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Doom - 27/11/2005 6:18:37 PM   
Empire Admin


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doomed mybe - 14/1/2006 12:11:51 AM   

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Joined: 28/12/2005
From: telford
cool fps scenes a few good bits seen worse though aeon flux for example

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Not very good... - 9/4/2006 11:22:44 PM   

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From: The View Askewniverse
This film had so much potential. With a movie adaptation of a cult video game like Doom, and what's going to be an impressive fanbase, a leading man with the presence of The Rock and obviously a decent budget, nothing could possibly go wrong, right? And that would be true, but there is one major flaw with this movie, it's just not fun.
With a film that is obviously not relying on acting ability, cinematography and screen writing, it's obviously got to go for the over blown, 'Arnie-style' action route. But all of the main characters have no kind of personality to them, the monsters aren't exactly impressive and the whole first-person shooter scene at the end is just plain embarrising to watch. I'd like to say it was enjoyable, but to be honest there's alot of better popcorn, 'friday night' action movies out there. It's watchable, and nothing more.

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Whats the matter with all of you? - 10/4/2006 4:21:58 PM   


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From: South Wales
Fair enough Doom might not be an acting masterclass but what did you expect from this videogame adaptation. Doom has some great action pieces and cool creatures, so stop moaning, switch your brain off and enjoy the gory goodness!

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Whats the matter with all of you? - 10/4/2006 4:24:16 PM   


Posts: 35
Joined: 19/10/2005
From: South Wales
Fair enough Doom might not be an acting masterclass but what did you expect from this videogame adaptation. Doom has some great action pieces and cool creatures, so stop moaning, switch your brain off and enjoy the gory goodness!

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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Proper Good rubbish - 12/4/2006 5:58:21 PM   


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The thing is just an excuse for lots of action, which is great. It has standard shocks and action and even a potentially decent story but in the end just enjoy the havoc whilst it happens. The fps section is awesome, too.

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Boring rubbish - 27/4/2006 11:33:23 AM   


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This is utter crap. There is one sequence of any note in the entire film, but not even that can rescue it from one star oblivion. A waste of time, money and effort.

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RE: Doom - 29/7/2006 11:09:23 AM   

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Within 5 minutes you realise this is not going to be very good.
It looked and felt like it had a budget and script from Stargate Atlantis.  The game is steeped in atmosphere and excellent frights.  This movie?  A truly terrifying experience, but for all the wrong reasons.
How many times can you walk down a dark corridor with a torch and machine gun, reacting to amature scares before your brain just dissolves with boredom?
Oh it's another science messing with what they shouldn't disaster.  Pass me the drool bucket.
The FPS scene was pish - I kept expecting a Doctor Who monster to jump out or maybe Ant and Dec with a bucket of gunge.
It only just earns a second star because *SPOILER* The Rock turns out to NOT be the hero of the day.
Wait for it to turn up on TV.

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RE: Doom - 29/7/2006 12:09:58 PM   

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From: Neo Kobe
Well done, you made an action movie boring, and added a stupid plot to avoid religious backlash (although no-one told the cast, who keep saying "hell" and demons"). Even the FPS sequence was a let down. How hard is it to make 90 minutes of killing and violence? Rubbish. Go watch Predator.

(in reply to Ryan_D_Bell)
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RE: Doom - 30/7/2006 9:39:34 PM   
Fluke Skywalker

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From: the dark side of the sun
I quite enjoyed it - a throwaway action movie that entertains a bit but will probably not bear repeat viewings. Worth a rental

(in reply to rich)
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RE: Doom - 3/8/2006 8:48:11 AM   

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Joined: 30/11/2005
I liked Doom. Ok so it's not the most intelligent movie ever but i didn't expect it to be. I expected a big, dumb action film. I got what i expected, so therefore, i am pleased.
Doom has some great moments. The bit where Pinky is about to buy it (''There's something behind me, isn't there?''), when Sarge gets a hold of the BFG (''Big....Fuckin...Gun!''), when we see what the BFG can do, and of course, the first person shooter sequence, which works better than i thought it would.
So, don't go expecting much in the way of character development or brains, because Doom lacks both.
For what it is, though, it's a highly enjoyable film and for what it's worth, is probably the best game to film adaptation yet.
How can you not like a film which features the lines:
''If they're so smart, how come they're so dead?'', or my personal fave:
''Dr. Carmack's condition is irreversible... [shoots Carmack}...because Dr. Carmack's condition is that he's dead''.
Great fun * * *


''What business is it of yours where I'm from, friendo?''

(in reply to Fluke Skywalker)
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Average - 21/8/2006 9:28:20 PM   

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Not terrible but not particularly great either. Some great monsters and CGI can't disguise a thin plot and lack of homage to the game (where's all the hell stuff?).

(in reply to Empire Admin)
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Doom-ed? - 22/8/2006 4:45:33 PM   

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From: The ickle town of Fuck, Austria
It's official! Computer game conversions to the big screen suck the hairy scrotum of Satan's plums. Yep, it's a dire genre of film, filled with an abundance of poorly conceived computer generated monstrosities, shockingly designed plots that bare little resemblance to the original computer games intent, acting of the "can't find my way out of a paper-bag" variety and shoddy direction from an MTV generation of movie-makers suffering from severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Still, it keeps the kids happy; their short attention spans finding the directors mangled perception of their favourite Playstation games somewhat accessible and entertaining. Obviously, they've all been duped by the films otherwise well-known title, that it's manipulated their fragile little minds. How anyone can rate Resident Evil as a five star must see flick is pretty much beyond comprehension, given that the material from the game could have produced a far superior zombie-flick in the hands of someone more competent than Paul W S Anderson. So, forgive me for embracing the big screen interpretation of Doom, one of the most recognised PC titles of all-time and the game that breathed life into the first person shooter (FPS) genre of gaming, with such palpable negative thoughts on the commencing of watching.

The year is 2056. A government research base on Mars is examining the archaeological ruins of a lost city, when a key team of scientists are locked down in their laboratory after a bloody and horrific disturbance. Following a video message sent out by the lead scientist (with lots of screaming and roaring in the background) a team of hardened Marines, led by Sarge (The Rock), are sent to Mars via a portal/gateway on Earth to investigate what's behind the disturbance, eliminate any hostiles and recover any of the science team still alive and their otherwise important research data. However, amidst lots of darkened corridors and reveals on the research the scientists have been conducting (the silly bugger type of research that always results in dying slowly with sharp things in your head), the Sarge's team are slowly picked off by a fast, often unseen malevolent creature intent on escaping the laboratories quarantine and running amok the otherwise well-populated Mars complex to create further bloody carnage. With a dwindling team consisting of the troubled Reaper (Karl Urban), who has a mysterious past with the Mars facility, and his sister Samantha (Rosamund Pike), one of the archaeological research scientists on the planet, can Sarge prevent the ensuing monster rampage from turning into a rather significant holocaust?

I can hear what you're all thinking - "so, Doom is actually a cliché-ridden Aliens rip-off?" Well, yeah, what else were you expecting? After all, the original game has more than it's fair share of knowing nods to James Cameron's action masterpiece. Doom also happens to rip-off numerous aspects of Predator, Blade 2, Split Second and Resident Evil throughout its running time. Indeed it borrows so much from the already over-flowing barrels of sci-fi staples that it's about as original as Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. So you pretty much know what to expect. A squad of marines, complete with the usual suspects of grunts (a fresh-faced inexperienced kid, a mini-gun carrying heavy, the mean-spirited chicken, a god-fearing preacher type) stalk about samey looking corridors and interiors whilst slowly depleting in number as a mostly shadowy enemy offs the team in often similar circumstances to previous flicks (see the being dragged under the floor boards death for more), before concluding in one largely orchestrated action-filled, fun-fest.

Unfortunately this is a rather huge problem with Doom. For the most part, the content has been seen and done better in many a film previously that it's already ice-skating up a hill for the audience's affection. It's certainly not a patch on the atmosphere of Aliens, missing out on that essential tension building quality between frantic sorties of action that James Cameron makes look so easy, and the squad dynamics aren't as interesting as Dutch, Blaine, Poncho, Billy and company in Predator, mostly due to the lack of characterisation and quality dialogue featured in Doom. Indeed, after a few failed one-liners in the opening twenty minutes the dialogue edges more closely to standard military rhetoric - a rather appreciated blessing. Furthermore a lack of imagination in the numerous set pieces makes it all seem rather dull, with such unoriginality veering on the side of tedium at times. Add to this a rather poor performance by Rosamund Pike and some shoddy creature effects in places and things aren't looking too good for Doom…

Yet, even though I should know better, I kind of found myself enjoying this otherwise slight sci-fi romp. Whilst it sounds like an endearingly close relative to the god-awful Aliens Vs Predator, Doom is actually all right (making it vastly superior to AVP). Now, please don't confuse "all right" with "excellent," as these are two differing countries separated by a very large expanse of water. Its capital is just above the town of Mediocre, which helps to highlight the general averageness of Doom. But still, it has some decent things going for it. The opening sequence, including a severed arm lopped off by a closing door, sets things up nicely for some future gore laden-antics and whilst the introduction to the troops and the by-the-numbers marine surveillance of the research lab is rather ponderous, it builds up some half-decent atmosphere. Already the MTV director styling is missing, opting for tension and character building instead, and even though it's not brilliantly successful with either it is a pleasant surprise. As is the plot! Whilst having very little to do with the computer games "fighting the demons of hell" premise, the marines still end up battling against a number of rampaging demons, but in a more comprehendible way. Additionally, the concluding third of the film more than provides a fitting finale as the gore and violence gradually increase to a rather impressive massacre, although the demons seem oddly replaced with a rampaging horde of zombies. For an "all right" film, praise must certainly be given to Andrzej Bartkowiak for not being a complete hack like Paul W S Anderson or Uwe Boll and for directing Doom in a more restrained way than many of his contemporaries perhaps would have.

However, there are three main reasons for possibly catching Doom. Firstly, an unlikely twist (given the advertising of the film) provides a slightly more than the by-the-numbers feel the rest of the film has. It's a genuine surprise and indeed, rather welcome. Secondly, the two leads do an admirable job without ever really stretching themselves. Karl Urban's woe is me persona gets a little irritating after a while (although not as irritating as Rosamund Pike's science boffin) but his hard-as-nails act nearing the finale reminds you that he once played the hard-as-nails Eomer in Lord of the Rings. The Rock is, well, The Rock albeit in a rather restrained role (which compliments the direction) giving as much screen-time to Urban, Pike and the remainder of the marines, rather than simply chewing up the screen in his more typical WWE persona. With no eyebrow raising shenanigans, he very much plays second fiddle to Urban's Reaper despite being the named star of the film, which is, again, surprising but welcome. In some ways it's another string to The Rock's bow, as he slowly carves out a niche as the next Arnie, but with a greater range, despite not yet appearing in anything that can be considered an essential watch.

Finally, the third main reason for catching Doom is one particular sequence that remains true to the FPS nature of the original game. After being injected with a super-drug to make him super-human, Reaper takes on a horde of demons in a full FPS mode styled sequence, just like the game. With the gun in the right hand corner of the screen, magazine changes occurring once every while and the viewer essentially viewing the action from the position Reaper would, it's a rather cool and technically excellent segment that just gives the film that little extra. Sure it's a gimmick, but it's a gimmick that works rather well, thanks to the adrenaline pumping nature of the scene, and you're certainly not going to see it anywhere else. I'll repeat; it's very cool.

With all this in mind, Doom can be well regarded as the best computer game to film conversion created thus far, but there's still that nagging thought that it could have been so much better. Maybe it's part of the cyclical nature of many computer games often being replicas of films in the first place (GTA is Scarface, Resident Evil is Dawn of the Dead) that it will always be a case of seen it all before, because the audience pretty much have, and without the interactive nature that the game will always hold for the player (because you're the one blowing the crap out of everything), the film conversion will always struggle to hold ones attention. Doom is probably great stuff if you haven't seen this particular type of movie before, but slightly tiresome to audiences that pretty much know what to expect - a patch-work quilt of previous sci-fi movies sewn together producing an often insignificant and uninspired hybrid of the genres most obvious patterns. Indeed, Doom adds very little to the genre other than a wonderfully crafted FPS sequence, which will have fans of the game peeing in their pants, and a decent twist, but lacks the punch that both Cameron and John McTiernan  managed to enthuse within both Aliens and Predator. The high-octane finish more than makes up for the otherwise meandering and slow opening half of the film and Doom certainly appeals to that small portion of the brain that wants some simple gung-ho action. It pleasantly features quite a bit of gore as well, which often goes missing in similar styled travesties like Aliens Vs Predator (which was embarrassingly low on the blood and guts quota), yet despite all these positives, one can't help feeling that this is still a missed opportunity.

Overall - Doom doesn't out stay its welcome, features a couple of decent stylish scenes and despite a clichéd script, clichéd characters and not much originality, you could do much worse. Certainly this is much better than the similarly styled Aliens Vs Predator and is one of the better computer game conversions yet released - although that's still not say much!

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- 4/10/2006 8:35:53 AM   

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Only the "Doom"-esque 1st person shooter scene saved this one. The rest, utter utter rubbish.

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- 10/3/2007 5:29:31 PM   

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Doom fires a big, noisy blank.

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Good game to film transformation - 15/2/2008 1:34:34 PM   


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Overall, the film is a good transformation from video game to movie, however there seems to be no relation to the game at times, the most impressive part of the film being the ending which has a strong relevance to the game, down to the fact of it showing the film through the eyes of the game. Room for improvement, make it more like how the game was/is and would make it much better

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Buy the extended version - 20/2/2008 7:40:03 PM   


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I know the director was trying to generate some scares, that can be the only expalnation for the marines going down dark corners, when really all he had to do was just have guns firirng a lot in it, although he does get it right at the first-person sequnce, but the extended version now that was great, in my opinion the extended version is the third best video game movie there is, so buy it and forget about this laughble effort.

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Extended version reveiw - 20/2/2008 7:41:59 PM   


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The extended version is vast improvemnt, there is more action, the plot is unfolded better and gives a better explanation as to why The Rock went crazy, yes it is the 3dr best video game movie in my opinion.

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Just plain terrible - 9/3/2008 3:19:26 PM   


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Doom is pretty much like a tenth-rate Aliens where all the characters are extremely cardboard-flat characteures, but instead follows a plot too similar to the first Resident Evil flick. It doesn't help that they angered all Doom fans by replacing the concpet of Demons from hell with mutants. Oh yeah, not to mention the abysmal dialogue throughout. The first-person sequence was probably its only saving grace, but that' saying very little.

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RE: Just plain terrible - 31/7/2012 8:13:12 AM   

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Doom (2005)

We all know the game and how iconic it is, this film adaptation is less than iconic. Not that its a bad film though, surprisingly it keeps to the original source material and is actually made for adults only, one of its better qualities.

The plot flies close to the actual game story within the manual with certain aspects like the Mars location, teleportation experiments and the 'UAC' corporation. From there on the film goes off on its own tangent which encompasses all manner of regular sci-fi cliches. Alien remains found on Mars with extra chromosomes allow humans to become immune to disease and heal faster, experimentation's on subjects cause them to mutate into monsters which of course break free and kill everyone.

The really silly part is the fact that once inside a human host these alien chromosomes somehow are able to choose whether or not to turn the host into a monster or superhuman. It does this by determining how evil the host is or if the host has the capacity to be evil, indeed.

This basically gives the excuse for lots of undead like space zombies which I hated. So so so unoriginal and completely cliched sci-fi/horror, humans becoming the walking dead *yawn!*. The videogame is mainly about demons and monsters coming through a portal from hell I think, end of the day its more about monsters than undead humans. The disappointing aspect of the film for me was the fact that all the creatures seemed to be merely mutated humans and not real monsters from another world or dimension.

The disappointing plot changes aside the film isn't too bad really. Of course it plays exactly like 'Aliens' from the point of the marines (what sci-fi film with soldiers doesn't) and offers the usual over the top macho nonsense you might expect. The character names are all quite amusing and again totally cliched, but admittedly its based on a videogame so I guess they adhere to that well...'Reaper' 'Destroyer' 'Duke' 'The Kid' etc...
It always amuses me how these type of films include a 'Hudson' character, its like common practice now to do this. The character of 'Portman' is easily the 'Hudson' copy here, more of a perverted creepy womaniser this time but he still has that rebellious loose cannon characteristic which makes him the best guy to watch. Richard Brake portrays 'Portman' and am I the only one thinking he could make a brilliant 'Joker' the way he looks in this film?.

Rest of the cast are all your regular types with nothing much to hold your attention. Dwayne Johnson as the 'Sarge' is reasonable but not quite the face you need for this really, the guy is too nice. Early role for Urban here and he looks a bit chubby to me hehe.

Core of the film is effects and horror and whether it could pull it off. In my opinion it does pull it off just about and offers a decent slice of sci-fi action and gore. The film isn't top heavy with blood but it does get going from the midway point with some nice monster designs, slow increase of profanity and of course the classic 'FPS' sequence towards the end which is very nicely done and dare I say quite cool.

Not the overblown CGI fest you might have expected! yes I'm amazed too. Most of the creatures are men in rubber suits and detailed mockups which do look pretty good courtesy of Stan Winston's creature shop. Clearly effort was made to go down the 'Alien' route rather than the current trend and I applaud that.
Its a run of the mill standard gun totting action flick grounded within the common sci-fi setting of steel corridors and medi labs. It has its moments and is certainly not as bad as you might have expected, it beats 'Resident Evil' easily.

(in reply to alsybroth)
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