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Empire Admin -> Monsters, Inc. (18/3/2006 9:42:00 PM)

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premierbaron -> Monsters Inc (18/3/2006 9:42:00 PM)

Great movie once again from pixar.

doctorolorinbats1975 -> RE: Monsters, Inc. (19/3/2006 2:18:07 PM)

Pixar's most underrated: if anything it's more imaginative than Toy Story.

jor el180 -> RE: Monsters, Inc. (19/3/2006 2:21:50 PM)

I liked this way more than Toy Story. Its actually funny and the story's interesting and sad at the same time.

jor el180 -> RE: Monsters, Inc. (19/3/2006 2:23:02 PM)

great movie...i liked this way more than Toy Story.

Jessica_ca_ca_ca -> RE: Monsters, Inc. (20/3/2006 11:23:05 AM)

Obviously, since you sent it twice. Lol. No, I enjoyed it much more than Toy Story, which I thought was overrated to begin with - - but that's for another thread! Monsters Inc. was extremely funny and the kid in it was so adorable! Good plot, storyline, casting (of voices, of course), and generally all-round fun for the family. I don't know a kid that didn't like it [:D]

AgentGoth -> RE: Monsters, Inc. (20/3/2006 1:22:36 PM)

Definately one of Pixar's best creations. Mike and Sully are fantastic characters, with an equally awesome supporting cast. Boo is the sweetest little thing ever, especially when she eventually overcomes her fear of Randall. Bless.[:)]

I also have to agree that this is better than Toy Story.

Empo -> ACE! (12/5/2006 9:25:26 AM)

This film was brill! Boo is the most cute cartoon character that I have ever seen! However, Toy Story still has to be the best!

alexisreaver2132 -> bravo (17/5/2006 1:58:11 PM)

A very, moving, funny film from pixar once again. Impressive how they do sullys fur, beautiful...

kerz -> disappointing (19/10/2007 1:41:08 PM)

I haven't seen cars yet, but i've seen all the other pixar films at the cinemas from toy story (the first movie i saw at the cinema when i was 4) to the incredibles when i was 13. And i was very disappointed with film when i saw it, the plot was bland and uninspired and it just wasn't all that funny.

blaud -> Brilliant... The best animated film out (19/5/2008 3:07:15 PM)

Fun for everyone in the family- very very funny

blaud -> Brilliant... The best animated film out (19/5/2008 3:07:28 PM)

Fun for everyone in the family- very very funny

TheGodfather -> (8/12/2009 11:19:32 PM)

Still one of my favorite Pixars. An original film and great characters who are perfectly voice-casted. Billy Crystal and John Goodman are superb.
The so typical Pixar combination from a great script and excellent characters are present here again.
The film on blu-ray looks better than it has ever done, maybe this is the best picture quality that I have seen so far on this format.
Film and blu-ray release alike really should be a part of any collection.

typewriter -> This is my favourite pixar movie so far. (19/7/2010 9:17:44 PM)

I know toy story is great and all but this is way better.

the film man -> Monsters, Inc. Review (13/12/2011 11:56:33 PM)

Even though Monsters, Inc lacks the sophistication of the Toy Story series, it is a still delight for children of all ages.

RJNeb2 -> A monster hit (31/1/2015 11:40:54 AM)

A bright and sassy Pixar delight, this finds us in the delightful company of Mssrs Goodman and Crystal as a big turquoise monster hairball and a green eye with legs respectively. In the beautifully imagined world of Monstropolis, they work for the titular establishment, extracting screams from little children to power the city. The one cardinal rule is no interaction with human kids so all hell breaks loose when one of them lands in Monstropolis. Irresistibly funny, this not only abounds with great gags and visuals, the characters are thoroughly engaging too, including Boo, the child who will break your heart by the time we reach the film’s unexpectedly affecting end.

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