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Empire Admin -> Jurassic Park IV (19/10/2005 1:40:13 PM)

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kumar -> RE: jurassic park 4 (2/1/2006 11:07:53 PM)

so is it actually confirmed now??? its been on empire for ages!

kingkong66 -> Y?! (4/1/2006 7:56:09 AM)

This film does not need to be made. The First one was a Masterpeice, the Secound was so-so but the third was MEGA SHIT! So why is this one being made. Think about it. Plus the ploot sounds rubbish, I could do better myself. Speilberg Shoudn't waste his time. I finnish with a Y?!

ITAKESHOWERS -> Jurrasic park IV (6/1/2006 9:11:19 PM)

They should Definitely make another one just so T-rex can kill spinosaurus. i'd go see it if it was just that

cerberous -> yes? no? maybe? (19/2/2006 1:51:18 PM)

i'm thinkin giant flying monsters, boat sinking sea monsters and something beter than the spiny thing. ever that or a huge lump of shit on the floor

nikolajrh -> Four movies about dinos (26/2/2006 9:01:18 PM)

Imagine this: Executive 1; "Let's make a movie about dinosaurs!" Exec 2; "Lets make FOUR!!!" Doesn't really sound right does it?? I mean COME ON! This is getting ridiculous!!

bananahammock88 -> (22/3/2006 3:14:04 PM)

Oh My God! please send a telegram to the execs:
'Congrats stop, have enclosed some new ideas stop, oh, and please please, please, stop.'

film_buff -> (28/3/2006 11:35:54 AM)

wot the HELL!!!!!!!!!!! they shudnt do this the last one was absolute crap god nos wot this will be like. i think the only good way to promote this is hav it in 3D

bananahammock88 -> (3/5/2006 12:08:31 PM)

you know something, i bet Spielberg won't do it

bananahammock88 -> (3/5/2006 12:08:45 PM)

you know something, i bet Spielberg won't do it

Lukelvzterminator -> koooool (4/5/2006 10:28:07 PM)

rite i can see wer everyone is coming from, films really shouldnt go over a trilogy, especially this type of film, but am i the only one willing to give it a shot? jurassic park was in my opinion one of the best films of our time, the 2nd one, easy to follow, nice effects, well done sequel that deserved to be made, 3rd one ok, so they (in my opinion) needed a 3rd movie, probably shouldnt have been made that way, i would have done something completely different, bt a nice fun film, so y not give the fourth a chance? rumour (this is rumour, and probably unreliable rumour) has it that it is named jurassic park: the extinction, so could it be that they are going to tye up all loose ends whilst giving us a good story and finally putting a great finish to a great franchise? i hope so, dont you?

acurrie -> (27/6/2006 11:58:34 PM)

i HATE all the Jurassic Park films, awful, awful, awful Bollocks.

88tim88 -> (31/1/2007 12:24:47 AM)

I reckon theyll put in the scene of soldiers fightin sum huge dinosaur eg. spinosaurus like they wanted to in the 3rd film but ran out of money. They shud have like flocks of pterosaurs attacking a city as well, haha, would be class like scenes from reign of fire. Post-apocalytic America after dinosaurs attack :p And i agree wid Cerberous, sea monsters attackin ships and mayb goin onto beaches like sumthin out of those Loch Ness monster movies, hehe

Timon -> RE: (12/7/2007 12:23:45 PM)

Here's IMDB's FAQ on JPIV - Here - Lots of unknowns.

Gaz87 -> (12/7/2007 10:37:27 PM)

Is this film actually getting made?? Would someone please let me know!

Recoil -> RE: jurassic park 4 (18/7/2007 6:57:04 PM)

I like the notion of the disease spreading to humans through the dinosaurs, but not
as it links to bird flu, but simply as it brings it back to the first. Humans tried
to play God, bringing back an extinct species, only to have the dinos wipe out our

I would quite like to see a fourth. I agree the first was amazing and would have been
even better as a one off, but the sequels are fun, had good set-pieces, and were less
about human morals and more about massive lizards tearing people and places apart! Well, the third not so much - that one I could have done without.

morris118 -> RE: Jurassic Park IV (25/7/2007 11:06:11 PM)

What i wud like to see for the 4th movie is it being located back on the island of the first film with some characters from the first film like Dr. Alan Grant,  Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Alexis "Lex" Murphy.

leroythemasochist -> RE: RE: (26/7/2007 8:56:37 PM)

Bloody hell.  I read that twice (well, kinda, I've had a few)  and I still don't understand it.
What was all that about drug dealers and genetically modified dinos???

Nevermind though, sounds super-lovely.

My missis hates Jurassic Park:
'Dinosaurs can't open doors!' she says. 'That's just silly.'

Bless her.

But JP4?  Hmmm. Maybe. 
Then again, 4's a nice number isn't it...

Fluke Skywalker -> RE: RE: (27/7/2007 11:03:34 AM)

Jurassic Park 2 was an exciting and action packed sequel and worth doing but three was really kinda boring. It's best left alone now

Daniel Kelly -> RE: RE: (27/7/2007 5:17:54 PM)

The first Jurassic is an outstanding effort, the second a good blockbuster (see Empire's review it's perfect) whilst the third is pretty meh......Still I don't dislike the idea of a fourth even if it is totally bonkers.

OPtimusPrIMEruLES -> (1/1/2008 2:48:06 AM)

i wud kuv it if this film gets made because i luved the first 2, 3 was ok

MANOFTHEWORLD -> Jurassic Park 4 (1/3/2008 1:17:51 AM)

It good to hear Jurassic Park 4 and I hope it will be best film than all 3. I also hope spielberg will directing it and probably all dinosaurs will be terminated at the end of film and last ever Jurassic Park film.

sweetback -> MORE DINOS? (28/8/2009 6:36:34 PM)


murta1993 -> (13/4/2010 2:47:18 PM)

please can someone tell mr.spielberg that he should re-watch all of the jurassic parks, even 3, and spot the flaws, no matter how many or little, depending on the film, and write them down, then burn the piece of paper. he should start over really, not entirely, but with totally new characters and mere references in the back-stories of the main characters' cousins to the original get-up.the first film was and always will be perfect. the second film, as flawed as it was, had some amazing moments, and the third film lacked one thing, mr.spielberg. he has to make a fourth film, there's a whole generation missing out on the dream of becoming like dr.grant or even dr.malcolm someday. they were gods when i was a kid, and mr.spielberg made them my gods. he needs to create new ones, and he will if he tries, cos he's that good.
just thought you'd like to know ;)

space_hero -> make it more like the first one please (16/5/2010 5:37:32 PM)

the first film was outstanding, the second entertaining and the thrird less than average. is there more from the story of jarrassic park that can be made into an amazing film, i dont think so. i think they should leave it alone now. but saying that, i will be watching it if it does get made. only spielberg can make it what it need to be

Gameboy1978 -> Jurassic Bark!! (1/6/2010 12:26:42 PM)

Let's hope this is better than 3 which was pretty poor, loved part 1, 2 was OK. Hope to see the dinos fighting each other rather than just retread old ground.

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