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Felix -> Welcome to Grandstand, again! (29/9/2005 10:40:49 PM)

Despite James' objections and misgivings, Grandstand was a cracking success on the old forum. So once again, please, please, please, please, please can we keep this forum a dignified area for discussion about all types of sport and not a slanging area of 'My teams better than your team' type posts that belong on the BBC's 606 forum?

To help this, post your allegiances here so that everyone knows where you stand.

I am Felix.

I am a Manchester United fan.

I have supported them for 28 years

Yes, I do live in Sussex...

I also have a soft spot for Portsmouth as my family originate from there and also Aldershot Town as they are the club closest to my birthplace.

I like: Roy Keane (3 years ago), Ryan Giggs, Duncan Edwards, Nobby Stiles and Peter Schmeichel.

I hate: Being called a glory hunter. I supported Utd all throughout the 1980's so Liverpool fans, I know your pain.

I can appreciate: That Chelsea are a good team. But they wouldnt be without RA's cash. That Mourinho is a great manager. But he wouldnt be at Chelsea without RA's cash...

belluccisbra -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 10:01:23 AM)

I am Belluccis Bra

I support Newcastle United

I have supported them through many years of false dawns and dissapointments.

I live in Newcastle

I have soft spots for Man City (the clubs have a lot of simularities) and Shef Wed

I like Alan Shearer, Steven Taylor, Pedro and Sir Les Ferdinand

I hate being constantly reminded how long it is since Newcastle won anything

I appreciate we arnt the greatest team in the world but nothing can dillute my support, they are my team for better or worse

Walkerboy -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 12:27:58 PM)

Hi, I'm Walkerboy

I'm a Spurs fan..... although my enthusiam for football is dropping rapidly.

I live in Buckinghamshire.

I'm used to false dawns with every new season.  How long is it until the year ends in 1 again???

ads2k5 -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 1:08:58 PM)

Hi I'm ads2k5

I'm Welsh

Fan of football and rugby

Support Manchester United and Llanelli Scarlets(as well as Wales of course!)

Gutted that Keano is probably gonna leave at the end of the season...

jonson -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 1:14:57 PM)

Hi, I'm Jonson (everyone applauds)

I support Leicester City

I have been a season ticket holder for 21 years

Yes, I do live in Leicester

I also support Hearts, my Scottish team, although I have never seen them play live

I like: Gary Lineker, Robbie Savage, Steve Claridge and Emile Heskey

I dislike: Spurs, Aston Villa and Derby

I can appreciate that we're a yo-yo club at best, will probably never see anything like the Martin O'Neill years again, and that bloke that sits at the end of my aisle will always moan at me for coming in 5 minutes late half-cooked. Fuck him.

Peter Griffin -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 1:20:20 PM)

Hi i'm Peter Griffin.
I support Man City,enough said.

Flatulent_Bob -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 1:25:28 PM)

Hi, I'm Bob,

I support Sheffield United and I have nothing further to add at this point. Apart from why is Felix a mod agian?

Toby Monroe -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 1:31:54 PM)

Hello, I'm Toby Monroe, and I'm an Everton supporter. Don't laugh.

Neo -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 1:45:49 PM)

I'm Neo, I'm a Hearts supporter, have been for roughly 12 years, I love - Rudi Skacel, Roman Bednar and Steven Pressley. I like David Beckham and Alan Smith. I maintain a fondness for Manchester Utd which began when I met Eric Cantona. I enjoy watching Real Madrid and Barcelona matches, just to see how bad the football we see really is!

I can appreciate we probably won't win the league, but it's nice to dream.

((Mr:Bartender)) -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 2:38:22 PM)

[8D][8D] Dudes!!
I am Mr Bartender (a.k.a NO. 1 Shevchenko Fan)
I am an big big Arsenal Fan. (I ve supported them for 7 years)
I live in North London (So it's kinda local)
I have soft spots for Bolton, I wish them the best, they are a good club with a good manager. (ofcourse i dont want them higher then the gunners)
I like  Andriy Shevchenko, Deco, Buffon and Thierry henry.
I hate the way we play champions league and also the label that some fans give us as being a "one man team.


((Mr:Bartender)) -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 2:39:43 PM)


ORIGINAL: Toby Monroe

Hello, I'm Toby Monroe, and I'm an Everton supporter. Don't laugh.

It's good that you're not afraid to admit it.

Aaron Eiffel -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 3:00:19 PM)

I am Aaron Eiffel.

I am a Gillingham fan.

I have supported them for 11 years (I'm 17).

Yes, I do live within 15 minutes of the ground.

I like: Super Bob Taylor, Nicky Southall, John Hodge, Andy Thomson.

I dislike: Paul Scally, Carl Asaba, glory-hunters [;)]

I appreciate that: Paul Scally saved the club, for which I am damn grateful (bit of a wanker though). I also appreciate that the glory years of the last decade are probably over for the time being, and that we have been punching above our weight for far too long.

Helo -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 3:48:19 PM)

I'm Helo.  Cov fan and part-time Warwickshire CCC follower.

Any fans of Championshiop clubs get yourself down to the Ricoh this season...please, we need someone to fill all those empty swathes of sky blue.

Like to follow Nuneaton Boro too... non-league football is the new rock'n'roll y'know.

BigBadWolf -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 3:51:20 PM)

Hello, I am Big Bad Wolf, for my sin's I support the mighty Spurs, who for the one millionenth season running have turned the corner from mid table mediocrity to once again become a force in English football.

I can only dream....

Juror Number 8 -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 3:53:14 PM)

Hull City fan.

See you Wembley, Frankie Walsh.

Clyde_Pressman -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 3:58:08 PM)

I am Clyde_Pressman. A reference to the football goalkeeper Kevin Pressman.

I am Leicester City fan.

I've supported them for 13 years (I'm only 17)

I live in Leicester

I have a soft spot for Notts County and Hearts.

I like Muzzy Izzet, Steve Walsh and Martin O'Neill

I dont like Robbie Savage, Villa, Derby or Forest.

I can appreciate that the 'glory' years of MON have gone and we're going to be in the second level of Football for a while.

Bubba -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 4:09:42 PM)

I am Bubba.

I am a Birmingham City fan.

I have supported them for neary 2 years.

I live in Wales

I also have a soft spot for Newcastle United as my brother is an obsessed fan and it's slightly infectious.

I like Robbie Savage, Maik Taylor, Gabriel Heinze, Stephen Carr......

I hate being picked on for not knowing much about the sport.

I can appreciate that people get alarmingly passionate about their teams.

Starscream -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 4:28:01 PM)

I am Starscream.

I am a Cardiff City/Manchester United fan.

I have supported Cardiff for 12 years and Manchester United for 15 years

I live in Cardiff

I like: Eric Cantona, Gabriel Heinze, Robert Earnshaw, Cameron Jerome and Darren Purse

I hate: Being called a plastic united fan and arse manager Arsehole Wanker

I can appreciate: That the Dippers are the worse team to win the european cup in the last 10 years[:D]

Pat Bateman -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 4:55:33 PM)

I am:Pat Bateman
I am a Liverpool F.C fan.
I was raised an LFC fan.
I live in Dublin.
I have a soft spot and a lot of respect for Man. City.
I like: Djibril Cisse, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard
Steve Finnan, Robbie Fowler, King Kenny, Maradonna.
I hate: Bandwagon fans, a lot of people have become a lot more interested in Liverpool since May, coincidence?? I think not! Knobjockeys!

batrico -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 6:14:45 PM)

I am:Batrico

I am a Machester United fan.

I have been a utd fan for over 20 years.(so i remember the lean days too)

I live in Dublin.

I have a soft spot for AC Milan..Pirlo is my favourite player in the world..

I hope we can catch Chelsea this year if not well have to win the Champions League.

Sexual Harassment Panda -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (30/9/2005 10:04:28 PM)

I'm Nath.

I support: Manchester United, and have done so for about 13 years.

I have a bit of a softs spot for Sheffield United, even if my liking of them, stretches no further than watching any of their games that are shown on TV and checking their results.

I like:
Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juan Sebastian Verón, Peter Schmeichel, Steve Bruce, Gary Pallister, and many more players (and no not all past/present United players [sm=biggrin.gif])

I hate: Being called a glory supporter, me being a supporter is because of being part of a family who all support Man Utd and I'm from Manchester.

I can appreciate: That United may not be the strong force in England that they once were.

Goodfella -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (1/10/2005 9:47:44 PM)

I am Goodfella.

I am a Charlton fan.

I have supported them for 18 years.

I live in North Devon but lived in Erith, about six miles from Charlton, until I was 14.

I have a soft spot for the local teams down here, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol City and Torquay but I don't have much time for Yeovil Town after the way they're FA Cup match with us last season was branded around.

I like: Most of the current Charlton first team except for Mark Fish and Kevin Lisbie who I wish would just bugger off. Other managers I like are Arsene Wenger, Chris Coleman and David O'Leary, I don't have any particurlar players from other clubs that I have a particurlar like for but I'm still a fan of Lee Bowyer even though he left Charlton 10 years ago this summer.

I hate: Millwall, Crystal Palace, Gillingham, Tottenham and Chelsea. I especially despise Palarse chairman Simon Jordan and the Gills chairman Paul Scally who don't have a brain cell between them.

I appreciate: That Chelsea are an amazing team. I don't however appreciate that it isn't all down to the money...

donniedarko -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (2/10/2005 9:58:21 PM)

I am Donnie Darko. 

I am a Plymouth Argyle fan.

I have supported them for 11 years.

I'm originally from North Devon but now live in Leeds.

I also have a soft spot for Liverpool as I went to university there and have a lot of mates who are Reds; and for Torquay, a great little club.

I like: Paul Wotton, Paul Sturrock, Dwight Marshall, Steven Gerrard and Joaquin.

I hate: People who can't see beyond the Premiership; moaning Argyle fans (lighten up! we're going to be OK!) and hooliganism.

I can appreciate: We're in a slightly far-flung location. But it's a lovely part of the world! Why do we always struggle to attract players to the club?

Sinatra -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (3/10/2005 9:58:25 AM)


I can appreciate: That Chelsea are a good team. But they wouldnt be without RA's cash. That Mourinho is a great manager. But he wouldnt be at Chelsea without RA's cash...

How sad is that... you sound bitter and twisted Felix... you should stick to worrying about Utd's form.

King_Wah -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (3/10/2005 2:06:02 PM)

I am Peter

I support Birmingham City. I also support Warwickshire Cricket Club.

I like almost all sports except Golf and Motor Racing. Football and Cricket are my favourite sports.

I have a strong affection for Man United and Celtic.

I think Diego Maradona is the best footballer I have ever seen and Shane Warne is the most phenominally exciting cricketer ever.

I hate Liverpool, Robbie Savage and Roman Abramovitch, not because of Chelsea. I just feel it is obscene somebody can be so rich in a poor country.

lord of the pies -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (3/10/2005 6:27:13 PM)

I'm the piemeister.

I support Luton Town.

I have supported them for 10 years.

I am a season ticket holder.

I am obsessed with football and watching Luton play. It is draining my wallet.

Please feel free to donate money so I can afford the train to Crewe.

JayMe -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (13/10/2005 12:26:31 PM)

I am JayMe

I support Ipswich Town

I have supported them for about 10 years.

I live in Newmarket (Suffolk)

I have a strong and often Irrational dislike of Norwich City, Sheffield Utd, Dean Holdsworth,

I like: Martijn Reuser, Pablo Counago, Matt Holland

Im impressed by the fact Joe Royle has progressed Ipswich in the last 3 years considering he has had to build a new team each year.

Im resigned to the fact that this season is likely to be a transitional season as so many important players departed and had to be replaced for nothing in the summer.

rick_7 -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (18/10/2005 3:13:14 PM)

I am rick_7.

I am a Manchester United fan.

I have supported them for 17 years.  I went to my first game at the age of five.  I live in Manchester.  I have nice, soft hair.

My favourite sports are football, boxing, cricket and running.  I used to play a lot of sport myself before I buggered up my knees.

I like: Justine Henin, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Alan Smith, Diego Maradona, Garrincha and watching Muralitharan bowl.

I hate: Arsene Wenger, Ashley Cole, Robert Pires, Alan Green constantly whining about everything, Deco, Deco, Deco, Deco and Deco.  Oh, and Ken Bates.

I can appreciate: An attractive man.

In buying the Premiership title Chelsea are ruining the game that I love.

JJ Holiday -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (19/10/2005 11:48:17 AM)

I am JJ Holiday.

I support Northampton Town, the team that nobody cares about, even there own fans. There ace.

In addition to loving football I like boxing, basketball and cricket, in small doses.

Paul Scholes is my favourite footballer of all time.

Jack Johnson and Joe Frasier are my favourite boxers of all time. But Wayne McCulloch deserves an honourable mention.

Roman Abramovich is a crook. Watching the Premiership sits uneasy with me nowadays because of his presence, I hope he dies.

Craig Bellamy is a fucking, scaled-down cunt. I hope he picks a fight with me so I can jump on his head.

SEENOEVIL -> RE: Welcome to Grandstand, again! (27/10/2005 3:18:52 PM)


I support The Star Sheffield Steelers and the Philadelphia Flyers. Ice Hockey is my sporting passion.
As for Football, I am a Wrexham fan (thats where I was brought up) although I do have a soft spot for Arsenal (my Dads team, who was gutted that I didn't follow in his footsteps).

Other sports:
Baseball (a big Red Sox fan)
Football (US)
MMA (UFC, Pride, K-1 etc)

All Time Sporting Heros:
Bobby Clarke (Philadelphia Flyers) - A great man who played the game with heart and desire. Never gets the credit he so richly deserves.

'Marvelous' Marvin Hagler - Pound for pound, one of the greatest boxers that ever entered the ring (and was a massive insperation for me when I started boxing).

Sporting Highlight: Watching the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in game 6 of the NHL Eastern Conferance Championship at the Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, PA. (ok, so we lost Game 7, but I have never been to a sporting event where the atmosphere was so electric, I still get goose bumps when I think about it).

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