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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire - 10/11/2005 1:15:02 PM   
Empire Admin


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harry shiter than ever - 14/1/2006 12:14:34 AM   

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From: telford
what a load of boring drivel nearly fell asleep what awaste of 2 hours

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- 28/1/2006 2:00:19 PM   

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From: Harrow
Given it's now in the top 201 I hope Empire, along with Narnia, change their opinion come the DVD release.

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I love this film - 16/2/2006 6:34:17 PM   


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What a cool film

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Better than ever - 5/3/2006 10:55:32 AM   


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Harry Potter is better than ever on this film. Even though it starts off a bit boring it magically weaves through the next 2 and a half hours . With brilliant acting from everyone, this film is a chiller. Bringing the legend back to life is Mike Newall. The three tasks are filmed with and amazing style adding suspense. In the final graveyard scene where voldermort rises, your full attention is on the screen. It can't really get any better. It is Michael Gambon's second attempt to play the role of Dumbledore and he does it much better than his quiet and over-reacting personality he did in 'Azkaban'. I appreciate the fact that the film has been given a 12A rating because it is a lot scarier than the others. With amazing fun, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire is a magical adventure for everyone.

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The Best So Far! - 17/3/2006 9:49:23 AM   


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I agree with Musefan. It deserves more stars than a measly 3 stars. I definatly give it a high score of 5 stars. The specail effects are absolutely brilliant especaily in the Quidditch World Cup with the stands. It's a shame they couldn't put more of the book into the movie but then it would be 2 days long. If u catch my drift.

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Goblet of fire - 18/3/2006 2:30:54 PM   


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From: Boston
After a very disappointing sequel to the chamber of secrets, this had to be improved. With a better book and an extended movie, they just about manage to do it. Brilliant.

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- 20/3/2006 8:43:57 AM   


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All the ticks are right. Dragon gets loose on time, Harry blushes at the right moment and the movie is given the right dark tones. That is why the movie looks so commercial and so mediocre. Studio is happy with the bucks but am I?

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Best Harry Ever - 24/3/2006 2:15:15 PM   


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After the first three movies I got Bored. Philosophers stone was awesome but very slow.Chamber of secrets was so so. Prisoner of azkaban was alright my expections were not very high but I was blown away by effects,acting abilities and storys of teenage angst.I am thirteen so I really could relate to the storys of attractions to the other sex and trying to ask a girl out.I Loved how this movie was a thriller and not just a mystery.I loved how the filmmakers showed the brilliant scenes of torture between Wormtail,Voldemort and Harry.Ralph Fiennes performance was every bit brilliant as the evil Voldemort.I will always love this movie.Oh,and Empire about your three star review all I have to say is in the words of Ron Weasley ''Piss Off!''

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- 3/4/2006 9:53:07 AM   

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The younger cast have also grown into their roles, improving from their previous outing. Rupert Grint, usually used to playing a comical and stupid Ron, had the chance to cut his acting teeth and show Ron's darker, bitter side and he did well. The Phelp twins have also improved dramatically. No longer do they come across as wooden cut-outs just reading from a cue-card and instead they are able to show the mischievous spontaneity of the Weasley twins. And I look forward to seeing more of Matthew Lewis, who was great at showing Neville's sensitive side without making him too klutzy. Out of the younger cast, though, Dan Radcliffe is the one who has progressed the most. In PoA, he was awful in the 'he was their friend' scene so he seems like another boy in the harrowing graveyard scene and the aftermath, depicting Harry's anger, feelings of vulnerability and grief. He still stumbled on occasion in other scenes but I, at last, have faith he will be able to do the Harry of 'Order of the Phoenix' justice when the time comes.If you're interested, Some of the things that weren't included in the movie that stuck out in my mind are:

- The scene where Dudley eats the ton-tongue coffee and has an enlarged tongue. The Dursley's aren't included in this one at all.

- Weasley's Wizard Weezes are not mentioned

- The character Ludo Bagman is left out altogether

- Winky isn't in the movie

- S.P.E.W (Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare), the Elf-rights activist group formed by Hermione, is left out altogether. And i thought this added a lot to the story throughout the book

- Hagrid's humiliation at being exposed as a Half-giant is left out, and so of course is Harry, Ron, and Hermione coming to comfort him

- no Blast-Ended Screwts

- Hermione never catches Rita Skeeter in her animagus form (a beetle) as she does in the book

- The scene in which Draco Malfoy is attacked on the train near

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- 4/4/2006 12:14:28 AM   


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It was nice, but a bit boring...Harry was good. Hermione and Ron were written poorly though. Everything felt so rushed. It doesn't deserve three stars, but one star is a bit too low. I give it two.

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harry potter 4 - 12/4/2006 7:17:25 PM   

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From: Manchester
very very good, thought that it was a tad long and they did leave out an awful lot but they had to or else it would be on forever. thought that the child stars were shite as usual but thats not something that we weren't expecting. the adult cast were fantastic as usual although alan rickman not getting enough screen time was a problem. the so-so special effects added to the dissapointment but that was more than made up for by the terrifing stand out performence by ralph fiennes as the dark lord himself. however possibly the best cameo in years by jarvis cocker as the lead singer of the wierd sisters was genius. i advise you to go and see this if you haven't already as it is great fun although if you didn't see the first 3 then this won't realy make sense so see them first.

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really liked it - 16/5/2006 10:11:20 AM   

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From: UK
Really liked the latest one but it does feel the same as all the others in all respects.

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- 14/6/2006 9:49:57 PM   


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From: Falkirk, Scotland
The worst one so far. Its really long, but practically nothing happens in it!!!!

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Will the real HP please stand up! - 26/9/2006 5:18:19 PM   


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i really enjoyed this film. I felt it was the very first time that the HP story (as a film) stood up on its own as a concept, and not a new version of several older fantasy stories. This one rocked!

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My favourite book and film - 8/11/2006 9:25:13 AM   


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From: Hpool
I really enjoyed this because it is much darker and harry is begining to struggle with his status that he is the only one who can kill voldermort. I wish people would stop slagging the films off because they are good and mostly for the children that read the books so all you adults who are complaining please get a life and review something that interests you rather than criticising it.

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- 11/3/2007 4:28:25 PM   

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Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire - 16/5/2007 7:01:33 AM   


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From: Portsmouth
Oh My God this was the Harry Potter film I have been waiting for. Finally everything comes together to produce one hell of good movie. The performances are top notch this time, including Michael Gambon who finally gives Dumbledore some justice compared to his abysmal Azkaban debut. The adaption is also pretty strong with Dobby's section easily avoided and missed out however it must be said that the story's fails in 2 respects. 1st it doesnt resolve the Rita Skeeter section for the OOTP film and so has created a problem for them, and 2nd it does not establish the relationship between Harry and Sirius sufficiently enough to justify the story arc needed for the OOTP again. However Gleeson is sensational as Moody and Ralph Fiennes and spectacularly creepy and evil as Voldemort. On the whole a brilliant movie and easily the best Potter flick to date. Role on OOTP.

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The goblet of crap. - 17/5/2007 6:45:30 PM   


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Most of it was ok, but rhe voldermort VS Harry sceene was rubbish and rushed.

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Tragic - 19/5/2007 5:02:51 PM   

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From: England
I've always liked GoF, but after the films adaption, I feel that it's lost its charm. I was really looking forward to Hermione's SPEW sub-plot, but the film-makers decided it was irrelevant. Now I know that in OotP, it won't be added either, so I'm not keeping my hopes up.
I haven't even bought this on DVD, it's just too badly done, and every character is so aggressive. What went wrong in those 2 months away from Hogwarts that gae everyone some pent-up rage?

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True class, but let down in some places. - 17/6/2007 3:10:19 PM   


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Potter-mania seems unstoppable and the high standards and hype surrounding the previous films have sent the nations expectations of this latest contribution spiralling out of control. True, there's still that winning cocktail of engaging characters, stunning special effects and award-winning action sequences but it feels as though the true gems of this film have been lost in an effort to cut down the running time. However, it is a thoroughly enjoyable affair though admittedly not for the younger audience Harry Potter originally attracted. The large array of new characters add another level to our knowledge of the wizarding world as we meet the charming (literally!) girls of Beauxbatons Academy and the Nordic male-model-look-alikes from Durmstrang Institute and these are bound to stir up feelings of lust from the maturing Harry and friends.

This is by far the most sinister of the films, with even seemingly light hearted scenes such as the Quidditch World Cup being overshadowed by the dark forces of You Know Who and his Death Eaters who seem to be some kind of modern, magical Ku Klux Clan (with wands). Sadly, this scene appears to have been edited down a lot, leaving the viewer with just a few minutes to marvel at the sheer splendour of the computer-generated stadium and Glastonbury-like setting where the avid Quidditch fans set up camp. This is just one of many examples throughout the film where the viewer feels almost cheated as vital parts of the book are lost in transition to the screen. With its spectacular special effects and terror-inducing followers of the Dark Lord, this scene had the potential to be huge but the rushed approach means it fails to reach the true 'wow' factor.

Although some elements of the film are a let down, it would be impossible not to be impressed by the sheer quality of acting and the depth of the characters in this film. The focus seems to have shifted from the non-stop action plots of the previous films to the emotional maturing of the three friends – Hermione even manages to shed her geeky image and the obvious chemistry between her and Ron leaves the audience almost screaming at him to ask her to the ball. Harry also grows up dramatically and for the first time begins to take an interest in girls (a certain Cho Chang in particular). It would take the most hard-hearted of people not to be amused by the antics of the two twins Fred and George who add a comic edge to an otherwise sinister production. Even the "witless wonder” Neville Longbottom has his hour of glory when his knowledge of Herbology helps Harry complete one of the challenges. One of the new additions this year is Alastor "Mad-Eye” Moody (yet another new Defence against the Dark arts teacher) and he seems to have an oddly overpowering presence in the film, lurking behind very corner, his eye roving madly as he turns the slimy Draco Malfoy into a ferret in order to "teach him a lesson”. Rita Skeeter (Miranda Richardson) also makes her debut appearance as the gossip-mongering journalist, obviously a dig at the media by Rowling. Although there are numerous new characters for the audience to become acquainted with, it's hard not to feel that some of the old favourites are glimpsed only briefly as the plot rushes on. Where are the Durseleys, Snape, Malfoy and all the others that we've come to know and love (or at least love to hate)? Perhaps a little more focus on these characters and a little less on the persistent full-on action sequences would have left the audience feeling more satisfied.
However, Newell's action scenes are flawless, in particular those depicting the challenges which Harry must undertake as part of the Triwizard Tournament. The dragons in the first challenge are so life-like that for a few minutes even the most down-to-earth of us can believe that this alternative world of witchcraft and wizardry really does exist. Similarly the murky world of the merpeople Harry must then enter is so well constructed that it is almost impossible to criticise – something which can be said for all of the settings in this film. Hogwarts is as grand as ever and there is something strangely comforting about the familiarity of the Great Hall with its floating candles and weather-reflecting ceiling. The various locations of the film do their job perfectly – they draw the viewer in and make them feel as if they too are part of this magical, mystical world.
Although Newell pulls off the action-packed scenes with huge success, he still manages to outdo himself with showing the adolescent anxieties and testing times which the teenage heroes must face. This makes the Yule Ball one of the most effective scenes in the entire film as we see Ron and Harry face the traumas of trying to find a date for the Yule Ball. Here the audience witness the clumsiness of two maturing boys trying to get a grip on their new feelings and this serves as a reminder as to just how much these characters have grown up since the first film. The ball also confirms the viewer's ever-growing suspicions that there could be something going on between Ron and Hermione (but we'll have to wait for yet another film to find out more). Even Hagrid catches the love-bug as he attempts to woo the mammoth Madame Maxime and this balances out the growing darkness with that important touch of light-hearted fun although it must be said that this is the first film featuring such obvious themes of love and lust – a sign that Harry really is starting to grow up.
So many different plots and sub-plots in one film have led to many of the key scenes feeling as though they've been edited down and many parts of the book are missed out entirely. Say goodbye to the ongoing feud between Harry and Malfoy, Hermione's campaign for the house-elves and secret meetings with Sirius. Instead these are replaced by yet more in-your-face action meaning that just watching this film is exhausting.
The final scene however, is an achievement in its own right. The maze and its various horrors is worthy of any decent fantasy-horror film and Ralph Fiennes is the perfect Voldemort – arrogant, terrifying and strangely snake-like. True class. It's scenes like this which really redeem this film.
VerdictThis film contains some of the best action scenes yet and the special effects can only be described as breath-taking and are definitely a victory for technology. However, what lets it down more is what hasn't been included and the editing which leaves the film choppy and without the flow the previous films had – after a while the non-stop action is similar to being beaten round the head by a Bludger. Perhaps a little more room to breathe between action scenes would have worked more wizardry on the audience and made it a more enjoyable experience.    

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Excellent fantasy action but... - 16/7/2007 11:00:17 PM   

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At times Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is an excellent fantasy adventure. At other times however, you may think you are watching Hogwarts 90210 as a good bulk of the screen time is taken up by teen angst nonsense.  If this is how J.K. Rowling is developing the series I will be very disappointed with the later entries. This type of stuff has no place in a fantasy film. This is akin to, imagine if you will, Bruce Lee slowly watering his garden during combat scenes or Rambo talking gossip in the local pub during active duty. I could cut about fifteen or twenty minutes of this from the film and it would be much better for it. Rowling is also taking good characters and relationships and spitting on them. Ron is also a complete and utter muppet in this film and it was sad seeing a character so disgracefully abused from his earlier incarnation. I severely doubt that the Ron from the previous films would act so bitter and fickle as he does in this. The best characters in this film are by far the adults. Brendan Gleeson steals every scene he is in and Alan Rickman is still woefully underused. Michael Gambon is not a patch on Richard Harris however and his performance jars with Harris'. Quite frankly if we can't get the bright and sparky kids back I think future films should be about Gleeson, Rickman and Dumbledore kicking ass and taking names. It would be far more interesting than these soap opera elements oozing their way into the story. In future more dragons and kick ass wizardry and less boys thinking girls are icky and less "Bloody hells" please.

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Member of the TMNT 1000 Club.

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- 18/7/2007 6:03:28 PM   

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From: USA
Great film--not as good as prisoner but still a great film. Well acted--especially Brendan Gleeson who is phenomenal as usual, David Tennant, and Miranda Richardson.

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Rubbish! - 22/1/2008 8:38:56 PM   

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Absolute bullcrap! Nothing like the book which is really good. How comerciallised could Harry Potter get? What a disgrace. I don't think I'll even bother with th films anymore, I'll just stick to the books.

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- 21/2/2008 5:25:18 PM   


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Apart from the first one, this is possibly the worst one in the series, I don't think it went to dark, until the end, before that it was still the same chessy stuff we've seen from the other installments.

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- 8/3/2008 2:12:06 AM   


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- 8/3/2008 2:12:07 AM   


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- 8/3/2008 2:15:03 AM   


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And shuddup RLHaylor. Michael Gambon was superb in Azkaban. "Did what?...goodnight!"

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The Best Adaptation yet! - 23/3/2008 11:51:05 AM   
Doctor Batman


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I felt this was dark, about bloody time too, and deserves more praise than Empire is giving it. In my opinion the abomination that is the first 3 shouldn't count, and pitting this against the slightly tedious OOTP, it winsoutright for al the stupendous turns, the FX are outstanding, like OOTP, and the themes of death and redemption for tots as well as tweens are handled perfectly. I count this more as an actual film than a blockbuster.

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The Best Adaptation yet! - 23/3/2008 11:51:06 AM   
Doctor Batman


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I felt this was dark, about bloody time too, and deserves more praise than Empire is giving it. In my opinion the abomination that is the first 3 shouldn't count, and pitting this against the slightly tedious OOTP, it winsoutright for al the stupendous turns, the FX are outstanding, like OOTP, and the themes of death and redemption for tots as well as tweens are handled perfectly. I count this more as an actual film than a blockbuster.

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