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impqueen -> RE: Chelsea Thread (11/4/2013 6:33:45 PM)


God damn sloppy motherfuckers! Twats.

impqueen -> RE: Chelsea Thread (11/4/2013 6:56:40 PM)

The second half defensive display was shockingly bad. Disappointed that after the second goal practically everyone lost interest, I understand we've played a lot of games the past week or so but eh... [8|]

Still we have a semi-final to look forward to. [:)]

Skiba -> RE: Chelsea Thread (11/4/2013 7:41:01 PM)

Shocking second half...really poor goals and the softish pen I've seen in a while. But hey-ho, much like me watching Hollyoaks, it's a semi.

More importantly, what the fuck has happened to Tony Dorigo's barnet? Without his glorious mullet, he is no longer my hero. He's got some kinda reverse mohawk going on!

Saltire -> RE: Chelsea Thread (12/4/2013 1:19:26 AM)

Torres should keep that mask on forever, he's doing ok with it lol [;)]

impqueen -> RE: Chelsea Thread (14/4/2013 3:52:38 PM)

Benítez why you no play Luiz in midfield!?

Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Luiz, Bertrand, Ramires, Mikel, Hazard, Mata, Ba, Oscar.
Subs: Turnbull, Lampard, Torres, Moses, Terry, Benayoun, Ake.

impqueen -> RE: Chelsea Thread (14/4/2013 4:49:25 PM)

Well that was hilariously awful. [>:]

impqueen -> RE: Chelsea Thread (14/4/2013 5:58:34 PM)

Improved second half (except the City goal) meh penalty, Aguero. [8|]

directorscut -> RE: Chelsea Thread (14/4/2013 6:18:29 PM)

Think Cech could have done better for the second goal. He just stood still as the ball seemed to go into the goal in slow-motion.

Skiba -> RE: Chelsea Thread (17/4/2013 10:12:47 AM)

It's been floating around for a while but it looks like signing Schuurle is getting closer

This may include sending de Bruyne there on loan [&:] What exactly was the point of signing the lad? I know we have a lot of similar players, but by all accouints, he's had a good season at Werder. I've seen bits and pieces of Schuurle and he's looked good...he's a beast on FIFA too! [:D]

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: Chelsea Thread (17/4/2013 10:58:01 AM)


What exactly was the point of signing the lad (Kevin de Bruyne)?

Because you could.

What's the point in signing Schuurle when you have yet to announce a new manager?
Because you could/can.

impqueen -> RE: Chelsea Thread (18/4/2013 3:25:42 PM)

Good result last night with future Chelsea Captain scored a cracker, as though he was bored with how the game was going.


Kevin de Bruyne is having an excellent Germany. [8|] I doubt he'll ever play for us.

Goodfella -> RE: Chelsea Thread (21/4/2013 6:00:55 PM)


ORIGINAL: impqueen

FFS [:@] The little prick shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Twat.

But he's your best center-back isn't he?[;)]

Skiba -> RE: Chelsea Thread (21/4/2013 6:13:00 PM)

Many people have said that if Terry wasn't a footballer he'd be in jail (absolute Bollocks. you don't know the kind of people that end up in jai), so what would that make Suarez? A human trafficker? A drug baron? pimp?

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: Chelsea Thread (21/4/2013 6:17:18 PM)


Ultimo Lee -> RE: Chelsea Thread (21/4/2013 6:22:04 PM)

I used to think Suarez was just a cunt, now i think he needs psychological help.

"Starts to wonder how scousers will defend him......."

In Uruguay biting someones arm is just a form of foreplay

Saltire -> RE: Chelsea Thread (21/4/2013 6:26:26 PM)

Ach its just a playful nip akin to what my cat gives me [8D][;)]

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: Chelsea Thread (21/4/2013 6:26:27 PM)

LOL BBC 606 a deluded liverpool fan just said Suarez done a "simulated bite".lol,what?[sm=happy07.gif]

Skiba -> RE: Chelsea Thread (28/4/2013 2:35:35 PM)

Hurrah! Luiz back in midfield today

jcthefirst -> RE: Chelsea Thread (1/5/2013 12:12:48 PM)

Please please please please please please.

Saltire -> RE: Chelsea Thread (1/5/2013 6:08:28 PM)

Opinions on Luiz changing now? For a season or so the Chelsea fans were unsure on him to say the least, is that fair?

Sinatra -> RE: Chelsea Thread (2/5/2013 11:38:43 AM)


Skiba -> RE: Chelsea Thread (2/5/2013 9:43:23 PM)

Ha! Stewards getting in the way of the corner-taker...most definitely on the payroll [:D]

horribleives -> RE: Chelsea Thread (2/5/2013 10:18:17 PM)

I could watch that Luiz strike all day. Great stuff.
Though not as great as that goal scored at the same ground a year ago today, obviously.

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: Chelsea Thread (3/5/2013 10:10:12 AM)

So Chelsea into another European Final.[:)]
Should be a great match against the Lisbon Eagles,especially in the perfect surrounding of Amsterdam.[:D]

Skiba -> RE: Chelsea Thread (8/5/2013 4:41:53 PM)


Professor Moriarty -> RE: Chelsea Thread (8/5/2013 8:01:22 PM)

Oscar, Mata, Hazard. Tell me again why Chelsea weren't in the title race this season.

Skiba -> RE: Chelsea Thread (8/5/2013 8:13:13 PM)

Any donkey can score a wonder goal...where's that come from? He's been terrible!

Goodfella -> RE: Chelsea Thread (8/5/2013 8:18:49 PM)

Carefree is a very fitting song to be sitting as Gary Cahill does exactly that in his defending against Emmanuel Adebayor!

Professor Moriarty -> RE: Chelsea Thread (8/5/2013 8:22:55 PM)



Any donkey can score a wonder goal...where's that come from? He's been terrible!


Goodfella -> RE: Chelsea Thread (8/5/2013 8:25:20 PM)

Oh beauty of a finish, not a lot Spurs could do about that! Great build-up play and very crisp finish from Ramires! This is going to be a cracker of a game as it goes on.

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