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Empire Admin -> Color of Money, The (18/4/2006 3:04:12 PM)

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Bulletproof_Monk -> RE: Color of Money, The (19/4/2006 12:08:14 PM)

Love this film. Newman and Cruise are excellent, and it actually makes watching other people play pool interesting. Seem to remember the soundtrack being great as well, haven't seen it for a while though.

Peter A. Quinn -> RE: Color of Money, The (19/4/2006 1:33:03 PM)

Twenty-five years is a long time to wait for a sequel. After Robert Rossen's The Hustler, we finally have The Color of Money, Martin Scorsese's follow-up to the original pool-hall classic. The character of Fast Eddie Felson(Paul Newman) is a much older, wiser man now, who sells liquor for a living, and still has an eye on the game with his protege, Julian(John Turturro). Into his life walks Vincent(Tom Cruise), a novice supernova whom Eddie decides to take under his wing, and on the road as he rediscovers his passion for the game. Vincent brings along his girlfriend, Carmen(Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)-much smarter than Vincent, but seems more interested in games of a sexual nature rather than Eight-ball. Ultimately, this is a road movie, but a Scorsese road movie, where the accent is on human dynamics rather than pool hall skill. Having said that, the pool scenes themselves are shot with a breathless energy by Michael Ballhaus, with one scene featuring Vincent mercilessly slaughtering his opponent to the tune of Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London as the camera circles endlessly around the pool table. Richard Price's script is as astute as ever when it comes to the Human Condition, and Newman and Cruise both give stand-out performances as old dog and impetuous newcomer respectively. Another fascinating glimpse at a seldom-seen subculture from Martin Scorsese.

Phubbs -> RE: Color of Money, The (7/10/2012 4:06:56 AM)

The Color of Money (1986)

Tend to forget this was a sequel to the film 'The Hustler', probably because it feels like a Cruise vehicle for his young obnoxious over acting and toothy grin.

To be brutally honest I've never seen a film with such a huge amount of sulking, pouting and tantrums as in this film haha. Cruise along with Newman spend most of the film either screaming at each other or storming off in a huff! makes you wonder really.

Personally I don't think there is much here that isn't overly original, the plot is virtually 'The Karate Kid' but with pool or 9-ball. Its funny how almost every film Cruise has done he's some kind of 'top gun' in whatever the film is about. In this we have to put with the most dreadful performances of cringeworthy over acting as Cruise dances and struts around pool tables defeating all challengers showboating as he does so. The perfect role for Mr Cruise then.

The other two main cast members are second fiddle to Mr Cruise's antics but do their best. Newman seems subdued and bored to me, he looks the part still of course, the wardrobe for his character is great, the perfect lounge lizard pool shark type. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is actually really good as Cruise's girlfriend and probably gives the best performance of the three. Her quiet role is the backbone or foundations for the whole plot as she keeps both male ego's in check, somewhat.

Being a Scorsese film it looks sweet as a nut, everything looks damn realistic from the bitterly cold looking locations to the smoky seedy all male pool halls. Despite that the film stretches for that epic Oscar level but really falls short, visually its great but Cruise lets it down for me as does the basic plot. Also gotta say that I hated all the negativity from the characters in this film, sure its the plot but it just left me feeling annoyed and fed up with watching them.

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