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Empire Admin -> Krull (5/6/2006 2:27:14 PM)

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Battle Angel Ryan -> (5/6/2006 2:27:14 PM)

Watched this again on VHS the other dya and have to say it isn't as bad as a lot of people make out.
It has a lot of going for it. When was the last British sci-fi epic summer blockbuster.
Okay it isn't star wars or LOTR but it doesn't seserve to be ridiculed for being ambitious.

Jessica_ca_ca_ca -> RE: (6/6/2006 11:10:17 AM)

Krull has a rather simple storyline, although the colourful mysticism in its plot can make for a great Fantasy movie. I, for one, have always enjoyed watching it, even today, when the effects seem like that of a B-movie and the acting of Princess Lyssa, as well as many others, leave much to be desired. Yet the idea of the Black Fortress and the five-edged sword that inevitably saves the day always smacks of something enjoyable! The Widow of the Web especially, still retains it's initial impact for me - as in freaks me out!

It would incredible if they re-made this film, because as pointed out above, Krull has been ridiculed before, even though it's a great adventure story.

Ryan_D_Bell -> Watch it again (9/11/2010 1:11:52 PM)

Watched it again last night and, unlike dissapointing re-watches of Clash of the Titans or the A-Team TV series, this film has improved with hindsight.
At the very least it provides a bare-bone skeleton that hints at a full-bodied masterpiece that a bit more script depth and budget would have achieved.
My favourite line(s):
The King: "the key is yours"
Prisoner-Hero: "Only the King and his Lord Marshall hold the keys to these manacles."
The King: "That's right."
Both: "Ha ha ha ha"

jackcarter -> RE: Watch it again (29/9/2012 10:20:25 PM)

this is the greatest film of all time

Phubbs -> RE: Watch it again (30/9/2012 4:44:33 AM)

How the hell does this classic get only 2 stars!!!!!?

I really think the star scale needs to be up to 10 stars, 5 is too low and equals way too many 3 scores.

clownfoot -> RE: Watch it again (3/10/2012 5:41:43 PM)

I still fucking love Krull.

That is all.

BelfastBoy -> RE: Watch it again (3/10/2012 8:11:25 PM)

It's not a good film at all, clunkily acted and strangely empty like a lot of 80s fantasy films. Great production design though, and nice use of 'exotic' UK locations. However, it's notable for early appearances from Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane, as well as a young Todd Carty. Is Alun Armstrong there too? Far and away the best thing about Krull though is a stupendous, insanely ambitious musical score from James Horner!

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