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Empire Admin -> Christian Bale Could Be Steve Jobs (21/3/2014 12:55:01 PM)

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waltham1979 -> Just removing my pants... (21/3/2014 12:55:01 PM)

Bale directed by Fincher from a Sorkin script? Consider me aroused!

Nicky C -> I'm not removing my pants ... (21/3/2014 6:07:13 PM)

... because I don't wear them, but I will happily take my shirt off and wave it in the air screaming blue murder. I have a serious movie boner right now.

Jambot -> Just hire Noah Wyle again (22/3/2014 2:30:56 AM)

Noah Wyle still looks exactly like him. And I don't even want to image Bale doing Steve Jobs' voice

Silvio Mugabe -> Another one! (22/3/2014 8:50:32 AM)

This is too much! There are already 2 films out about the guy! I don't wish to speak ill of the dead but another film about the turtleneck wearing capitalist/bully/'visionary' is really milking it! What is it gonna be called? Steve Jobs: c'mon, we're trying to get an Oscar! There is too much great talent to be wasted on something that has already been done twice in the last couple of years.

Litshttam -> A No-Brainer For You All: (23/3/2014 12:04:01 PM)

Speaking of Fincher, here's hoping he directs Star Wars: Episode VIII and / or IX; great director, friend of George Lucas, former ILM employee. You know it makes sense.

Darren47 -> (29/3/2014 2:42:17 AM)

He COULD be Steve Jobs? If you shave his hair off and put on Steve's glasses, he practically looks like him!

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