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Empire Admin -> Factotum (23/10/2005 1:04:46 AM)

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losbastardos -> (1/5/2006 1:46:03 AM)

Solid. The film and the performances. I must admit that I am quite glad indeed to see Matt Dillon on screen more these days. He was great in Crash and even better in Factotum. His character was interesting, sad and funny all the same time. Lilli Taylor, as per usual, was very good as well. Although a tad on the depressing side, the film had just the right amount of humor happening to keep it very watchable. I had heard wide praise for Factotum before viewing it, and it did not disappoint. Happy to see two relatively underused actors (Dillon and Taylor) in such an interesting study.

Emyr Thy King -> RE: (4/3/2012 2:13:51 AM)

It's just another Greenberg. We're meant to watch some insufferable pillock smoke and drink himself to a stupour, whilst ditching every dead-end job he gets but still be charmed by a guy who's acts like a shit to most people, including himself. But he's the struggling writer we're meant to like because it's quite bohemian or something. [8|]

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