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Empire Admin -> A Nightmare on Elm Street (24/3/2006 11:23:57 PM)

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coolrex16 -> An out and out horror masterpiece. (24/3/2006 11:23:57 PM)

Just when you thought all 80's horror was half a dozen nubile teens running and screaming in the woods, getting picked off one by one by some weirdo in a mask, this miracle to the genre occurred. The originality of it is genius in itself. And Robert Englund's child abducting dream demon was undoubtedly going to become an icon. The bladed glove, the screechy noise, the boileroom. All pure gold. It's a pity that the quality and genuine scare factor didn't last as little as a single year, as proved in the first of its sequels, that almost without exception, get nothing but worse.
But Wes Craven outdoes himself with a film that will no doubt, always put a chill down your spine and make you think twice about catching some Z's.

AgentGoth -> RE: An out and out horror masterpiece. (26/3/2006 2:16:10 PM)

I love this film. It's completely mental. Freddy is one of my favourite horror icons, probably because he's just so funny. Some of the stuff he comes out with is classic.[:D] This one is obviously the best out of the NoES films, followed closely by Number 3. Johnny Depp's death still manages to crack me up everytime I see it.[:D]

Jessica_ca_ca_ca -> RE: An out and out horror masterpiece. (27/3/2006 9:04:52 AM)

Very, very funny. The character development was great for such a film. I thought it was fantastic.

borstal -> RE: An out and out horror masterpiece. (27/3/2006 9:14:24 AM)

Wes Craven has done so much damage to the horror genre its taken a long time to recover.

His films are entertaining but about as scary as a particulary spooky sprout. Nightmare and Scream (s) are not horror. They are comedies and who-dunnits set in a horror world. Im not saying theres no scares but 70's and early 80's horror are horrific. There has been a return recently (thank god!) with Wesley even lending a hand in the Hills remake.

goldleader -> RE: An out and out horror masterpiece. (27/3/2006 10:25:53 AM)

Great film it scared the shit out of me as a kid.  Havent watched it in year though.  Will have to purchase the box set as it is cheap at the min.

huny_monster -> (14/8/2006 3:56:58 PM)

Good idea, just not so scary.

zombiewarehouse -> A Nightmare On Elm Street (6/3/2007 7:24:00 PM)

An 80s classic. Wes Craven deserves great credit for 'dreaming up' one of the most original ideas for a horror film ever. Although I thought that the ending was weak, and seemed too brief, the opening 20 minutes are some of the most tense and brutal in a horror film, and in Freddy Krueger he created a totally original horror ikon, that has perhaps been unsurpassed since 1984, though much of the credit must go to Robert Englund for his portrayal of the evil dream demon. The film has dated a little now, but the idea behind it is still just as powerful.

Najemikon -> Badly flawed (25/11/2007 2:00:01 AM)

Not seen it in ages and just watched it in a double-bill with Re-Animator. Aside from a cracking premise, I think the latter is a better film in every way. I'll call a draw on the central character (Freddy vs. West?), but Nightmare has a severe problem with logic in the final act that really put me off. That said, the seamless links between the real and the dreamworld are fantastic along with some memorable deaths.

shawshank prisoner -> this flick has aged terribly (22/4/2008 3:00:20 PM)

While i understand every convention of this genre and know exactly what type of nature this film has, it's poor in comparison to such classics as Scream and Halloween. It's tacky, boring, unable to cause any kind of genuine fear and is too complicated for it's simplistic subject matter (or vice versa)

blaud -> One, Two, Freddie's Coming For You... (23/5/2008 10:15:15 AM)

A truly classic horror offering from maestro Wes Craven. Brilliant

blaud -> One, Two, Freddie's Coming For You... (23/5/2008 10:15:27 AM)

A truly classic horror offering from maestro Wes Craven. Brilliant

blaud -> One, Two, Freddie's Coming For You... (23/5/2008 10:15:31 AM)

A truly classic horror offering from maestro Wes Craven. Brilliant

Hamsterwalt -> Every town has an Elm Street (27/9/2008 11:09:17 AM)

Amazing horror comedy Robert Englund excels as Krueger and so does Heather Lagenkamp as Nancy avoid the sequels though

deppfanatic -> Nightmare on elm street (Welcome to my nightmare) (27/9/2009 4:35:42 PM)

This is the first film that got me into horror: Robert Englund's performance is outstanding as he plays Freddy Krueger; the killer who all the kids are afraid of. Definately Wes Craven's finest work in my eyes and Johnny Depp was well known as the lad who got sucked into the bed (very creepy)

Smokinator -> kinda dissapointing (14/12/2009 8:14:13 PM)

i watched it on youtube and although it may be better on a bug screen and in the dark, i did not actually find it that scary, don't hate

its a good film just not that good a horror, im sure it was scary in its time but...

movienut707 -> "Whatever you do don't fall asleep." (9/10/2013 9:15:50 AM)

Arguably Wes Craven's greatest film, A Nightmare on Elm Street remains a high-water mark of the genre and introduced to audiences one of the most sarcastic, frightening and foul-mouthed of movie villains. A multitude of cheesy sequels have done nothing to diminish the power of Craven's original masterpiece. This is intelligent, witty horror for the thinking man (or woman).

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