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The Knutsens -> The Drew Carey Show (9/8/2006 7:06:16 PM)

Anyone else here love this show as much as me? It's not up to the likes of Seinfeld and certainly doesn't have the jokes of some of the more well regarded sit-coms but this show has some of the best characters and on screen chemistry of any show. The pure sillyness from the brilliant and talented ryan styles as well as the dry wit of diedrich bader was superb as was every character they cast. Used to love watching it when it was ITV a while back but now it's not on anywhere. Hopefully it'll get a DVD release soon so i can watch them all again.


If anyone owns this show on dvd (officially or not) please pm me or email me. Thank u.

Sundance -> RE: The Drew Carey Show (10/8/2006 10:29:45 AM)

Yeah I love the show too. Caught one of the 'What's Wrong with this Episode' (love them [:D]) episodes when I was in America and got into it when it was shown over here. They knew how to do proper live shows.

mfj fratelli -> RE: The Drew Carey Show (15/8/2006 12:47:18 AM)

I'm also a big fan of The Drew Carey Show. For an American, like me, it was one of those groundbreaking comedies of the nineties. It, along with Seinfeld, helped revamp the American sitcom. Before shows like these came about, American sitcoms were too family oriented, sappy, and bland. Although, I did enjoy a lot of those sitcoms.[:)] The Drew Carey was a new breed of sitcom that never succumbed to the "serious" episode. American sitcoms before this always had an episode that dealt with something serious, such as: Alcoholism, Kidnapping, Deadbeat Fathers, Drugs, etc. The Drew Carey Show was nothing but mockery, insults, stupidity, and musical numbers. It never dipped into comedic melodrama.

That's why I love the show. Ryan Stiles is my personal favorite. I also loved the exchange of put-downs between Drew and Mimi.

Without shows like Seinfeld, The Drew Carey Show, Married With Children, and Get a Life, American televison would never have had the guts to produce stellar comedies. Examples: Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, My Name is Earl, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons & Daughters.

It really was a great show!

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