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Peter A. Quinn -> RE: Cat People (29/4/2006 9:07:15 AM)

Jacques Tourneur's original Cat People has long been regarded as a classic of the horror genre, and here, remade by Paul Schrader(American Gigolo, Light Sleeper), it's been updated into a glossy, gory and much sexier version with then-hot starlet Nastassia Kinski. The story involves Irene, a naive young girl who has come to New Orleans to visit her long lost brother, Paul(Malcolm McDowell), both descended from a breed of people who evolved from cats, and become blood-crazed animals(literally!) when their passions are aroused. Rejecting her brother's advice and advances, Irene meets a zoo-keeper(John Heard), gets a job at the zoo, and soon moves in with him. She soon relents to her primal impulses, and seems doomed to follow in her brother's shadow. Kinski here indeed gives a feline performance, all grace and fluid motion, at one point stalking Heard's ex-girlfriend (Annette O'Toole) in a pool scene straight out of Tourneur's original. Schrader is at his most stylish here, aided by John Bailey's striking cinematography, and Bertolucci regular Fernando Scarfiotti's 80's-Gothic production design. An interesting exercise in style and substance from an always watchable filmmaker.

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