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Empire Admin -> One Missed Call (30/6/2006 3:10:35 AM)

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acurrie -> (30/6/2006 3:10:35 AM)

final destination anyone?

LeonX42 -> 1 Star Guaranteed (2/4/2008 9:35:41 PM)

1 Star Guaranteed

batesc -> might be good? (3/4/2008 10:56:37 PM)

i bet it starts off good but then it will get crap and chesey.

holmesey -> Avoid like the plague.... (12/4/2008 12:58:48 AM)

Let me set you the scene here peeps. American high school cheesey horror movie (like there have not been enough made) need I say anymore?

After watching one missed call, I cast my mind back over the years and tried to figure out exactly what was the worse movie I had ever seen? It took a while! Oh no! Wait.. why was I thinking so hard!!? I had just watched it!
This movie is shockingly bad! Pathetic actually. A terrible plot yet if you are looking for something of a non brain challenging nature this movie is for you.

If you wanna watch and own good horror movies then invest your money in to movies like the ring or saw, at least you get your money's worth and don't come out the cinema thinking you had just been robbed.

Good night and god bless

RH x

owen1 -> One Missed Call Review (12/4/2008 6:03:38 PM)

When a film has not one but two, seemingly unrelated, pre-credits sequences there is a fair bet that the film will get a little confusing and quite possibly above its station. When both of these sequences make me jump out of my skin I know I'm in for a fairly rough ride. How many years am I gonna lose to this venture of watching films that my disposition isn't accustomed to? But enough of me and my rather girlie nature, will this film deserve a collect call or will you it make you want to hang up? And if you think those puns are bad, wait til the end of the review.

Shannyn "Sausageman" Sossoman is the pretty teen in danger (although she's actually 24 in this) whose friends all start dying in mysterious and fucked up ways. When the deaths can be traced back to phonecalls recorded at the time of death before the death (its not as confusing as it sounds) she teams up with Ed "I'm beginning to look a bit like Ben Affleck with a much, much smaller head" Burns and they set out to find out who is the spooky wooky behind it all.

Coming across like a cross between Final Destination and Ringu (Or The Ring for stupid people who don't like subtitles and subtlety) One Missed Call isn't half bad. Its formulaic as hell but there is something to be said for a film that ticks the boxes it should. Most importantly the main 'ghosts' will shit you right up, especially the little baby with the mobile. Ha I just got that, 'baby plays with mobile'. Thats pretty good.

Its a shame that Shan and Ed phone in their performances. Maybe the producers should have dialed someone else. I'm not sure if sWAPping the original setting form Japan to the US works either. And the twist doesn't really ring true. Oh and the sub text is lacking.
I hate myself.

rob_devitt -> Ring, Ring (geddit?) (23/4/2008 8:09:24 AM)

So not happy with just remaking now they are remaking films which are plot ripoffs of origional ideas. If they wanted to do a Cell phone horror why not get durabont to do Stephen Kings Cell. At least thats origional-ish

ellenbud -> Oh God (15/6/2008 1:22:19 AM)

The tragic thing is, this actually is a remake. I just watched the Japanese original on FilmFour, and it was atrocious. I just came on to see if Empire had anything to say about it and found this. The plot was a mashup of Ringu and Dark Water, with none of the suspense or menace of either. And I will give a fiver if anyone can explain the ending to me. Completely incoherent and not remotely scary. Why, why, why would you remake this? WHY?

largeball -> The Truth (21/6/2008 4:02:14 AM)

Not bad. watched it on dvd a $3.00 rental. well worth it. To many haters on this site

joanna likes films -> Two Star Horror Flick. (13/9/2008 9:45:42 AM)

I saw it last night and it wasn't anything special at all. It's not really a horror movie, more like a cheaply done TV one with two known main stars and the scares are weak. Yes, there were some jumps and the creatures are frightening but it does it very silly. It even ends stupid, leaving you scracthing your head and screaming at the TV. It's a two star horror flick, I'm afraid.

Errodiel -> How about a review? (30/3/2009 3:42:23 PM)

Are we ever going to get a review of this, empire? It's been sitting looking at me in the local DVD rental shop, but given the reader reviews here I've been rather inclined to avoid it. Would be nice to get a final verdict...

ParanoidAndroid -> One word (8/9/2010 1:44:37 AM)


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