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Barefoot Doctor -> Psych (11/7/2006 2:09:44 AM)

Did anyone else download the first episode of this new show? Personally I thought it was fantastic. Just one of those shows that is so much fun to watch.
It revolves around a guy with almost savant like powers of observation who, to prevent being arrested for a crime, pretends to be a psychic. It also has a great cast featuring Corbin Bernsen, Dule Hill and Anne Dudek.
Give it a go. I seriously haven't enjoyed watching a new show this much in quite a while.

elab49 -> RE: Psych (11/7/2006 10:22:23 AM)

I was trying to find it as an ad for it is all over the last epi of 4400. I'm going to watch Brotherhood first, though.

Good to have a positive review!

Barefoot Doctor -> RE: Psych (11/7/2006 10:34:11 AM)

I've watched about 30 mins of the Brotherhood pilot and it looks pretty great too. Least there's a couple shows to keep us going over Summer, usually there's nothing!

elab49 -> RE: Psych (11/7/2006 11:00:26 AM)

The only thing that annoys me about the Brotherhood stuff is they are talking about it being the only decent show Showtime has made - such snobbery for genre shows is irksome [:@]

The Mighty -> RE: Psych (11/7/2006 3:54:33 PM)

Yep, I loved it! In fact, the reason I came online right now was to start a thread about this show. It was the perfect light entertainment, just like its companion show Monk. That reminds me, did anyone else download the latest episode of Monk, with guest star Stanley Tucci? It was great!

mfj fratelli -> RE: Psych (12/7/2006 2:58:39 AM)

I thought that it was a funny, charming little show. The lead characters work well together. It's similar to Monk and I think that it will compliment Monk nicely. The USA network has created another worthy television program.

batrico -> RE: Psych (13/7/2006 2:30:39 AM)

Glad to see this has got its own thread. I really enjoyed the pilot and if the rest of the series is half as well done theyll have a hit on their hands.That makes it 3 shows out of 4 i downloaded this week that were from Usa network.

batrico -> RE: Psych (16/7/2006 2:03:18 AM)

So what did people think of fridays episode.I thought the mystery was an interesting idea and spencers detection of the case was done well but i kinda felt grrr that he wasnt able to tell the cops what he discovered but thats supposed to be the quirk of the show the pysch bit.I did like the episode though and will continue to watch it.

Only downthought in the back of my mind is they could have just made a private eye  show with spencers skills in deduction.and his buddys chemistry backround.
but hey his seizures are funny.

The Mighty -> RE: Psych (16/7/2006 2:22:29 AM)

Yep, I liked this weeks episode too, but the Monk was much much better![:D]
I like the "Psych" twist to the average private eye show, it is what makes the show different and funny.

batrico -> RE: Psych (23/7/2006 1:57:49 AM)

Good ep this week.Its keeping me wanting more, so far so good.

Barefoot Doctor -> RE: Psych (23/7/2006 10:27:06 AM)

Still loving this show. The mystery of the week is completely inconsequential, which is great. The banter between Shawn and Gus is top notch.

elab49 -> RE: Psych (24/7/2006 9:39:31 AM)

I enjoyed the first epi (ish) and there was enough to make me want to watch again BUT it was rather worrying that they just didn't have enough for a doublish length pilot. I hope that kind of misjudgement doesn't surface again.

It might help as well if some of the observations in terms of the case seemed a little less obvious - the stuff with hats is very entertaining. But if they make the obs on the cases seem so obvious you wonder how dumb the cops are, it diminishes it a bit I think.

mfj fratelli -> RE: Psych (24/7/2006 11:40:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: Barefoot Doctor

Still loving this show. The mystery of the week is completely inconsequential, which is great. The banter between Shawn and Gus is top notch.

I agree. Psych is the type of show that rests purely on the talent of the actors. The most interesting thing about this show, for me anyway, is the chemistry between the cast. Like you said, the mystery is inconsequential, although still fun to watch.

Monk is a lot like Psych in that respect. Tony Shalhoub is what makes that show spectacular. His character's interactions with Natalie, Lt. Disher, and the Captain is the highlight of the show. The mysteries are great, but that's not the main reason that I watch.  

batrico -> RE: Psych (8/8/2006 12:29:09 AM)

Really funny episode this week The psychic cat premis was hilarious.

Barefoot Doctor -> RE: Psych (8/8/2006 12:53:28 AM)

Fantastic show, it's still going strong. It's actually improving which is saying something. The main two characters play off each other so well.
The psychic boy cat was indeed hilarious.

batrico -> RE: Psych (28/8/2006 1:42:58 AM)

Well that was a short season-  8 episodes.It was very enjoyable though and i will be dloading in January when it continues.

Barefoot Doctor -> RE: Psych (28/8/2006 8:12:43 AM)

Yeah it was a very short season but they've already confirmed a 2nd season beyond the eps in January. It's doing well in the ratings.

batrico -> RE: Psych (28/8/2006 10:41:20 PM)


ORIGINAL: Barefoot Doctor

Yeah it was a very short season but they've already confirmed a 2nd season beyond the eps in January. It's doing well in the ratings.

Thats good to hear as its a fun show :)

Barefoot Doctor -> RE: Psych (20/1/2007 6:38:29 PM)

Just a reminder that Psych returned with new episodes last night in the States. Just about to watch it now!

mfj fratelli -> RE: Psych (20/1/2007 10:41:13 PM)

Perhaps the funniest episode yet. The two leads work extremely well off each other. They're an amazing comedy duo.

Hilarious stuff! Keep 'em comin' [:D]

Mason Verger -> RE: Psych (26/4/2007 9:56:25 PM)

Hallmark begin showing it on Friday 27 April at 7.00pm.


mfj fratelli -> RE: Psych (20/7/2007 1:54:08 AM)

Dear Fans of Psych,

Your greatness is beyond measure. I would take a bullet for you.

I just bought the first season of Psych on DVD. I had a mini-marathon.

I just don't love this show - I'm 'in love' with this show.

Consequently, anyone who likes Psych should pucker up. fratelli lays one gargantuan smooch upon you. [sm=love25.gif][sm=love25.gif][sm=love25.gif][sm=love25.gif][sm=love25.gif]

Yours Truly,

mfj fratelli - The man who regrets not putting Psych in his top twenty.

Mason Verger -> RE: Psych (7/2/2009 1:26:54 PM)

Saturday 07 February
3:15pm - 4:30pm

Feature-length pilot of a comic detective drama series in which a frustrated novice sleuth convinces the police to let him help on baffling cases by pretending he is psychic. When Shawn Spencer spots a vital clue in a crime case, he becomes the prime suspect, so he attempts to clear his name by claiming he has paranormal powers.VIDEO Plus+: 6395200
Subtitled, Widescreen, TV Movie

  • Shawn Spencer - James Roday
  • Burton "Gus" Guster - Dul�ill
  • Henry Spencer - Corbin Bernsen
  • Carlton Lassiter - Tim Omundson
  • Karen Vick - Kirsten Nelson
    Directed by: Michael Engler
    Filmed in: 2006

  • Harley Quinn -> RE: Psych (12/3/2009 11:09:03 AM)

    I am working my way through series one at the moment and I am in love with this show.  My only complaint is the theme song it's stuck in my head again.

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