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A Clockwork Orange

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A Clockwork Orange - 6/12/2005 12:29:37 PM   
Empire Admin


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Post your comments on this article
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- 19/7/2006 2:34:35 PM   

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very wierd but very good

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A Clockwork Orange - 2/12/2006 7:50:12 PM   


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From: Leeds
I watched the film ten minutes ago. i don't know what to do anymore. I feel very very different to anything i've ever felt about anything. This film is so powerful that I cannot really feel my legs, Anybody who wants to push the boundaries of psychology should be made to watch this film. I look forward to adult life knowing the ripples of this film will still be there.

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- 4/12/2006 5:23:40 PM   


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Disturbingly Good - 18/2/2007 12:36:56 AM   


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After watching 'A Clockwork Orange' I was somewhat disturbed, but not as shocked as I suppose people are expected to be. I found myself contemplating my own conscience! The scenes of violence and cruelty didn't make me feel much sympathy for the victims, if it had been any other film then I would have, but let me tell you why. The music. The classic Beethoven and other jolly tunes accompanied the malevolent deeds, making the viewer almost think that the brutality was alright. The main protagonist of the story, Alex, we initially saw as a bi-product of the modern day and corruption, but we also grew to like him. His witty intelligence for such a degenerate was quite intriging. By the end of the movie, thinking he has reformed, but no! He is still the sex crazed, luster of violence he has always been, personally leaving me feeling tricked!
Truly Kubrick's best work, maybe just a bit too controversial for its time...

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- 18/4/2007 9:40:49 PM   

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From: USA
Brutal, uncompromising, shocking. More relevant than ever. Another masterpiece by Kubrick. Malcolm McDowell maybe the scariest teenage who ever lived and Singing in the Rain was never the same. Brilliant and terrifying.

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- 18/4/2007 9:42:01 PM   

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From: USA
Brutal, uncompromising, shocking. More relevant than ever. Another masterpiece by Kubrick. Malcolm McDowell maybe the scariest teenager ever depicted on film and Singing in the Rain was never the same. Brilliant and terrifying.

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6-Stars! - 18/8/2007 1:16:20 AM   


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Everything that needs to be said about this film has been said already. My favourite scene is strangely enough the drunk old man's folky singing at the very beginning but this film has masses of brilliant scenes that form a comprehensible whole.

You could almost accuse McDowell of over-acting but he's so engaging that if it is then it is justified.

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Unsatisfying, uninspired and above all unfinished - 1/10/2007 4:27:59 PM   


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For starters: it pisses me off the movie got so much more recognition than the book. OK fine, it must of been real controversial back then, but that's only because the audience had never seen violence and rape of such intense proportions.

The script, outshining all other factors of the movie, is a fine adaptation of Burgess' ingenious and original novel. But Kubrick had to go and mess it up by deserting the last and most powerful chapter of the book just because he felt like finishing on a sour note. Also, the powerful significance of the name "A Clockwork Orange" was hardly conveyed.

Kubrick's directing wasn't all too horrorshow but I've noticed you either love him or you hate him. It felt dry and awkward, though at points he proved his skill with interesting and effective uses of outstretched shadows and claustrophobic close-ups.

The acting revolved around Malcom McDowell, who was more than exceptional, as the supporting cast were poor and fake excluding Patrick Magee who played the role of the enraged Mr. Alexander.

Ultimately it felt unsatisfying, uninspired and above all unfinished.

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- 25/10/2007 12:27:11 PM   


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iv seen this loads of times. Its very Kubrick which in this case is not a good thing. Including the Wicker Man its the most strangly dated film i can think of. The first section is the only bit that is watchable or laughable? not good

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AWESOME! - 23/2/2008 4:25:45 PM   

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Weird, brutal, magnificent, thrilling, metamorphorical, exciting and frightening. Kubrick's masterpiece.

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amaaaazinggg!!! - 14/3/2008 8:31:09 PM   
cdxbl empire


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the reason I gave it such a low star rating is because I couldn't give it ten stars

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Mind-blowing - 26/4/2008 1:18:13 AM   

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From: Chelsea Hotel #2
The best Kubrick film I've seen. Malcolm McDowell is extraordinary. Still can't believe that's Fred from Coronation Street at the end of the film though.

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RE: Mind-blowing - 26/4/2008 1:20:26 AM   

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From: Chelsea Hotel #2
The best Kubrick film I've seen. Malcolm McDowell is extraordinary. Still can't believe that's Fred from Coronation Street at the end of the film though.


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RE: Mind-blowing - 26/4/2008 9:37:47 AM   

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From: Brighton, UK
I liked A Clockwork Orange because it is a really diffrent film. Although its not my favourite Kubrick film its still good anyway.


"We just wanted to say we're a big fan of your work. When it comes to killing Nazis... I think you show great talent. And I pride myself on having an eye for that kind of talent. Your status as a Nazi killer is... still amateur. We all come here to see if you wanna go pro... '"

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A real horrorshow. - 9/5/2008 12:29:20 AM   

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No one can get out of the line of fire of this movie. One of me favourites. Uncompromising and groundbreaking. Sexy, stylish and captivating.

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I don't think you guys have enough morals - 21/7/2008 1:57:07 PM   

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the film glorifies everything that is wrong with the world, don't we want to move on?

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Kubrick is Great - 26/9/2008 1:21:06 PM   


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Two biggest morons in life : 1. A guy who executes some act in real life JUST BECAUSE it was shown in a movie 2. A guy who think story-lines in movie should follow morals.
Stating some FACTS for those who talk of morals: 1. Movies do not glorify anything(read 'evil'). Films just reflect the society's behaviour and NEVER, NEVER is it vice versa. 2. (Justifiable & Meaningful) Violence is a necessary part of life for maintaining an equilibrium in the universe. Eg: If Rabbits breed too much without Eagles killing them to eat, there will be all Rabbits everywhere and they in turn will fight among themselves for survival of the fittest. That does not mean one should go and rape somebody. Especially females (of any species) who have been bestowed upon by nature to select their own sexual partners & CANNOT be forced upon to have sex with anyone. That's rape and is wrong. Males should understand this imp. fact ? 3. Not accepting violence as a part of life reflects only an escapist nature of the fearing mind. (I said 'accepting' and not 'promoting' which would have been wrong.)

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- 14/6/2009 3:57:29 PM   

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From: Ireland
I had a lot of hopes for this film and for the first hour or so it really lived up to its hype but I felt it dragged out for far too long. Great opening 20 minutes or so which, though horrifying are just incredible to watch.

It is a good film but I felt it was too drawn out and lacking for the last 40 minutes or so.

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A clockwork orange - 30/8/2009 2:49:37 PM   
Blue Ryan


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A darkly humorous film based on the darkly humorous book. An astonishing adaptation by Kubrick

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Absolute heaven for filmgoers like myself - 4/4/2011 6:26:50 PM   


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This is the second most amazing film i've ever seen (2001 being the rockstar). THIS was the film that illustrated to me what a genius Kubrick was. I've always wanted to become a director, but when i saw this film it completely shattered my confidence. In a good way. I was like "Shit, I'll NEVER make a film like that". And nobody will, probably. You don't get films like that anymore. Because Kubrick is no longer with us. RIP Stanley.

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A controversial and unforgettibale masterpiece - 4/7/2011 10:36:38 AM   

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From: Oxford
For me "A Clockwork Orange" remains even after 40 years one of the greatest movies ever made.

The story of Alex(Malcolm Macdowell in the role of a lifetime) and his ultra violent ways remains as powerful and important today as it did then.

And to think no-one ever thought Stanley Kubrick could adapt Anthony Burgess novel into a film...oh how wrong they were.

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Stephen Pearce

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Scary? Disturbing? Funny? What About all three and more? - 12/4/2013 3:47:08 PM   


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From: Portugal
What kind of movie is this? A drama about life? A film about the life of crime? A Sci-Fi? A film about or against violence? Well, maybe everything I just said and more!
The story is about Alex "DeLarge" (Malcolm McDowell), a young teenager, music lover of Beethoven, who lives a life of what he calls "ultra-violence". He and his small group of criminals terrorize London night with all imaginable kinds of crimes, from rape to assaulting houses and beating up on thugs. After all "the fun" Alex returns home and pretends to be the boy behaved that works to help people during the night. When he's line of crime reaches a point where he is arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison.
2 years of knocks and suspensions, Alex hears about a program that could take him out of prison soon. Little does he know that this will take him to an even worse situation.
Interesting story does in it? Despite the fact it took years until his debut and premiered when he was attacked viciously by critics. Well, let's continue with the review of this masterpiece.
Kubrick manages to make a film in a breathtaking by every minute that passes. The film is narrated in an exploitative and satirical language, even the dialogues between the characters can have a language satirical and exploitative, Alex is a great proof of that. Each of his words to the group and all other characters is all Shakespearean, we watch the film as if we be reading a dark and gloomy poem (like Alex himself). But every moment Kubrick dosen't resist putting the little British dark humor, letting the film be it pure entertainment at some point.
The disturbing scenes that plague the film (which are many, no spoilers) are filmed in a even disturbing way. The use of image and cinematography that Kubrick's use is disturbing as fascinating, framing in an impressive way.
A mixture of themes that Kubrick uses in the film is also a point to be brilliant. The use of drama in the story of Alex, while

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