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Empire Admin -> Chinatown (2/11/2005 9:47:23 AM)

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dazz -> (13/4/2006 2:47:16 PM)

wow, this film was exemplary. the direction was gripping and the acting was magnificent. Nicholson in his best role here. The plot was also fantastic. this was the only film i have seen when i didn't want it to end

bobbyperu -> (23/10/2007 9:36:56 AM)

Nicholson best role ever

J.J Gittes -> Chinatown by J.J Gittes (24/3/2008 9:11:24 PM)

Chinatown is by far the most accomplished Polanski Film to date and is also one of Jack Nicholson's finest roles. Although the film does not take place in Chinatown and the title may deceive a little the title is a fitting one.The beautiful cinematography perfectly captures 30's California and the twisting plot keeps you enthralled all the way through and with excellent support turhs from John Huston and Faye Dunaway, this is the best movie of its sort around.

shady_88 -> A Masterpiece (14/8/2010 10:00:07 PM)

One of the greatest movie ever.

robmarathon -> Still holds the title for best detective and Jack Nicholson film (18/7/2012 4:13:05 AM)

Possibly the best noir ever created. What I love about Nicholson's character is that, he adds a little bit of humor, but it does not affect the films serious portrayal.

robmarathon -> The best detective film of all time. Bar None. (25/7/2012 1:16:18 PM)

Not also is this the best of all detective flicks and it is also them ost entertaining Jack Nicholson film. It also qualifies as the best noir.

Mr Gittes -> Polanski's masterpiece (3/2/2013 11:14:33 PM)

One of the greatest noirs ever made, one of the greatest '70s movies and one of the greatest movies, period. It's hard for me not to ramble when talking about Chinatown. It has my favourite Jack Nicholson role, one of the best screenplays ever written for the screen, one of my favourite movie endings, my favourite Faye Dunaway performance (although Network is pretty damn close), it showcases Polanski's genius like no other movie and it has one of my favourite directors, John Huston, giving a pitch-perfect performance as Noah Cross - SPOILER ALERT! - , one of my all-time favourite villains and certainly one of the most despicable characters in movie history.

As is no doubt clear from the above, not to mention the name I've given myself on this site, I am a huge fan of this movie. If you call yourself a fan of motion pictures at their very best and you have yet to see Chinatown then, by god, hunt down a copy and get it watched (I'd recommend the blu ray, it's fantastic).

david hayes -> I just don't see the fuss (7/4/2013 6:57:09 PM)

Awful ending, truly up there in awfullness

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