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wgamador -> Mini-Reviews...............Megan Fox's Favorite Thread !!! (28/9/2006 6:41:40 PM)

Here is the deal:
We have a movie review thread in the General Forums, but unfortunately with the huge volume of users, the posts become easily lost and no one gets to read them.
So Maddy and I have started this thread to give us all a chance to post Mini-Reviews of the films you have recently watched...

Here are the rules.....Lets try to keep pictures small to medium in size and keep the "Waddy" Format....which looks like this...


1.  Relentless action from start to finish.
2.  Great depiction of disaster. Lots of props and bodies flying around.
3.  Had me glued to screen to see what would happen next. Excellent cinematography and camera angles.
3a.  Fergie of the Black Eye Peas, dies!! dies!! dies!!......hahahah.....

1.  Dialogue/script was brutal, i felt as if i was watching rehearsals.
2.  The characters have to damage the ship in order to survive.
3.  None of the survivors seem to need rest or catch their breaths even after everything they go through. Someone should have died because they couldnt continue onward.

* What would have been cool was for the survivors to find life vests early on
, have the vests save a life or two [:)], but when they get to the air vent crawl, they'd have to remove them to get through [:(], this would have added another dynamic to their perilous adventure.


The Black Dahlia (2006)

Positives: Visually gorgeous and very stylish with a great cast. Josh Hartnett was particularly good actually, which was a pleasant surprise! Some great shots as well.

Negatives: A total emotional detachment from the characters meant that I just didn't care what happened to them and it was a tad too slow for my liking. There were also moments when the characters' actions weren't explained and also totally irrelevant incidents took place, which just muddied the whole story. I was hoping for a "slow reveal" to explain what was going on but this didn't happen and was just very unsatisfactory. There was also this totally bizarre humourous dinner scene in the middle, which was totally out of keeping with the rest of the film!

In conclusion, I would give it 2/5!! Brian De Palma - must do better please. [:D]
Easy, huh!!
Look forward to all of your reviews!!! 

*Jack of all Trades* -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 6:49:25 PM)

Ooh good idea!

I'll review Mystic River: 3/5
1. Good performances from the three leads, especially Tim Robbins
2.Surprising ending
3.A thrilling concept for a storyline, however I don't think it was actually all that gripping when I watched it so...

1. The plot had a lot of potential, but failed to really hook the viewer
2.Confusing ending

Note this review may be utter b******* because the movie didn't exactly have my full attention [:D]

DJ Rob C: Mark II! -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 6:58:42 PM)

Moulin Rouge! (2001)
- Great acting from all concerned, some superb singing too...
- Beautiful cinematography, looks awesome...
- Great use of modern music to move the plot...
- Beautiful theme of love and romance defying the odds, with a tragic twist...
- A great giddy sense of fun to go with the flow of the plot...
- Nope

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 7:02:52 PM)

You guys are f'en awesome!!!
Remember...there are no wrong reviews.
Have fun..


Maddy -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 7:14:23 PM)

Excellent stuff guys [sm=happy34.gif]

& Jack...any and all reviews are appreciated - it's a place to vent your opinion, whatever it is! [:D] [:D]

*Jack of all Trades* -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 7:21:02 PM)


It's just it's probably not a very accurate review as I wasnt paying enough attention to the film.

This is a great idea though Maddy, Wgamador, I can never be bothered to write huge lengthy reviews, these quick, to the point ones are great! [sm=happy34.gif]

Gimli The Dwarf -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 7:25:16 PM)

Children Of Men - 5/5

Positves :

1. The finest action scenes in years, with the refugee camp battle the only sequence since Saving Private Ryan that has left me feeling shell-shocked aftewards.
2. A perfect portrayal of society on the brink of collapse.
3. A wonderful cast of actors all at their peak, with Michael Caine in particular having great fun
4. A fine script, both unremittingly bleaks yet hopeful at he same time
Negatives :

1. Should have been longer.[:D]

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 7:48:47 PM)


ORIGINAL: *Jack of all Trades*


It's just it's probably not a very accurate review as I wasnt paying enough attention to the film.

This is a great idea though Maddy, Wgamador, I can never be bothered to write huge lengthy reviews, these quick, to the point ones are great! [sm=happy34.gif]

Dont worry about your review being accurate, as long as you watched 90% of the film!!  Just no guessing when you review a film ,thats all I ask.
Because I will pay attention to these reviews and keep them in mind when Im at Media Wave (my fave video store).
Ive been wanting to start this thread for months....i have been posting Mini-Reviews in General Chat and I get good replies....especially Maddy, who reads them and gives me feedback, hence the "Waddy" Format.


KnightofZyryab -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 8:08:56 PM)

Since I watched this last...
- Two great turns from Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.
- Beautiful Cinematography, with that Mann type blue feel.
- Scenes that stay in the memory long after; for example the Jazz Club scene.
- Sharp dialogue
- Intelligent forays into the pyschological makeup of two vastly different people.

- Slows down towards the end when the cab is abandoned.

Excellent thread btw! [:)]

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews.... (28/9/2006 8:16:29 PM)


ORIGINAL: KnightofZyryab

Excellent thread btw! [:)]

Made possible only by you awesome individuals!

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (28/9/2006 9:21:33 PM)

Inside Man

1. Cool heist concept, dressing up the hostages to confuse the police was brilliant.
2. Decent performances by all, Denzel and Clive are always awesome.
3. Great storytelling images and scenes, crisp cinematography.

1. While I enjoyed the bank heist and the scenes in the bank, this film was no Killing Zoe!!
2. Extremely far fetched escape..again , no Killing Zoe
3. Somewhat predictable, and the Jodie Foster character seemed unneccesary. Film ending left me saying, Huh?

....3/ had potential.

UncleJun -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (28/9/2006 10:29:00 PM)

Ooh, I like the look of this! I watched The Man With Two Brains yesterday, so I'll throw that one up here later on

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (28/9/2006 10:56:37 PM)

Hard Candy

1. Cool production sets; like the pedophiles clean lair, and great tense atmosphere...and we are spared from kiddie porn material.
2. Decent twists, even if a few are expected or comical.
3. Great acting by the female lead as Haley....she was a very convincing 13 year old. And the male lead also disgusted me.

1. While I knew that the lead actress wasnt really 13, it was tough to see her acting sexy.
2. Pedophelia, man, thats a disturbing subject.
3. Watching the male lead lust over 13 year olds is just plain sick!! I was very uncomfortable watching his subtle predatory desires.


jinks -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (28/9/2006 11:01:57 PM)

Mortal Kombat: Anihilation
Positives's Mortal Kombat.
It's got ninjas in it.
Some of the music is ok, in a techno kinda way.

It's shit.
Makes NO sense whatsoever.
Tries to be TOO much like the game.
Acting is attrocious.

Well, whaddya expect? The sequal to the not-actually-that-bad original. The story is all over the place, the acting is very bad. But it does have a certain charm and it's just about watchable.

2/5 on the Jinksie move-ometer

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 12:50:17 AM)



Mortal Kombat: Anihilation

2/5 on the Jinksie move-ometer

Me likey the Jinksie-move-ometer.

jinks -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 12:54:16 AM)

Here's a piccie of it:


thatlittlemonkey -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 9:47:32 AM)

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (PG)
  • Some of the best action of the whole saga.  From the chase through Coruscant to the final arena battle, it's all slickly paced and stunning to look at, as is the rest of the film.
  • Yoda.  He is the Don.  This film is his finest moment.
  • John Williams - damn it, everything that man does gives me goosebumps.

  • Hayden Christensen.  A very capable actor, but just couldn't shoulder the responsibility of such a complex character.  There doesn't feel like any natural progression in the character, just a series of beats that he needs to hit ("Now I'm happy, now I'm angry, now I'm in love").  At times he does feel too stilted to truly convince....
  • ...much like the romance.  The whole thing feels awkward - from the dialogue (shameful, especially considering the fantastic Leia/Han love story), through to the chemistry (both actors look awkward and I never truly believed there was any attraction).
  • George Lucas - hamstrings parts 2 & 3 by casting Anakin so young in Phantom Menace, leaving the films to come having to crowbar as much stuff in as possible.  He can be a great director and the guy is a cinematic pioneer with a hell of an imagination, but he really needs a Kasdan on his team when writing the screenplays. 

As I say in my final negative, Phantom Menace (a 3* film with some 5* moments) leaves AOTC and ROTS struggling to catch up (imagine if he'd cast Anakin as a cocky, troubled but decent teen early on where the story could have gone).  It's also a highly frustrating film that does literally swerve from the sublime to the ridiculous.  But you know what, when it's on, it's on, baby and better than the vast majority of summer blockbusters released within 3 years of it.

3.5 / 5

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 4:31:32 PM)

American Psycho

1. Superb performance by Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman. This was casting brilliance. We see and experience Bateman's mental decay.......It doesnt get better than that.
2. Excellent script. I can't say enough about it. Escape Restaurant scene where Bateman goes on about foreign policy being important, but there are more pressing problems at hand..........Fantastic.

3. Solid production all around. From the soundtrack to the set designs, to the direction, everything is so precise. This film takes you into the world of material excess of  the 1980's Wall Street professional. The subtle scenes; like the business card debate and the Paul Allen murder are very entertaining.
4. This line:   "Because I want to Fit In"

1. The ending can be extremely confusing, especially if you are an analytical film viewer. We are left to make up our own minds on wether it was all real in Bateman's mind.

2. We are left with many loose ends. But in the large scheme of things it doesn't hinder the excellence of this film.

3. It inspired a horrendous sequel.


Final Verdict......5/5......This is one of my Top 5 films.

Deviation -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 4:41:59 PM)


1. Great story, with brilliant dialouge, great action scenes and likeable characters.
2. Superb special effect and CGI considering the budget.
3.  MAL REYNOLDS!!!! Greatest character ever.
4. The films the Star Wars sequel should have been.
5. Does justice to the excellent t.v. series.
6. A real sense of danger.

1. No chance of a sequel.
2. Some characters are ignored.
4. Wasn't long enough.

Verdict. For its tiny flaws, it's still 5/5.

bubs -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 4:47:28 PM)

Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance  *****


- Brilliant and beautiful cinematography.
- Long shots.
- Great story with fantastic script.
- Masterfully acted from the leading men. It's hard to choose who the best was.
- Music isn't played often, but when played, it's suits the mood perfectly.
- Shocking ending that makes perfect sense.



This is Korean cinema at it's best and is Chan-wook Park's masterpiece. This is often been called weaker than Oldboy, but this is much more artistic, dramatic, bloodier, and more beautiful than Oldboy. Oldboy is brilliant but doesn't touch the artistic brilliance that is Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance. Overall, an absolute gem, this is not to be missed for any reason. I wouldn't consider this a thriller, it's most definately a drama. One of my all-time faves. Highly recommened.

Josh Lyman -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 4:58:58 PM)


Good looking ladies
Renny Harlin
'Harry Potter can kiss my ass'

Not violent enough (PG13)
Dodgy dialogue

A generous 7/10

bubs -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 5:17:20 PM)

The Fantastic Four   *


- Jessica Alba looks good all the time in this. Damn, she's hot!
- It's Marvel.
- Brief appearance by Stan Lee.
- The ending actually makes you slightly excited about the next one. Only slightly though.


- Poor acting.
- Terrible script and dialogue.
- Tried to blow us away with the special affects, as a result, it looks too fake.
- Drags along.
- Weak characters.
- Shotty editing. It's as if they didn't even bother.
- Direction is a bit worrying.
- Crappy music.
- Tried to use humour too often. It doesn't work.

This is a very weak attempt to adapt one of the greatest Marvel comics ever. It's cast and crew pulled this one off badly with a very flawed script. It's as if they didn't even try with this film. I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but for the brainless and the very young, they'll love it.

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 5:33:36 PM)

The Descent

1. Great cinematography....and story execution.
2. Cool gratitious gruesome injuries and scares, cool intorduction to the crawlers.
3. Love the sexy all female cast...especially the one who gets stabbed in the neck by you know who...
4. Fantastic Ending!! Eat your heart out Hollywood.
5. Amazing sets, believable lighting and sounds!
6. The actors approach their situation very realistically.

1. I would have like to know more about either the creature history or more info on what happened to the first team to get there.
2. Bit of a loose end with the two main characters and the implication that one cheated with the other's husband.
3. I got a blurry picture of Captain Jack watching the movie.

I recommend The Descent....its better than that piece of crap The Cave in every way possible. This is just a terrific piece of filmmaking on a small budget.

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 5:42:03 PM)

World Trade Center

1. Stone puts you inside the tower when it collapses
2. Great use of archive footage and superb job of re-creating the event
3. Not politically fueled message , No pro-Bush or anti-Arab sentiment in entire film

1. Disater re-creation could have been a little more graphic and frightening
2. The story drags at times.....
3. Made me cry and took me back to that day. It was my day off and my roommate at the time woke me up just in time for me to see the first tower collapse.....i almost jumped on the train and headed out there. Im glad i didnt. Id be sick and probably dying right now, and the State of New York wouldnt even care.


wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 6:27:59 PM)


1. Great locations chosen for principle photography. Eerie atmosphere throughout.
2. Interesting ghost story and creepy concept....considering that spirits do remain at locations where vicious battles have taken place. 
3. The scene when they arrive at the beach and take the group photograph will certainly have you rewinding and counting the men.

1. Acting was not great...mediocre for most actors.
2. Story never reaches its potential.
3. Not as scary as I had hoped for. The surprise revelation is ruined with what seemed to be an attempt at comedy.

Had potential.......3/5

silverado -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 7:05:41 PM)

i   Great performances from the small cast
ii  Ash - Didn't see that coming
iii Ship looked really cool
iv I liked that the most unsympathetic character survived

i Didn't see as much of the alien as I was expecting to

The problem with waiting so long to see this is that inevitably I've picked up stuff over the years. That's obviously my fault rather than the films but it did mean some of the suspense was missing. 4/5

i   Another great ensemble, special praise for Paxton [sm=worship.gif](great voice that guy has) and Henriksen.
ii  Superb screenplay full of fantastic one-liners
iii String of great action sequences
iv Cracking ending "Get away from her you bitch"

Not that I can think of.

Superb film, wish I'd watched it sooner 5/5

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 7:11:10 PM)

Citizen X

1. Great story based on true actual events of notorious Russian serial killer, who was let to roam freely because of the political climate and ignorant Russian officials.
2. Terrific acting by all actors, both antagonists and protagonists, the performances really grip the viewer. 
3. Few times where actual events are superior to anything fictional, this is one of those times.
4. Great pacing and cinematography.

1. Some of the crimes are shown and while not graphic...they are against children.

Not too many negatives in this film.....just read about Chikalito and then watch the film.....for the full effect.


wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 7:12:31 PM)

Cannibal Holocaust

1. Great story concept that was way ahead of its time.
2. Filmmakers took some serious risks making this, authentic guts and loved the forced abortion scene.
3. Makes Ichi the Killer seem like a Disney product, thats why it has been  banned in various countries.

1. The irresponsible and extremely unnecessary slaughter of animals.
2. The use of animal cruelty to shock the viewer is so god damn repulsive, I hope these filmmakers all died a painful death. Fake animals should have been used. The animal suffering was not needed to succesfully tell the story.
3. Savage and barbaric destruction of animals

My verdict.......1/5

wgamador -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 7:16:29 PM)

The Wicker Man (1973)


1. The film gives the viewer no clues about what is really going on until the final scene!! That was the shi*!!
2. The eerie setting and the people of the island where so right on strange.
3. The Ending.......lets just say, i knew it wouldnt be a happy one, but hot damn!!

1. What is it with the musical numbers? I almost stopped watching.
2. Wish that there would have been more shocking scenes....the potential was unlimited.
3. Too many actors took away all of the tension that was building up.

....... 3/5...... much higher without the musical numbers!!

bubs -> RE: Mini-Reviews....Woooo! (29/9/2006 7:42:16 PM)

Memento   *****


- Brilliant script.
- Excellent story, something you could picture Alfred Hitchcock directing.
- Trully amazing performances, most notably Guy Pearce.
- Wonderfully edited.
- Great ideas.
- Well shot. Loved the whole "backwards" idea.
- Stunning music.
- That opening sequence.
- Demands a second viewing.
- The ending, and the fact that you feel so bad for Leanord.


Nothing at all, besides all the questions you'll be asking yourself afterwards.

Nolan's second film is a brilliant Film Noir with a very unique story. Demands more than one viewing to complete the puzzle, and it will take multiple viewings to finnally solve the mystery. Memento is quite simply a perfectly directed, written, casted, scored, and edited Film Noir. This definately deserved all the praise it received and should be seen as often as possible.

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