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Empire Admin -> First Annie Trailer Hits The Web (6/3/2014 8:11:51 AM)

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carpentersson -> OH DEAR GOD!!! NO....NO....MAKE IT STOP!!! (6/3/2014 8:11:51 AM)

That is all.

deaston72 -> What? (6/3/2014 10:19:06 AM)

Well that looks like a festering pile of saccharine do do....

Sparkykelly69 -> no gingers in brooklyn? (6/3/2014 10:37:05 AM)

Have to agree with the other comments, this looks proper shit. Honestly why does Jamie Foxx agree to these kind of movies. He was brilliant in Django Unchained, sceptical about Spiderman but this is just awful.

odddaze -> It looks sunny tomorrow (6/3/2014 10:54:02 AM)

I gotta say that apart from Cameron Diaz, this looks pretty fun. Wallis looks adorable and Foxx made chuckle at the end of the trailer. It's Annie, so it is what it is but if they're going to remake it, they could do a lot worse than this.

burntcopper -> (6/3/2014 12:39:16 PM)

on the one hand, I wish to throw up, but then once I passed the age of 8, the original wanted to make me do this. plus the whole moving it to modern day reinforces the saccharine.

the cast looks good, though I reserve judgement on Cameron Diaz in the role of Miss Hannigan. Mostly because the trailer doesn't show her drinking like a fish. Please don't let them neuter that bit.

cliff126 -> (6/3/2014 8:36:07 PM)

Not sure what to think. I haven't seen the original film, so I can't properly reserve judgement, although Diaz looked like she was picking up the cheque.

Darren47 -> (7/3/2014 12:51:48 AM)

It looks fine. It's just that it has Jay-Z written all over it. And was that Aaron Paul?!?!

mclane1 -> Nooooooooooooooo (18/3/2014 5:13:46 PM)

Please nooooooooooooooooooo!!

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