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Empire Admin -> Die Hard With A Vengeance (18/4/2006 4:50:04 PM)

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linkacid -> RE: Die Hard With A Vengeance (18/4/2006 6:12:43 PM)

Ive only seen it once I thought it was really good,a brilliant film to end to the trilligy.

thelimey -> RE: Die Hard With A Vengeance (18/4/2006 8:36:26 PM)

Way better than Die hard 2...
By this point Willis had perfected the character, and makes an execellent double-act with Samual L Jackson. Also, Jeremy irons doing a vaguly camp accent!

BobaJango -> RE: Die Hard With A Vengeance (18/4/2006 9:04:47 PM)

Surprisingly a third instalment in a trilogy that doesn't suck. 4/5.

alistairmclean81 -> Great end to a trili (8/5/2006 3:01:14 PM)

huny_monster -> (21/7/2006 10:51:27 PM)

Its definetly rewarding, but I'm afraid it doesn't hold a candle the first.

KingButtMonkey -> Die Hard WAV (6/9/2006 8:24:39 PM)

Its good but certainly not as good as it could have been. Part of the plot lifts the some of the plot from Dirty Harry where Bruce Willis & Samuel L Jackson have to answer a number of phone calls and challenges across the city.

The problem for me with the film is the dodgy editing, the tense scenes such as the one in the lift and the fight with Targo are just ruined by the editing. Hopefully, there will be another to end the series on a bang.

KingButtMonkey -> Die Hard WAV (6/9/2006 8:24:45 PM)

Its good but certainly not as good as it could have been. Part of the plot lifts the some of the plot from Dirty Harry where Bruce Willis & Samuel L Jackson have to answer a number of phone calls and challenges across the city.

The problem for me with the film is the dodgy editing, the tense scenes such as the one in the lift and the fight with Targo are just ruined by the editing. Hopefully, there will be another to end the series on a bang.

directorscut -> Dire (2/7/2007 8:22:58 PM)

The two hour equivalent of John McClane seeing Al Powell at the end of Die Hard and saying: "Holy shit! You're black!"

casino -> (3/7/2007 10:37:37 PM)

another brilliant die hard film i have given all the die hard films a ***** (five star) review, i think that this is better than number 2 but not quite as good as the original and best!!!

SimpleSimpson92 -> Very Entertaining (8/7/2007 9:53:48 AM)

This really is a great Die Hard film, and I love how it takes a different path to what the first two did. It is a lot better than the second film, as many have stated, but it isn't quite as good as the fantastic first film. Samuel L. Jackson is cracking as the sidekick (and has one line that had me in tears of laughter), Jeremy Irons is menacingly camp as the Villain and, of course, Willis is flawless as John McClane. Action Packed, gripping and, in places, hilarious. Thankyou, Mr. McClane, you made my Day.

Manfrendshensindshen -> A Mixed Bag (26/3/2008 2:38:42 PM)

John McTiernan's return to the Die Hard franchise is really rather surprising in a few aspects. First of all, the obvious thing to do would be to use McTiernan's capabilities where he's best, meaning: tense, suspenseful action in a closed confinement. Secondly, one would think that John McClane's lonely wolf status would be cemented, as this was another element that made the first film the masterpiece it is.
But the filmmakers decided to dismiss both these formulae and instead try something completely new. Kudos to them. Thus Die Hard With A Vengeance is not only bathed in the glow of a hot New York summer day (and therefore the exact opposite of the first two installments' atmospherical undertones), but also quickly turns into a buddy movie by coupling Willis with Samuel L. Jackson's Zeus. And sod closed confines, why not use the whole of the city of New York?

Taking this path was a brave movie, which also alienated many expecting something more akin Die Hard In A Shopping Mall or Die Hard On Boat (oh, they'd already done that, under the name Under Siege). But it at the same time takes away some of the original's basic ingredients, lessening the impression of a 'proper' Die Hard film. Mind you, it's still leagues ahead of Renny Harlin's rehash that was Die Hard 2 and shows how McTiernan is (or was?) a much more original and intelligent director than his copycat peers. It just doesn't stand a chance against the original, and also suffers from a weak third act and a rather dull Jeremy Irons (would David Thewlis have done a better job?).

If you have to chose any sequel to the one film that rules them all, it's got to be Die Hard With A Vengeance.

!xHoTRoDx! -> Entertaining (21/12/2008 1:27:16 PM)

It's well better than the second one but still not as good as the first.

W.R Learmont -> definately on par with original (21/8/2009 7:15:03 PM)

how can you say his day gets too complicated? it just gets more intense and interesting. also the on screen pair of sam l jackson and willis is brilliant. they work so well playing off each other. its a great film just slightly not as good as original yet more enjoyable id say

jordan thomas -> just as great as the first with alot more suprises (6/5/2010 7:27:13 PM)

definatly underrated by many critics! I think this film is so great and action packed with great chemistry between Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis. BRAVO

TheGodfather -> (13/6/2010 10:18:59 PM)

Die Hard: With A Vengeance
Seen it so many times but it`s still entertaining. The "wild goose chase", as John McClane calls it, the high pacing, the lovely villain that Jeremy Irons brings to the table and last but not least the excellent chemistry between Willis and Samuel L. Jackson: all that together make this into an over the top but truly enjoyable action flick.


willchadwick -> (14/6/2010 11:45:29 AM)

Good, nice interplay between Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis, and it keeps up the action beats if going a little bananas. The 'Simon Says' plot is an interesting addition to the action franchise, despite giving orders over the phone not being original. Letting it down mainly is the ham fisted racial politics which are completely ridiculous.

bnicholson50 -> McClane makes a friend (29/9/2010 8:04:43 PM)

This is another great action film from John McTiernan. Just as good as the original and far superior than its predecessor. Whatever about empires judgement on this film, it almost universally accepted that this film is superior to both Die Hard 2 and Die Hard 4. So why did give all three films three stars?

linkinpython -> Great Fun! (25/3/2011 8:06:40 PM)

Much better than the rubbish die hard 2 and the reasonably good die hard 4 but doesnt hold a candle to the original. Great performances from bruce willis and samuel l jackson, awesome lines from mcclane and brilliant action makes this ONE of my favourite action films, of all time!

musht -> RE: Great Fun! (8/5/2011 4:43:23 PM)

This a quality Die Hard film, easily the second best film in the franchise. I love the chemistry between Willis and Jackson and even though there isn't as much McClane beating the crap out of people as I would like it's still a great watch with some great moments

the film man -> Die Hard With a Vengeance Review (17/1/2012 11:40:11 PM)

Much better than Die Hard 2, and Samuel L. Jackson as the shop keep owner who is ordered by Jeremy Irons to help McLane makes it even better.

kristof07 -> Gets better with age... (5/12/2012 10:54:16 PM)

Watching this now, there's a lot to be said for McTiernan's directing and the jumpy cinematography that Paul Greengrass would evolve so well in the Bourne sequels. Ultimately people have complained about the outdoor setting and the "soap opera" of McClane's life, but ultimately this is Die Hard- and what we're looking for is great sequences, some humour, a snarling bad guy, and shit blowing up in imaginative ways; and while occasionally the effects have dated badly there's still much to enjoy about what Bruce Willis does better than anyone, which is to survive in style.
Everyone who hates needs to stop complaining and enjoy it for what it is.

jackcarter -> RE: Gets better with age... (13/2/2013 10:38:05 PM)

didnt this get 5/5 back in 95?

Darth Marenghi -> RE: Gets better with age... (13/2/2013 11:38:26 PM)


ORIGINAL: jackcarter

didnt this get 5/5 back in 95?

Yeah - it was also quite high on that "Films we regretted giving the 5 stars to" list in the anniversary issue. [:D]

Mr Gittes -> The best since the first (14/2/2013 10:53:55 AM)

Yeah, it's nothing on the original but this movie is still a hell of a ride, with Willis at his charismatic best, a terrific Samuel L Jackson as one of those few movie sidekicks who are actually awesome, and a cool baddie in the form of Jeremy Irons. Sure, he's no Rickman but you would need Darth Vader himself to follow up a villain like that. What I love about this movie is how fresh it feels yet it's still classic Die Hard.

My biggest problem with the movie is pretty much the same as everyone else's; the ending. Bit of a letdown. But still as far as threequels go, this is exceptional to say the least. A cracking action movie.

jackcarter -> RE: Gets better with age... (14/2/2013 12:04:58 PM)


ORIGINAL: Darth Marenghi


ORIGINAL: jackcarter

didnt this get 5/5 back in 95?

Yeah - it was also quite high on that "Films we regretted giving the 5 stars to" list in the anniversary issue. [:D]

thats odd i always thought DH3 was considered a great film - almost on a par with the original (maybe the 5 star was partly responsible for me thinking that i dunno). certainly 2nd best by far in the series anyway (1, 3, 2, 4.0 and AGDTDH last i guess)

it definitely felt like something new after DH1/2 (and all the DH knock offs) and was good to have it tie in with Gruber. B Willis and SLJ coming off Pulp Fiction made it seem really cool at the time and also seemed to be inspired alot by the previous years Speed (no bad thing), Dirty Harry (Scorpio sending Harry around the city - there was a Starsky & Hutch episode that did the same - mustve been inspired by Dirty Harry too) and obviously felt like it couldve been Lethal Weapon 4. i do remember being disappointed with the climax though - it didnt feel right/part of the same film. and years later i found out why - they couldnt decide how to end it/reshot it. plus theres the element of McClane teaming up with a sidekick and charging around a city which seems to have been a turning point in the series inspiring 4 and 5 to do the same - leaving all the rip off films to focus on the 'Die Hard on a....' aspect. (maybe DH5 shouldve gone back to sole McClane vs terrorists in a building/plane wherever)

but the ending aside i think i was fine with it being a 5/5 and was surprised to see it downgraded to 3

moviebuff73 -> RE: Die Hard With A Vengeance (25/2/2013 10:22:00 PM)

brilliant movie. samuel l jackson brings an exciting new element to the franchise.

putthatcookiedown -> my shit review of 'Die Hard With A Vengeance' (6/9/2013 12:39:16 AM)

Yes, this is really happening to him all over again…again. This third installment in the Die Hard series sees resourceful cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) hightail all over New York City against in order to prevent explosions rigged by a mysterious terrorist. Said terrorist has it in for McClane specifically, presumably for foiling previous outrageous terrorist ventures in previous films. Vengeance may not be the only objective, however, and McClane teams up with mouthy Harlem resident Zeus (Samuel L Jackson) who somehow gets wrapped up in the mess. Together they must track down the villain and discover his true motives.

The action is the saving grace of Die Hard With A Vengeance; there are plenty of killings and explosions to appease a blood hungry viewer, including an especially pleasing detonation which shatters the typical mood establishing city scape sequences of the opening titles. It all kicks off right away- although the fact that the Big Apple would immediately go into shutdown following the first bombing is totally overlooked. McClane and Zeus are dragged from one life threatening, inescapable situation to the next.

The city wide mayhem remains unsatisfactory when compared the carnage and claustrophobia that made the first Die Hard so special. Too many jarring changes of tempo and scenery occur and the plot is lost: oh look they’re running, no wait they’re in a cab, no wait they’re on bikes, no wait they have to go to the bank, no wait they’re underground, on a bridge/crane/boat etc. Various kooky characters are introduced along the way in order to conveniently provide the protagonists with useful information. Jackson turns his Jackson-ness up to 11 with the loud mouthed Zeus, burdened with carrying the most of dialogue as well as an insurmountable chip on his shoulder. His non-stop quips fail to make up for a convoluted plot.

Willis is unable to stamp his mark like he has in previous installments, constantly gibbering away, shooting or doing both simultaneously. The likable, down to earth McClane has been spoiled beyond recognition; he is simply not believable. Irritating call backs and lazy coincidences add to the lackluster finale and deny audiences the satisfaction of victory felt in the previous two installments. Yippie Kay Yay? More like Call It A Day.


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