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Nothing about the additional 20 minutes!

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Nothing about the additional 20 minutes! - 30/10/2012 1:27:50 PM   


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From: Sheffield
As The longer US print is being released for the first time in UK cinemas I would have expected some review of this (is it better, worse, does it add anything or help explain?). Nothing, all we get is a review of The Shining as we all know it.

Film is good (although not quite a masterpiece), this review is pretty pointless and those extra 20 minutes are still a mystery.

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A Masterpiece - 30/10/2012 11:52:23 PM   


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Those carping about the lack of faithfulness to Stephen King's book are unfortunately going over old ground. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. You'll always have King's book. Kubrick's personal vision in the film adaptation doesn't detract from it in the slightest. What you do get with the film of "The Shining" is the vision of a singular film maker - a director who always took source material and twisted it to suit his own interests and world view. In the case of "The Shining" he takes King's reasonably well-written supernatural haunted hotel horror and turns it, for his own purposes, into an extremely black comedy about the American nuclear family. To bemoan the loss of animated hedgerow animals or Halloran as the hero is to misunderstand what the film of "The Shining" is all about. Kubrick wants to tell you about the mundane nature of family life in a capitalist, TV-obsessed consumer culture, about the danger of repressed impulses. His version of "The Shining" is ultimately a satire - albeit one with creepy ghost children and withered bathroom hags. To complain that it differs from King's novel is to ignore the many impressive things Kubrick achieves with "The Shining". If you take it as a Kubrick film, rather than a King adaptation, its qualities are more apparent. Visually stunning, powered by Jack Nicholson's manic central performance, genuinely scary, and atmospherically scored, "The Shining" is one of cinema's enduring horrors.

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- 1/11/2012 11:41:00 AM   
chris wootton


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Saw this last night (extended cut of 24 minutes).. have to say that with the additional scenes added it was as dull as fook. The original cut is so much better as this version just drags big time.

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RE: EMPIRE ESSAY: The Shining - 2/11/2012 10:58:37 AM   
John The Grudge

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Both the film and book are great. King is a great writer and I've enjoyed every book of his I've read. I can understand why he'd feel the way he does about the film. Kubrick rejected his script, instead choosing to write it himself along with a writing partner (Diane Thompson was it?). Not only that but Kubrick put a little joke in the film at King's expense in the form of the wrecked red car.

King's assertion that Kubrick's film has no soul is totally wrong. His opinion is borne out of his experience of rejection and the anger he feels as a result. It's not an objective opinion so it's amusing to see people mindlessly repeat his criticisms. The film obviously has great depth. Personally I find it to be deeper and more rewarding than the book. The film has mystery while King is too often literal. Kubrick doesn't explain things that the audience should be able to figure out for themselves, or where an explanation might detract from the experience.

It's fairly clear to me that in this case, the film is superior to the book. It's my opinion that while on the surface it may seem that Kubrick has ripped up King's story, if you consider the things that are suggested in the film rather than depicted outright, it's actually quite faithful.

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"Those satisfactions are permanent."

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RE: EMPIRE ESSAY: The Shining - 2/11/2012 4:13:14 PM   

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Really looking forward to seeing this at the cinema in 3 weeks time, followed by Room 237 a week after.
Heard some good reviews of Room 237 so far, The Shining is my third favourite horror film (after TCM and The Thing) and I imagine it will really benefit from a big screen showing. Can't wait.


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US CUT - 3/11/2012 2:13:06 PM   
Mulholland Empire


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Saw the US cut at my local cinema on Halloween and while it had some nice extra character beats I can see why Kubrick chopped the scenes as they really add nothing to the drama and at times do slow the movie down badly.
Fortunately both versions are available on blu ray (though you will need to import the US disc if you want the longer cut, it is region free) so fans can pick and choose which one to watch.
I own both but prefer the shorter european version as I find it perfectly paced.

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RE: US CUT - 27/11/2012 12:12:03 PM   

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So the extended cut added nothing but took away loads.
Too much explained too early, which spoilt some surprises (Room 237, the maze, the Jack-has-given-up-drinking, the added information in the interview, the hospital scene with Danny and the awful skeletons in the lobby (which I think is in the US edition anyway))

Still a superb film though, brilliant on the cinema, Nicholson has never been nuttier (causing a few of the, ahem, "young student types" in the cinema to actually laugh ) the score is quite resonating and eerie throughout, there is a some splendid additonal scenes at the beginning of Jack driving to the interview (the cinematography is amazing) but all in all, stick to the Directors' Cut, it was obvious he knew what he was doing the first time.

If you haven't seen The Shining at all, I'd avoid this cut for fear of ruining a masterpiece.


I've got all the Barbie ones!!!

Yeah but you're old. Really old. Old. Old. Old. Old.

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RE: The Shining - 27/11/2012 1:31:35 PM   

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From: The Lot


ORIGINAL: krisjcummins

Superior to King's book itself, this Kubrick horror film frightens, disturbs and provokes thought in the viewer.

No it isn't, that doesn't make any sense. They're two very different beasts. I'm a huge fan of King but it's not my favourite of his books. And even though it isn't really the book Kubrick's film does fascinate and disturb me, but on a seperate and less cerebral level than the novel.


ORIGINAL: jonson

So the extended cut added nothing but took away loads.
Too much explained too early, which spoilt some surprises (Room 237, the maze, the Jack-has-given-up-drinking, the added information in the interview, the hospital scene with Danny and the awful skeletons in the lobby (which I think is in the US edition anyway))

Have to agree with jonson. I saw the extended cut a few years back but all I really remember is a very stilted conversation between Wendy and a doctor near the beginning which just reeked of crow-barred exposition. Stick to the original UK cut, it has much more mystique.


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RE: EMPIRE ESSAY: The Shining - 28/11/2012 12:06:35 AM   


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I wish I could watch The Shining for ever, and ever, and ever................


deserve's got nothing to do with it

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RE: EMPIRE ESSAY: The Shining - 28/11/2012 8:25:57 AM   


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From: elsewhere
You've always been watching the Shining.

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RE: EMPIRE ESSAY: The Shining - 3/12/2012 2:46:13 AM   


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From: Ireland
This is one of those films whose extended cuts are worse. I could not stop remembering the extended cut of Watchmen. It sucked big time and just plain wasted time.


I love the cinema!

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The most hypnotically chilling movie I've ever seen - 6/2/2013 6:06:26 PM   
Mr Gittes


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Kubrick made quite a few masterpieces, but this is my personal favourite. Truly stunning cinema.

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Post #: 42
- 24/6/2013 10:19:27 PM   

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From: Sin City
The Shining
This time I watched the longer US version, for the first time. There are some cool scenes in it that make the film even scarier than it already was.
It still remains one of the most creepy films that I know, Kubrick`s direction is fantastic. I noticed that every time I watch it I discover new details, keeping it a joy to watch.
In my opinion this is one of Kubrick`s best films.


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PART 1 of bleedingcritic's review of THE SHINING - 18/7/2013 5:01:58 PM   

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I read the Stephen King novel twice before I finally got to see The Shining (1980) at a late night showing. Stephen King had a problem with Stanley Kubrick's interpretation, other websites go into this in more detail, but to be fair if you want the actual version of the book, Stephen King made it in 1997 as a TV mini series, and it's pretty bloody good. It features a couple of moments in Stephen King’s version of The Shining which I wish was in Kubrick’s film. I researched a few behind the scenes photographs from Kubrick's The Shining, go to my abattoir to view.

This film influenced me throughout my life, I remember years ago during film conversations I would mention it's my favorite film of all time and people would disapprove or laugh. Nowadays when I say The Shining is one of my all time favorites, people agree...instinct was correct all those years ago.

It would be frightening having Jack Nicholson chasing you down corridors with an axe in a hotel, isolated in the middle of nowhere. (However, If you've played the ‘Dead Space’ series on Xbox 360, that’s beyond bloody terrifying). I went to a special one off screening of The Shining at the REX Cinema in Berkhamsted, The Rex is a beautiful red and gold art deco cinema, unmatched by any other venue in the UK. The atmosphere of The Rex was perfect to watch this film. The unexpected icing on the cake was that Kubrick’s daughter introduced the film live ‘Wow, it doesn’t get better than this’ I said at the time. It was like a dream to see this film for the second time on the big screen. A friend, who had never seen it before, said afterwards ’I dunno what to say, I can’t say I liked it, but it was an experience. It blew me away. I’m speechless’.

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Part 2 of bleedingcritic's review: THE SHINING - 18/7/2013 5:05:16 PM   

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...The Shining is a cherished experience. The classic Nicholson stare is one of my favorite moments in the film, watch it here. When I was in Maine, I asked around about the location of the actual ‘Overlook Hotel’ - at the time I didn’t know the inside scenes were film sets, I was way off target to travel to the actual Timberline lodge (The lodge is featured in the film as the external view of the Overlook Hotel). Eventually, I went into a video shop in Maine (I miss those old school VHS videos shops) this shop had one shelved wall dedicated to only Stephen King videos, the owner told me where Stephen actually lived. Within minutes I was about to press the button adjacent to the open security gate to Stephen's home and the thought crossed my mind that I'd have 30 cops surrounding me in 15 seconds if I pressed it. His home was huge and red, I remember the iron fencing and three serpent headed iron bats resting on the gate entrances.

I own a Blu – ray copy of The Shining which is the full 144 minute version - This full version was only released in the UK back in November 2012. Nicholson is spectacular in the role of Jack Torrence and Shelley Duvall is an absolute wreck as the story develops. The making of The Shining by Kubrick’s daughter is enlightening, especially about Kubrick’s demands on Shelley. Memorable moments include that Steadicam, enabling its operator to run smoothly following the actors, most notably when young Danny's peddling on his three wheeled cycle, creating that distinct carpet to wood thudding sound.

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Part 3 of bleedingcritic's review:THE SHINING - 18/7/2013 5:07:18 PM   

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....No other film has inspired such an incredible mix of creative poster art, Iíve researched the best and loaded them all together on a slideshow here. Awesome stuff. I saw the soundtrack available on vinyl once in central London, I didnít buy it and boy do I regret it now because itís unavailable. Many film makers have been influenced by this film and deservedly so. Kubrickís obsession with attention to detail is crazy or genius, and everyone has their own take on this, I think itís a mix of both. However, it's the end result that matters. I wonder what people feel about the film now, maybe itís off their radar or another film made its mark instead. You could research so much about this film online, it really is that interesting, even a young Simon Cowell almost worked on it but decided not to, though I've read he had the job of polishing the axes. I hope this film holds itís value in the future because itís so unique. Itís inevitable one day, hopefullly never, The Shining will be remade.

The atmosphere,the pace of this story and the fantastic music score has given us a film that's developed so much respect year after year, it really is a production that's ahead of its time. The lighting and set design is stunning. I hope sometime soon a Horror film is released and impresses us all so much, that it'll stand the test of time, just like The Shining has. At the time of writing this review Stephen King has announced a sequel (37 years after the publication of The Shining) titled 'Doctor Sleep' which will be released in September 2013, the story follows a middle aged Danny Torrence.

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Part 4 of bleedingcritic's review of THE SHINING - 18/7/2013 5:10:29 PM   

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....If your a big fan of The Shining the 2012 documentary Room 237 explores the films theories. Just imagine an amusement park that includes a set built exactly like the Overlook Hotel with real snow around and the replica of the hedge maze. When you visit this experience....a Jack Nicholson lookalike chases after you, axe in hand. Some people would pay a lot of money for that thrill...I'll leave you with a surprise - For some interesting information about the alternative ending to The Shining visit - Terrific!

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"Some places are like people... some shine and som... - 5/10/2013 1:48:25 PM   


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Deeply chilling even today, The Shining strikes a perfect balance between the surreal and the mundane, informing us that the familiar can often be deceptive, and that nothing is ever quite as it seems. Captured through expert staging, symbolic use of color, bold performances and lengthy, dreamlike tracking shots, this is one of Kubrick's masterworks.

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Shines bright - 31/1/2015 10:48:58 PM   


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In which the master Kubrick brings his cold, clinical style to the horror genre. It seems like a combination that shouldn’t work but, oddly it does. The setting probably helps – an austere grand hotel in the Colorado Rockies that’s cut off for winter with Nicholson and his small family caretaking it and daddy slowly going out of his mind and reaching for the axe. Kubrick uses sound and light to unsettle, with some unforgettable shots (who can forget the cascades of blood coming out of the lift?). For such a meticulously controlled director, Nicholson’s over-the-top performance is the renegade factor here.

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THE SHINING review with Bleeding Critic - 14/7/2015 1:17:07 PM   
Bleeding Critic


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I include an external link to my own review for THE SHINING for you to watch @BleedingCritic

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