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Empire Admin -> The Un-dead (3/5/2006 5:44:29 PM)

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acurrie -> (30/6/2006 3:09:21 AM)

it's got to be better than that wes craven effort

nebula -> vampires, blood and guts I'm there with bells on (8/7/2006 10:02:39 AM)

vampires, kick ass action, guts every where and blood what more could a girl ask for?.........................I just pray this movie rocks.....we havent had a proper/half decent vampire flick since Blade.....and NO and am not refering the atrocity that is Blade trinty.....Ps the underworld movies although good do not count as a vampire flicks...because by my twisted and some what unworldy calculations it was dominated by the Licans AKA Werewolves! ......I want some bat on bat action.....and no side tracking to other paranomal beast's

Tim_Bisley -> it's got to be better than that wes craven effort ... (22/5/2007 4:29:30 PM)

that wouldn't be hard

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