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Empire Admin -> Fresh Images From Guardians Of The Galaxy (18/2/2014 3:04:08 AM)

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mr_purfikt -> Looks like fun! (18/2/2014 3:04:09 AM)

The premise strikes me as sort of a Marvel meets Farscape. I'm in.

mclane1 -> Diddnt realise Ronan Keating was in it! (18/2/2014 7:36:13 AM)


Nicky C -> I'm really intrigued ... (18/2/2014 9:18:02 AM)

As a guy who's not really read many comic books (From Hell, Preacher, that's it) I'm strangely attracted to this. It's not just the racoon either, who looks utterly fantastic. I think it's the fact that it's space opera but it's not Star Wars or Star Trek so it's exciting because it's big budget but it's fresh! I'm in too!

rossabroad -> yep looks like Farscape (18/2/2014 11:24:54 AM)

but I liked Farscape - so all good

Holbydude -> The Full Trailer Will Be Released..... (18/2/2014 8:02:24 PM)

....When you all wake up in the morning (19th).....Hopefully. Still not convinced about this....I mean, a Racoon for goodness sake. Voiced by a handsome dude. Cute 'n' cuddly! 'Rocket' should have been a Honey Badger....Now they're REALLY VICIOUS!!!

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