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Kid A -> Selling DVDs on the forum is not permitted (13/6/2006 4:34:14 PM)

All users:

To avoid future problems, the selling of DVDs on the forum is now no longer permitted.

The user jaychadbone has today been banned and won't return. Selling illegal DVDs on our forum is quite obviously going to get you banned. We are aware large amounts of cash have been paid to jaychadbone and people have receievd some refunds from him. Users will have to refer all payment questions to his given email address which should remain active through his account page. We apologise to people who havent yet received payment, but we simply couldnt stand by and let a criminal operate on our forums.

Please, be extremely wary of people offering deals like this, indeed it is almost always cheaper to use real internet outlets like Play, CD Wow or Empire's own shop. We want people here to be free of idiots trying to con people and for that reason zero tolerance has always been our policy. Please tell mods immediatley if you see anything like this again and it will be stomped on.

Selling pirate DVDs is illegal and Empire cannot and will not allow it to occur here on its forum. Anyone caught trying to sell copied DVD's in future will face immediate banning from Empire Online. This includes selling via PM.

On behalf of Empire Moderators

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