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Ratatouille - 1/10/2007 3:35:24 PM   
Empire Admin


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Great movie but I hate the review - 1/10/2007 3:35:24 PM   

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Great movie but I hate the review. Don't know why. Just don't like it.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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RE: Great movie but I hate the review - 4/10/2007 12:52:08 PM   
Larry of Arabia


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From: Turtle Island
Nice to see someone so enthusiastic, not let themselves be constrained by logic or reason, just going for an all out gush. I guess Pixar can do that to a person. (Evil Bob, I just wasted half an hour of my life staring at your av).

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"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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Overrated - 4/10/2007 8:18:40 PM   


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I know im gonna be alone with this but to me Ratatouille was a dissapointment. It's not funny, it's tiresome, it's not that intelligent and it's just about food and food, then a chase, then food, food, a chase, some more food, a chase and some food. Never have a Pixar-film seemed so long. Of course its still Pixar, beautiful to look at and much better than Shrek and Ice Age but thats just how things are and have been for years. The only great character is Peter O'Tooles food critic and he's underused until the last reel.
Bring on Wall-E instead...

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RE: Ratatouille - 4/10/2007 10:24:41 PM   

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I'm going to be honest, I didn't love this movie. It was good, but that was it, certainly not the masterpiece it's being made out to be.
In the Pixar world I'd say it comes in behind Toy Story, 1+2, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and probably a Bugs Life. I'd put it on a par with Cars and Monsters Inc. 
I'm going to hold back final judgement as the screening I saw was full of screeching kids who found trouble sitting still for 30 secs at a time, but at the moment its 3 stars!

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RE: Overrated - 4/10/2007 11:20:15 PM   

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From: To Your Immediate Left
This film is a masterpiece.  It just demands a little bit more from the viewer than say "Finding Nemo".  This is NOT just a kids film, and thank god.  People said the same thing about "The Incredibles" - not funny enough.  Brad Bird makes films that are intelligent and much deeper than the usual animated fare.  That's why they bring such joy to thinking people.  It's not joke, joke, joke all the time.  It's a real story, told at a normal pace.  I honestly think people have lost their patience and can't just sit back and let a story unfold.  It needs to bombard them, or it's 'boring'.

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RE: Overrated - 4/10/2007 11:29:58 PM   

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From: To Your Immediate Left
Skeleton - I can only say I think you're going to change your mind when you see it again...and again...  Bird's work gets better with time and repeat viewings, just the opposite of the usual dynamic.  And a bunch of screaming kids with ADD just may have colored your opinion. 

This is my own top five Pixars, in order (so you can judge ME):
Toy Story
The Incredibles
Tie: A Bug's Life - Toy Story 2

The Incredibles just beats out Ratatouille by a hair.  It's really apples and oranges.  They are very different and successful in different ways.

Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. are just too kiddie for me.  Well done, don't get me wrong, but really for children.  The ones above satisfy me as an adult and are all just good basic, surprisingly emotional, storytelling.

I look forward to Wall-E as well. 

But Ratatouille is fantastic and that buzz you feel walking out is, as the reviewer so aptly described, absolute joy.

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RE: Overrated - 5/10/2007 12:25:43 PM   

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ORIGINAL: benskelly

Skeleton - I can only say I think you're going to change your mind when you see it again...and again...  Bird's work gets better with time and repeat viewings, just the opposite of the usual dynamic.  And a bunch of screaming kids with ADD just may have colored your opinion. 

This is my own top five Pixars, in order (so you can judge ME):
Toy Story
The Incredibles
Tie: A Bug's Life - Toy Story 2

The Incredibles just beats out Ratatouille by a hair.  It's really apples and oranges.  They are very different and successful in different ways.

Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. are just too kiddie for me.  Well done, don't get me wrong, but really for children.  The ones above satisfy me as an adult and are all just good basic, surprisingly emotional, storytelling.

I look forward to Wall-E as well. 

But Ratatouille is fantastic and that buzz you feel walking out is, as the reviewer so aptly described, absolute joy.

I could well grow to love the film on repeat viewings, as a cinema packed full of under 5s isn't the ideal situation to watch this or any other film.
However, my main problems with the film came from what I considered to be a lack of interesting characters. Usually Pixar films offer a variety of different characters speaking with their own unique voice but I felt this one was lacking somewhat with that. Take for example the rats: none of them are particularly memorable. The human characters fare little better, the only stand out being the Food critic who seemed criminally underused. None of the others really made an impression on me.
I think the problems i had with it will stay the same on repeat viewings, but I'm prepared to give it a second chance,  albeit probably on DVD in the comfort and silence of my own living room! 

(in reply to benskelly)
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Ratatouille - 6/10/2007 9:28:24 PM   


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Haven't seen the film, but Pixar have yet to make a bad film, and as this comes from the same person as did the amazing The Incredibles, I'm prepared to bet heavily on it being a 5-star film.

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RE: Ratatouille - 7/10/2007 6:19:27 PM   


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From: My House
A film about a rat who wants to be a chef ?  Who would want to see that? The answer would be anyone who appreciates a good story combined with artistry and technical brilliance.

The story concerns Remy a young rat who finds himself at odds with his family and friends due to his culinary taste being somewhat more sophisticated than theirs, more than most humans' for that matter. When he is forced to flee his country home Remy arrives in a Parisian restaurant. Here he forms an unlikely alliance with Linguine a would-be chef who has ambition but no talent. Together they start to cause quite a sensation. They begin to turn the fortunes of the restaurant, which has been failing since its original owner has died. Can they impress legendary food critic Anton Ego and stay out of the clutches of suspicious head chef Skinner? And will Linguine find romance with the beautiful but spiky Colette?

Pixar and Disney have once again come up trumps with a wonderfully warm and witty film. It is simply wonderful to look at. Every frame is a work of art as well as a technical triumph. The characters, both rodent and human are highly stylised yet somehow fully believable, recalling director Brad Bird's earlier film for Pixar The Incredibles . The environments are rich and amazingly detailed the food looks good enough to eat.   Still all of that would be for nothing if the story was no good. Lucky then, that it is just the opposite. Ratatouille  is witty, warm and uplifting. It has a lot to say about the creative process and in many ways its tale of a chef's longing of acceptance and approval of his work can be seen as a metaphor the same needs of the film-maker.

That's not to say that the film isn't funny. It's consistently amusing and often hilarious   The voice cast is perfect. They're clearly cast for their talent and suitability for the roles rather than to get a big name on the posters. This also allows the animators to come to the fore investing the characters and story with real depth. The little touches are just as impressive as the big set pieces. It's easy to forget when watching a computer animation that the film is created by artists and not by the machines themselves. There is a disclaimer in the old-school credits sequence to remind us though. 

This is the best animated movie of the last couple of years and the best family film of this one.

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Excellent - 8/10/2007 4:14:59 PM   


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Saw this in the US - the only time I have been in a cinema with spontaneous applause at the end (and I was so moved by the film I joined in!) Something about this film is incredibly life affirming - it's almost the animated Shawshank Redemption!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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- 8/10/2007 9:16:12 PM   

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From: USA
Brilliant in every respect

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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"Joy" - 8/10/2007 10:13:41 PM   


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That word is so apt...i saw this a few months back and loved every moment of a great story.

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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RE: "Joy" - 8/10/2007 11:13:37 PM   

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From: Southampton
Ratatouille deserves every one of the stars that Empire gave in its review.  Other five star reviews have been given recently that should maybe have been four stars but Pixar's latest is worthy of the praise.

It goes without saying that the animation is superb, it manages to tread the fine line between cartoon animation and photo-realistic animation, several set-pieces being particularly impressive while the big reveal of Paris is a cinematic moment to make the hairs on your neck stand on end.

I loved the story and the characters, a simple story told with heart and truth.  This film has made me realise the joy of seeing a good film again after a year of disappointments and so many just plain average films.  It's the sort of film that defines good cinema, something that is great to watch as a fun piece of entertainment but also something that is surprising touching.

I had the benefit of seeing it in a nearly full cinema, with quite a few young children.  It's been a long time since I've heard a whole auditorium laughing as one.  It's been even longer since I've seen a film where kids were so enraptured that they were silent throughout. Longer still since I saw a film where I felt, to quote Empire "pure joy".

This film is another triumph from Pixar, judging from some views above though, it won't be to everyone's taste.  For a film about food, that's quite appropriate.

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Relax - 9/10/2007 12:40:52 PM   


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Jesus, I'm sure it's very good, but either calm down or get a room Empire

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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RE: Relax - 9/10/2007 9:07:37 PM   

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Don't get me wrong, I did really enjoy this film, but I wouldn't of given it 5-Stars, and the whole 'hair pulling body control' thing ruined it quite alot. My mate was watching it with me, and when the hair pulling started, we tried convincing ourselves that hen Remy pulled Linguini's hair, Linguini consciously used the tugs as directions for movements, but when Remy did it while Linguine slept, to be honest we just wanted to stop watching...

Despite that, yea, I really enjoyed it.

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Right... - 9/10/2007 9:40:46 PM   


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would you like a tissue, Empire?

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RE: Relax - 9/10/2007 10:26:55 PM   

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From: Southampton


Jesus, I'm sure it's very good, but either calm down or get a room Empire


(in reply to DorianAsh)
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RE: Relax - 11/10/2007 2:25:18 PM   


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Rat – tat – too - ee

Last night I had the opportunity to see the brilliant new Pixar film (a week early here in the UK) and if that wasn’t good enough in itself, to top it off I got to see it in glorious Digital as well. Count me very lucky!

- Lifted -

Before the feature presentation, we got to watch a marvellous little Pixar short film called ‘Lifted’. It’s really amazing how much time and effort would have gone into this, but the resulting 3 minute short is excellent.

The humour, creativity and animation is all spot on, though I did think the two aliens looked a little different to the general Pixar mould. Not in a bad way, (but as Disney before them) you generally know if it’s a Pixar animation, usually the style of the eye’s gives it away and that wasn’t really apparent here.

It is genius little idea about an Alien learning to abduct a sleeping human, and the mayhem that ensues. Simple and effective, I was laughing all the way through, even the little gestures and facial expressions are spell binding and bring a smile to your face.

I wish more films would play little shorts before them!


P.S. I think this is included on the future Pixar Short DVD that’s getting released, so be sure to get it!

- Ratatouille -

So to the main event!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Pixar films, from the first time I saw Toy Story to last night’s Ratatouille. I have yet not to be astonished by how incredible every one of their films is and the care that goes into making them. Though I must be honest last years Cars is my least favourite and I don’t think it was up to Pixar’s exceptionally high standards (at least where story was concerned anyway).

Fortunately Ratatouille is back to Pixar at it’s best, with a story so original it’s unbelievable they even made a decent film let alone something as excellent as this. So what’s it about (if you don’t know), well it’s about a Rat who wants to be a chef in Paris. Right… try selling that to the general movie going public! Disney’s marketing department has had a hell of a job trying to advertise and sell this.

But if you get over the unique (or maybe strange) concept, put your trust in the fact that it’s a Pixar film, and just sit there and watch, you will be very (very) presently surprised!

From a purely animation standpoint, from the opening to closing credits, this is just the cream of the crop. The attention to detail is phenomenal, whether it be hundreds of rats running on screen, waterfalls rushing through sewers, the huge selection of restaurant meals or just a little bit of dirt rendered on somebody’s shoe, nothing is short of stunning. It’s worth the price of admission alone.

The time spent on character and story is at the fore front as always. Never afraid to spend a bit of extra time on establishing two characters connections, or tying up a loose story thread from earlier. Everything is pulled together to create a magical story ready to be served and delicious from start to finish.

The musical score is top-notch, using little bits here and there to make this incredible French cuisine of a world. Then great thunderous sound-scapes to push the action sequences forward.

The action sequences are just exhilarating (though the majority involve a chase of some sorts), the way they are shot (well you know what I mean), with camera placement and movement all just add the little extra’s that really grab you. When the main star Remy is being sucked through the rapids in the sewer, the way it is shown makes you fell like you’re there as well.

Then you have all the little neat touches that Pixar fill their movies to the brim with added on top of all of that as well!

The only two minor gripes I have are – Firstly, because of it’s setting, a lot of time is spent in one location, namely the kitchen and this can be a bit restricting when films like ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ have had many different locations to enhance the story situation and amaze the audience. The second is that around the ¾ mark it did begin to seem a little long, though I think this has a lot to do with the lack of new locations, as there is nothing in the story that should or needed to be cut.

After waiting almost a year for this film, I can say that I was thoroughly impressed and would recommend this film to anyone of any age. It is an outstanding piece of entertainment and I can’t wait to see it again.


Rated amongst the other Pixar films I would rate it as such. (Top being my favourite)

Finding Nemo - 10/10
Monster’s Inc - 9.5/10
Ratatouille - 9/10
The Incredibles - 9/10
Toy Story & Toy Story 2 - 9/10
A Bug’s Life - 8/10
Cars - 6.5/10 


Read more at -

Watch. Enjoy. Discuss.

(in reply to Gazdance)
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- 11/10/2007 5:32:38 PM   

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I've seen this twice and for me, Empire have hit it right on the nose. This is one of the most joyful and wonderful films I have seen in a very, very long time. If you don't feel that way, then I feel sorry for you because you're missing out on a masterpiece

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RE: - 11/10/2007 11:08:58 PM   

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Going tomorrow with my daughter. Tickets all booked for 16:00 and I'll come back and edit this afterwards.

Can't wait,  it feels like I'm the 6 year old.


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RE: RE: - 12/10/2007 12:12:57 AM   

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From: A park bench, with a newspaper quilt
It's a good film, very entertaining, and it made me very hungry! But i wouldn't give it 5 stars. It never made me laugh out loud and i didn't really care for the characters that much apart from Remy and Linguine. As skeletonjack said Pixar usually create a whole group of interesting and entertaining characters and this wasn't the case this time. Hell, even Remy was a bit boring as Pixar protagonists go. Obviously i'm rooting for him but there were no real characteristics i felt made him stand out, apart from being a rat obviously. The others characters mostly drifted into the background and Skinner had nothing unique about him seeming a standard 'villain.' To be honest when i think about it, even the whole plot - cooking amazing food - lacks the depth of my more favoured Pixar films such as Toy Story, Monster's Inc and A Bug's Life.

But like i said it's good and entertaining overall. The animation is superb and it has a feel good factor unrivalled in any other film i've seen this year. If my criticisms seem harsh it's only because i want to balance out the continued praise for it!


No spoilers please:

[ color=#F1F1F1 ]text[ /color ]

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RE: RE: - 12/10/2007 5:06:31 AM   

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From: To Your Immediate Left
To each his own, of course - and it's clear that Brad Bird's work is not big and broad enough for some - but I really don't understand the comments about no interesting characters.  The movie is about Remy and his dream, not about a group of characters.  It's just a smaller canvas I think.  Besides, I thought that his slobbish father and brother, his hapless human foil Linguine, the feisty female cook, the greedy head chef and the snob food critic were all voiced to perfection and very clearly delineated.  Add to that the ghost of his favorite chef who inspires and prods him on, and I think there's plenty of quirky and unique characterization. 

Like I said before, I just think Bird's more subdued and slow-burning style of storytelling is not as in-your-face as we expect from current animation.   

But, for me, that's what makes him so much better.

(in reply to Rinc)
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RE: RE: - 12/10/2007 8:42:50 AM   

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From: Grim up North


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RE: RE: - 12/10/2007 2:57:21 PM   
Driver 8


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Loved it, pure joy. Pixar have done it again

(in reply to Timmy_Brisby_05)
Post #: 25
- 12/10/2007 9:48:23 PM   


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Fab & furry!

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RE: - 13/10/2007 3:43:22 AM   
Gimli The Dwarf

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From: Central Park Zoo
Outstanding. A complete joy of a film. Deserves all the praise it gets and so much more. Great vocals, a wonderful score, a funny and well-written storyline and animation that looks sublime. For me, the only Pixar film that beats it is Monsters, but I love of all their films, and their 12 years run of excellence shows no sign of coming to an end.


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Much more better!

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RE: RE: - 13/10/2007 12:08:04 PM   


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It's amazing how Pixar do it again, and again, and again, and again.  This is an awesome film, which'll have you smiling all the way through and cracking up in places. Remy, Linguine, Emile, Collette, Anton Ego and the head chef are all superb characters.

I'd probably rate this as one of the top three Pixar films, which is huge praise.

9/10 with ease.

(in reply to Gimli The Dwarf)
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RE: Ratatouille - 13/10/2007 5:09:09 PM   


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I totally agree that 5 stars is the only score, the film is excellent, and I agree with whoever said that the short is better than a lot of full-length films.

It's not a criticism, but... anyone notice how the plot was taken from The Hudsucker Proxy?

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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RE: Ratatouille - 13/10/2007 5:16:56 PM   

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Once again - Empire with its snout up the pixar rectum snorting for truffles!

Ratatouille is crap! Seriously - I took my kid and her buddies to see it today - they got bored. Now she loved the considerably better Flushed Away - who wouldn't - it had more rounded interesting characterisation, great jokes, a nippy pace (essential for a KIDS FILM!) and beat this pile of glossy rubbish hands down.

Cars was bad - this was awful. We all got bored - kids and adults alike. The cinema was full, hardly laughed and left underwhelmed.

Sorry Brad Bird - your best work remains The Iron Giant


"Fear can hold you prisoner - hope can set you free"

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