and do nothing?'.

And Sly was refreshingly honest in his admittance that he chose a scenario that refers to a conflict that has been going on for many decades and wasn't (unfortunately) likely to be wrongfooted by the sudden end of the situation referred to.

Also, unlike 2 and 3, Rambo has the implied critique of America that the first had: this is what the country turns people into in order to do the dirty work, with an additional implied critcism of the country for doing nothing about injustice, evil, etc where there isn't a dollar in it for uncle sam.

The Rambo of Rambo is a malfunctioning machine that is good for only one thing and no longer capable of opening himself to any kind of warm feelings from others that would make him a human being again. But he does something to help someone in a fucked up crazy world and lets in just enough light to allow him to finally go home again.

Pretentious wank or am I hoping what Sly's words did for me will allow someone out there to experience a far more melancholy, worthwhile film than 'rambo tools up and kills da motherfuckers'?

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RE: Rambo - 7/10/2009 7:53:36 PM   
hampstead bandit


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Joined: 18/9/2009
Pretentious wank or am I hoping what Sly's words did for me will allow someone out there to experience a far more melancholy, worthwhile film than 'rambo tools up and kills da motherfuckers'?

not pretentious w*nk at all...there is something about the 4th Rambo film that really hit a cord with me

that pained, weary look he gives the missionaries at the end of the huge battle at the end of the film, said it all

its a very violent, action orientated film, but there is something running underneath that aspect, throughout the film, that I found very powerful

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RE: Rambo - 25/10/2009 12:36:22 PM   


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Joined: 11/5/2007
I have just watched the movie on Blu-Ray.

I should say that I am by no means a Rambo fanatic. I really like the first Rambo movie, but found the sequels increasingly cartoonish and unrealistic. 

This to my mind was not so much a return to the Eighties (though it had a similar feel at times) but an attempt to bring a new realism to the action genre. 

This is seen first of all in the effects of the weapons, when people are hit by a mortar shell, heavy calibre machine gun or mine they don't fall over with a little blood stain, they are torn apart.

Even the detonation of the unexploded bomb (a 5 ton Tallboy "earthquake" bomb) is far more realistic than most bomb explosions you see on screen. When the allies used heavy bombers to try and break through in Normandy they found many German Soldiers dead with barely a mark on them, they had been killed by the concussion alone. Most movies show only a bit of dirt flying into the air, without displaying the true effects of a large bomb.

This new realism extends to the enemy in the movie. There are conflicts all over the world, over water, resources or other reasons. They rarely involve 'evil corporations' but are similar to what was depicted on screen. So far as the movie has a message it is "what can we do about it". There is the peaceful approach of the missionaries or Rambo's way.

Much of the plot was also driven by the need to achieve some level of realism. Aside from Rambo's ease with taking down four soldiers with a bow and arrow, and his rampage with the machine gun Rambo was much less a one man army, but in real life, who, no matter how well trained could be?. The small group of mercenaries sneak into the enemy camp and try to sneak out again with the minimum of conflict and noise, again far more realistic than a rampage in, all guns blazing. They may be speacial forces, but that does not mean they can't be overwhelmed by numbers, as indeed they were at the end, before Rambo showed up.

All in all it was a good, gripping, tense action movie. With a glorious massacre of the 'evil' enemy at the end. It achieves exactly what it set out to do and how someone could call it 'dull' is beyond me.  

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Bad review - 14/2/2010 1:36:36 AM   


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To give this film 2 stars is an absolute joke. This film is one of the greatest I have seen for a long time. It steps into territory other films wouldn't dare and for this I applaud Stallone. Saying the film is bad because he wasn't the main man any more is foolish and rather childish.

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Same old same old - 7/4/2010 8:52:03 PM   


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Joined: 26/12/2008
From: Malta
Rambo fans will love this one, but since I am not one of them I am reluctant to give it a good review. I honestly feel no need to comment upon the movie's strenghts and shortcomings: mix bad writing along with violent action scenes and you have another Rambo installment.
If you enjoyed the previous Rambo films then do not hesitate to give this a go; if, on the other hand, you like your films with substance, then this is a no-no.

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RE: Same old same old - 18/8/2010 10:30:54 AM   


Posts: 31
Joined: 19/9/2009
Agree completely with the review below, it's another braindead sequel for the violence junkies, just like Rambo 2 & 3. If you liked those you'll like this, if you liked First Blood because it had an interesting story, characters, and created a real sense of atmosphere, you'll be scratching your head wondering where it all went wrong.

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bad review - 19/4/2012 12:57:27 AM   


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great film, not a bad word to say about this. basic to the point story loaded with action, what more is needed in a rambo film

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RE: RE: - 22/12/2012 7:37:22 PM   


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Joined: 22/8/2010
Bit late to this but...To whoever thought the claymore scene was daft (JimR) because it was an antipersonnel device and not a thermonuclear, you do realise that it was wired to a thermonuclear bomb, don't you?

_____________________________ - Hidden Meanings In Popular Movies

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