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Empire Admin -> Confessions of a Window Cleaner (28/4/2006 2:46:21 PM)

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bedraggledfox -> Not really sexy, not really funny but a good nostalgia trip for those of a certain age (23/8/2010 12:17:06 PM)

I purchased the set having collected a good number of Carry Ons.

Overlooked as a dark time in British cinema, these films and others were popular with the public- it  must have been difficult times without internet, men's magazines, DVDs and VHS only just being in its infancy, and this saga of films along with sex flicks like Cool It Carol, Come Play With Me etc were the closest media that could be offered in Britain. Compared with what we have today, though, they aren't that titillating, and as comedies they may occasionally force a smirk. But admittedly, the women were better looking back then.

One observation I made with Driving Instructor is the rather admirable staging of action sequences- all legitamitely shot on UK roads- no bluescreen or CGI- such as the scene where Timmy and Mrs Hargreaves drive wrong way down a dual carriageway, or later, in the pursuit of Bender who takes Lynda Cunningham, resulting in a wild car chase with Lea and Truscott. The cars charge around built-up areas, without a speed camera or speed hump in sight. For a health-and-safety concious British production, and a production with tight purse strings at that, it is quite incredible they were able to shoot these sequences- also considering that the high budgeted Bond films were still using back projection at Pinewood ten years later.

Today these really serve as a curiously watchable showcase of 70s London suburbs with bygone shop fascias (Bejams and Co-op!).

bedraggledfox -> RE: Not really sexy, not really funny but a good nostalgia trip for those of a certain age (11/8/2012 11:49:33 AM)

I have to admit that seeing Askwith in a later sex comedy called Let's Get Laid! I felt rather sad that he didn't shag as much as he did in these films.
The book 'Keeping The British End Up', recently updated, gives a fascinating insight into this genre, as the review states the success of these films led to imitators such as Stanley Long's 'Adventures Of...' series. The genre died out in the early 80s, but recently films like I Want Candy shows that this sort of comedy has not totally died out.

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