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Compliments to Bird, PIXAR have cooked up another great meal.

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Compliments to Bird, PIXAR have cooked up another grea... - 30/11/2007 10:13:11 PM   
David G


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Joined: 14/6/2007

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 121
- 12/12/2007 5:16:34 PM   

Posts: 1432
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From: Birmingham
Another classic from pixar brilliant vocal cast, great music and one of the most original premises for a film ever.

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Post #: 122
- 12/12/2007 5:16:39 PM   

Posts: 1432
Joined: 7/1/2006
From: Birmingham
Another classic from pixar brilliant vocal cast, great music and one of the most original premises for a film ever.

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Post #: 123
Ratatouille - a defence. - 18/12/2007 1:28:43 AM   


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Joined: 5/11/2005
Interesting comments so far. I feel the need to respond to some of them.
Let's get this straight. No this isn't the best Pixar film. Yes it is better than Cars but that wasn't that bad.
Is the animation the best ever - yes I think it is. People talk about the scenes of  Paris but they are just background. No diifferent to the matte paintings of old. The really impressive bits are the awe-inspiring sewer scenes. The most difficult thing to animate has always been water but in this they've got it almost perfect.
How does the story match up to the animation.? Good question. The story is good. Very good. Yes it is a bit predictable but there aren't many films now that can claim to be completely unpredictable (take a bow David Lynch).
Is it as good as Flushed Away? Personally I don't think so but that may just be national pride creeping in there.
This is a Pixar film. You know going in what the outcome is going to be. This is no different to any Willis, Stallone, Arnie, Will Smith etc etc film. We ALWAYS know what the end will be. The point isn't the finale it's how they get there. It may be predictable but it's great fun getting to the obvious conclusion.This isn't a criticism. I have sat through so many shite films that have taken hours off my life for an outcome that I saw coming in reel 1 (stand up Brokeback Mountain you utter waste of celluloid). At least this one was fun getting there.

One of the other criticisms is the lack of characterisation. I sort of agree with this one. I wasn't completely sympathetic with these characters like I was with some of Pixar's other great creations. But when the characters I'm using as a reference are as strong as Buzz, Woody, The Incredibles etc that doesn't really say a lot. The rats in this are still more animated and better actors than half of the "stars" working in Hollywood today.

Overall I'd give this 4.5 out of 5. Not perfect but really really close.

Pixar are definitely the best film company currently working.

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Post #: 124
RE: Ratatouille - a defence. - 18/12/2007 9:48:47 AM   
the anomaly

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Joined: 20/6/2006
In short I would say this is another great Pixar movie. I really enjoyed it only Pixar could make me feel for a RAT. Had me laughing out loud at quite a lot too. I really did not think I would like it judging from the trailers but it was great.

(in reply to hammerfan)
Post #: 125
'Anyone can cook' - yeah, even a rat! - 9/2/2008 6:06:34 PM   

Posts: 36
Joined: 17/12/2006
From: Essex, UK
I remember hearing about this film back in 2005, as it was another rat film in production along with Flushed Away. Haven't seen that one, but this film, if it were a dish would be the most delicious food I've ever tasted and have me asking for seconds.

Everything from the stunning animation, to the odd but inspirational plot(the juxtaposition of a dirty rat wanting to cook in a clean kitchen), the engaging characters, some hilarious slapstick moments(like when Remy's making Linguini move so he can cook as he wants him to) and the very good score all make this work splendidly.

The villain too, that food critic is such an imaginative baddie that I've probably seen in all the animated films I've come across. The bit near the end when he tastes the title dish will go down in my books as one of the most brilliant scenes in an animated film ever. It brought flipping tears to my eyes!

What I liked so much was that it had a realistic ending(well, for a rat cooking in a restaurant anyway) and doesn't insult the viewer's intelligence. I had the biggest grin on my face from ear to ear. It's definitely what I'd call the old Disney magic back again and Pixar's best since the first two Toy Story films. One for people of any age and it's set the benchmark for all CGI animation after it.

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Post #: 126
- 11/2/2008 2:30:46 PM   
Laura T


Posts: 67
Joined: 8/11/2007
What a beautiful looking film. I totally enjoyed this film. It was a joy to watch. Maybe a bit more for the older kids and adults, but overall a truely enjoyable film. A Disney classic!!!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 127
RE: - 12/2/2008 11:18:58 PM   
Larry of Arabia


Posts: 7576
Joined: 28/2/2007
From: Turtle Island
Just brilliant, Pixar's best.


"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

(in reply to Laura T)
Post #: 128
Meh - 13/2/2008 3:46:02 PM   
Karl Crutchley

Posts: 793
Joined: 25/6/2007
From: Grey Britain
A good film, yes. Classic, as per Empires 5 star review? Not a chance. Technologically speaking, it is astonishing, in particular the water effects. But i'm afraid neither the story nor the characters engaged me. In fact the only interesting character (and indeed the only one to have any emotional impact with me) was the food critic. Bought to life, with just the right level of pomp and conceited self superiority by Peter O'Toole, his humbling by the most basic of dishes, the Ratatouille of the title was a joy to watch. The rest of the cast & story?, well as I said, Meh. It could have come from any of this CGI studios currently working.
I can certainly see they are trying to get a message across, using many levels & metaphors, but if Pixar want to create stories & characters in CGI that aren't solely aimed at children, then they should stop making them look so traditionally cartoonish.
I know i'm in the minority here, but I actually prefer Cars to this film.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 129
Very disapointing. - 13/2/2008 8:15:25 PM   


Posts: 165
Joined: 14/11/2005
I don't understand why this has received such glowing reviews. It was predictable and cliched, and not funny enough.

Why do the rats in Paris have American accents?
Why does the young chef have an American accent?
Why can the rats read english but not speak it?

And whats with the chef ghost!?! If they cant get the plot to move forward without a chef ghost/apparition that talks to rats to explain everything then they really should try a little harder.

And pulling hair to control a persons movement???? It just doesn't work.

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Post #: 130
RE: Very disapointing. - 14/2/2008 9:42:47 AM   


Posts: 3479
Joined: 3/10/2005
From: Sittin' on the dock of the bay
A simple tale, perfectly watchable and beautifully animated. However, lacks the wit, warmth and verve of Pixar's previous efforts with too few jokes or memorable characters to sustain the disappointingly straightforward story. (6/10)


I've only gone and set up a blog! This week I've been mostly reviewing The Lego Movie and Wadjda. Click: The Fast Picture Show

(in reply to fierce-hairdo)
Post #: 131
RE: Very disappointing. - 15/2/2008 11:41:37 AM   
Belly T Jones

Posts: 218
Joined: 4/10/2005
From: Essex
Having watched this for the first time last night, I'm surprised to be left feeling a little underwhelmed, yet I've no idea why, for there was nothing clearly wrong with it.  Perhaps my expectations were raised to unrealistically high levels by the seemingly unanimous fawning response from critics...
There is much to like here, the quality of the work obvious to see.  The animation is faultless; this is undoubtedly the most finely rendered CG cartoon to date.  The dynamic, highly stylised design of the characters, sets and food all retain a convincing feeling of realism despite the obvious abstraction.  And the voice cast are all superb, with Peter O'Toole being the obvious plaudit magnet.  Even a token celeb chef cameo from Jamie Oliver fails to jar.
This is easily Pixar's most mature film, with a story that's thoughtful, wry and inventive.  The script too was excellent, humorous throughout without often going for the obvious kiddie-pleasing laugh-out-loud gags.  And perhaps therein lies a problem.  Although this is touted as a family film, I can't imagine children wanting to see this tale over any of Pixar's other output.  It lacks the same kind of giddy universal joy present in their previous work, potentially limiting its appeal.  For what child could truly relate to Remy's singular creative urge to express himself through cuisine?  For 'foody' adults, or to a lesser extent anyone who's sought recognition through another form of artistic expression, his motivation is a no-brainer, but to a kid?  Not so much. 
And perhaps that's the root of my dilemma with this film too.  As someone who is far from interested in fine dining, for me Remy was the least relatable character here.  There was little to him beyond his culinary obsession, which I accept was the entire point of his character, but as a result I didn't often feel his plight.  In fact the rats in general felt a little underwritten and underused, the story generally focussing more on the humans, who were an altogether more engaging bunch.  I never thought I'd say that of a cartoon…
So there we have it.  An intelligent film that's well executed throughout, it's only crime being that it wasn't quite what I was expecting, leaving me somewhat confounded.  I still look forward to watching it again though, to have second bite of the apple as it were.


< Message edited by Belly T Jones -- 15/2/2008 11:43:11 AM >


Don't worry. Be monkey.

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Post #: 132
Ratatoullie - What's the point? - 16/2/2008 9:22:51 AM   


Posts: 1
Joined: 16/2/2008
I'm siting in my PC chair shocked at what Empire have written. I feel the animation film market has excelled to such a place that I didn't think there was a place for films like this anymore.
In Ratatouille you have a Rat that wants to be a chef. Totally original I accept but not really going to grab the imangination of your children who simply wont relate to this.
Although I have accepted that the story is original the plot simply mirrors a format that everyone has seen before - an unexpected character has an unexpected gift, pulls through against all odds to gain acceptance for his tallents.
I feel the biggest let down in this film are the characters. After accepting that this was a... familiar film, I was expecting this animation to deliver lovable, funny characters. However this never happens and I can only suggest that the creation of these characters was done as an after thought.
What really angers me about this film is the money side of making such an animation. Parents will always take their children to see films in this market regardless of the reviews or storyline which is why this kind of film always makes money. The total lack imagination in this instance just suggests that the whole point of this film was to turn over a profit.
I would only suggest that when buying this on DVD for your children ask yourself whether it is film that they are going to watch over and over again and I feel the competition in this market is too much for the answer to be yes.
In summary I will always find a flying elephant much more exciting than a rat that can cook!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 133
excellent - 16/2/2008 9:14:56 PM   


Posts: 1
Joined: 16/2/2008
apart from a slight dip in form with cars, pixar are fantastic story tellers and amazing animators. this is quite possibly the best of the lot and leaves you feeling completely full of joy after watching such a well crafted movie. pixar constantly raises the bar for itself time and time again, and all i can say is, bring on the next big hit

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 134
RE: Cheap DVD! - 17/2/2008 7:53:37 PM   

Posts: 3251
Joined: 25/1/2006
From: Manchesterford
Just blind bought this today at Morrisons for £9 after hearing such amazing things about it! (It's only £8 at Tesco but they had totally sold out!). Yet to watch it, so haven't read any of the comments in depth but am looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about...!?


The secret to becoming a star is knowing how to behave like one.

(in reply to leethemole)
Post #: 135
RE: Cheap DVD! - 17/2/2008 10:30:13 PM   

Posts: 1371
Joined: 3/10/2007
From: London
It's a great film and really enjoyed, but I don't think it was worth 5 stars. Empire's review makes out like it's the apex of human achievement. It's just a bloody enjoyable 100 mins spent - end of. Nothing like as good as Toy Story II (which is easily one of the greatest films, or should I say "feature presentations", ever made).


I'd give you my signature, but what would happen if you stole my cheque book? It would be a disaster.

(in reply to losthighway)
Post #: 136
rata... can't say it - 18/2/2008 1:13:54 PM   


Posts: 83
Joined: 6/4/2007
great film, really fun and simply brings joy to all who watch it. I think kids love it and so do adults

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Post #: 137
RE: rata... can't say it - 23/2/2008 2:48:00 PM   

Posts: 11422
Joined: 4/1/2007
From: Chelsea Hotel #2
This film did not put on foot wrong. From the animation to the storyline to the characters, everything was perfect. The most amazing animation ever seen, especially in the scene where Remy gets seperated from his family in the Sewer. Peter O' Toole is also fantastic.


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Post #: 138
- 7/3/2008 7:18:59 AM   

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From: Napa, CA
Stunning, spot on review.

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Post #: 139
An exquisite animated film. - 9/3/2008 11:27:49 PM   

Posts: 656
Joined: 20/2/2008
Ratatouille is a masterpiece. Thank you, Brad Bird. Great Movie.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 140
- 15/3/2008 8:30:31 AM   


Posts: 65
Joined: 15/5/2007
Very enjoyable. The animation of the food is truely superb!

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Post #: 141
DELICIOUS!!!!!! - 2/4/2008 4:41:50 PM   

Posts: 33
Joined: 5/1/2008
From: Scotland
The first time I saw this movie was in FLORIDA and i have to say it was one of the highlights of my holiday! Back in rainy Scotland I bought the DVD and LOVED it even more. It's everything I like in a movie and has the cutest main character ever...(When Linguini is holding the jar you just melt and say awwwwwww) ...MAGNIFIQUE!!!!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 142
RE: Ratatouille - 3/4/2008 10:35:02 PM   


Posts: 31
Joined: 3/4/2008
You're wrong. I saw it and I loved it. I think that pixar's really out done itself. The animatics were brilliant, the music was brilliant, and the voice casting was brilliant. How can you call a film about a surprisingly American sounding rat in Paris who loves to cook crap?!
And by the way, did any one see the guy who plays Remi in Reaper?

(in reply to BenClay2005)
Post #: 143
Ratatouille well crafted - 7/4/2008 8:49:01 PM   


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Joined: 6/4/2008
I thought that when i saw this film that it is well crafted and the animation in the film rocks , you cant get better animation than this movie.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 144
It Made Me Hungry! - 8/4/2008 11:29:17 AM   
joanna likes films


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Joined: 27/10/2007
From: Bexhill
Just looking at the food they serve and it makes you wanna eat it right there and then. Ratatouille is a sweet and funny movie from Disney, it's got a lot of feeling and a few touching moments. It's very suitable for kids and adults alike, some of the jokes maybe not for the children but in all a tender tale that ended a bit quick and sort of desvered the Oscar win.

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Post #: 145
yyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm - 21/5/2008 7:24:02 PM   
Hedgehog Nolan

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Joined: 5/4/2008
From: Ireland
This is a good movie and the animation is very good the food is very lifelike.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 146
wat the hell - 23/5/2008 2:21:20 PM   
Trunk Monkeey

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Joined: 4/2/2008
this is the shitist movie ever

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 147
wat the hell - 23/5/2008 2:21:23 PM   
Trunk Monkeey

Posts: 22
Joined: 4/2/2008
this is the shitist movie ever

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 148
MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! - 23/6/2008 4:48:51 PM   


Posts: 101
Joined: 11/5/2008
I dont know what the big deal is,its about a rat that can cook,sure enough at the end,you feel happy and all but how did it win that oscar,surfs up should have won it.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
Post #: 149
Brilliant - 19/8/2009 10:54:37 AM   


Posts: 165
Joined: 12/12/2005
From: Belfast
Feel-good fun - highly entertaining, charming story, wonderful characters always with Pixar...genuine connection with the audience's emotions. The graphics and animation are quite simply stunning too.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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