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Empire Admin -> Air Force One (8/9/2006 2:13:19 PM)

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BobaJango -> RE: Air Force One (8/9/2006 3:37:16 PM)

Kills time (and brain cells). 2/5.

PedroSanchez -> RE: Air Force One (8/9/2006 3:58:59 PM)

I hate this film with a passion. So god damn patriotic it makes me want to die. That bit where that bloke flies his fighter jet into the path of that missile to save the president is pathetic. Oh and the line '' get off my plane''. God i want to be sick. Or how about the part where Air Force One chrashes into the sea at the end, complete with piss poor effects. This is an absolute travesty of a film. Don't waste your time watching it. I beg you!

BobaJango -> RE: Air Force One (8/9/2006 4:00:52 PM)

Not forgetting the fact that the President of the United States somehow knows how to kick ass!
On second thought, i change my rating from 2 to 1/5.

jonson -> RE: Air Force One (8/9/2006 4:07:51 PM)

I quite enjoyed it actually. Gary Oldman is pretty good, and Ford plays the President with the usual over-patriotc bravura.
You can switch your brain off and enjoy.


William H Macy's death was a cheesey cop-out though.

BobaJango -> RE: Air Force One (8/9/2006 4:16:57 PM)

Cheese is what the Yanks do best!

princessa -> RE: Air Force One (16/9/2006 7:03:13 AM)

Love this film all action flicks should be like this - fun and fast paced.  Although yes it is totally unbelievable!!!!  It is good entertainment.  The actings pretty good in it as well.[image][/image]

Monkey Wrench -> RE: Air Force One (19/9/2006 12:27:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: PedroSanchez
Or how about the part where Air Force One chrashes into the sea at the end, complete with piss poor effects. This is an absolute travesty of a film. Don't waste your time watching it. I beg you!


Al Swearengen -> fun (20/11/2007 9:37:08 PM)

Took me a while to get around to seeing this and i can see why people wouldn't like this, I actually went in thinking it was going to be a serious political terrorist movie.

Wrong, it's more in touch with the Die Hard sceme of things and it's great no-brainer action, it's a shame they hadn't made this a few years later and made those digital effects better, cause some of that stuff would look amazing now.

blaud -> Whole lotta fun (25/2/2008 1:45:57 PM)

Harrison Ford in a role he was born to play, and Wolfgang Peterson doing what he does best

Zinatam -> (16/7/2008 7:58:54 AM)

I wanted to see it for ages, and when it finally came onto the TV I wasn't dissappointed

AntGC -> (28/1/2011 3:01:59 PM)

Harrison Ford at his best. Killing russians.
Kept me entertained all the way through and the reason it did was because they made good use of the fact all this was on a plane. I expected it be like die hard where ALL the focus is on fighting but the fuel tanker scene and the attempted landing scene were brilliant to watch.

AntGC -> RE: Air Force One (28/1/2011 3:04:31 PM)

Bad effects? this film was done in 1997 where effects were hardly Avatar effects.

Mr Grady -> RE: Air Force One (29/1/2011 8:05:53 PM)

You should iron the Star Spangled Banner whilst watching this.

undisputed3 -> RE: Air Force One (2/2/2011 11:13:00 AM)

i haven't heard it before.

blaud -> Fun And Hugely Entertaining (14/6/2011 7:22:26 PM)

Air Force One, for using a concept so shrouded in disbelief, is a truly great movie. Using a classic hostage setup but with the unique mechanic of being set aboard the president's private jet, the film is a thrilling actioner with very nice acting and some joyously corny lines ('Get Off My Plane!'). There is, however, a subplot regarding the release of a prisoner which feels tired and ultimately rather tagged on to the main meat of the story, but it's a forgivable sin as the rest of the movie does so much right. Enjoyable and exciting stuff.

Phubbs -> RE: Fun And Hugely Entertaining (30/8/2012 5:01:29 AM)

Air Force One (1997)

God bless those United States, the old red white and blue, the stars n stripes, the most powerful country in the whole wide world!!

Anyway, this is pretty much your standard terrorist hijack setup with all the regular ingredients that you might expect. Take 'Passenger 57' 'Die Hard 2' and 'Executive Decision' blend them all together, make the one man army hero the President (no vest) and voila!.

This film does well mainly due the huge appeal of Ford and his epic back catalog of movies. His ever lasting rugged good looks, calm manly voice and likeable charisma (even without the fedora) is the stuff of silver screen legend.

The other reason this works so well is Oldman as the main Russian baddie. He's got the stereotypical goatee, a heavy accent and he's really mean, another good Eurotrash villain. Along with Ford that's two rock solid performances which keep the film glued together, without them this could easily have been a very average run of the mill action thriller.

Another thing the film shows you is how nice it is or would be to be President with his highly advanced personal airliner. Never realised how luxurious the interior of the plane is, from top to bottom its like a long narrow mansion. On top of that you also learn a few things about the plane and how cool it really is. Is there really an escape pod on board?

The sets for Air Force One all look top notch and the action is also darn good but its also pretty daft at times. Lots of gun fire in mid air, kinda silly as you'd think at least one might pierce the fuselage, especially with all the machine gun fire haha. Then of course you have the obligatory faceless Russian bad guys, god knows how many there were at first or how many got killed but it seemed to be lots. Ditto for Air Force One personnel, people getting mowed down all over the shop, no idea who they are. Little character development for the bad guys or good guys accept for the odd main roles naturally.

End of the day its your typical action flick cunningly disguised as trying to be something a bit more intelligent...but really its not. Still looks the biz today but the CGI sequence at the end is pretty bad looking I gotta be honest.

'nobody does this to the United States'

cherylsturgill -> RE: Fun And Hugely Entertaining (21/9/2012 6:56:31 AM)

I do enjoy this movie maybe one because I am still young when I first seen it. Though right now when you see it you'll say that its really predictable/obvious/

grucl -> RE: Fun And Hugely Entertaining (21/9/2012 8:33:58 AM)

1997 was a good year for German directors to bring patriotic American films to the cinema.[:D]

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