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deathofsandman -> Yakuza on ps2 (13/9/2006 10:51:36 PM)

i have had it for 3 days and the in game clock says ive played it for 24 hours lol
has anyone else bothered to get this game if not i recomend it espectially if you like japanse set games like this lol

Deviation -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (13/9/2006 11:40:15 PM)

Getting it next week. Any good? Does it live up to the hype? Is it really like a Takashi Miike film?

deathofsandman -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (16/9/2006 10:28:03 PM)

i think its a good game i would say miike takeshi as he is fucked up lol
but a good yakuza game none the less gives you some feel as to what its like as one lol
not bad fighting mechanism but it can be a pain to begin with but once you get the hand you will be swinging pipes drop kicking and kicking there assess

Deviation -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (17/9/2006 9:59:34 PM)

Loving Yakuza. yet how do you heal?

*hides in shame*

doo24 -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (14/10/2006 11:56:46 AM)

To heal just run over the glowing objects on the ground (or buy them from various vendors) and press start, then select from the item screen.  At first Yakuza really disappointed me - it was very linear and restrictive, not at all what I was hoping for.  But once you get past the first few chapters the game opens up and you can pretty much go and do what you want.  The dialog is hilarious - can't think of any other game with as much swearing.  Not even GTA! [:D]

Deviation -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (14/10/2006 12:00:58 PM)

I'm really enjoying it.  actually found it much better than the Godfather game. For the simple fact it has a much better world.

the anomaly -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (28/1/2007 4:54:28 PM)

I was very dissapointed by this game. The game is too repetitive and has no depth. You just go from A to B talk to someone and everything you do starts and ends with a fight that you can win with the same combo over and over. Random fights also got very annoying espically when I was trying to progress on the story mode.

The camera when you are inside is poor and I found on the latter levels I was getting shot out of no where. The voice acting was also pretty poor every one sounded like they were robots as their dialoge sounds like it was cutt up and then added together later to save money. The music was terrible and there were only about 4 different tracks in the whole game.

Side missions were interesting but always ended in the same punch punch punch kick kick combo and thats it. This is a real missed oppurtunity although I have heard good things about the sequel I dont think I can trust reviews after this game got 8/10 on most websites. Off the top of my head I would give it a 5/10 it did keep me entertained for awhile.

I completed it in around 19 hours and there is nothing else left in the game for me to replay I am trading it in A.S.A.P!

BigKovacs -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (22/2/2007 10:30:01 AM)

Im really enjoying it, it does start slow but is a lot of fun when the ball starts rolling. The combat is pretty simple and fun and the dialogue is a bit cheesy but fits the games theme just fine. I'm loving the background detail as well as you run around the city. Sure, its not a perfect game (guns in beatem ups just dont belong and there is an undercurrent of rasicm regarding the random encounters) but it adds some interetsing new factors to beat em'ups (or adventure games or whatever it is).

Megalo-who? -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (22/2/2007 12:01:30 PM)

I downloaded Yakuza at Christmas, but have only played about three hours of it so far. I guess it just fell behind Okami, Final Fantasy XII, hell FFXII fell behind Okami. I just don't have the time right now to invest all this time into these amazing games. Why did they all have to come along at once haha!

As for Yakuza, I was slightly alienated at first, but look past this and you'll find an extremely cool, adult game. It's a designers dream. Sega has a great flare for capturing atmosphere and cinematically placing it into a gripping narrative. Apparently this is the same team behind Shenmue, it certainly shows. Oh and the fights are brutal.

BigKovacs -> RE: Yakuza on ps2 (22/2/2007 12:59:31 PM)

Theres a sequal on the way and it looks pretty similar only bigger and with some of the fat trimmed off. I hope the UK gets a look in.


Chojin -> Yakuza 3 (25/9/2010 4:33:53 PM)

Rather than start a new thread.......

I'm a few chapters into the third game now and it's all kinds of awesome. Even a mundane task like a bullying investigation in your orphanage or investigating when you have a thief amongst your children feels so realistic and engaging. It's not so much about what you're doing, but the amount of enjoyment you get from the experience and how realistic it feels. Plus the chapters are then broken up by you storming a Yakuza stronghold and battering the shit out of them with swords, chairs, boxes, tables, beer bottles, steel pipes and anything else you can get your hands on.

It's not perfect with big text written cut scenes merged with full on cut scenes. It would have been nice if everything was spoken and you weren't clicking the whole time.

The translation could also use some work - 'Aniki' for example is translated as 'Boss' instead of 'Brother' meaning sections are translated completely out of context.

But without any kind of translation I wouldn't be playing this gem of a game. It's rekindled my love for gaming and it was a steal at 15.

If you want a new Shenmue game, this is the closest you're going to get, and I haven't even scratched the surface yet.

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (14/10/2010 1:23:19 PM)

New pictures from the upcoming Yakuza Zombie game 'Of The End':



Loads more at: http://uk.media.ps3.ign.com/media/079/079634/imgs_2.html

Although adding zombies to everything seems to be the new fad, I'm still looking forward to this.  Cant wait to play as Majima, hope they keep it in Japanese though as it just sounds so much cooler.



I'm a few chapters into the third game now and it's all kinds of awesome. Even a mundane task like a bullying investigation in your orphanage or investigating when you have a thief amongst your children feels so realistic and engaging. It's not so much about what you're doing, but the amount of enjoyment you get from the experience and how realistic it feels. Plus the chapters are then broken up by you storming a Yakuza stronghold and battering the shit out of them with swords, chairs, boxes, tables, beer bottles, steel pipes and anything else you can get your hands on.

It gets even better when you get to Kamurucho; loads of random events, cool mini-games, the story progress quite nicely as well, plus by this time you will have unlocked some really brutal combat moves too [:D] I just wish more people would take a chance on it...

Chojin -> RE: Yakuza 3 (15/10/2010 6:25:31 AM)

i've finished the game now and i'm completing some of the side quests.

I've done around 50 side quests, all of the coliseum and all of the hitman missions. I might move onto the mini games next or just continue on the side stories.....i've even started dating and singing some karaoke!

I know 4 will get an english release at some point, but the above zombie title could be a JP only release[:(] (like that samurai version of yakuza)

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (21/11/2010 12:16:14 AM)







Yakuza 3 (Hard)

Tomorrow, Extra Hard!

When you complete it would you let me know how long and tough the Extra Hard playthrough is?  I completed it on Hard first time round but then moved onto other games, I imagine some of the boss battles would be quite tough but I do want that gold trophy   The challenge mode is also insane and I can't see myself getting the platinum with some of those challenges.  Btw, did you complete all 100 sub-stories? 

Not being one to lie about my accomplishments, I took the way of the coward. i completed all 101 sub stories for the golden pistol (infinite ammo, makes the game a breeze - I used one health item for the entire Hard story).

However some of the sub stories are annoying as hell. The worst ones being:

1) Win 3 games of pool. Even on easy the aiming is seriously flawed, the AI has incredible luck and the rules are fucking stupid. I ended up winning one of the games with a break ace which seems to be the only chance you'd have against an expert AI player.

2) Have an overall of <=0 in a 10 hole golf tournament. Again, very annoying because you can have a perfect run but because of how hard the distances are to judge, if you fuck up on one hole you have to re-do the entire thing. I ended up completing it after 2-3 hours of trying again and again. I even had a score of -6 which was one under the required -5 to fully complete it as a mini game for the mini game trophy.

3) Score 200 in bowling. This was a bit tricky, I also ended up getting the turkey (3 strikes in a row) trophy.

I was also very grateful that you didn't need to win 3 games of darts, and you only had to play 3 games for one of the sub stories. Overall the sub stories are a piece of piss - they only become difficult when they force you to win at mini-games.

However getting -6 in golf, managing to win three games of pool and getting 210 in bowling has given me a bit of hope towards getting the platinum.

....so when I completed it on Hard/Extra Hard it wasn't a challenge at all. There's also an item you can get which gives you infinite heat if you manage to perform EVERY heat action in the game. (though I don't yet have this)

P.S. - I think Extra Hard is an exact copy of Hard Mode with the option to 'Retry' removed. So you'd be fine if you fancied it - another tip is holding 'Start' to skip all of the cut scenes :) (I didn't skip my first run through, but i'm not sitting through them another two times!)

Edit: I've really enjoyed this game and in my opinion it's a true system seller. I've been completely sold on the franchise and will now follow it for years to come. It's like the Shenmue game i've been waiting years for. I would love to see a HD remake of the first two games sold in a collection like with god of war.

I think I will go back and play it again, reading this post has renewed my interest in it [:D]  As I say, I had completed the story and I was on the free roam mode trying to mop up the sub-stories; from memory I think I had done about just under 80 sub-stories. 

So once you complete all the sub-stories you get the golden gun and infinite ammo?  Then you can just end your free-roaming and start an EX Hard playthrough?  That would be very helpful and make it almost too easy.  Have you tried that Ultimate challenge mode?  Some of them are just impossible; one that sticks out is where you have to protect that wimpy kid from dying and he get killed in like five hits [&:]  The mini-games are also quite annoying and I still don't understand wtf is going on with those Japanese board games...

Right there with you on the Yakuza Collection, that would be awesome.  Having never play the first two I watched the recap of the story and they look sweet, but I think it would take a long time to convert them to HD, provide trophies etc and not many people (outside of Japan) would buy it. 

Btw, if you havent played Demon's Souls you will love it.  Definitely check it out if you get a chance. 

Chojin -> RE: Yakuza 3 (21/11/2010 9:49:00 AM)


So once you complete all the sub-stories you get the golden gun and infinite ammo?

Yeah - once all 101 are complete you get an e-mail stating bob has an item for you. He's waiting at the entrance to Kamurocho. There are a few things which are really helpful (which will reduce your google searches!)

Certain sub stories are only available during one of the three time zones (day, early evening or night)
To change the time you need to speak to the barmaid at new serena in kamurocho or saki at the orphanage.
All sub stories appear in a certain order on your completion menu so using a checklist is very easy to find out which ones you need
You don't need to get 'complete' on the sub story, only 'finished'. Getting complete gives you certain items or greater rewards
To activate the final mission you need to have completed the Colosseum, all of the other 100 missions and completed all of the IF7 fights.
viewing the completion stats under the pause menu gives you a great breakdown of what you need for each completion stat. It shows exactly what you need to do for every mini game.
The final 101 sub story is also a breeze - I went into the fight with around 15 health items and had to use 7 or so of them. He's annoying as hell and he takes about 10 minutes to beat but ultimately easy.

.....I haven't managed to find a good wiki or definitive online guide but googling usually works - I had to do a lot of it!


Then you can just end your free-roaming and start an EX Hard playthrough?

Yeah - speak to the yakuza boss at the orphanage or Date to create another 'new game plus' then load it from the 'new premium adventure' option. It won't carry across your mini game stats though, so make sure you keep a seperate save for your current game and only complete extra hard under the new save file.


Have you tried that Ultimate challenge mode? Some of them are just impossible; one that sticks out is where you have to protect that wimpy kid from dying and he get killed in like five hits

I've had a dabble into them, but I was going to leave them until last. I've heard they're the toughest part of the game so I've done everything else - if i do.

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (14/3/2011 10:49:09 PM)

Everyone got their pre-orders in?  Sweet deal over at shopto, Yakuza 4 for 30.  Yosh!


Cannot wait for this game, Yakuza 3 is right up there as one of my top 10 games of this generation.  The change up in the way the story is told looks awesome, plus we are getting a pretty much straight up port from the Japanese version (complete with hostess bars [:D]).  So glad they kept the subtitles and didnt include an English dub; the voice acting in Yakuza 3 was stellar and after the first hour or so of reading the subs it becomes natural to the point of unnoticeable.  Definitely gonna go for the platinum in this one, even if it means having to complete those impossible combat challenges. 

IGN review was pretty weaksauce, only a 6.5?  Cant believe one of the negatives was too much reading, are you fucking kidding me?  I agree that the text boxes were an annoying slow-down in the pace of the game, but the whole game is in Japanese.  Of course there is going to be a lot of reading....

Chojin -> RE: Yakuza 3 (15/3/2011 6:24:32 AM)

i'll see whether the price shoots right down due to lack of sales before purchasing.

It's definitely a game I want to 100% though, you're fucking on!

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (15/3/2011 2:00:08 PM)



It's definitely a game I want to 100% though, you're fucking on!


Bet I get the platinum first [:D]

EDIT: Shiny new launch trailer:



Ell -> RE: Yakuza 3 (16/3/2011 9:21:37 AM)

Eurogamer's verdict is in. They seemed to think a fair bit more of it than IGN.


Unfortunately, I had to cancel my pre-order. Funds are too tight right now despite this being one of only a few games I'm interested in this year.


SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (17/3/2011 11:18:12 PM)

After putting in some hours in this game I am already addicted.  The quirky, Japanese style is even more apparent in this game than Yakuza 3 (I spent a good half hour or so customising my hostess so that she would be most effective; make-up, dress, stress levels everything [:D]).  There have been some improvements in the gameplay which are most welcome and the appearance of minor characters from Yakuza 3 made for some very interesting moments.  The change in the way the game is told is certainly different (4 separate characters instead of just Kazuma), currently I am still on the first character.  The script is excellent, Akiyama is way funnier than Kazuma- some real lol dialogue in there.  In terms of story I really havent got that far into it yet, but I feel it will be a slow burner like Yakuza 3 was. 

Chojin -> RE: Yakuza 3 (18/3/2011 7:19:57 AM)

I want it even more now! I think i'll purchase it as soon as i'm done with FFXIII which should be this weekend or the next.

30 from shopto is acceptable, but I'd prefer something around the 20 mark.

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (19/3/2011 1:15:20 PM)

I need to work on my pimping skills, all my hostesses keep getting rejected [:(]

Still, loving the game thus far.  There is an absolute shit ton of content in this game (coliseum fight, sub missions, 4 main character story arcs, minigames, tutor fighting quests, trophy challenges, etc etc etc), definitely a value for money purchase. 

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (26/3/2011 11:04:02 PM)

On my second character now (Saejima) and he is an absolute badass [:D]  Love what they are doing with the story, I wont put any story spoilers here, but let me just say that as fan of the series there are some awesome segments thus far.  The story itself is shaping up very nicely indeed and I am liking the 4-person narrative style.  Although my only grievance with this system is that you have to level up each character and it does take some time switching from one character to the next. 

There are so many little quirky/funny things that you would just never see in a Western style game and I dont want to spoil them all by talking about them here.  I must say again that the dialogue is superb- even though I dont speak Japanese you can really feel the emotional of what these guys are saying (I have a strong urge to learn Japanese after playing these two game...).  It definitely seems like the devs have upped the comedy in this game too, so many lol moments. 

Strongly recommend picking this up.

OT, but does anyone speak Japanese?  When I went there a couple of years back I used the odd phrase here and there and was generally understood, but I am interested to know how long it would take to understand conversation-level language like in Yakuza.  The lack of tones is a plus, but they do seem to talk very fast [&:]

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (31/3/2011 11:27:30 PM)

Went back to Yakuza 3 to attempt the Ultimate Skill challenges; after much frustration and many, many, many attempts, I finally managed to get the ultimate skill trophy.  Watashi wa ichiban desu [:D]  Most of them are not that hard, you just need to make sure you check your inventory, y'know just in case you have weapons and never use them [:)]  Can make the challenges a bit more challenging....

Going back to Yakuza 4, I can sort of understand the criticism in the IGN review about trying to remember who everyone is and what they are doing as the timeline chops and changes a lot and there are a lot of characters to remember.  However, the game does give you character bios and the story itself is very good; almost at the end now [;)]

Also, Yakuza 4 now going for 25 over at Shopto.  If you are considering buying it, buy it new as you get some exclusive DLC codes if you do. 

Chojin -> RE: Yakuza 3 (4/4/2011 7:15:24 PM)

Still 5 too much for a tight bastard.

Is it worth returning to the US challenges on Y3? I tried a couple and they were ball-breakingly tough.

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (4/4/2011 8:03:40 PM)

Completely disregard what I said earlier about the story and also fuck IGN and their review.  The story is most definitely awesome.  I probably managed to get through about 90% of the story before my PS3 crapped out on me, but I would rate it as one of the best stories in a videogame; imho of course.

However, I will forever remember Yakuza as the game that broke my PS3 [:(]

The US challenges were actually quite fun (in a perverse masochistic way very similar to Gran Turismo driving licenses [:D]) when I went back to them.  You get to really master the combat instead of just spamming the rush combo, although I still hate fighting Mine and his cheap arse tactics...

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (17/4/2011 12:28:33 AM)

Just completed the Ultimate Skill challenges for Yakuza 4, much easier than Yakuza 3.  Plus you dont have to S rank them to get the War God Talisman, you just need to complete them.  Should make my Ex Hard playthough that much easier with infinite Heat [:D]

Definnitely think this platinum is more acheivable than Yakuza 3, as you do not have to complete all the minigames- instead there are certain requirements (fairly easy requirements) for each type of minigame (e.g. seven pairs in Mahjong, turkey in bowling etc).  Although I still go back to Yakuza 3 now and then to try and get those pool and board-game wins...

Chojin -> RE: Yakuza 3 (17/4/2011 7:08:56 AM)

I'm considering returning to Y3 and re-trying the chase battle in Chapter 8 on Ex-Hard Mode. It's what's stopping me from completing it and going back to the mini-games....

it's a beast on EXH though [:(] (breezed through everything else on EXH)

Edit: they will both have to wait - i've just purchased Tales of Vesperia on the 360 which i've heard is a bit of a beast. Yakuza will be put on the back burner for now....

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (22/5/2011 10:27:31 PM)

Difficulty trophies in Yakuza 4 do not stack [:@]   Why on earth should I have to replay the game on normal when I just completed it on EX hard difficulty.  Sense it does not make.  The EX playthrough was actually quite easy with the War God Talisman, modded weapons and Amon's Sunglasses.  Plus I learnt that you can skip the cut scenes too which made for a really short playthrough (must have been about 6-8 hours). 

Just one more tropy for the platinum [:)]

SWOTBM -> RE: Yakuza 3 (25/6/2011 6:33:07 PM)

And Platinum [:)]

Pointless waste of 5 hours, but that last trophy was bugging me.  Loved the game overall but I was getting more than a bit bored/frustrated by having to skip the same text boxes over and over again... 

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