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Empire Admin -> Tenderness (28/8/2006 2:16:32 PM)

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Aubrey/Cort -> tenderness (28/8/2006 2:16:34 PM)

This film sounds very good. We more or less may lnow what happens but it is how it happens or if, that is interesting to me and the fact that Russell Crowe is in it, If Russ is in the film will be good.

TheGodfather -> RE: tenderness (19/6/2009 7:53:45 PM)

I saw it in the sneak preview yesterday, these are my thoughts:

A boy is being released from prison at 18 after serving a few years for brutally killing his parents. A girl is completely fixated by him and goes to look him up...

This probably were the 90 longest minutes I`ve experencied in the past few years. At first I thought that the slow pacing of the film would go and the speed would go up after a while, if it only was to make just one little bit more exciting.
But no. The whole 90 minutes long there isn`t one thing that happens that is exciting. Extremely bad acting (why Russel Crowe and Laura Dern choose to do this is a big mistery), a director who thinks that he`s visually inventive while actually the only thing his visual language does is irritate, a way too low pace and no excting at all make this into a film without a direction or intention and in wich you`re happy when the redicoulous ending is over and the credits pass the screen. That is the most exciting and intense part of this so-called "movie".

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