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Empire Admin -> Terminator Franchise Will Return To TV (7/12/2013 4:25:41 PM)

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sifter132 -> RE: "Why?" "Because you just can't, okay?!" (7/12/2013 9:17:14 PM)

The Sarah Connor Chronicles also got screwed over somewhat by the writer's strike at the time. They had to rush the back end of Season 1, and I think Season 2 wasn't as well planned out as they hoped either.

The other problem with a show like that is the arcing storyline, very easy to switch it off and let if go if you miss a couple of episodes.

I thought it had great potential, shame it never took off.

sirvolkar -> RE: "Why?" "Because you just can't, okay?!" (7/12/2013 11:30:33 PM)

Yeah, the strike had a negative impact, but despite it the ending to season 1 - the swimming pool raid - was just incredible and intense. As for the story arc, I concur that it can mean people find it easier to tune out, I guess it's the nature of the beast. However, and in my opinion, if you were to name the best shows on telly - past or present - you would find that they were all heavy on story arc.

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