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Empire Admin -> Scorsese Breaks Silence (26/9/2006 12:02:38 PM)

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CameronJames -> (26/9/2006 12:02:39 PM)

Well that sounds boring, when's he gonna do Travis Bickle: The Puberty Years

taz_e -> (26/9/2006 12:35:05 PM)

Sold out!

Panom_Yeerum -> (26/9/2006 3:32:33 PM)

well, it kinda sounds like the mission, which also had a borning plot BUT was a fantastic film

Jasiri -> RE: (26/9/2006 3:40:06 PM)

It's got potential if done properly,haven't seen Masahiro Shinoda's adaptation which Masters of Cinema are releasing soon but it's a highly acclaimed film.

TheManWithNoShame -> RE: (26/9/2006 6:19:43 PM)



Sold out!

No he hasnt, hes moving on.

felix sore foot -> (26/9/2006 8:14:29 PM)

Scorsese ceased to be relevant years ago. His movies now are bloated old carcasses that need putting out of their misery. Gangs of New York is easily the worst film in his cannon and The Aviator little better. I don't imagine The Departed will be any more tolerable. And the less we see of DiCaprio the better.

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