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Empire Admin -> The Lions of Al-Rassan (11/8/2006 6:31:45 PM)

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haz_hamid -> hmm (11/8/2006 6:31:45 PM)

looks good!!!

Cuchulainn -> RE: hmm (11/8/2006 8:50:39 PM)

I was sold until I read the words 'Magic' and 'Quasi-History'...This is one of the fundamental problems with Hollywood movies today.FAILURE TO FULLY COMMIT TO A CONCEPT.Either make an historical drama or a fantasy movie.Don't sit on the fence and fuck it up. 

Madelaine -> RE: hmm (27/1/2007 10:31:50 PM)

They're not sitting on the fence, the film description doesn't do it justice.  The Lyons of Al-Rassan is an excellent book by Guy Gavriel Kay, if you can find a decent review of the book (Amazon), that might give a clearer view of the story.  Better yet, read the book (then read A Song For Arbonne and Tigana).

Timon -> RE: Lions Of Al-Rassan (5/2/2007 4:31:53 PM)

Well Ed Zwick is generally a stickler for detail and is concious of history (despite the Prussians training the Japanese army but that's neither here or there) so I can see him making a decent film in the vein of Kingdom of Heaven as the Spanish try to push the Moor Empire back across the sea.

Should be interesting as the Moors basically assimilated Spain into the Empire and occupied it for quite a while and relatively peacefully before the Crusades restarted. I personally can't wait.

Only forseeable problems I can see is that the studios will want a bankable white lead for the Spanish war leader which might grate but I trust Zwick's casting. If he can sell the Cruiser as a Samurai then he can do anything.

Will have to pick up the book at some point - war, religion, honour, history - seems to have anything and it might give Western cinema more Muslim heroes a la Axel Foley's thread. Could Alexander Siddig be cast? The odds are good.

Axel Foley -> RE: Lions Of Al-Rassan (25/10/2007 1:15:32 PM)

This came up when I was searching for Lions for Lambs. I hadn't realised Zwick was working on a new project, but this sounds fantastic. That period of Spanish history has a tremendous romance to it and if he chooses to shoot somewhere like Seville or Granada there are some wonderful Moorish buildings there.

I do also hope, as per Timon's suggestion that Mr Siddig gets a part. He'd be a terrific lead hero. Did you ever read the book?

Timon -> RE: Lions Of Al-Rassan (25/10/2007 1:17:23 PM)

No, I didn't but I should. Problem is I have piles of books lying around my place that I am working my way through.

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