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Empire Admin -> Jason Clarke In Talks To Be Terminator's John Connor (11/12/2013 9:25:07 PM)

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d0m_l -> RE: (12/12/2013 10:38:52 AM)

I couldn't agree more. If they're going to keep making Terminator films, then they're going to need an audience to invest in the characters again. I found that particularly difficult in T3 (probably because it's complete farce) and T4 what with Connor being recast each time. Whilst T1 and T2 are great I think what the series now needs is a completely fresh start (I don't say this lightly), new cast (No Arnold, because he's a parody of himself these days) committed to say three instalments, and then a great writer and director who can reinterpret the best points from the previous films, whilst introducing some originality. There's an amazing Trilogy of films out there somewhere... Also I say bring back the 'Future Connor turns out to be a reprogrammed Terminator who replaced the man himself for the sake of war propaganda after he died in battle' final act twist. That should be the absolute horror contained within the last half hour of the last part of the Trilogy, probably with Sarah finding out that she's been used as an unwitting tool in the war.

d0m_l -> RE: Arnie doesn't need to be back (12/12/2013 3:54:25 PM)

I agree. It's never made sense that a human version of Arine's character designed the machines. Surely Skynet built them after becoming self aware? Unless someone's going to argue that they were a military weapon that already existed prior to the war. In which case, why all the outdated models in T4 and the note in T1 about how Skynet improved its weapons to include real skin, hair, and so on?

It's great how the 'Terminator' sets up the idea that the machines could potentially be anyone. There's that brilliant flashback (or forward... depending on perspective) that shows a different model to Arnie's machine infiltrating an underground base and offing everyone in sight.

Don't get me wrong, I like the twist in 'T2' where the Arnie model comes back reprogrammed. I guess it makes sense for there to have been a production run.

Still though the machines would logically create thousands of variations, and certainly wouldn't keep sending the same one back once the element of surprise was over. I'd even go as far as to say that John Connor would probably think twice about sending back the same model that tried to kill his Mother to the timeline in 'T2' because there'd be a good chance she'd try to destroy it on sight. The mission would have a better chance of succeeding if both past John and Sarah thought the machine were human.

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