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starman9 -> RE: SHOULD BE AWESOME! (10/1/2006 4:35:32 PM)

Pics of Diane Lane shooting "KILLSHOT"  Script review of "KILLSHOT" - They think it's GREAT! Reviewed by: El Chavo - 01.10.06

Yo the net's numero uno and consistent script reviewer El Mayimbe here with a look at the upcoming KILLSHOT. Just as the Beatles once sang, I get by with a little help from my friends…Here is my handy little script review helper EL CHAVO with a look at the script…
"Killshot", was all he said and then the phone went dead. My stomach went with it.
He had called my bluff, and all I could do as a trained assassin masquerading as a thief with a penchant for climbing through windows on certain studio lots, was accommodate. I wasn't really bluffing, and this was more of a test really, to make sure that I wasn't full of shit about being able to 'access anyone in Hollywood'. It wasn't my duty to tell him how, just to show him I could do it. After this, I knew the tasks would be harder... if not seemingly impossible.
...I knew 'he' would be distracted during his interviews for Hostel... and knowing how he loves to carry his work around with him, and his friendship with a Mr. Leonard... lets just say cars are a lot easier to break into than office buildings — sometimes. It was a hefty script for an action/drama: 134 pages, but it fit neatly in my digital camera anyway.
My contact had asked me to acquire, read and destroy all evidence of the script — to send my thoughts in a PGP encrypted email to an anonymous message board. He told me that I'd be wired in the morning. I hope the conversion rates are better then usual.
I sat down with the script at 5:30PM and was finished by 6:45. It read like Delta Burke uses toilet paper - fast and furious. As I read it, I made mental notes of who I'd cast if it were up to me. I thought about all those innocent people I sent to prison whenever I had jury duty. I thought about making love to a full-grown woman (this time). Then I thought, "hey, I should pay more attention to the script".
The characters were:
Carmen Colson - a housewife and real estate agent, described as 'beautiful and in her 40's'.
Wayne Colson - husband to Carmen, Ironworker and avid deer hunter, together they're a handsome couple. (Awwwww)
Armand 'The Blackbird' Degas - a half Indian/French Canadian hitman for a Detroit mafia
Richie Nix - a young brutal killer/criminal and sidekick to Armand
Donna - Richie's girl a former corrections officer, who was a bit 'too friendly with the inmates'
The story starts by following 'Blackbird' on assignment (an assignment I should have had) - killing a Detroit boss (I'd have done that job cleaner and better, for less than 10k, AND I wouldn't have killed the bitch too). Anyhow, Blackbird does his job, doesn't get paid, ends up going home to see his grandmother, who he doesn't know has been dead for a year. The thing about Blackbird is that he's half Indian and almost all psychopathic hitman; he has been through hell, is over-the-hill, and is tough enough to prove it even though he doesn't have to — his eyes say it all. So when a young, even less sane criminal crosses his path, it doesn't take long for this new guy (Richie Nix) to see the benefits of teaming up with him. With a project already 'in play', Blackbird decides to assist the bumbling idiot Richie in his plan to extort money from a real estate firm. Switch to:
Wayne Colson, an out-of-work iron worker who just absolutely adores hunting deer. He loves it so much that it's all he talks about. He even wears deer piss. He talks about it so much — I wanted to divorce him (though his wife doesn't). They're simple people, living a simple life — doing what they can to stay afloat. Carmen, his loving wife, even succeeds in talking her husband into a job interview with her real estate firm the next day. See where we're going? Ok... well so things don't go so well for Blackbird and Richie when they show up at the same time of the interview the next day; Wayne kicks some ass, they get away and the local cops are right out of Rambo: First Blood. In fact, this entire film story is out of an era of simplistic story telling. It would be entirely predictable after that, except that Blackbird and Richie attempt to 'get rid of the evidence' by 'erasing' Wayne and Carmen — only they fuck that up too. (Jesus boys, anyone ever hear of high-powered rifle?? What about some white-out and a new typewriter??). Then we got Witness Relocation Program... then... oh yeah, it's ONE OF THOSE movies... then we got Blackbird and Richie doing everything-in-their-power-to-find-them. "Witness relocation program or noooot, we're coming to get yoooooouuuu".
Don't get me wrong, the dialogue is very snappy. The characters are very realistic, as far as you know (some real hitman no-no's though). In the end, it's the wife that is the heroine, which is very cool. I, for one, am sick of seeing Kill Billybob type women who can 'kill in one stroke' - or break a mans jaw or some shit. Violence in movies has become so obfuscated that since it's not believable, it's not entertaining. The Carmen character is very cool, and there should be some wonderful moments captured on film. Overall, I think it is a text-book great script: it is very very well written. But... if you were to compare this script to a rock-n-roll band... it's the Black Crowes; a text-book band, with the long hair, the songs you can dance while holding a beer to, a lead singer with a wife he just shouldn't have (thank god she's annoying) — all the right ingredients but just wrong. Somehow, just like the Black Crowes are not a great rock-n-roll band, this movie won't be either. (In case you think I couldn't think of a worse rock-n-roll band, just remember - I could have said: Creed.) It's very well executed, just not a good idea.
This film is called Killshot. That should tell you all you need to know. If you haven't heard 'one shot, one kill before' and think that hearing it in a movie from absolutely retarded psychopathic killers would be cool — then this could be a movie for you. The main plot hole in the movie is - hey, if you're a killer paired with a young dumb killer/criminal, wouldn't it be better just to go to another town and do some killing/robbing there instead? This idea is so bad that I'd let my kid try the old nose-pushing-into-the-brain technique on Elmore himself... when she was done, I'd castrate him for Get Shorty - but hey, that's just me. I never like castrating people anyway, I'd rather play mix-n-match with his intestines then touch those gravity cured love sacks of his.
Just so you know, as I read it, based on the description of the characters I'd have cast:
Diane Lane (as Carmen)
Chris Cooper (as Wayne) - though this would have been a miracle come-back role for Harrison Ford (although it isn't the films hero)
Benicio Del Toro (The Blackbird)
The other characters weren't as significant, though I thought casting against grain would have made this film special. Not knowing that this film was already in post-production - obviously I was too late to put some pressure on the Weinsteins and their wives. The actual cast is:
Diane Lane (as Carmen) - bingo
Thomas Jane (as Wayne) - who? are you fucking kidding me? This guy hasn't been forgiven for that god-awful Camren Diaz flick... that comedy made a couple years back that doesn't deserve a name...
Mickey Rourke (as The Blackbird) - ok... a very nice surprise. I'll take Rourke any day. I know for a fact that he can kill a man with his bare hands, cause I've seen him do it.... but that's another story....
The script gets a B+
The movie probably won't do better than a B-
Killing Elmore Leonard and selling his scalp on ebay gets an A++++++++GREAT SELLER
Ending this Quentin Tarantino Presents bullshit is priceless.
Hasta el proximo capitulo…

starman9 -> RE: SHOULD BE AWESOME! (11/1/2006 10:27:23 AM)

More "KILLSHOT" links to pictures of Diane Lane, Knoxville etc etc: Behind the scenes photo gallery: 
Extra reports from the set:
 Script review at

starman9 -> RE: SHOULD BE AWESOME! (12/1/2006 11:21:31 AM)

Some more:

matthewforan -> Killshot (13/1/2006 9:22:20 AM)

John Madden? Taking time out from American Football (Just joking) it should be good Leonard is a great writer Jackie Brown was great so high expectations.

starman9 -> RE: Killshot (16/1/2006 12:24:51 PM)

Pics of Mickey Rourke (cool!) and Diane Lane (cool!)

nc_jj -> (10/4/2008 12:52:34 AM)

Fucking count on me. Like Empire says, Hell, yeah, I'm booking it now. Best. Film. Ever. I am a huge fan of Elmore Leonard.

Danny Calvert -> Just wanna see it! (16/6/2008 7:39:17 PM)

When the hell is film going to be released? seems to have been hanging around for ages!!!
Really wanna see it though.

MooseTheDude -> Brand new trailer for "KILLSHOT" starring Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke! (11/1/2009 12:13:09 PM)

Brand new trailer for "KILLSHOT" (with new scenes and Johnny Knoxville nowhere in sight!)

and a new poster:


Knoxville's part was completely cut.


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