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Empire Admin -> Trainspotting (1/11/2005 4:00:23 PM)

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1989loup -> (3/1/2006 6:51:34 PM)

The film itself is a classic. Great actors complimented the film and realisticly conveyed the real meanings and effects of drugs to the audience. The most memorable scene was Scotlands worst toilet in the world which Mcgregor falls down, failing at the first stage of giving up drugs. Ewen played his part well narrating in a cool carm voice which conveys his relaxed attitude to life. A truly great British film, showing the Americans what we can realy do.

dazz -> (1/5/2006 4:48:38 PM)

this film is awesome

OMGWTFBBQ -> Great film (4/7/2006 5:28:21 PM)

Loved it!!! Lots of excellent moments and not preachy (wooo). I liked all of the characters and i thought it was nice that the movie looked at the reasons why drugs are taken not just the consquences. A true masterpeice and Danny Boyle is an amazing director.

Ace Rothstein -> Great (13/5/2007 2:27:57 PM)

An unpretentious wild ride of a film which demonstrates the pleasure of drugs without demonstrating satisfactin from them nor ever condoning them. A little dated, but still a striking film. Boyle has yet to match this and the film compiles great set pieces( the worst toilet in Scotland is a standout) and provides an electrifying and funny cast. Not there particularly lighthearted; Carlyle storms the screen frequently and can be a particularly aggressive character.
But Macgregor is the soul behind the film and his voiceover never moralizes nor descends into the mawkish. The film is scrabrous and deals with a serious issue in an original and fun way. A truly unforgettble classic.

JokerJr -> A... (1/6/2007 6:22:42 PM)

...definitive BRITISH film!

RZfilmfan -> Trainspotting (12/7/2007 7:51:02 PM)

I still havent seen this movie ive been trying to watch it but last time it was on tv i fell asleep does anybody know why the trainspotting dvd is so hard to come by? ive searched loadz of sites but havent found it apart from amazon and in which its rele rele expensive like £39.99 for the single disc edition

dhollseed -> Powerful, funny, powerful (18/8/2007 4:51:18 AM)

So many things correct with this film. Begbie's the most believable film psycho since...maybe Psycho.

obical -> Trainspotting - brilliant!! (22/8/2007 3:10:34 PM)

definately one of the best films ive seen, so good i wrote a review for my AS coursework and got a good grade! see it its brilliant

JaCkT794 -> 4/5 (27/9/2008 11:38:20 PM)


JaCkT794 -> 4/5 (27/9/2008 11:38:35 PM)


Rokmabisniz -> IN MY ALL TIME TOP TEN (20/12/2008 11:15:00 PM)

I have had many a conversation about what my top ten films ever are. Every time this gets in it. I dont know about it being No 1 but it always makes my ten. I do think it helps being British watching it though, just has that british sense of humour. True story: my Nan and Grandad went to see this thinking it was about trains. they left 5 minutes in.

Kat113 -> (31/1/2009 1:11:02 PM)

Balian of Ibelin -> Powerful! (28/2/2009 7:12:52 PM)

It is worth putting yourself through the hell of watching this film just to see Renton win in the end. Full of feeling, energy and wry humour. An absolute triumph.

TheNapalmKid -> (12/10/2009 9:12:20 AM)

Flawless performances, striking stylism and a terrific screenplay are just a few of this superb cult film's many merits

TheNapalmKid -> (12/10/2009 9:12:23 AM)

Flawless performances, striking stylism and a terrific screenplay are just a few of this superb cult film's many merits

krisjcummins -> British Classic (2/5/2010 8:17:35 PM)

The film does not glorify drugs but does heavily feature them in order to make a point: Drugs are bad. "Trainspotting" is ocassionally difficult to watch but is ultimately rewarding. Go watch it now.

hjfleeds -> The best British film ever made (23/10/2010 5:03:56 PM)

Classic. Theres not much else to say about this. While I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, as it is heavy going an not for the squeamish, for me, this was just amazing. Life changing. Mind blowing. Perfectly acted, filmed and directed. if there are any budding directors, take note of this film. Where to start with the actors. Ewan McGregor is just phenomenal, going from being just another loser to turning his life around in a tale of redemption. Robert Carlyle shows the most hatred ive ever seen in an actor. His Begbie is one of the least likeable characters ever, but at least he gets what he deserves. the rest fo the cast are great, and this film goes from the truly weird (The Worst toilet in Scotland) to disturbing (the baby's death) to a couple of moments of humour. This is simply a stone cold classic

Coyleone -> (26/2/2012 1:14:21 AM)

Incredible film. Boyle's best and one of the best British films I've ever seen.

RJNeb2 -> Choose Trainspotting (29/5/2014 12:16:04 AM)

Arguably the most important British film of the 90s, this not only proved that the Brits could make commercial films but also ones that tackled big subjects in imaginative and inventive ways. The skanky drug culture of Edinburgh's heroin back alleys are depicted here by turns as appealing and appalling in equal measures, propelled by an amazingly dynamic shooting style, a driving score of perfectly judged songs and a roster of star-making performances. This is daring, vibrant film-making at its best.

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