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Empire Admin -> Fast & Furious 7 Release Date Moved To 2015 (23/12/2013 12:25:46 PM)

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Wild about Wilder -> (23/12/2013 12:25:46 PM)

Well someone's gonna flop big time I'm guessing between Ant Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Assasins Creed & BOURNE 5!!!

GrizBe -> RE: (23/12/2013 3:58:14 PM)

More likely Warcraft will flop... Beyond the player base of WoW, which is dwindling, there is little to no interest in the movie... and then even the playerbase are 50/50 on the movie itself.

It'll end up being between Age of Ultron and Star Wars for the years biggest blockbuster, given the size of the fan bases for both, that's a no brainer.

RyanShanks -> I'll see Warcraft for Duncan Jones (23/12/2013 5:33:42 PM)

I have no invested interest in the game it is based on, but I enjoy good fantasy action-adventures and I think Duncan Jones is one of the world's most exciting new directors and I will see his next film regardless of what it is.

partybee -> Didn't Warcraft get moved to 2016? (24/12/2013 8:25:33 AM)

I could've sworn I read a news item on this website.

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